Howard County Invitational Virtual Meet Preview: Poolesville Stars Looking For The Sweep

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Girls Virtual Meet

Poolesville junior Nandini Satsangi had no problem in her season debut at the Brunswick Invitational, running over a minute faster than last year despite the less-than-deal conditions. Saturday could be a potential 2A state preview between Satsangi and River Hill's Jasmine Tiamfook. (Photo by John Roemer)

5,000 Meter Run

1Nandini Satsangi2019Poolesville High School18:25.00 1
2Kamryn Eveleth2019Severna Park18:59.20 2
3Lacey Eden2020Archbishop Spalding High School19:02.00 3
4Jasmine Tiamfook2018River Hill High School19:03.04 4
5Allysa Combs2020Archbishop Spalding High School19:10.90 5
6Logan Rohde2020Poolesville High School19:20.70 6
7Cady Hyde2020St. John's College High School19:28.00 7
8Emily Beyer2018Mt. Hebron High School19:36.32 8
9Sarah Siska2019Severna Park19:37.10 9
10Alison Betler2019Centennial High School19:48.58 10
11Emily Baba2020Oakdale High School19:53.44 11
12Emma Orloff2020Wilde Lake High School19:57.30 12
13Cora Blount2019Centennial High School20:01.10 13
14Rebekah Cross2020Bel Air High School20:01.48 14
15Sophia Dutton2019Severna Park20:04.10 15
16Catie Cambon2018Severna Park20:07.60 16
17Alexandra Banham2018Mt. Hebron High School20:09.60 17
18Lindsey Brooks2019Severna Park20:15.60 18
19Annabel Cortez2019Reservoir High School20:16.00 19
20Chloe Salkeld2018Severna Park20:27.50 20
21Grace Chaverini2018Oakland Mills High School20:28.90 21
22Alexa Matthews2018River Hill High School20:32.50 22
23Molly Bingham2018Marriotts Ridge High School20:33.30 23
24Emma O'Brien2018Atholton High School20:34.00 24
25Adriana Rosas2018Wilde Lake High School20:34.10 25
26Riley Leeds2018Severna Park20:35.30 26
27Raaya Khleif2019River Hill High School20:37.54 27
28Celine Pisanic2019Atholton High School20:40.00 28
29Jamie Anderson2018South Carroll High School20:40.12 29
30Rosemary Gillam2018John Carroll School20:42.64 30
31Gabriella Degrezia2019Atholton High School20:51.00 31.5
31Sami Hardesty2020Oakdale High School20:51.00 31.5
33Cameron Zaniker2020Severna Park20:52.70 --
34Tess Dandridge2020Marriotts Ridge High School20:53.51 33
35Rachel Peters2018Severna Park20:56.70 --
36Alexa Tarzy2018Oakdale High School21:00.40 34
37Sophia Zell2020Severna Park21:12.00 --
38Maggie Jordan2020Archbishop Spalding High School21:13.50 35
39Caroline Shimeall2019Centennial High School21:16.20 36
40Cassie Yates2018Centennial High School21:18.40 37
41Lily Austin2019Oakdale High School21:18.54 38
42Kealy Faughnan2018Marriotts Ridge High School21:19.69 39
43Sara Younts2018Marriotts Ridge High School21:21.40 40
44Taylor Manley2018Severna Park21:23.90 --
45Melanie Reynolds2019Severna Park21:25.50 --
46Madison Gamble2019Oakdale High School21:26.00 41
47Alex Herschelman2018Severna Park21:26.10 --
48Izzy Kintzley2018Severna Park21:26.90 --
49Natalie Lansinger2018Liberty High School21:27.24 42
50Kennedy Clark2020River Hill High School21:27.29 43
51Ellie Gustafson2018Mt. Hebron High School21:31.40 44
52Caroline Davidson2018Atholton High School21:32.00 45
53Amanda Levey2019Marriotts Ridge High School21:33.55 46
54Chemutia Nganga2018Mt. Hebron High School21:33.80 47
55Maddy Sampson2018Archbishop Spalding High School21:34.58 48
56Alex Kline2019Severna Park21:40.50 --
57Sarah Swanlund2020Archbishop Spalding High School21:40.56 49
58Javon Watts2020C.H. Flowers High School21:41.96 50
59Bethany Firebaugh2019Centennial High School21:42.50 51
60Sarah Trail2020South Carroll High School21:44.66 52
