Kai Muniz: 2017 Summer Training Log Weeks #5 and 6

Week Two: 6/12 - 6/18

The downhill near my house.

June 12th: Monday starts the second week of training for me after taking a week and a half off since states. I did an easy six miles with Noah Kim and some of the other varsity guys from last cross country season. We went down to a neighborhood in the area called Dove's Fly and averaged 7:39 per mile so it was really controlled and easy despite the heat.

June 13th: Today I ran with Noah and Coach Rogers at Lake Elkhorn and we got in five miles. The path we took was real shaded except for one stretch behind an elementary school. When Rogers and I run together, it's hard to avoid a quick pace. We got down to 6:30 for the last mile and averaged 6:55 for the run. We made it to Oakland Mills High School and saw a speeding camera and I tried to set it off on foot but failed pretty badly. All in all it was a solid day.

June 14th: Today I met Noah at Dunkin Donuts and joined Elliott, a teammate of ours. We got in six miles together; I hit an average of 7:21 per mile. I had to be home before 1:00 and at 12:39 I was at about 5.5 miles, so to make up for the time I went on my own for the last half mile and ran under 6:00 pace. To my surprise this unexpected pickup felt really good and smooth. The total time for today's run was 44:39.

June 15th: Today I got up early and ran with Camden Gilmore and Coach Rogers at Lake Elkhorn. We ran six miles at an average pace of 6:47 and then got in an extra half-mile cooldown because we ran pretty quickly. The run was fun; we ran on mostly bike paths and trails. It's always nice and refreshing to run with other people, especially those that go to another school. When I got home I did a little core (about 15 minutes).

June 16th: Today I had to do my "long" run for the week and I figured I would run to Hammond Middle School and back to my house. I wound up running just a bit further than Hammond, but no big deal. I like running from my house sometimes because there are always a ton of hills. There's a huge one about a quarter mile from my house so that always makes for a good start and a challenging finish.

Donnovan the bunny!

Including the initial downhill, it is about a quarter mile itself and pretty steep, so it's nothing to sleep on. In total I ran 7.67 miles in 53:53 (7:01 pace) and stayed controlled and comfortable. It was a good run and I even met a bunny that followed me down an entire street. Later in the afternoon I went to the gym and got in some hip abductor and abductor reps, some other mobility stuff and 20 minutes of core.

June 17th: Today I went to Wincopin trail with the team. We did some trail running today and I got in about 6.5 miles in 55 minutes. Today was about slow and comfortable running; I hate trails, though, so it wasn't too enjoyable.

June 18th: Took a complete rest day to give my dad the attention he deserves. Plus, everyone needs a day off here and there.