Alison Betler: 2017 Summer Training Log Entry #7

Week #2: June 25 - July 1

Betler tied her highest finish at a state championship this past May by placing sixth in the 3200. She also finished sixth in the 1600 as a freshman during the spring of 2016. (Photo by Craig Amoss)

June 25th: Off

June 26th: This week I'm in Myrtle Beach for vacation. Mondays are always long runs so I ran 50 minutes at about 8:20 pace. The relatively flat terrain allowed me to keep a consistent pace. After my run I completed some light strengthening which included lunges, planks and core work.

June 27th: My run this morning was 40 minutes which I completed at around 7:45 pace. I felt really good today despite the heat and humidity of South Carolina. After running I did other exercises including squats and planks. There are no weights here so all my conditioning this week is based on using body weight.

June 28th: Today I ran 30 minutes at 7:55 pace followed by six strides. The strides were 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off. I was feeling tired today so I focused more on my stretching routine which includes active isolated rope exercises. Rope stretching always aids my flexibility and prevents muscle soreness. I focused today on foot, ankle and calf strengthening.

June 29th: Today was a lighter day so I ran about 32 minutes at an even 7:50 pace. Many of my runs this week have been shorter since I'm still getting back into running. My conditioning today included strengthening for my hamstring, hip abductors and adductor. 

June 30th: I woke up early this morning to beat the heat. I had a 40 minute run which I completed at 7:55 pace. Afterwards I got in some squats, lunges and core work.

July 1st: I'm back in Maryland and got to run 30 minutes with my teammates today. Transitioning back to hills slowed my pace down a bit and I finished at 8:25 pace. Afterwards I did six strides (15 seconds on and 45 seconds off) and did core, planks and hip strengthening.

Total mileage: 29

This is my second week back to running after taking a three week break. My mileage is still light but it will be increasing in the coming weeks.