61Lilly Rainey2019Liberty High School21:45.00 53
62Shelby Hay2020Bel Air High School21:46.60 54
63Anna Selbrede2018River Hill High School21:47.70 55
64Apoorva Ajith2020Centennial High School21:48.90 56
65Anna Lausch2018South Carroll High School21:53.00 57
66Barrett Ewing2018John F. Kennedy High School21:54.00 58
67Melanie Morris2020South Carroll High School21:55.00 59
68Paige Blaker2018Bel Air High School21:55.35 60
69Alaina Bosmans2019Atholton High School21:56.00 61
70Ashley Siebenhaar2020Severna Park21:59.00 --
71Lauren Ledonne2018Bel Air High School22:01.20 62
72Janie Cai2018River Hill High School22:02.70 63
73Olivia Miller2018John F. Kennedy High School22:03.82 64
74Madison Radford2020Howard High School22:03.87 65
75Ashley Wilhelm2018Marriotts Ridge High School22:06.10 66
76Madison Wright2019Mt. Hebron High School22:09.60 67
77Carolina Requejo2018Centennial High School22:11.28 68
78Caroline Fallace2018Bel Air High School22:13.45 69
79Kasey Van Wert2019Poolesville High School22:15.00 70
80Abigail Slaughter2018Atholton High School22:16.47 71
81Kate Oravec2019Archbishop Spalding High School22:17.34 72
82Eliz Keller2018Severna Park22:18.00 --
83Annabelle Mayo2020Severna Park22:18.70 --
84Caylee Bergreen2019Mt. Hebron High School22:19.10 73
85Nicole Garza2018St. Vincent Pallotti22:21.07 74
86Jenna Zietowski2020Liberty High School22:22.00 75
87Maegan Gabby2018Oakdale High School22:24.02 76
88Julia Wall2020South Carroll High School22:25.94 77
89Mary Keane2020Elizabeth Seton High School22:26.00 78
90Maria Lanasa2020Poolesville High School22:27.00 79
91Sophie DiBiase2018St. John's College High School22:30.00 80
92Olivia Dibble2018Mt. Hebron High School22:30.30 81
93Srija Makkapati2019Centennial High School22:30.90 --
94Grace Williamson2018Severna Park22:32.00 --
95Ayaka Ohara2019River Hill High School22:32.30 82
96Dejah Grant2019C.H. Flowers High School22:33.65 83
97Christina Stavlas2019Centennial High School22:36.40 --
98Anne Hagerty2019St. John's College High School22:37.00 84.5
98Jirah Villajuan2018Poolesville High School22:37.00 84.5
100Quincy Laughlin2020Severna Park22:37.80 --
101Marissa Thomas2019Centennial High School22:40.18 --
102Sydney Ashley2020South Carroll High School22:40.20 86
103Kayla Brusco2020Marriotts Ridge High School22:41.70 87
104Laura Amrhein2019John Carroll School22:41.72 88
105Jillian Parisi2018Severna Park22:44.00 --
106Grace Jacobs2020John F. Kennedy High School22:45.81 89
107Pranavi Sayyaparaju2018River Hill High School22:46.72 --
108Kierston Euler2019John Carroll School22:47.80 90
109Theresa Dollar2018Poolesville High School22:47.94 91
110Maria Beckert2019Elizabeth Seton High School22:48.00 92.5
110Melina Toibero2018Reservoir High School22:48.00 92.5
112Caitlyn Wenholz2020Oakland Mills High School22:49.30 94
113Layanne Khaskia2020Atholton High School22:50.00 95
114Lydia Cross2018Bel Air High School22:53.93 96
115Grace Cambon2020Severna Park22:54.90 --
116Sarah Knight2020Archbishop Spalding High School22:57.00 97
117Brenna Mullaney2020Severna Park22:57.30 --
118Addison Reno2018Oakdale High School22:58.89 98
119Angela Wei2018Atholton High School22:59.00 --
120Stephanie Brenneman2020Severna Park22:59.60 --
121Riley Mcdermott2018Bel Air High School22:59.61 99
122Polina Sobol2018Hammond High School22:59.80 100
123Rebeccca Hayes2019Howard High School23:00.33 101
124Annie Nastos2018Liberty High School23:00.60 102
125Courtney Tse2018Centennial High School23:02.40 --
126Margaret Zhang2020Mt. Hebron High School23:03.14 --
127Julia Ki2019Poolesville High School23:06.00 103.5
