Summer Training Blog: Adam Nakasaka (Entry #4)

Entry #4: August 1-7
Monday, August 1:
Two runs for the first full day. The first was a 60 minute run at 7:24 AM which ended up being 8.42 miles at a 6:59/mile average pace with a 6:15 fastest mile. Fell somewhat ill between the two runs but decided to continue with the second run being a 4.07 mile run at a 7:05/mile pace.

Tuesday, August 2:
The one run this day was 8.43 miles at a pace of 7:07/mile and a fastest mile of 6:40. Although the pace seems somewhat moderate on paper, the reality of it is that this is all being run on extremely hilly terrain, making for a more challenging and enhanced run as well as slower times.

Wednesday, August 3:
The first of two runs this day took 45 minutes, stretching 6.48 miles long at a 7:00/mile pace with some more relaxed tempo miles mixed in towards the end. These relaxed tempo miles were alongside some of my teammates and counselor, Josh Trzeciak. The second run was 30 minutes long, going 3.90 miles at a 7:57/mile pace for a very easy shakeout run.

Thursday, August 4:
Last day of the week with two runs. The first run began at 7:19 AM, lasting 8.43 miles at a 7:07/mile average pace. The second run was 3.36 miles long and was taken out at a relaxed 7:45/mile pace.

Friday, August 5:
Long run day at camp. I decided to go 16 miles for the long run. We ran out and backs that lasted five miles each so that we could get back to Coach Arnold's van to get water and energy gel at between each. The first out and back I ran with a mix of many different runners. The second one I ran beside recent B-CC graduate and incoming freshman runner at Swarthmore, Lucas Heinzerling, who traveled to running camp to join in on the long run. The final out and back was only three miles long and more of a moderate tempo effort with Sherwood runner, Justin Turner, and counselor, Chase Weaverling. The extra miles were from going to and back from the out and back starting point to camp. The run ended being 16.01 miles for me.

Saturday, August 6:
Last day at camp. Just went for a 4.27 mile run at 7:05/mile pace. This run took 30 minutes and soon after it I left camp and returned back home in Maryland. 

Sunday, August 7:
Took the day off as I had gotten a lot of mileage in during the week and felt a break was not only needed but deserved. It was also very convenient as I had flew to Boston, Massachusetts in the morning and spend most of the day traveling to and around Vermont and New Hampshire.

Overall mileage: