Baltimore County Boys XC 2017 Preview

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Virtual Meet Based On 2016 Season Bests

Another runner to watch in 2017 will be Franklin's Joseph Queen, who broke out last spring setting personal bests in the 1600 (4:28.90) and 3200 (9:57.36). Behind the rising junior the Franklin boys could be primed to crack the top three in team scores at the county meet. (Photo by Craig Amoss)

5,000 Meter Run

1Matt Owens2018Dulaney High School16:10.18 1
2Connor Martin2018Dulaney High School16:30.00 2
3Brian Mccullough2018Dulaney High School16:33.20 3
4Brendan O'Brien2018Dulaney High School16:39.81 4
5Ethan Samels2020Dulaney High School16:46.07 5
6Sam Merng2019Dulaney High School16:47.23 6
7Alex Ozbolt2018Dulaney High School16:48.80 7
8Dillon Coffey2018Hereford High School16:51.00 8
9Drew Dailey2019Dulaney High School17:00.70 --
10Garrett Harris2018Loch Raven High School17:08.00 9
11Alex Whatley2019Dulaney High School17:17.30 --
12Cooper Giesler2020Dulaney High School17:22.30 --
13Jacob Plasse2018Dulaney High School17:22.80 --
14Liam Jones2019Towson High School17:33.20 10
15Nick Owens2018Dulaney High School17:38.20 --
16Joseph Queen2019Franklin High School17:40.60 11
17Dietrich Sweeney2018Hereford High School17:42.50 12
18Patrick Dochat2018Dulaney High School17:44.43 --
19Cory Parts2020Towson High School17:47.51 13
20Mark Bonner2018Dulaney High School17:48.70 --
21Tyler Paul2018Towson High School17:48.97 14
22Ryan Weeks2019Eastern Tech High School17:50.60 15
23Drew Nicolaus2018Catonsville High School17:52.47 16
24Eli Rosner2018Franklin High School17:52.52 17
25Jose Martinez2018Lansdowne High School17:54.84 18
26Aaron Taule2018Pikesville High School17:54.90 19
27Drew Conboy2020Towson High School18:01.30 20
28William Creel2020Hereford High School18:01.33 21
29Timothy Huynh2018Catonsville High School18:01.85 22
30Louie Rosner2018Franklin High School18:03.07 23
31Sotantar Khalsa2019Pikesville High School18:05.50 24
32Jared Nathanson2019Dulaney High School18:07.80 --
33Zak Audia2020Dulaney High School18:10.60 --
34Xander Smith2020Dulaney High School18:11.20 --
35Trevor Merritt2018Kenwood High School18:19.00 25
36Jacob Turner2019Hereford High School18:19.23 26
37Deontray Bates2018Lansdowne High School18:21.38 27
38William Holbrook2020Hereford High School18:21.42 28
39Seon Tromble2018Franklin High School18:25.55 29
40Will Reider2019Hereford High School18:27.18 30
41Drew Turnbaugh2020Hereford High School18:31.06 31
42Duncan Troy2020Hereford High School18:31.30 --
43Christian Ciattei2018Perry Hall High School18:31.37 32
44Brian Golliher2018Towson High School18:33.85 33
45Jack Levickas2018Catonsville High School18:34.20 34
46Caleb Sedgwick2020Dulaney High School18:34.50 --
47Shane Taylor2020Hereford High School18:34.61 --
48Vanison Showell2019Western Tech18:34.87 35
49Max Hammond2019Sparrows Point High School18:37.07 36
50Joe Hill2018Catonsville High School18:37.57 37
51Nico Avila2018Hereford High School18:38.00 --
52Aariq Nixon2018Milford Mill Academy18:38.04 38
53Sean Hyatt2018Franklin High School18:38.50 39
54John McDermott2019Parkville High School18:39.60 40
55Andrew Mulligan2019Dulaney High School18:40.60 --
56Sukhvir Singh2018Eastern Tech High School18:41.63 41
57Joseph Sheely2018Eastern Tech High School18:42.00 42
58Donovan Johnson2018Dulaney High School18:42.05 --
59Connor Stewart2019Dulaney High School18:43.48 --
60Sam Noble2018Catonsville High School18:43.97 43
