SMAC Girls XC 2017 Preview

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Virtual Meet Based On 2016 Season Bests

After years of chasing Hayley Jackson around the course, a new SMAC girls champion will be crowned in 2017. If the first weekend of racing in 2017 is any preview, it looks like senior Abby Sweeney will be the one to chase; only teammates Dolan and Sarah Deresky were within 45 seconds of her third-place performance. (Photo by Melissa Rose)

5,000 Meter Run

1Abby Sweeney2018Northern-Calvert High School18:44.20 1
2Emily Imhof2019Great Mills High School19:21.74 2
3Claudia Dolan2019Northern-Calvert High School19:30.00 3
4Sydney Friedel2019Calvert High School19:33.81 4
5Sarah Deresky2018Northern-Calvert High School20:16.42 5
6Mya Rivenburg2019North Point High School20:21.60 6
7Kaitlyn Delamer2018Northern-Calvert High School20:51.00 7
8Raquel Drexel2018Leonardtown High School21:06.07 8
9Savannah O'Dell2018Great Mills High School21:18.55 9
10Kayla Brennan2019Calvert High School21:21.40 10
11Emily Mutchler2020Calvert High School21:21.81 11
12Nicole Smith2018Patuxent High School21:35.00 --
13Rosemary Wild2020Great Mills High School21:38.56 12
14Sara Fletcher2020Great Mills High School21:41.65 13
15Bethany Laird2018Leonardtown High School21:42.49 14
16Courteney Lawson2018Leonardtown High School21:44.06 15
17Tyra Countiss2018Leonardtown High School21:44.91 16
18Alexis Johnson2018Calvert High School21:54.21 17
19Lauren Miller2018Calvert High School21:55.40 18
20Catherine Bubser2019Northern-Calvert High School21:56.20 19
21Brittney Douglas2019Calvert High School21:57.68 20
22Danielle Gore2018Leonardtown High School22:04.94 21
23Rachel Geiger2020Leonardtown High School22:05.95 22
24Jessica Misiorek2019Calvert High School22:13.93 23
25Savannah Pullium2019Chopticon High School22:42.42 24
26Savanna Ligsay2018Huntingtown High School22:44.29 25
27Maitlin Greiner2018Huntingtown High School22:55.59 26
28Makenzie VanDevander2018Chopticon High School22:55.90 27
29Mary Gorman2019Huntingtown High School22:57.00 28
30Bethany Prettyman2018Chopticon High School22:57.72 29
31Hasanya Brown2018La Plata High School22:58.10 30
32Hannah Haynes2020Leonardtown High School23:00.64 31
33Haley Wheeler2018Leonardtown High School23:03.69 --
34Margaret Foulkes2019Huntingtown High School23:14.23 32
35Brianna Douglas2019Calvert High School23:17.99 --
36Kaelynn Scarbrough2018Leonardtown High School23:23.88 --
37Kataryna Strayer2018Northern-Calvert High School23:37.82 33
38Michaela Bell2019Calvert High School23:42.05 --
39Kara Grabenstein2019Leonardtown High School23:54.42 --
40Renee Nosko2019Leonardtown High School23:58.05 --
41Breanne Mayor2019Leonardtown High School24:02.06 --
42Jenna Carpenter2019Northern-Calvert High School24:08.21 34
43Eva Sirman2019Huntingtown High School24:09.70 35
44Grace Moore2019North Point High School24:16.00 36
45Lexi Myers2018Great Mills High School24:21.34 37
46Josie Smith2018Patuxent High School24:24.26 --
47Asha Gaines2018Leonardtown High School24:25.17 --
48Cassie Kunz2019Leonardtown High School24:28.65 --
49Asha-ashanti Turner2019St. Charles High School24:30.15 38
50Hope Bennett2019Northern-Calvert High School24:30.39 --
51Morgan Lennon2018Huntingtown High School24:31.58 39
52Justine Willey2020Patuxent High School24:40.30 --
53Hazel Honeycutt2020Great Mills High School24:40.46 40
54Louisa Traver2020Leonardtown High School24:47.54 --
55Jessica Drake2018Northern-Calvert High School24:48.44 --
56Annie Landgraf2020Henry E. Lackey High School24:49.78 41
57Anna Patterson2019Northern-Calvert High School24:54.20 --
