Frank Keyser Post-Race Boys Virtual Meet

Photo by Craig Amoss

Another race with multiple race divisions? You know what that means! We combine the large and small school boys results from Saturday's Frank Keyser Invitational into one mega-meet. See how the teams all stacked up against each other throughout the day.

Three Mile Run

1Anish Nanjappa2020River Hill High School14:57.30 1
2Tanner Piotrowski2020Arundel High School15:02.30 2
3Zane Chalker2020Williamsport High School15:27.30 3
4Tamrat Snyder2020Damascus High School15:30.10 4
5Kendall Phillips2021Howard High School15:42.50 5
6Aidan Nathan2021Briar Woods15:46.40 6
7James Glebocki2022Severna Park High School15:47.10 7
8Woodrow Kashima2020Liberty High School15:48.40 8
9Sean Krein2020River Hill High School15:51.50 9
10Hayden Hebert2021Century High School15:52.00 10
11Philip Bansemer2021Severna Park High School15:53.00 11
12Giles Daly2020Fallston High School15:54.10 12
13Elom Akakpo2021South Hagerstown High School15:55.90 13
14Joshua Galindo2021River Hill High School15:57.00 14
15Awais Khan2021River Hill High School16:03.10 15
16John Kettula2020South Carroll High School16:07.80 16
17Colin Leeds2021Severna Park High School16:08.70 17
18Cameron Hindle2021Long Reach High School16:09.20 18
19Collin Mullaney2020Severna Park High School16:09.60 19
20Nicholas Crabb2021Briar Woods16:12.10 20
21Zach Mitchell2023Briar Woods16:12.90 21
22Luke Coffin2022Annapolis Senior High School16:13.90 22
23Cole LaPierre2020Francis Scott Key High School16:15.00 23
24David Butts2020North Hagerstown High School16:17.30 24
25Ryan Rasco2021St. Maria Goretti High School16:17.40 25
26Chris Kirchner2022Severna Park High School16:17.80 26
27Bradley Hoffman2020River Hill High School16:18.30 27
28Tyler Engleman2022Severna Park High School16:18.60 28
29Tyler Flatau2021Fallston High School16:18.80 29
30Sean Flynn2020Hereford High School16:19.50 30
31Connor Stewart2020Liberty High School16:20.00 31
32Garrison Barlow2022Northern Garrett High School16:20.30 32
33Rishi Shet2021River Hill High School16:21.40 33
34Trent Taylor2021Liberty High School16:21.60 34
35Gabe Amisano2020Northern-Calvert High School16:22.30 35
36Garett Fulton2022River Hill High School16:23.00 36
37Jake Lucas2021Liberty High School16:25.90 37
38Ryan Rose2020River Hill High School16:26.10 --
39Aaryan Shah2020Williamsport High School16:27.40 38
40Holden Tatem2021Severna Park High School16:28.00 39
41Gavin Edson2020Liberty High School16:28.90 40
42zack chelidona2021Arundel High School16:29.70 41
43Tyler Dregely2020Century High School16:30.80 42
44Eddie Sullivan2022Severna Park High School16:30.90 --
45Mario Martinez2021Frederick High School16:31.10 43
46Brendan Cave2020South Carroll High School16:31.30 44
47Bryson Brawner2020Smithsburg High School16:33.10 45
48Matthew Flynn2021Briar Woods16:35.20 46
49Gabe Conder2020Williamsport High School16:35.30 47
50Julian Vissering2021Reservoir High School16:36.20 48
51Cameron King2022Northern-Calvert High School16:36.60 49
52Collin Carter2021Reservoir High School16:37.00 50
53Ronan Byrne2022Severna Park High School16:37.30 --
54Owen Welty2020Walkersville High School16:39.30 51
55Eian Butler2021Howard High School16:39.50 52
56Matt Chaisson2020Severna Park High School16:40.00 --
57Ryan Hepler2021South River High School16:41.00 53
58Ben Lausch2020South Carroll High School16:41.10 54
59Scott Engleman2022Severna Park High School16:42.00 --
60william mcdougall III2021Arundel High School16:42.30 55
61William Holbrook2020Hereford High School16:42.40 56
62Thomas Miller2021Mountain Ridge High School16:42.80 57
63Reid Figlioli2021Severna Park High School16:42.90 --
64Ryan Smith2022South River High School16:43.40 58
65Logan Trautwein2021Allegany High School16:43.70 59
66Gabe Caprarola-Bianco2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School16:44.00 60
67Quinn Daly2022Fallston High School16:44.70 61
68John Condon2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School16:46.00 62
69Alex Xavier2022Fallston High School16:46.30 63
70Andrew Simonson2021Boonsboro High School16:46.60 64
71Caden DeValle2021Damascus High School16:46.80 65.5
71Drew Turnbaugh2020Hereford High School16:46.80 65.5
73Joseph Raudabaugh2022Howard High School16:48.00 67
74Dominic Tanouye2021St. Maria Goretti High School16:48.60 68
75Jackson Shiffer2020Southern (AA) High School16:49.50 69
76Jacob Gallaher2021South River High School16:50.30 70
77Jake Beaumier2020Liberty High School16:51.40 71
78Kole Morgan2020Allegany High School16:52.70 72
79Spencer Woodbury2021Severna Park High School16:53.70 --
80Gabriel Gallagher2021Briar Woods16:53.90 73
81Duncan Troy2020Hereford High School16:54.00 74
82Kian Mostoufi2021River Hill High School16:54.60 --
83ryan pohland2020Arundel High School16:56.30 75
84Bryce Handa2022River Hill High School16:57.10 --
85Finn McGreevy2022North Hagerstown High School16:57.20 76
86Matt Stine2022North Hagerstown High School16:58.20 77
87Benjamin Char2022Briar Woods17:00.50 78
88Cameron Rejonis2023Smithsburg High School17:00.80 79.5
88Tyler Kempton2021South River High School17:00.80 79.5
90Imtinan Rehman2021Briar Woods17:01.80 81
91Jacob Robertson2021Hereford High School17:01.90 82