61Sebastian Delariva2018Lansdowne High School18:48.70 44
62Nick Sheldon2019Dulaney High School18:48.81 --
63Aiden Martin2019Perry Hall High School18:49.90 45
64Liam Mischke2019Loch Raven High School18:50.88 46
65Dylan McCabe2020Dulaney High School18:51.71 --
66Cormac Masters2019Towson High School18:52.05 47
67Konrad Shire2018Hereford High School18:55.11 --
68Dan Rickel2019Franklin High School18:55.56 48
69Cameren Brice2018Kenwood High School18:57.13 49
70Drew Wagner2018Hereford High School19:00.40 --
71Harry Trinh2018Lansdowne High School19:01.30 50
72Joseph Ford2018Catonsville High School19:01.84 51
73John Proefrock2019Dulaney High School19:02.91 --
74Luke Millard2019Towson High School19:03.00 52
75James Anglim2019Dulaney High School19:04.05 --
76Hyunsung Ko2018Dulaney High School19:04.47 --
77Eryk Goode2019Perry Hall High School19:05.82 53
78Max Fisher2020Dulaney High School19:09.80 --
79Peter Juengst2019Catonsville High School19:16.51 54
80Daniel McShane2018Towson High School19:16.65 --
81Bryce Iaconangelo2019Loch Raven High School19:16.80 55
82Ade Adelugba2018Milford Mill Academy19:18.14 56
83Jack Wickiser2020Hereford High School19:18.99 --
84Michael Johnson2019Dundalk High School19:20.50 57
85Brett Weiner2020Dulaney High School19:25.40 --
86Steven Fuller2018Parkville High School19:25.69 58
87Elliott Wack2019Catonsville High School19:25.80 --
88Evan Comisac2018Catonsville High School19:26.74 --
89Tristan Diaz2018Franklin High School19:30.70 59
90Anthony Escolastico2018Catonsville High School19:30.97 --
91Matthew McShane2020Towson High School19:35.46 --
92Liam Horch2018Catonsville High School19:37.70 --
93Jeff Bowerman2019Dulaney High School19:38.05 --
94Matthew Sebside2018Catonsville High School19:40.27 --
95Joseph Schoenbaum2018Catonsville High School19:41.60 --
96Jack Lembke2020Towson High School19:41.74 --
97John Weiss2018Dundalk High School19:42.64 60
98Michael Beaufelter2019Dulaney High School19:42.68 --
99Gunnar Cheuvront2020Catonsville High School19:43.06 --
100Hartley Leland-Ransom2020Dulaney High School19:44.14 --
101Aaron Weeks2018Towson High School19:44.31 --
102Cole McGee2020Dulaney High School19:45.64 --
103Joe Harrell2018Catonsville High School19:48.30 --
104Dakota Creel2018Hereford High School19:54.40 --
105Luke Zimmerman2020Dulaney High School19:54.43 --
106Kevin Zorbach2018Dulaney High School19:56.06 --
107Andrew Ferguson2018Hereford High School20:02.06 --
108Nolan Morris2018Woodlawn High School20:04.10 --
109Kyle Swisher2018Eastern Tech High School20:06.00 61
110Tim Devereaux2019Dulaney High School20:11.43 --
111Bryden Steele2018Dulaney High School20:13.65 --
112Kian Mcgloin2018Western Tech20:15.00 62
113Stuart Morgan2019Towson High School20:15.57 --
114Nathan Jones2020Hereford High School20:16.66 --
115Brendon Mellinger2018Dulaney High School20:17.26 --
116Eric Wagner2019Carver A&T20:17.60 63
117Danny Berger2019Towson High School20:17.80 --
118Ryan Peters2018Hereford High School20:18.20 --
119Nathaniel Lechtzin2019Towson High School20:19.99 --
120Diego Menegatti2018Towson High School20:20.16 --
121Corey Pentz2018Dulaney High School20:20.49 --
122Kevin Okoli2018Randallstown High School20:24.00 64
123Michael Cowles2020Loch Raven High School20:26.10 65
124Jake Chisholm2019Franklin High School20:26.37 --
125Gavin Kihn2019Sparrows Point High School20:27.00 66
126Jackson Kistler2020Catonsville High School20:29.15 --
127Andrew Milan2018Dulaney High School20:30.13 --