127Rebecca Dockendorf2018Reservoir High School23:06.00 103.5
129Carrie Lubis2020Reservoir High School23:08.30 105
130Olivia Minnich2020Mt. Hebron High School23:10.24 --
131Alyssa Chodnicki2018River Hill High School23:10.90 --
132Natalie Hsieh2019Poolesville High School23:11.42 --
133Danielle Floyd2019Atholton High School23:14.00 --
134Christina Alemayehu2018Atholton High School23:15.00 --
134Maeve Harrington2020Severna Park23:15.00 --
136Bryn Fitzkee2020John Carroll School23:15.03 106
137Olivia Kryger2020Mt. Hebron High School23:15.66 --
138Swarna Velumani2020Centennial High School23:16.00 --
139Bridget Weiss2018Bel Air High School23:17.96 --
140Greta Huber2018Liberty High School23:18.00 107
141Caroline Courbois2018Poolesville High School23:19.00 --
142Rene Dykstra2019Severna Park23:21.90 --
143Emma Williamson2018Howard High School23:22.29 108
144Grace Bodmer2019Poolesville High School23:23.00 --
145Linnea Collins2018Mt. Hebron High School23:24.77 --
146Avery Bazell2018Atholton High School23:25.00 --
147Charleen Anani2019John F. Kennedy High School23:28.00 109
148Grace Underwood2019Marriotts Ridge High School23:28.59 --
149Lauren Mellstrom2019Marriotts Ridge High School23:32.01 --
150Hannah Hodgkiss2018Liberty High School23:32.10 110
151Hallie Thomas2019South Carroll High School23:35.15 111
152Sydney Dockendorf2018Reservoir High School23:38.34 112
153Lauren Maciver2020Centennial High School23:41.18 --
154Riley McDermott2020Bel Air High School23:44.00 --
155Sophie Walsh2018Centennial High School23:44.10 --
156Cadey Benton2020River Hill High School23:44.30 --
157Rebecca Palmer2018Hammond High School23:46.00 113
158Emily Brefo2019Atholton High School23:48.00 --
159Micah Thomas2018Long Reach High School23:49.00 114
160Rose Singleton2019Severna Park23:50.10 --
161Marlia Nash2020Howard High School23:53.50 115
162Larissa Kuonen2020Marriotts Ridge High School23:53.65 --
163Nina Rutherford2019C.H. Flowers High School23:54.09 116
164Dimitra Conits2018John Carroll School23:55.56 117
165Angel Christou2019Wilde Lake High School23:57.50 118
166Alicia Anthony2020Howard High School23:58.00 119
167Skylar Bensel2019John Carroll School23:59.16 120
168Amina El-Ashry2020River Hill High School23:59.60 --
169Gemma Lindsay2020St. John's College High School24:00.00 121
170Rylee Roberts2020St. Vincent Pallotti24:00.16 122
171Krista Schumm2018Mt. Hebron High School24:01.62 --
172Megan Powell2019St. John's College High School24:02.00 123
173Maria Kaschak2019Atholton High School24:03.00 --
174Elaine Yamamoto2019Atholton High School24:05.00 --
175Mary Lynch2018Archbishop Spalding High School24:08.40 --
176Manda You2020Centennial High School24:08.90 --
177Caitlynn Harpine2019Liberty High School24:10.20 124
178Ellie Cameron2020Severna Park24:10.30 --
179Brown Alexis2020Severna Park24:13.46 --
180Emilie Kim2018Marriotts Ridge High School24:14.30 --
181Sarah Vanruiten2020Bel Air High School24:15.00 --
182Katie Giammalvo2018Wilde Lake High School24:17.20 125
183Hope Wilson2020Archbishop Spalding High School24:18.30 --
184Madeline Holda2018Howard High School24:18.53 126
185Sabrina Yi2019Mt. Hebron High School24:21.56 --
186Caitlyn Chan2020Bel Air High School24:22.00 --
187Julia Corfman2019Poolesville High School24:22.44 --
188Kiera Mcaninley2018South Carroll High School24:22.50 --
189Lauren Greenhill2020Archbishop Spalding High School24:23.82 --
190Madeleine Naleski2019Elizabeth Seton High School24:25.00 127
191Olivia Island2018River Hill High School24:25.80 --
192Abigail van den Berg2019Severna Park24:26.90 --
193Emily Haigh2019Wilde Lake High School24:27.70 128