92Charlie Koeneke2021Boonsboro High School17:03.00 83
93Haven Barron2021Walkersville High School17:04.50 84
94Matthew Engelhaupt2020Howard High School17:05.70 85
95Jakob Werdell2021Howard High School17:06.20 86.5
95Wyatt Gray2021Allegany High School17:06.20 86.5
97Bryce Kahler2022Fallston High School17:06.60 88
98Carter Stevenson2021Frederick High School17:07.40 89
99Mark Antal2021Severna Park High School17:07.80 --
100Cameron Grier2021Liberty High School17:08.10 90.5
100Gavin Stevens2023Northern-Calvert High School17:08.10 90.5
102Jonah Zabik2020Century High School17:08.60 92
103Luke Jimenez2020Southern (AA) High School17:09.30 93
104Conlan McConnell2021Severna Park High School17:10.00 --
105Eli Knodle2020Smithsburg High School17:10.20 94
106Samuel Davis2020Allegany High School17:10.60 95
107Kevin Magno2021South Hagerstown High School17:11.30 96
108Colin Bair2020Boonsboro High School17:11.70 97
109Anders Madsen2021Westminster High School17:14.90 98
110Jacinto Matias2021Hereford High School17:17.20 99
111Zach Pamukcoglu2021Howard High School17:17.50 100
112Davis Trump2022Liberty High School17:18.10 --
113Ben Savage2020Long Reach High School17:18.20 101
114Elliott Pochettino2020Reservoir High School17:18.80 102
115Matthew Grimelli2020Liberty High School17:20.00 --
116Mason Siebenhaar2022Severna Park High School17:20.30 --
117Brandon Franco2022Howard High School17:20.80 103.5
117Lucas Magers2021Walkersville High School17:20.80 103.5
119ethan binkley2020Arundel High School17:22.80 105
120Zachary Spurrier2021Middletown High School17:24.80 106
121Josiah Lim2023Damascus High School17:25.50 107
122Logan Kim2021Reservoir High School17:25.90 108
123Michael Kelly2020Howard High School17:26.00 --
124Ethan Dixon2020Reservoir High School17:26.20 109
125Maclane Doty2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School17:27.00 110
126James Louie2021Severna Park High School17:27.20 --
127Sidd Shah2022Williamsport High School17:27.50 111
128Luke Wilson2022Howard High School17:28.40 --
129Ryan Lustig2021Century High School17:28.50 112
130Connor Puls2022Reservoir High School17:28.70 113
131William Chapman2022Reservoir High School17:29.30 114
132Jesse Harmon2022Boonsboro High School17:30.00 115
133Eric McAlexander2020Severna Park High School17:30.20 --
134Eren Tari2022Liberty High School17:31.10 --
135Eoin Lenham2021Annapolis Senior High School17:31.30 116
136Grady McConnell2022Severna Park High School17:31.50 --
137Caelan Young2021North County High School17:31.90 117
138Oliver Baumann2021Briar Woods17:32.90 --
139Luke Petenbrink2021Liberty High School17:33.70 --
140Daniel Ramirez2021South Carroll High School17:34.70 118
141Alexander Zaky2020Long Reach High School17:35.20 119
142Grant Rudisill2020South River High School17:35.90 120
143Peyton Dill2023Century High School17:36.30 121
144Kevin Mcallister2022River Hill High School17:36.50 --
144Solomon Snuggerud2020Annapolis Senior High School17:36.50 122
146Conor McCue2020Hereford High School17:37.20 123
147Chris Mann2022Howard High School17:37.40 --
148Cobi Williams2021Howard High School17:39.00 --
149Alex Lecouras2023Severna Park High School17:40.70 --
150Sage Hengen2020South River High School17:41.60 124
151Sean Armstrong2020Liberty High School17:42.20 --
152Brad Brown2021Westminster High School17:42.70 125
153Alejandro Cabrera2022Long Reach High School17:43.40 126
154Justin Chappell2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School17:43.60 127
155Robert King2022River Hill High School17:43.70 --
156james mette2020Arundel High School17:44.10 128
157tucker sangster2022Arundel High School17:44.50 129
158Fynn Yankanich2020Northern-Calvert High School17:44.70 130
159Riley Nolan2020South River High School17:45.00 131
160Christian Brower2023Long Reach High School17:45.30 132.5
160Zachary Reynolds2022Boonsboro High School17:45.30 132.5
162Ethan Aidam2023Long Reach High School17:45.70 134
163Kevin Sanchez-Velazquez2022River Hill High School17:46.40 --
164Owen Fabula2020Fallston High School17:46.50 135
165Trent Palmer2022South River High School17:46.90 --
166Tyler Cushing2021Severna Park High School17:47.30 --
167Justin Dowell2022Northern-Calvert High School17:47.40 136
168Shane Stewart2022Liberty High School17:47.60 --
169Joshua Grubb2022Boonsboro High School17:48.00 137
170Aiden Coyle2021Century High School17:48.70 138
171Sam Foltz2021Northern-Calvert High School17:48.80 139
172David Nelson2021South River High School17:49.00 --
173Colton Devalle2021Damascus High School17:49.10 140
174Max Lucas2020Annapolis Senior High School17:49.70 141
175Zack Dobson2022Northern-Calvert High School17:50.60 142
176Nicholas Yankle2022Howard High School17:50.80 --
177Bryce Ward2022Briar Woods17:51.10 --
178Kenny Ling2021Howard High School17:51.40 --
179jack delaney2020Arundel High School17:51.80 --
180Ryan Theiss2023Briar Woods17:52.10 --
181Shane Taylor2020Hereford High School17:52.40 --
182Josh Martin2023Briar Woods17:53.00 --
183justin kouroupis2020Arundel High School17:53.30 --
184Ian Mullen2021Westminster High School17:55.10 143
185Derek Oppenheim2021Reservoir High School17:57.50 --
186Anuraag Karunakaran2022Reservoir High School17:57.90 --