128Jared Hardmond2019Pikesville High School20:31.73 67
129Montana Taylor2020Carver A&T20:33.60 68
130George Chang2020Dulaney High School20:35.95 --
131Evan Trouland2020Hereford High School20:37.37 --
132Jake Bass2019Hereford High School20:38.35 --
133Christopher Ospina2018Kenwood High School20:39.71 69
134Jimmy Danielczyk2018Hereford High School20:41.38 --
135Colman Hallinan2019Dulaney High School20:42.24 --
136Steven Diehl2018Catonsville High School20:43.16 --
137Nick Trivett2020Dulaney High School20:43.38 --
138Brad Harris2018Pikesville High School20:44.69 70
139Colin Knabe2020Dulaney High School20:45.01 --
140Tsunami Joseph2018Catonsville High School20:45.31 --
141Tyler Tufano2019Dulaney High School20:45.40 --
142Hunter McDonnell2018Dulaney High School20:47.26 --
143Hayden Schindler2020Pikesville High School20:47.48 71
144Jalen Perry2018Western Tech20:48.00 72
145Sean Casey2020Towson High School20:48.20 --
146Jacob Lantz2019Eastern Tech High School20:49.21 73
147Cj Wartman2018Hereford High School20:51.40 --
148Gavin Schattal2018Hereford High School20:53.50 --
149Sam Ventura2020Dulaney High School20:54.23 --
150Deron Williams2019Franklin High School20:56.67 --
151Nathaniel Brewer2020Perry Hall High School20:58.14 74
152Thomas Pallan2020Hereford High School20:58.58 --
153Gabe Lindsay2020Hereford High School20:59.59 --
154Tate Stevens2018Loch Raven High School20:59.77 75
155Oliver Wolff2019Towson High School21:01.82 --
156Ben Sturiale2020Dulaney High School21:02.58 --
157Noah Baptiste2019Perry Hall High School21:02.95 76
158Rushil Byatnal2020Dulaney High School21:03.22 --
159Norman Moon2019Eastern Tech High School21:03.60 77
160George Smith2019Dundalk High School21:04.13 78
161Andy Pham2020Hereford High School21:10.91 --
162Nathan Chung2019Towson High School21:16.28 --
163Cameron Irving2020Milford Mill Academy21:17.58 79
164Marcus Woods2018Parkville High School21:18.40 80
165Frank Weaver2019Hereford High School21:21.18 --
166Cory Holman2020Parkville High School21:25.87 81
167Jonathan Kim2019Dulaney High School21:28.20 --
168Luke Antinone2018Loch Raven High School21:31.02 82
169Josh Wilmer2019Dulaney High School21:32.10 --
170Logan Stormont2019Catonsville High School21:32.24 --
171Kyle Lane2020Catonsville High School21:33.02 --
172Noah Ramey2019Towson High School21:33.06 --
173Liam McCann2019Hereford High School21:35.07 --
174Nicholas Page2020Hereford High School21:35.49 --
175Parker Colonell2020Dulaney High School21:36.96 --
176Rodney Olid2020Pikesville High School21:40.82 83
177Pete Cross2019Sparrows Point High School21:41.25 84
178Darien London2019Kenwood High School21:46.77 85
179Charles Seitz2020Towson High School21:49.24 --
180Riley Woolston2018Sparrows Point High School21:53.00 86
181Mark Lovegrove2019Perry Hall High School21:56.00 87
182Justin Lantz2019Eastern Tech High School21:57.00 88
183Sebastian Munoz2020Dulaney High School21:57.51 --
184Keegan Hoover2020Hereford High School22:01.35 --
185John Hosten2018Milford Mill Academy22:04.00 89
186James Henderson2020Dulaney High School22:07.21 --
187Xavier Fair2019Western Tech22:09.20 90
188Alex Bagster-Collins2018Loch Raven High School22:09.42 91
189Seth Van Dinter2019Towson High School22:10.00 --
190John Sheets2020Western Tech22:10.14 92
191Ferdinand Virtudes2020Pikesville High School22:10.60 93
192Sean Webb2020Hereford High School22:18.26 --
193Alex Gill-boucher2018Hereford High School22:19.10 --