194Maddie Wilson2018St. John's College High School24:29.00 129
195Carly Angel2020River Hill High School24:29.10 --
196Stefanie Gronlund2020River Hill High School24:30.80 --
197Gabriella Imre2018Mt. Hebron High School24:30.89 --
198Erin Lance2018Liberty High School24:35.20 --
199Abby Carson2020John Carroll School24:38.14 130
200Gabriella Michel2019Wilde Lake High School24:39.20 131
201Anjali Gajendiran2019Centennial High School24:40.46 --
202Shannon King2019John Carroll School24:40.57 --
203Cassidy Poston2018Mt. Hebron High School24:41.50 --
204Ryleigh Griffin2019Reservoir High School24:44.00 132
205Leah Ostrye2019Archbishop Spalding High School24:44.51 --
206Emily Kim2020Centennial High School24:44.55 --
207Savannah Henderson2020Bel Air High School24:46.90 --
208Erin Jones2018Archbishop Spalding High School24:46.98 --
209Audrey Benton2019River Hill High School24:47.20 --
210Simar Ahuja2019Howard High School24:48.42 133
211Marissa Nicole2018Archbishop Spalding High School24:51.47 --
212Mary Slattery2019Centennial High School24:51.96 --
213Jennifer Salerno2020Archbishop Spalding High School24:53.94 --
214Amanda Chiei2018Mt. Hebron High School24:55.50 --
215Olivia Weakland2019Centennial High School24:57.90 --
216Alexandra Blunk2020Archbishop Spalding High School24:59.37 --
217Carolyn Klein2019Bel Air High School25:00.00 --
218Roya Tehrani2020Howard High School25:01.28 --
219Carly Cobo2018John Carroll School25:02.30 --
220Gracie Cline2019Archbishop Spalding High School25:03.30 --
221Makenna Gudat2018Oakdale High School25:06.26 --
222Ashlen Scarzello2018Oakdale High School25:06.29 --
223Varsha Iyer2019Poolesville High School25:08.00 --
224Alexis Strom2019Severna Park25:09.70 --
225Hadeel Hamoud2018Centennial High School25:13.50 --
226Ava Kelly2018Long Reach High School25:14.48 134
227Trinity Walker2018Archbishop Spalding High School25:14.80 --
228Sara Miller2019St. John's College High School25:15.00 135
229Wonee Pak2019Wilde Lake High School25:15.52 136
230Caroline Wenstrand2018Howard High School25:16.54 --
231Cheryl Hansen2018Atholton High School25:17.00 --
232Lily Meeks2018Atholton High School25:18.00 --
233Laura Mellstrom2019Marriotts Ridge High School25:21.20 --
234christine siebenhaar2020Severna Park25:21.60 --
235Cece Bowe2019St. John's College High School25:23.00 --
236Jenna Taylor2018Severna Park25:23.20 --
237Julia Myers2020St. John's College High School25:24.00 --
237Marissa Lawson2019South Carroll High School25:24.00 --
239Gabriella Spires2018Bel Air High School25:24.80 --
240Anya Speck-Mcmorris2020Poolesville High School25:27.00 --
240Rebecca Souders2018Liberty High School25:27.00 --
242Camille Donaghey2020Severna Park25:27.80 --
243Maria Padula2019Liberty High School25:29.00 --
244Carolyn Frommer2019Centennial High School25:31.19 --
245Abby Benton2020Archbishop Spalding High School25:31.39 --
246Andrea Johnson2018Poolesville High School25:33.00 --
247Amelia Patterson2018River Hill High School25:33.60 --
248Morgan Kutrumbis2019South Carroll High School25:33.81 --
249Julia Whitney2020Atholton High School25:34.00 --
250Kayla Shabow2020Severna Park25:34.40 --
251Ainsley Condon2020Archbishop Spalding High School25:34.41 --
252Avani Gheewala2020Mt. Hebron High School25:34.87 --
253Emily Sterling2019John Carroll School25:36.20 --
254Kailey Houck2018Liberty High School25:36.90 --
255Caroline Peters2019St. John's College High School25:37.00 --
256Christy Wilkinson2018Mt. Hebron High School25:37.20 --
257Meghna Rao2020Mt. Hebron High School25:38.81 --
258Lucy Hebner2019Marriotts Ridge High School25:40.21 --