187Spencer Cole2020South Carroll High School17:58.30 144
188Jake Blinkoff2021South River High School17:59.90 --
189Spencer Hope2022Liberty High School18:00.00 --
190Jacob Shatto2021Liberty High School18:00.40 --
191lucas shahady2021Arundel High School18:00.50 --
191Matthew Allen2022Howard High School18:00.50 --
193Andrew Windham2020Smithsburg High School18:00.90 145
194Chris Mackley2020Williamsport High School18:01.20 146
195Luke Carpenter2022Liberty High School18:01.30 --
195Pranav Krishnan2021River Hill High School18:01.30 --
197Tibor Mester2021Reservoir High School18:02.10 --
198Connor Nelson2020Southern (AA) High School18:02.30 147
199Trevor Swope2021South Carroll High School18:02.70 148
200jackson zimmerman2023Arundel High School18:04.10 --
201Ethan Richardson2020Liberty High School18:05.50 --
202Amir King'oo2021Frederick High School18:06.10 149
203Daniel Snow2022South River High School18:06.30 --
204Matthew Aggarwal2021Liberty High School18:06.70 --
205Drew Helbig2020Southern Garrett High School18:07.00 --
206Peyton Vance2020Walkersville High School18:07.90 150
207William Allen2021Liberty High School18:08.90 --
208Ethan Solan2022South River High School18:09.40 --
209Sam Slacum2020Cambridge-South Dorchester High School18:10.60 151
210Luke Manning2021St. Maria Goretti High School18:11.20 152
211Carter Pry2023South River High School18:12.40 --
212Alec Stitely2021Walkersville High School18:12.50 153
213Owen Pearsall2022Northern-Calvert High School18:13.40 --
214Luke Mueller2020Annapolis Senior High School18:14.30 154
215Mathew Wallace2021Annapolis Senior High School18:14.60 155
216Griffin Knipp2021Williamsport High School18:15.00 156
217Sam Levine2020Long Reach High School18:15.70 157
218Lucas Chappell2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School18:16.00 158
219Johan Rogers2020Frederick High School18:16.20 159
220Sam Robinson2021South Carroll High School18:17.20 160
221Michael Cheruiyot2020Howard High School18:17.70 --
222Zach Fegley2021Southern (AA) High School18:17.80 161
223Ryan Walchuck2021Middletown High School18:18.60 162
224Andrew Connolly2021Fallston High School18:19.20 163
225Kyle Reardon2023Howard High School18:20.50 --
226Alec Garcia2023Briar Woods18:20.90 --
227Aiden Dickson2021Howard High School18:21.30 --
227Will Heffernan2020Century High School18:21.30 164
229Matthew Galbreith2022Briar Woods18:21.90 --
230Alex Duncan2022North Hagerstown High School18:22.40 165
231Ryan Burgett2022Severna Park High School18:22.70 --
232Jonas Lavina2021Hereford High School18:22.90 --
233Vincent Schellberg2022Liberty High School18:23.00 --
234Devin Bora2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School18:23.10 166
235AJ Barber2020Northern-Calvert High School18:23.30 --
235Kyle Jones2023Howard High School18:23.30 --
235Sean Sullivan2023Severna Park High School18:23.30 --
238Caleb Donaghey2023Severna Park High School18:23.70 --
239Jeffrey Heiges2022River Hill High School18:24.30 --
240Logan Cyford2023Liberty High School18:24.50 --
241Tristan Kruse2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School18:24.70 167
242Antonio Hernandez2023Fallston High School18:25.30 --
243Yash Porwal2023River Hill High School18:26.20 --
244Finbar Kearney2023Fallston High School18:26.80 --
244Nicholas Armellino2021Severna Park High School18:26.80 --
246Nathan Bell2020Northern-Calvert High School18:27.00 --
247Blake O'clery2020South Carroll High School18:27.60 --
248Nathaniel Norris2021Northern-Calvert High School18:27.80 --
249David Dimitri2021Briar Woods18:27.90 --
250Tyler Murphy2020Allegany High School18:28.10 168
251Fletcher Port2022Severna Park High School18:28.70 --
252Connor Keller2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School18:29.30 169
253Joseph Loy2021Francis Scott Key High School18:29.40 170
254Jad Khleif2022River Hill High School18:29.50 --
255Hudson Jones2022Hereford High School18:30.30 --
256Brendan Luck2023Liberty High School18:30.70 --
257Michael Schmidt2022Hereford High School18:30.80 --
258Alec Valleggia2021Hereford High School18:31.00 --
259Zach Yankle2023Howard High School18:31.80 --
260Patrick Tunkel2020South Carroll High School18:32.20 --
261Andrew Westrand2022Howard High School18:32.50 --
262Bryce Jones2020Cambridge-South Dorchester High School18:32.60 171
263Casey Culler2023Mountain Ridge High School18:33.90 172
264Andrew Scalese2020Boonsboro High School18:34.30 173
265Charlie Burgos2023Frederick High School18:34.50 174
266Sam Gottard2020Damascus High School18:34.80 175
267Sam McNeilly2022Severna Park High School18:35.50 --
268Keegan Hall2020Long Reach High School18:35.90 --
269Jameson Francis2022Hereford High School18:36.80 --
270Ethan Downie2022Grace Academy​18:36.90 176
271Christian Bingley2023Southern (AA) High School18:37.30 177
272Chris Eliker2022Howard High School18:37.90 --
273Adam Batey2023Smithsburg High School18:38.00 178
274Declan Clayton2023Cambridge-South Dorchester High School18:39.10 179
275Davis Saynuk2023Howard High School18:39.70 --
276adam loomis2021Arundel High School18:40.90 --
276Ryan Flint2020North Hagerstown High School18:40.90 180
278Jeremy Romanik-Romano2020River Hill High School18:41.30 --
