Eric Gibson: 2017 Summer Training Log Week 9

Week #7: July 23 - 29


Only ran the morning shakeout: two miles at 7:26 pace.


Today we spent the day at Lake City, near Crested Butte. Our main run was in the morning, and it was very hilly for the first half and downhill at the end (four miles at 7:33 pace). I felt wiped coming up the hills but better throughout the run, finishing in a 7:08 mile. The rest of the day was relaxing as we enjoyed ourselves on the lake.


For the morning we ran Emerald (3.4 miles at 9:41 pace), which I can honestly say is the most challenging course I have ever run. Not only was this at the highest altitude yet (it started where the Gothic run ended) but it was also a constantly steep uphill. I'm not even upset with the pace because I just wanted to get through the run without stopping. The entire 3.4 miles was basically as steep as "The Dip" on the Hereford course, and I feel like I have never gotten a better hamstring workout.

Afternoon shakeout: 2.1 miles at 7:19 pace.


The biggest day of camp is tomorrow. A crazy tempo treadmill workout at 9,000 feet of elevation. Because of tomorrow's BIG day I only ran a morning shakeout (2.2 miles at 6:57 pace).


Morning shakeout (1.9 miles at 7:47 pace).

Super intense treadmill workout on the treadmill in the afternoon: hard 15 minute warm-up with three pushes (6:55 pace) - 2.2 miles - followed by strides. Fast two minute buildup, followed by six minutes at 5:43 pace - 1.4 miles.


Morning run (3.6 miles at 7:38 pace). Felt sore and groggy on the last day of camp. I was sad to leave and say goodbye to everyone I met in Colorado, but I am excited to finish out a strong summer of training back in Maryland.


Day off from running. Long journey home. I took a bus to Denver at 6:20 a.m., a train to the airport, and a plane back to Baltimore. I arrived home after midnight, and I am glad to be back at sea level.

Total mileage: 22.8 miles