259Joyce Zhang2019Centennial High School25:42.55 --
260Macy Palmer2019Poolesville High School25:47.66 --
261Yohana Hernandez2018John F. Kennedy High School25:47.90 137
262Hannah Kelley2018South Carroll High School25:49.02 --
263Eva Sun2020John Carroll School25:51.00 --
264Sydney Woodward2019Hammond High School25:51.11 138
265Sheila Hourihan2018Oakland Mills High School25:51.40 139
266Madison Eaton2018Atholton High School25:52.00 --
267Emma Nemeth2020Archbishop Spalding High School25:52.74 --
268Jennifer Przybysz2019Wilde Lake High School25:54.80 --
269Jen Hill2019Archbishop Spalding High School25:55.14 --
270Megan Chang2020Oakdale High School25:55.42 --
271Nadine Meister2020Centennial High School25:57.60 --
272Grace Shin2020Mt. Hebron High School25:59.40 --
273Kaia Godsey2019Mt. Hebron High School26:01.88 --
274Clara Jackson2018Poolesville High School26:02.77 --
275Raey Hunde2020Mt. Hebron High School26:03.02 --
276Temi Adeyeri2018C.H. Flowers High School26:04.74 140
277Mariah Qureshi2019Mt. Hebron High School26:10.90 --
278Grace Kim2019Poolesville High School26:10.98 --
279Erica Morton2020Atholton High School26:12.00 --
280Chika Chuku2018John Carroll School26:12.59 --
281Eden Goold2019Liberty High School26:14.00 --
282Manuelene Deigh2020C.H. Flowers High School26:19.23 141
283Saylor Leising2019Archbishop Spalding High School26:19.50 --
284Kyra Stewart2020Long Reach High School26:22.00 142
285Isabella Reusch2020Severna Park26:22.80 --
286Kenney Essex2019St. Vincent Pallotti26:27.00 143
287Katie Harris2019Centennial High School26:29.30 --
288Anya Crawford2019St. John's College High School26:30.00 --
288Shirley Chen2020Poolesville High School26:30.00 --
290Kayleigh Hasson2018Centennial High School26:31.20 --
291Anisha Biswal2020Centennial High School26:31.70 --
292Caroline Campilelli2020Archbishop Spalding High School26:32.10 --
293Catherine Lyman2018Centennial High School26:32.24 --
294Anne Vicari-Fernandez2019Centennial High School26:33.20 --
295Blen Asres2018Oakland Mills High School26:33.80 144
296Hailey Hitt2019Archbishop Spalding High School26:33.82 --
297Galeila Dawit2019River Hill High School26:35.35 --
298Laura Mcallister2018River Hill High School26:36.19 --
299Breann Smith2018Reservoir High School26:36.44 145
300Lauren Becker2018John Carroll School26:36.73 --
301Kelsey Tun2020Hammond High School26:37.96 146
302Begonia Zapata2019Poolesville High School26:39.28 --
303Ana Mosisa2020Mt. Hebron High School26:40.10 --
304Ruby Zhang2019Glenelg Country School26:42.72 147
305Nyela Williams2019Bishop McNamara High School26:43.00 148
306Paige Alban2018John Carroll School26:43.70 --
307Carly Merrill2018Bel Air High School26:46.00 --
308Jordan Almony2019Long Reach High School26:46.50 149
309Kara Sloper2020Marriotts Ridge High School26:48.99 --
310Erica Riggins2020Wilde Lake High School26:50.80 --
311Pricilla Beaubrun2018Hammond High School26:52.00 150
312Sonia Lefors2019Atholton High School26:53.00 --
313Sera Lim2019Centennial High School26:53.86 --
314Emma Farrell2019St. John's College High School26:54.00 --
315Madeline Duffy2019Archbishop Spalding High School26:55.92 --
316Kate Fleck2020Mt. Hebron High School26:56.10 --
317Marybeth Spargo2018Liberty High School26:56.80 --
318Sarah Jeffers2020Severna Park27:01.00 --
319Japneet Singh2019Marriotts Ridge High School27:03.81 --
320Arianna Conits2018John Carroll School27:04.04 --
321Nadia Lagasse2019South Carroll High School27:06.24 --
322Molly Gilson2020Archbishop Spalding High School27:07.17 --
323Jada Sanders2020Long Reach High School27:07.70 151