279Daniel Sebrosky2020North Hagerstown High School18:41.50 181
280Faizan Ahmed2020Cambridge-South Dorchester High School18:41.70 182
281August Keohan2022Annapolis Senior High School18:42.00 183
282Colton Swank2022Annapolis Senior High School18:42.70 --
283Trevor Scott2021Westminster High School18:43.30 184
284Doran Ball2022South River High School18:43.50 --
285Alec O'Connor2021Hereford High School18:44.20 --
286Patrick Kiely2022Severna Park High School18:44.30 --
287Patrick Haynes2023Westminster High School18:44.70 185
288Jakob Severn2022North Hagerstown High School18:45.10 186
289Kyle Turnbaugh2022Hereford High School18:45.60 --
290Aidan Green2020Gov. Thomas Johnson High School18:45.70 187
290Connor McLaughlin2022Northern-Calvert High School18:45.70 --
292Cody Smith2023Severna Park High School18:46.10 --
293Ty Brennan2022South River High School18:46.80 --
294Ben Coler2022Reservoir High School18:47.30 --
295Kyle West2022Smithsburg High School18:47.60 188
296Brandon Stein2022Northern-Calvert High School18:48.10 --
297Ian Abusamra2022South River High School18:48.30 --
298Christopher Shields2021Briar Woods18:49.40 --
299Mitchell Septoff2021Allegany High School18:50.40 189
300Spencer Thomas2021River Hill High School18:51.30 --
301Alex Sohm2022Frederick High School18:51.40 190
302Nicolas Farrell2021Frederick High School18:51.70 191
303Thomas Coudon2020Fallston High School18:52.50 --
304Jamaun Tatum2020Western Tech High School18:53.10 192
305Tim Wirt2021Arundel High School18:53.20 --
306Brandon Dillon2023South River High School18:53.80 --
307Chris Keely2020Smithsburg High School18:54.80 193
307Lleyton Foster2022North Hagerstown High School18:54.80 --
309ryan militello2021Arundel High School18:54.90 --
310Jacob Lang2022Boonsboro High School18:55.00 --
311Ian White2020Northern Garrett High School18:55.40 194
312Daniel Brenneman2020Northern Garrett High School18:55.70 195
313Jack Pitsley2022Reservoir High School18:55.90 --
313Tj Kim2022River Hill High School18:55.90 --
315Patrick Bull2022Century High School18:56.60 --
316Roame Hildebrand2021Walkersville High School18:57.10 196
317jeremy klasmeier2023Arundel High School18:57.20 --
318Ryan Horvath2020Fallston High School18:57.40 --
319Bryce Anderson2022Smithsburg High School18:57.90 --
320Kevin Van Biesen2023Annapolis Senior High School18:58.20 --
321David Hombach2021Walkersville High School18:58.80 197
322Lorenzo Decastro2023South Hagerstown High School19:00.70 198
323Parker Gribbin2021Long Reach High School19:01.10 --
324Sam Wenck2023Hereford High School19:01.40 --
325Nick Schellberg2023Liberty High School19:01.60 --
326Arjun Williams2022Howard High School19:01.70 --
327Ethan Foote2021Westminster High School19:02.20 199
327Sam Bono2023Smithsburg High School19:02.20 --
329David Elsaesser2020River Hill High School19:02.40 --
330Aiden Michael2022Century High School19:02.50 --
331Owen Peterson2023Severna Park High School19:02.90 --
332Jacob Stoner2023South Hagerstown High School19:03.80 200
333Brendon Riley2021Century High School19:04.20 --
334Michael Burgess2021South River High School19:05.10 --
335Caden Conrad2021South Hagerstown High School19:06.00 201
335Thomas Monn2022North Hagerstown High School19:06.00 --
337Oliver DiAngelo2023Severna Park High School19:06.80 --
338Cooper Gurrie2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School19:07.30 --
339John Hadeed2023Reservoir High School19:07.60 --
340Liam Gilloon2021Briar Woods19:08.20 --
341Garrett Stetson2021Liberty High School19:08.30 --
342Andrew Myers2023Severna Park High School19:09.10 --
343Alex Suarez2020Gov. Thomas Johnson High School19:09.50 --
343Trey Candelaria2023Middletown High School19:09.50 202
345Ben Carlson2021South River High School19:10.30 --
346Nick Recinos2021Damascus High School19:10.90 203
346Prashanth Pazhani2020Howard High School19:10.90 --
348Levi Witcher2020North County High School19:11.90 204
349Logan Arch2022North Hagerstown High School19:12.00 --
350Mitchell Weiner2021Severna Park High School19:12.50 --
351Bradley Porter2023Annapolis Senior High School19:13.00 --
352Solomon Hutchins2021North Hagerstown High School19:13.50 --
353Gabe Lindsay2020Hereford High School19:13.70 --
354Rez Finnell2021Hereford High School19:14.40 --
355Colby Cornwell2023Damascus High School19:15.00 205
356Seth Wigley2021Western Tech High School19:15.30 206
357Riley Hanson2022Century High School19:17.10 --
358Brendan Tunkel2023South Carroll High School19:17.80 --
359Nathan VanNote2022Hereford High School19:17.90 --
360Rex McAllister2022South River High School19:19.70 --
361Ahren Berlanger2023South River High School19:20.10 --
362Daniel Crognale2021Century High School19:20.70 --
363Quinn Schill2023Middletown High School19:22.00 207
364Owen Bell2023Hereford High School19:23.90 --
365Braeden Nei2021Middletown High School19:24.50 208
366Robert Williams2020Liberty High School19:25.40 --
367Marcellus McKenzie2021Annapolis Senior High School19:26.50 --
368Kent Geyer2022Smithsburg High School19:26.70 --
369Louis Losoya2023Century High School19:27.20 --
370Josh Brull2020Middletown High School19:28.30 209
371Hayden Ellis2022Liberty High School19:28.50 --