194Patrick Bennett2019Patapsco High School22:20.52 --
195Cam Patillo2020Dulaney High School22:20.72 --
196Reese Forman2018Loch Raven High School22:23.54 --
197Neil Canda2020Pikesville High School22:31.35 --
198Jonathan Kikas2019Kenwood High School22:32.00 94
199Luke Pennington2020Perry Hall High School22:33.36 95
200Peyton Collins2019Lansdowne High School22:35.05 96
201Zavier Williams2019Patapsco High School22:43.71 --
202Will Madairy2019Loch Raven High School22:44.55 --
203Matthew Davies2019Eastern Tech High School22:45.34 --
204Nate Wagner2020Hereford High School22:46.90 --
205Gerald Brown2018Carver A&T22:53.10 97
206Luca Caccamese2020Towson High School22:55.38 --
207Nick DeSantis2020Hereford High School22:55.93 --
208Travis Barnes2018Patapsco High School22:56.90 --
209Walid Khan2018Catonsville High School22:57.27 --
210Marquise Burgess2019Hereford High School22:59.69 --
211Tj Chamberlain2019Sparrows Point High School23:00.91 98
212Sam Schorr2019Dulaney High School23:05.20 --
213Ethan Gentner2020Catonsville High School23:05.54 --
214Nickolas Austin-co2018Kenwood High School23:06.00 99
215Eli Hirschmann2019Pikesville High School23:06.90 --
216Amiri Goode2020Perry Hall High School23:07.08 --
217Kento Crocitta2018Chesapeake High School-BC23:10.00 --
218Luke Vantran2019Hereford High School23:10.90 --
219Cole Katz2018Towson High School23:13.00 --
220John Corbett2019Towson High School23:16.35 --
221Max Gudeman2020Hereford High School23:17.79 --
222Anthony Rochdi2018Dundalk High School23:18.25 100
223Dane Akers2019Sparrows Point High School23:19.97 101
224Darius Sprye2018Patapsco High School23:21.50 --
225Zach Ziman2019Franklin High School23:23.76 --
226Darius Gilliam2020Woodlawn High School23:24.81 --
227Shane Shakoor2020Loch Raven High School23:25.28 --
228Zach Simons2020Franklin High School23:26.10 --
229Jack Vantran2019Hereford High School23:28.81 --
230Spencer Rabinowitz2018Carver A&T23:38.50 102
231Gerard Boyd2018Parkville High School23:38.86 103
232Joshua Carpenter-Davis2018Owings Mills High23:39.00 104
233Ian Cuno2020Towson High School23:43.69 --
234Jack Drury2018Hereford High School23:44.07 --
235Max Herbkersman2018Hereford High School23:47.92 --
236Katrell McKesson2018Loch Raven High School23:48.29 --
237Max Sparks2019Franklin High School23:48.89 --
238Joshua Davis-Carpenter2018Owings Mills High23:49.17 105
239Bennie Robinson2019Owings Mills High23:52.24 106
240Trent Williams2019Western Tech23:53.39 107
241Gabe Kinstlinger2020Franklin High School23:54.90 --
242Matt Fouts2020Sparrows Point High School23:55.05 108
243Stephen Janowski2020Dundalk High School23:58.96 109
244Rick Wallace2020Towson High School23:59.38 --
245Joshua Kennedy2018Milford Mill Academy24:00.15 110
246Nick Duncan2020Sparrows Point High School24:00.69 --
247Brendon Bloom2018Lansdowne High School24:01.92 111
248Craig Grayson2018Western Tech24:09.72 112
249Cameron Adams2018Owings Mills High24:18.00 113
250Justin Delgado2018Randallstown High School24:22.00 114
251Krishna Jith2019Eastern Tech High School24:27.29 --
252Adam Cockey2019Eastern Tech High School24:27.60 --
253Francis Checkers2019Chesapeake High School-BC24:28.69 --
254Brian Ellis2019Dulaney High School24:33.82 --
255Max Gilden2020Towson High School24:39.00 --
256Keith Mills2019Randallstown High School24:40.00 115
257Scott Bloodsworth2019Dulaney High School24:43.78 --
258Desean Hunter2018Lansdowne High School24:50.50 116
259Jonathan Lehr2020Towson High School24:50.83 --
260Brady Ziegler2018Hereford High School24:57.60 --
261Dylan Young2020Loch Raven High School25:00.78 --
262Nick Leone2020Dulaney High School25:07.10 --
263James McHugh2020Hereford High School25:17.59 --
264James Conner2018Dundalk High School25:17.70 117
265Jamaun Tatum2020Western Tech25:18.45 --
266Skyler Minutelli2018Sparrows Point High School25:24.00 --
267Gabe Bishop2020Sparrows Point High School25:24.62 --
268Justin Quedit2020Western Tech25:31.16 --
269Cooper Goldstraw2019Eastern Tech High School25:38.55 --
270Isa Kerr2019Loch Raven High School25:50.58 --
271Teddy Kim2020Dulaney High School25:51.53 --
272Carl Paredes2019Towson High School25:55.21 --
273Baseet Kukayi2018Randallstown High School26:00.90 118
274Matt Vantran2019Hereford High School26:11.48 --
275Zach Simons2020Perry Hall High School26:31.00 --
276Drexx Carrington2020Owings Mills High26:37.02 119
277Garcia Stevenson2020Perry Hall High School26:44.00 --
278Ian Flaherty2020Overlea High School26:48.00 --
279Tevin Okutoyi2019Perry Hall High School27:02.23 --
280Patrick Manoto2020Western Tech27:07.90 --
281Ja'nir Brazzle2019Kenwood High School27:18.00 120
282Kamauri Ford2018Western Tech27:26.45 --
283Quartez Harrison2019Woodlawn High School27:27.30 --
284Jacob Kaplan2020Pikesville High School27:36.96 --
285Kevin Zarubaiko2019Eastern Tech High School27:49.00 --
286Jakob Willis2018Parkville High School27:50.00 121
287Robert Ignatowski2018Hereford High School28:09.60 --
288William Griswold2020Perry Hall High School28:11.37 --
289Ethan Scott2019Hereford High School28:31.60 --
290Bennett English2018Dulaney High School28:51.00 --
291Jared Bracken2019Overlea High School29:37.31 --
292Dexter Yammine2020Randallstown High School29:41.50 122
293Caleb Leech2020Randallstown High School29:44.02 123
294Kyle Cooke2018Eastern Tech High School30:38.00 --
295Liam Mcevoy2018Eastern Tech High School30:44.00 --
296Azher Kazmi2020Dulaney High School31:27.00 --
297Kalantae Chase2020Woodlawn High School31:57.00 --
298Francis Maglaqui2019Eastern Tech High School33:30.00 --
299Malachi Redden2020Carver A&T35:46.00 124

Team Scores

1Dulaney High School151+2+3+4+5 (6+7)35.8916:31.85
2Towson High School9010+13+14+20+33 (47+52)1:00.6517:56.97
3Hereford High School958+12+21+26+28 (30+31)1:30.4217:51.10
4Franklin High School11911+17+23+29+39 (48+59)57.9018:08.05
5Catonsville High School15216+22+34+37+43 (51+54)51.5018:22.01
6Eastern Tech High School23215+41+42+61+73 (77+88)2:58.6119:13.89
7Lansdowne High School23518+27+44+50+96 (111+116)4:40.2119:20.25
8Loch Raven High School2509+46+55+65+75 (82+91)3:51.7719:20.31
9Pikesville High School25119+24+67+70+71 (83+93)2:52.5819:36.86
10Perry Hall High School28032+45+53+74+76 (87+95)2:31.5819:41.64
11Kenwood High School32225+49+69+85+94 (99+120)4:13.0020:26.92
12Western Tech35135+62+72+90+92 (107+112)3:35.2720:47.44
13Parkville High School36240+58+80+81+103 (121)4:59.2620:53.68
14Sparrows Point High School37036+66+84+86+98 (101+108)4:23.8421:07.85
15Milford Mill Academy37238+56+79+89+1105:22.1121:03.58
16Dundalk High School40457+60+78+100+109 (117)4:38.4621:28.90
17Carver A&T45463+68+97+102+12415:28.4024:37.76
18Randallstown High School53364+114+115+118+122 (123)9:17.5025:01.68
19Owings Mills High547104+105+106+113+1192:58.0224:27.09
--New Town High SchoolNTS------
--Chesapeake High School-BCNTS------
--Overlea High SchoolNTS------
--Patapsco High SchoolNTS------
--Woodlawn High SchoolNTS------