324Rachel Harris2019Centennial High School27:08.50 --
325Sydney Allentuck2020Poolesville High School27:08.64 --
326Bella Bristol2020St. John's College High School27:09.00 --
327Jalyn Hill2019Bishop McNamara High School27:11.00 152
328Anna Olsson2018St. Vincent Pallotti27:16.59 153
329Carla Wilson2020Reservoir High School27:16.60 --
330Cortney Kraekel2019Poolesville High School27:17.00 --
331Lorraine Eiland II2020Oakland Mills High School27:18.36 154
332Sydney Yi2020Mt. Hebron High School27:20.90 --
333Sydney Haynes2019Bishop McNamara High School27:23.00 155
334Lilian Liu2020Centennial High School27:23.38 --
335Madison Dearborn2018Severna Park27:24.40 --
336Emma Ward2018Glenelg Country School27:30.77 156
337Michaela Dickerson2020Reservoir High School27:37.00 --
338Divya Katti2018Poolesville High School27:37.93 --
339Elisabeth Ake2020Atholton High School27:39.40 --
340Ashlynn Stearns2020Poolesville High School27:45.13 --
341Sofia Merkowitz-bustos2019Atholton High School27:45.34 --
342Maria Thorpe2018Liberty High School27:47.00 --
343Marisa Dinunzio2020Severna Park27:47.70 --
344Elizabeth Bosanko2020Severna Park27:49.00 --
345Sarah Rubin2019Oakdale High School27:53.89 --
346Hailey Abels-crabbe2019Liberty High School27:54.70 --
347Lindsay Poler2019Long Reach High School28:01.30 157
348Caitlin Frank2018Severna Park28:01.90 --
349Hien Ngo2020St. John's College High School28:04.00 --
350Emma Sweeney2018St. Vincent Pallotti28:05.10 158
351Annabelle Headley2019Poolesville High School28:05.43 --
352Katie Russell2018Severna Park28:06.70 --
353Caitlynn Buckalew2018Liberty High School28:15.90 --
354Lizzy Rea2020Liberty High School28:19.00 --
355Addie Martinez2019Liberty High School28:19.70 --
356Destiny Thomas2019Bishop McNamara High School28:23.00 159
356Erica Himmelberg2019South Carroll High School28:23.00 --
358Sydney Walrath2020Oakland Mills High School28:25.80 160
359Rebecca Hennick2019Centennial High School28:27.64 --
360Lydia Ruan2020Poolesville High School28:31.00 --
361Simone Sabnis2019Centennial High School28:35.00 --
362Sofia Bzhilyansunya2019Poolesville High School28:35.37 --
363Manuela Deigh2020C.H. Flowers High School28:35.45 161
364TaMira Wiley2019Bishop McNamara High School28:41.28 162
365Tejasa Yaddula2020Poolesville High School28:44.00 --
366Angie Rusek2018John Carroll School28:45.45 --
367Ainsley Daniel2019Mt. Hebron High School28:48.70 --
368Shreya Mathur2020Reservoir High School28:49.06 --
369Vanessa Holloway2019Glenelg Country School28:49.94 163
370Mai Vo2019Reservoir High School28:53.37 --
371Gabriella Deleonibus2019Archbishop Spalding High School28:54.50 --
372Eileen Liu2019Marriotts Ridge High School28:54.52 --
373Nykia Campbell2018C.H. Flowers High School28:55.97 164
374Kelly Simmons2018Centennial High School28:59.61 --
375Nicole Rollins2019St. Vincent Pallotti29:05.56 165
376Saloni Maskey2020Poolesville High School29:10.75 --
377Sajana Putta2019Poolesville High School29:21.50 --
378Luisa Gumeta2019Long Reach High School29:22.00 166
379Emily Vander Velden2018Hammond High School29:24.00 167
380Grace Akinmade2019Bishop McNamara High School29:28.00 168
381Isa Cozares2019Glenelg Country School29:30.43 169
382Kyra Stewart2020Atholton High School29:31.50 --
383Mya Bradley2020Bishop McNamara High School29:33.00 170
384Noe Budar-Danoff2020Oakland Mills High School29:36.14 171
385Suzanne Kmetz2018Elizabeth Seton High School29:44.00 172
386Charrisa Zhu2018Centennial High School29:44.84 --
387Tracy Pham2019St. Vincent Pallotti29:47.28 173
388Lily Boldosser2018South Carroll High School29:47.87 --