372Wade Grinnan2022Williamsport High School19:28.90 210
373Caleb Minyard2020Reservoir High School19:29.20 --
374Justin Condon2022Westminster High School19:29.40 211
375Jackson Harbough2021Northern-Calvert High School19:30.00 --
376Kyle McMahon2021Century High School19:30.50 --
377Evan Payne2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School19:31.50 212
378Peter Hawes2020Briar Woods19:31.60 --
379Charlie Holden2023Briar Woods19:32.10 --
380Adam Metz2020Boonsboro High School19:32.20 --
380John Grambo2020Long Reach High School19:32.20 --
382Michael Putkisto2022Fallston High School19:32.30 --
383Cole Fiscus2023Allegany High School19:32.50 213
384Ryan Chng2022River Hill High School19:33.60 --
385Matt Pham2020Century High School19:34.30 --
386ethan duffin2022Arundel High School19:34.80 --
386Kenneth Ho2021River Hill High School19:34.80 --
388Marshall Knight2022Frederick High School19:34.90 --
389Johnny Parker2021Western Tech High School19:35.40 214
390Saahil Patel2023Reservoir High School19:35.50 --
391Zack Glauser2023Boonsboro High School19:36.10 --
392Connor Vu2021Reservoir High School19:40.20 --
393Jackson Vendemia2023South Carroll High School19:40.30 --
394Eric White2021Briar Woods19:40.40 --
394Jake Kanther2020Westminster High School19:40.40 --
396Ryan Khondokar2020River Hill High School19:40.80 --
397joshua king2022Arundel High School19:41.20 --
398nolan wilson2023Arundel High School19:41.40 --
399Allen Ayoub2022Liberty High School19:42.20 --
400Ryan Neil2019Fallston High School19:43.10 --
401Elijah Lehman2023South Hagerstown High School19:43.30 215
402Sean Burk2021Westminster High School19:44.00 --
403Grant Phillips2023Briar Woods19:44.10 --
404Ethan Hubble2021Middletown High School19:44.20 216
405Jayden Fike2023Northern Garrett High School19:44.40 217
406Andrew Stine2020North Hagerstown High School19:44.90 --
407Luke Drury2022Hereford High School19:45.00 --
408Bromley Lowe2022River Hill High School19:45.40 --
409Mason Adams2021Walkersville High School19:45.60 --
410Hayden Ritz2020Francis Scott Key High School19:45.70 218
411McArthur Dannelly2021River Hill High School19:46.10 --
412Carson Fitzgerald2021Century High School19:46.30 --
413Matthew Williams2021Century High School19:47.00 --
414Luke Mclister2022Middletown High School19:47.90 --
415Emmanuel Enow2023Clear Spring High School19:48.90 219
416Mason Braverman2022Hereford High School19:49.00 --
417Quinn Greene2023South Carroll High School19:49.90 --
418Johan Bradford2023Western Tech High School19:50.10 220
419arjun shah2022Arundel High School19:50.20 --
420Joseph Zolkiewicz2022South Carroll High School19:51.00 --
421Wonjae Suh2023River Hill High School19:52.50 --
422Max Traska2022Hereford High School19:52.60 --
423Liam Dolchan2023Northern Garrett High School19:53.70 221
424Jack Nicholson2023Hereford High School19:56.20 --
425Forrest Patterson2022River Hill High School19:57.00 --
426Zachary Septoff2023Allegany High School19:57.20 --
427Joshua Mayer2022Briar Woods19:57.70 --
428Chris Fajardo2022Annapolis Senior High School19:58.70 --
429Dayton Barker2020Long Reach High School19:59.40 --
429Ethan Caudo2022Smithsburg High School19:59.40 --
431Kobe Boateng2021Long Reach High School19:59.60 --
432Jayden Craig2023Westminster High School19:59.80 --
433Joshua Ackermann2021Middletown High School19:59.90 --
434Robert Gerdes2023River Hill High School20:00.00 --
435Zach Dobbs2022Allegany High School20:00.70 --
436TJ Sabia2021Hereford High School20:01.00 --
437Aflaak Zahid2021Annapolis Senior High School20:01.50 --
438Jake Hurley2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School20:02.00 --
439Alex Davis2023Westminster High School20:02.30 --
440Cameron Brown2021Annapolis Senior High School20:03.80 --
441Nolan Smith2023Century High School20:04.40 --
442Jake Hamilton2022Century High School20:04.70 --
443Kenneth Almanza2020Southern (AA) High School20:04.80 222
444Aiden Kirkman2022St. Maria Goretti High School20:05.20 223
445Himmi Walha2020Severna Park High School20:06.20 --
446Garrett Kemp2021Century High School20:06.30 --
447Alfred Murdock2021Western Tech High School20:06.80 224
448Chandler Dearborn2022Severna Park High School20:08.60 --
448Joe Wyvill2020Southern (AA) High School20:08.60 225
450Grant Gobell2023Hereford High School20:08.80 --
451Daniel Yi2020River Hill High School20:10.00 --
452timothy kramer2022Arundel High School20:10.80 --
453Luke Szukalski2020St. Maria Goretti High School20:11.30 226
454Jacob Korba2020Liberty High School20:11.70 --
455Dalton Nyakundi2022Grace Academy​20:11.90 227
456Ethyn Peck2023Northern Garrett High School20:12.20 228
457Justin Pryor2023Damascus High School20:13.00 --
458Blake Reed2023Boonsboro High School20:13.20 --
459James Robertson2023Century High School20:13.60 --
460Matthew Trahon2020Briar Woods20:13.90 --
461Tyler Dinicola2023Century High School20:14.10 --
462Cortsen Zaniker2023Severna Park High School20:14.80 --
463Malaki Williams2023Frederick High School20:15.40 --
464Elijah Ennis2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School20:15.80 --
465Justin Haney2022Liberty High School20:16.00 --
465Noah Schlager2023Frederick High School20:16.00 --
