Baltimore County Relays Results: Watch Out For Wesolowski!

Photo by Debbi Persinger

Photos and videos to be uploaded soon from the Baltimore County Relays!

Complete results of the varsity co-ed relay race from the 2016 Baltimore County Relays on Saturday at Towson High School. The Hereford duo of Kelly Weslowski and Dillon Coffey claimed victory as the top tandem in the unique season kickoff for Baltimore County squads as they combined for a total time of 31:54 alternating two legs over a 1.5 mile course.

After running incredible track times as freshmen in 2014 including a 10:52 3200, Hereford's Kelly Wesolowski is running cross country for the very first time. Her performance at the Baltimore County Relays appears to be a positive sign that she is working her way back to her old form after taking off her sophomore year and returning to racing again last indoor season as a junior. If that is the case, she could be find herself among the state's elite again.

Despite Hereford having the winning relay, Dulaney actually won the team competition though with the best combined scoring (14 pts) of their top 3 co-ed tandems led by the pairing of Dorrie Gaeng and Matt Owens combing for a total time of 32:05 for second place, while two other duos of Jessica Meek and Brian McCullough (4th, 32:35) along with Brooke Ruffin and Connor Morton (8th, 33:21) were also among the top 10 finishers.

Towson edged out Hereford a fourth team tiebreaker for runner-up honors with 18 pts. Karen Prem and Jonathan Ellis in third with a total time of 32:14 were the best relay pairing for the host school Towson. 

Photos and videos to be uploaded soon from the Baltimore County Relays!

PlaceNamesSchool TimeScore
1Kelly WesolowskiHER31:541
Dillon Coffey
2Dorrie GaengDUL32:052
Matt Owens
3Karen PremTOW32:143
Jonathan Ellis
4Jessica MeekDUL32:354
Brian McCullough
5Eva WhiteCAT33:035
Graham Stryzlecki
6Jaqui SheedyTOW33:126
Sushant Dhaurali
7Kelly ShearerHER33:167
Ryan Pindale
8Brooke RuffinDUL33:218
Connor Morton
9Sydney ConboyTOW33:329
Drew Conboy
10Emily KonkusHER34:4910
Dietrich Sweeney
11Lilianna MischkeLR33:53inc
Garrett Harris
12Lauren MillerTOW34:2111
Vicente Iglesias
13Hannah AceHER34:2212
Sam Turnbaugh
14Lillian BehanHER34:3913
Will Reder
15Grace GroganDUL34:4314
Brendan O'Brien
16McKenzie PatrickFRA34:4715
Dylan Orr
17Emily GlossingerPIK34:56inc
Mykhaylo Chumak
18Caroline BruneTOW35:2016
Cory Parts
19Anna PiermatteiCAT35:4517
Drew Nirolaus
20Julia ClarkDUL36:0018
Alex Ozbolt
21Brianna DemarcyFRA36:3519
Sean Tromble
Joe Hill
23Ellie ???CAT36:5621
Tim Huynh
24Emily LaneLR37:06inc
Liam Mischke
25Diana LiepinyaCAR37:1722
Amir Williamson
26Emma RiggsCAR37:5123
Eric Wagner
27Laurel RountreeCAR38:4024
Chris Wanis
28Kendall AblePIK38:51inc
Steve Stewart
29Caroline TippitCAT39:0825
Tobias Wack
30Alexandra RichardsonMMA39:2726
Aariq Nixon
31Mackenzie WachsFRA39:5627
Tristan Diaz
32Elizabeth WeisPH40:12inc
Tyrell Armstrong
33Julianna SmithCAR40:1928
Elliott Donato
34Emily DiogvaidoFRA41:0329
Sean Hyatt
35Alyusa GreelsCAR41:2430
Sam Owens
36Morgan KaufmanPH43:01inc
Maxwell Chassange
37Kathryn GreeneMMA43:2231
Adedamola Adeluqba
38Tamara DyerOM44:2732
Tyrese McNair
39Asia NewmanMMA44:3133
Kennard Goins
40Krys JohnsonWTES46:17inc
Xavier Fair
41Yasmine BoydOM46:3134
Joshua Davis-Carpenter
42Dreenae CarrismanOM47:5235
Cameron Adams

Team Scoring

6Carver AT222323682830
7Milford Mill Academy26313390
8Owings Mills323435101
*Towson takes second place on the 4th team tie-breaker