389Greta Cover2019Oakland Mills High School29:58.70 --
390Varonika Ware2019Bishop McNamara High School30:05.00 --
391Priyanka Madhaven2020Poolesville High School30:08.92 --
392Eliz Kiely2018Severna Park30:16.67 --
393Mary Feeney2019Severna Park30:24.18 --
394Inara Jalisi2020River Hill High School30:44.36 --
395Avni Patel2019Centennial High School30:46.06 --
396Ashleigh Prentice2019Glenelg Country School30:50.25 174
397Riley Tinsley2019Bishop McNamara High School30:53.70 --
398Lane Williamson2018Severna Park30:55.90 --
399Uma Phatak2020Mt. Hebron High School30:58.60 --
400Caroline Lander2020St. John's College High School30:59.00 --
401Delaney Walton2020Marriotts Ridge High School31:12.20 --
402Oyinkansola Olayoriu2020Hammond High School31:37.00 175
403Calaya Moore2020Reservoir High School32:15.43 --
404Nevaeh Nelson2020Atholton High School32:41.21 --
405Leylani Soriano2020Reservoir High School32:58.80 --
406Shun He Shueh2019Centennial High School33:04.87 --
407Virgina Knight2018Centennial High School33:06.02 --
408Shun He Shueh2019Centennial High School33:12.62 --
409Joseph Earley2019Poolesville High School33:13.00 --
410Helen Zheng2020Reservoir High School33:19.00 --
411Takiya Jackson2018Elizabeth Seton High School33:30.00 176
412Sidni Vernon2020Elizabeth Seton High School33:36.00 177
413Avani Brown2020Bishop McNamara High School33:37.50 --
414Nadia Souleymanou2020Elizabeth Seton High School34:04.00 178
415Sarah Rinker2020Reservoir High School34:22.90 --
416Jasmine Fraser2019Severna Park37:19.50 --
417Marie Sesay2020St. Vincent Pallotti38:36.00 --
418Marissa Curry2019St. Vincent Pallotti38:48.40 --
419Divija Sadula2020Atholton High School43:14.12 --

Team Scores

1Severna Park602+9+15+16+18 (20+26)1:16.4019:48.72
2Archbishop Spalding High School1403+5+35+48+49 (72+97)2:38.5620:32.31
3Centennial High School14710+13+36+37+51 (56+68)1:53.9220:49.36
4River Hill High School1514+22+27+43+55 (63+82)2:44.6620:41.61
5Oakdale High School155.511+31.5+34+38+41 (76+98)1:32.5620:53.88
6Marriotts Ridge High School18123+33+39+40+46 (66+87)1:00.2521:08.29
7Mt. Hebron High School1838+17+44+47+67 (73+81)2:33.2821:00.14
8Atholton High School189.524+28+31.5+45+61 (71+95)1:22.0021:06.60
9Poolesville High School240.51+6+70+79+84.5 (91+103.5)4:12.0021:00.94
10Bel Air High School25914+54+60+62+69 (96+99)2:11.9721:35.62
11South Carroll High School27429+52+57+59+77 (86+111)1:45.8221:43.74
12Liberty High School37942+53+75+102+107 (110+124)1:50.7622:22.57
13Wilde Lake High School40812+25+118+125+128 (131+136)4:30.4022:38.76
14St. John's College High School415.57+80+84.5+121+123 (129+135)4:34.0022:31.40
15John Carroll School43130+88+90+106+117 (120+130)3:12.9222:40.55
16Reservoir High School43219+92.5+103.5+105+112 (132+145)3:22.3422:35.33
17John F. Kennedy High School45758+64+89+109+1373:53.9023:11.91
18Howard High School50865+101+108+115+119 (126+133)1:54.1323:15.60
19C.H. Flowers High School53050+83+116+140+141 (161+164)4:37.2724:06.73
20Oakland Mills High School55221+94+139+144+154 (160+171)6:49.4624:36.35
21Elizabeth Seton High School645.578+92.5+127+172+176 (177+178)11:04.0026:34.60
22Hammond High School647100+113+138+146+150 (167+175)3:52.2025:13.37
23St. Vincent Pallotti65074+122+143+153+158 (165+173)5:44.0325:37.98
24Long Reach High School690114+134+142+149+151 (157+166)3:18.7025:51.94
25Bishop McNamara High School776148+152+155+159+162 (168+170)1:58.2827:40.26
26Glenelg Country School809147+156+163+169+1744:07.5328:40.82
--Gilman SchoolNTS------
--Loyola-Blakefield High SchoolNTS------
--Parkdale High SchoolNTS------
--The Heights SchoolNTS------