467Brendan Hoey2023Century High School20:17.10 --
468Archer Sariscak2022River Hill High School20:17.70 --
468James McHugh2020Hereford High School20:17.70 --
470Elijah Agurs2021Western Tech High School20:17.90 229
471Jerry Thomas2021Westminster High School20:18.10 --
472Jack Livingston2023Reservoir High School20:18.20 --
473Brian Bowers2020Damascus High School20:18.50 --
474Xander Finnell2020Hereford High School20:18.60 --
475gabriel beamer2022Arundel High School20:18.90 --
476Joshua Strohmayer2022Reservoir High School20:19.20 --
477James Hobbs2023Liberty High School20:19.90 --
478Daniel Hwang2022River Hill High School20:20.10 --
479Blaine Gatrell2021North Hagerstown High School20:21.60 --
480Alec Trotman2020Liberty High School20:21.80 --
481Jacob Cohen2023River Hill High School20:22.00 --
482Shrinav Loka2023Briar Woods20:22.80 --
483Josh Bellows2022Liberty High School20:24.00 --
484Julian Businsky2021Fallston High School20:24.20 --
485ethan haslup2023Arundel High School20:24.40 --
486Ethan Rothermel2021Middletown High School20:26.10 --
487Jackson Edwards2022Liberty High School20:26.60 --
488Caleb Boward2021Grace Academy​20:26.70 230
489Gavin Johnson2023South River High School20:26.90 --
490Andrew Miller2021South Carroll High School20:27.70 --
491Jacob Schroeder2022South Carroll High School20:28.30 --
492Tommy Gacquin2020Frederick High School20:29.10 --
493Jinnu Chang2020Long Reach High School20:29.20 --
494D-vonte Clark2021South Hagerstown High School20:30.50 231
495Alex Huffer2020Williamsport High School20:30.60 --
496Austin Witcher2022North County High School20:31.10 232
497Robert West2022Mountain Ridge High School20:31.90 233
498Nick Donaldson2022Clear Spring High School20:32.30 234
499Tyler Delregno2021South Carroll High School20:32.60 --
500Bereketab Tessema2020Mountain Ridge High School20:33.10 235
501Robert McNamara2022Westminster High School20:34.00 --
502Jack Bradley2021Northern Garrett High School20:35.50 236
503Jeremiah Recinos2022Damascus High School20:36.10 --
504Jack Osborne2020Briar Woods20:36.40 --
505Tyler Mickley2021Briar Woods20:37.40 --
506Logan Aldrich2023Francis Scott Key High School20:39.20 237
507Andrew Zhong2022River Hill High School20:39.70 --
508J R Stetson2021Liberty High School20:39.90 --
509Emre Derin2021Long Reach High School20:40.60 --
510Daniel Vela2020Damascus High School20:41.30 --
511Anthony Campbell2021Western Tech High School20:41.40 238
512Scott Crawford2023South Hagerstown High School20:41.70 --
513Alonzo James Lynn2022North County High School20:42.00 239
514Jonah Berson2023River Hill High School20:43.40 --
515Andrew Richie2023Fallston High School20:43.80 --
516William Keith2020Walkersville High School20:45.50 --
517Ethan Eberhart2021North Hagerstown High School20:46.50 --
518Nathan Chandler2022Smithsburg High School20:48.10 --
519Nick Johnson2023Westminster High School20:48.50 --
520George Nguyen2021Damascus High School20:49.80 --
521Alaxander Patrone2023River Hill High School20:50.30 --
522Grant Smith2023Francis Scott Key High School20:51.30 240
523Jacob Voorhees2021Southern (AA) High School20:52.20 --
524Paul Jones2022Fallston High School20:54.20 --
525Aaban Syed2022North County High School20:55.50 241
526gavin denning2023Arundel High School20:56.30 --
527Colby Mohler2023Boonsboro High School20:56.50 --
527Tucker Bubacz2023Williamsport High School20:56.50 --
529Bossman Owusu Ayim2020North Hagerstown High School20:57.50 --
530Kalel Kai2023Long Reach High School20:58.00 --
531Jagger Krzysiak2022Walkersville High School20:58.40 --
532Benjamin Yu2023River Hill High School20:58.60 --
532Connor O'Grady2021Western Tech High School20:58.60 --
534Noah Swank2022South Carroll High School20:59.00 --
535mykel kindell2023Arundel High School20:59.30 --
536Jacob Emde2022North County High School20:59.50 242
537Finn Stelzig2023Annapolis Senior High School21:00.50 --
538Lane Zegowitz2023Annapolis Senior High School21:01.60 --
539Carson Conrad2022Century High School21:01.70 --
540Ray Dai2023River Hill High School21:01.90 --
541AJ Francis2023Westminster High School21:02.20 --
541Josh Schamber2021Century High School21:02.20 --
543Mathew Healey2020North Hagerstown High School21:04.00 --
544ryan anderson2022Arundel High School21:04.90 --
545Joshua Huang0Damascus High School21:06.30 --
546Luke Hoffman2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School21:07.00 --
547Adam Burke2023Westminster High School21:09.10 --
547Joshua Lord2021Fallston High School21:09.10 --
549Daniel Lind2020Southern (AA) High School21:12.20 --
550Samuel Heintz2023Century High School21:13.00 --
551Collin Burke2020Southern (AA) High School21:14.10 --
552Garrett Boag2023Westminster High School21:14.50 --
553Christopher Knoll2022Fallston High School21:14.70 --
554Isaac Shin2021Reservoir High School21:15.40 --
555Evan Thomas2023North Hagerstown High School21:15.90 --
556Aidan Brown2023Middletown High School21:16.20 --
557Tristan Epler2020Liberty High School21:16.50 --
558Rohan Jaggannagari2020Briar Woods21:18.50 --
559Henry Rausch2021Walkersville High School21:19.90 --
560jacob sopha2022Arundel High School21:20.20 --
560Nathaniel Walter2022Smithsburg High School21:20.20 --