58Jillian Gray2019Northern-Calvert High School24:56.75 --
59Reid Lucas2019Huntingtown High School25:00.30 42
60Sara Sines2019Henry E. Lackey High School25:08.30 43
61Grace Pomilla2019Huntingtown High School25:10.10 --
62Josilyn Pilkerton2020Leonardtown High School25:15.92 --
63Alexis Collins2020La Plata High School25:20.65 44
64Alexis Redding2019Huntingtown High School25:22.70 --
65Dylan Laing2019Huntingtown High School25:32.50 --
66Diamond Lewis2020Northern-Calvert High School25:47.40 --
67Abigail Gerstman2018North Point High School25:49.24 45
68Grace Hayden2020Northern-Calvert High School25:53.15 --
69Tatumn Scott2019Northern-Calvert High School25:57.93 --
70Kerry Ward2018Thomas Stone High School26:15.25 --
71Dominique Jeffery2018Henry E. Lackey High School26:15.57 46
72Taylor Williams2019Henry E. Lackey High School26:15.88 47
73Kayla Forest2019Calvert High School26:43.52 --
74Georgia Bowling2019La Plata High School26:50.33 48
75Chloe Chipman2019Leonardtown High School26:58.39 --
76Elizabeth Hernandez2019La Plata High School27:04.80 49
77Hannah Carlsen2019Great Mills High School27:05.40 50
78Madelyn Engel2020Leonardtown High School27:10.70 --
79Abby Moran2020Chopticon High School27:18.44 51
80Jenna Bell2019Chopticon High School27:26.90 52
81Jordyn Isaacs2019Henry E. Lackey High School27:27.33 53
82Sophia Carter2020Northern-Calvert High School27:27.47 --
83Mary Oster2018Patuxent High School27:40.62 --
84Adrianna Ward2018Henry E. Lackey High School27:50.53 54
85Stephanie Mclean2018Northern-Calvert High School27:54.00 --
86Lauren Plater2018St. Charles High School28:01.71 55
87Isobel Hornbuckle2019Leonardtown High School28:11.50 --
88Sophie Walker2019Calvert High School28:19.27 --
89Jasmine Mann2019St. Charles High School28:31.79 56
90Natalie Dawes2018St. Charles High School28:35.45 57
91Jalynn Burruss2019Westlake High School28:40.80 --
92Erin Quartararo2018La Plata High School28:45.48 58
93Hannah Cha2018Great Mills High School28:50.27 --
94Elaina Dixon2018La Plata High School28:53.90 59
95Tayla Mann2019Chopticon High School29:00.40 60
96Rebekah Clark2019Huntingtown High School29:17.60 --
97Samantha Fallon2018Leonardtown High School29:21.10 --
98Kea Nicoria2018Huntingtown High School29:27.20 --
99Kierstyn White2018North Point High School29:36.93 61
100Kailey Chase2018Great Mills High School29:37.40 --
101Sydney Smith2018Leonardtown High School29:45.00 --
102Mikayla Nickens2018St. Charles High School29:51.44 62
103Kelly Scroggins2019La Plata High School30:14.83 63
104Christina Best2018St. Charles High School30:42.44 64
105Faith Tayman2020North Point High School32:18.00 65
106Miina Tarjamo2018North Point High School33:06.71 66
107Avery Darden2018St. Charles High School34:42.09 67
108Taylor West2018North Point High School37:57.21 68
109Rachel Carson2019Calvert High School38:59.30 --

Team Scores

1Northern-Calvert High School351+3+5+7+19 (33+34)3:12.0020:15.56
2Calvert High School604+10+11+17+18 (20+23)2:21.5921:13.33
3Great Mills High School732+9+12+13+37 (40+50)4:59.6021:40.37
4Leonardtown High School748+14+15+16+21 (22+31)58.8721:40.49
5Huntingtown High School14625+26+28+32+35 (39+42)1:25.4123:12.16
6Chopticon High School18324+27+29+51+52 (60)4:44.4824:40.28
7North Point High School2136+36+45+61+65 (66+68)11:56.4026:28.35
8La Plata High School22930+44+48+49+58 (59+63)5:47.3826:11.87
9Henry E. Lackey High School23041+43+46+47+53 (54)2:37.5525:59.37
10St. Charles High School26838+55+56+57+62 (64+67)5:21.2927:54.11
--Thomas Stone High SchoolNTS------
--Westlake High SchoolNTS------
--Maurice J. McDonough High SchoolNTS------
--Patuxent High SchoolNTS------