562Derrick Spriggs2022Southern (AA) High School21:20.80 --
563Matthew Minyard2023Reservoir High School21:21.30 --
564Cameron DeLuigi2021Fallston High School21:24.90 --
565Tejas Rehani2021Reservoir High School21:25.30 --
566John Davitz2020Southern (AA) High School21:25.60 --
567Aiden Koster2022Fallston High School21:30.30 --
568Eric Tran2020Long Reach High School21:33.50 --
569Zackary Sarber2023Smithsburg High School21:38.00 --
570Cameron Hegarty2022Southern (AA) High School21:40.60 --
571Kyle Sherfey2021Westminster High School21:41.40 --
572Zach Sussman2021Damascus High School21:41.50 --
573Wilson Leveron2022Annapolis Senior High School21:45.10 --
574Evan Elliott2022Fallston High School21:45.50 --
575Will Budd2022Westminster High School21:45.70 --
576Benjamin Lindsey2021North Hagerstown High School21:46.50 --
577Justin Borgen2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School21:46.90 --
578Benjamin Winkler2023Reservoir High School21:47.60 --
579Jeremiah Tunis2021Middletown High School21:47.70 --
580Nicolas Spring2023Damascus High School21:48.50 --
581Ryan Steffy2022Grace Academy​21:49.70 243
582Joshua Martinez2022Western Tech High School21:50.20 --
583Jesse Spear2022Northern Garrett High School21:52.50 --
584Leonidas Duckett2022Northern-Calvert High School21:52.80 --
585Ananth Nair2021Middletown High School21:54.20 --
585Jairik Mccauley2022Clear Spring High School21:54.20 244
587Austin Storm2022Frederick High School21:55.80 --
588Jake Miltenberger2023Fallston High School21:57.00 --
589Alex Robey2020Liberty High School21:59.80 --
590Tyler Atkinson2020North County High School22:00.00 245
591Tyler Yoder2022Northern Garrett High School22:01.20 --
592Jacob Youngworth2023River Hill High School22:04.50 --
593Jake Frazee2021North Hagerstown High School22:05.10 --
594Kaylen Garvey2023Long Reach High School22:06.50 --
595Craig Hoffman2021River Hill High School22:10.50 --
596James Hamilton2021Frederick High School22:12.30 --
597Peyton Bollinger2023Williamsport High School22:13.40 --
598Zach Gaegler2022Westminster High School22:13.80 --
599Gavin Peganoff2022Fallston High School22:14.00 --
600Thomas Mcreal2023Frederick High School22:15.50 --
601Andrei Firor2020Liberty High School22:17.40 --
602Noah Fisher2023Francis Scott Key High School22:17.80 246
603James Pereira2022Westminster High School22:20.60 --
604Tolley Ben2022Severna Park High School22:20.90 --
605Ian Thorpe2022Liberty High School22:21.50 --
606Josh Pollack2023Annapolis Senior High School22:21.80 --
607Alexis Garcia2023Long Reach High School22:23.00 --
608Cash Andalora2022Westminster High School22:23.90 --
609Kyle Askeland2020South Carroll High School22:24.80 --
610Kevin Linne Von Berg2023Long Reach High School22:25.30 --
611Dylan Mckenzie2023Mountain Ridge High School22:30.80 247
612Eric Emge2020Fallston High School22:32.60 --
613Owen Gerber2023Smithsburg High School22:35.60 --
614William Mykins2023Annapolis Senior High School22:35.70 --
615Alex Saldana2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School22:37.00 --
616Destin Green2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School22:39.20 --
617Tim Golombeck2023Liberty High School22:39.70 --
618Joshua Knupp2021Walkersville High School22:41.00 --
619Cameron Piotrowski2021Long Reach High School22:45.70 --
620Luke Rodell2022River Hill High School22:47.00 --
621Dylan Ritz2023Francis Scott Key High School22:51.00 248
622Andrew Keller2022Clear Spring High School22:53.70 249
623Peyton Ellis2023Westminster High School22:54.70 --
624Riley Bruce2022Walkersville High School22:55.00 --
625Gabriel Tomko2023Fallston High School22:56.00 --
626Liam Lowery2022Middletown High School23:00.10 --
627Logan Freter2020Westminster High School23:00.20 --
628Kaleb Kalbflesh2021Clear Spring High School23:02.40 250
629Vincent True2023Southern (AA) High School23:04.90 --
630Chris Maldini2022North County High School23:07.10 --
631Cedric Lowe2020Westminster High School23:08.90 --
632Solomon Baran2023Middletown High School23:09.80 --
633Tyler Huynh2021St. Maria Goretti High School23:12.30 251
634Shane Morrison2022Liberty High School23:21.00 --
635Finn McGann2022Westminster High School23:22.30 --
636Emilio Medina2023Reservoir High School23:25.40 --
637Nathaniel Long2023South Carroll High School23:27.20 --
638Patrick Torre2023River Hill High School23:29.80 --
639Ian Case2020Northern-Calvert High School23:32.00 --
640Mateo Rojas2023River Hill High School23:32.90 --
641Bryce Craig2022North County High School23:33.30 --
642Logan Blank2023Allegany High School23:33.50 --
643Jacob Rogers2023Frederick High School23:37.10 --
644Alexander Plisov2020Frederick High School23:37.40 --
645Kyler Baker2023Mountain Ridge High School23:38.00 252
646Caleb Parkins2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School23:38.30 --
647Ethan Harman2022Walkersville High School23:39.90 --
648Jackson Conroy2020North Hagerstown High School23:40.50 --
649Connor O'keefe2023Middletown High School23:45.80 --
650Guy Philemon2022Frederick High School23:46.30 --
651Daniel Adams-Foster2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School23:51.50 --
652Chris Robinson2022North County High School23:54.10 --
653Tyler McLaughlin2023Century High School23:56.10 --
654Patrick Manoto2020Western Tech High School24:00.00 --
655Ayaan Kagzi2023River Hill High School24:01.60 --
656hunter russell2022Arundel High School24:02.20 --
657Stephen McAndrew2022Century High School24:04.00 --
658Manraj Singh2022North Hagerstown High School24:05.30 --
659Ethan Scofield2023Southern (AA) High School24:07.80 --
660Tudor Leuciuc2023Walkersville High School24:09.80 --
661Blake O'Keefe2023Middletown High School24:12.60 --
662Edward Bang2022Reservoir High School24:12.80 --
663Kyle Jones2023Cambridge-South Dorchester High School24:19.80 --
664Jack Clifton2020Annapolis Senior High School24:21.60 --
665Jaeho Sim2022Century High School24:22.40 --
666John Wormley2022Century High School24:24.30 --
667Hunter Edson2022Liberty High School24:25.30 --
668Griffin Lowman2023Smithsburg High School24:26.50 --
669KaMaure' Marshburn2021Western Tech High School24:27.90 --
670Shawn Graber2023North Hagerstown High School24:32.40 --
671Ethan Nguyen2023Westminster High School24:35.20 --
672Aiden Coler2023Reservoir High School24:55.00 --
673Logan Harris2020Damascus High School24:57.60 --
674Nathan Mack2022North County High School25:10.10 --
675Matthew Emge2022Fallston High School25:13.10 --
676Zachary Frey2023Grace Academy​25:20.90 253
677Matt Jaret2021Westminster High School25:30.80 --
678Marcellus Williams2022North County High School25:56.10 --
679Aiden Young2023Clear Spring High School26:15.00 254
680Elliot Griffiths2023Gov. Thomas Johnson High School26:31.10 --
681Benjamin Thomas2023Long Reach High School26:35.90 --
682Dylan Speirs2022Middletown High School26:36.00 --
683Ted Humphries2021North Hagerstown High School26:54.20 --
684Sai Divela2023Damascus High School26:59.00 --
685Otto Rice2023St. Maria Goretti High School26:59.60 255
686Richard Siehler2023South Carroll High School27:05.60 --
687Connor Jakoby2020Clear Spring High School27:10.00 256
688Parker Miller2020Northern Garrett High School27:23.20 --
689Evan Diaz2023Southern (AA) High School27:43.10 --
690Braydon Obitts2023Clear Spring High School27:56.00 --
691Mike Smith2023Clear Spring High School28:37.80 --
692Jack Ressler2023Clear Spring High School29:19.40 --
693A J Luck2022Liberty High School30:04.60 --
694Hayden Muir2023Clear Spring High School30:10.20 --
695Brady Austin2021Middletown High School31:01.50 --
696Andrew Watkins2020Clear Spring High School32:45.80 --
697Imaad Syed2021North County High School35:52.50 --

Team Scores

1River Hill High School661+9+14+15+27 (33+36)1:21.0015:49.44
2Severna Park High School807+11+17+19+26 (28+39)30.7016:03.24
3Liberty High School1508+31+34+37+40 (71+90.5)40.5016:16.96
4Briar Woods1666+20+21+46+73 (78+81)1:07.5016:20.10
5Fallston High School25312+29+61+63+88 (135+163)1:12.5016:34.10
6Arundel High School2782+41+55+75+105 (128+129)2:20.5016:30.68
7Howard High School295.55+52+67+85+86.5 (100+103.5)1:23.7016:40.38
8Hereford High School307.530+56+65.5+74+82 (99+123)42.4016:44.92
9Williamsport High School3453+38+47+111+146 (156+210)2:33.9016:47.74
10South Carroll High School37616+44+54+118+144 (148+160)1:50.5016:58.64
11Century High School37710+42+92+112+121 (138+164)1:44.3016:55.24
12South River High School380.553+58+70+79.5+120 (124+131)54.9016:58.28
13Reservoir High School41748+50+102+108+109 (113+114)50.0017:04.82
14Northern-Calvert High School440.535+49+90.5+130+136 (139+142)1:25.1017:07.82
15Allegany High School480.559+72+86.5+95+168 (189+213)1:44.4017:16.26
16Damascus High School491.54+65.5+107+140+175 (203+205)3:04.7017:13.26
17Boonsboro High School491.564+83+97+115+132.5 (137+173)58.7017:15.32
18Long Reach High School496.518+101+119+126+132.5 (134+157)1:36.1017:18.26
19North Hagerstown High School52224+76+77+165+180 (181+186)2:23.6017:27.20
20Smithsburg High School541.545+79.5+94+145+178 (188+193)2:04.9017:28.60
21Walkersville High School541.551+84+103.5+150+153 (196+197)1:33.2017:29.00
22Annapolis Senior High School55522+116+122+141+154 (155+183)2:00.4017:29.14
23Frederick High School61443+89+149+159+174 (190+191)2:03.4017:43.06
24Southern (AA) High School64769+93+147+161+177 (222+225)1:47.8017:47.24
25Cambridge-South Dorchester High School67362+110+151+171+179 (182+212)1:53.1017:55.06
26Gov. Thomas Johnson High School67860+127+158+166+167 (169+187)1:40.7017:54.28
27St. Maria Goretti High School69425+68+152+223+226 (251+255)3:53.9018:18.74
28South Hagerstown High School70813+96+198+200+201 (215+231)3:10.1018:03.54
29Westminster High School73598+125+143+184+185 (199+211)1:29.8018:04.14
30Northern Garrett High School85932+194+195+217+221 (228+236)3:33.4018:45.90
31Middletown High School885106+162+202+207+208 (209+216)1:59.7018:43.88
32Francis Scott Key High School88823+170+218+237+240 (246+248)4:36.3019:12.12
33Mountain Ridge High School94457+172+233+235+247 (252)5:48.0019:46.50
34North County High School1033117+204+232+239+241 (242+245)3:23.6019:46.48
35Western Tech High School1056192+206+214+220+224 (229+238)1:13.7019:32.14
36Grace Academy​1129176+227+230+243+2536:44.0021:17.22
37Clear Spring High School1196219+234+244+249+250 (254+256)3:13.5021:38.30
--Southern Garrett High SchoolNTS------