Frank Keyser Post-Race Girls Virtual Meet

Photo by Craig Amoss

Another race with multiple race divisions? You know what that means! We combine the large and small school girls results from Saturday's Frank Keyser Invitational into one mega-meet. See how the teams all stacked up against each other throughout the day.

Three Mile Run

1Oakley Olson2021Northern-Calvert High School17:44.10 1
2Grace Siehler2021South Carroll High School18:00.70 2
3Nimrit Ahuja2022Howard High School18:15.20 3
4niya torres2020Arundel High School18:20.40 4
5Sara Kindbom2021Howard High School18:24.50 5
6Sophia Zell2020Severna Park High School18:27.50 6
7Katie Ericson2020Annapolis Senior High School18:28.10 7
8Amanda Eliker2020Howard High School18:30.50 8
9Allysa Combs2020Severna Park High School18:33.60 9
10Caroline Gage2021Severna Park High School18:44.00 10
11Kelsie O'Neill2021Severna Park High School18:44.60 11
12Grace Cambon2020Severna Park High School18:48.30 12
13Hannah Mack2021Northern-Calvert High School18:50.20 13
14Madison Radford2020Howard High School18:50.80 14
15Erin Mcquitty2023Middletown High School18:52.80 15
16Jasmine Wilson2022Howard High School18:52.90 16
17Ella Werdell2023Howard High School19:00.10 17
18Chloe McGeehan2022River Hill High School19:04.80 18
19Kendall Garza2022Briar Woods19:13.00 19
20Alexis Whitehorn-Coriz2020Damascus High School19:14.10 20
21lindsay wingeart2020Arundel High School19:15.80 21
22Julia Devine2022Northern-Calvert High School19:17.80 22
23Neela Baker2022Severna Park High School19:19.80 23
24Daylie Younker2021Smithsburg High School19:20.70 24
25Nicole Winklosky2022Briar Woods19:23.70 25
26Izzy Lucas2023Liberty High School19:25.00 26
27Reese Miller2020Hereford High School19:26.90 27
28Sammie Spargo2020Liberty High School19:29.80 28
29Katherine Kitzinger2020River Hill High School19:31.40 29
30Morgan Douglass2021South River High School19:32.70 30
31Hannah Schwab2022Howard High School19:33.80 31
32Cameron Zaniker2020Severna Park High School19:34.60 32
33Kate Yokay2021South Carroll High School19:35.10 33
34Bella Dowdell2020Severna Park High School19:40.10 --
35Eleanor Stafford2021Middletown High School19:41.10 34
36Abby Setzfand2021Northern-Calvert High School19:41.50 35
37Julia Lucas2023Liberty High School19:43.70 36
38Anna Finn2021Northern-Calvert High School19:44.80 37
39Megan Bertolette2020Walkersville High School19:47.00 38
40Audrey Walters2022Annapolis Senior High School19:47.30 39
41Kaitlyn Crowley2020Hereford High School19:49.00 40
42Kirstin Nichols2020Arundel High School19:49.70 41
43Jenna Zietowski2020Liberty High School19:50.10 42
44Ella Auderset2021Urbana High School19:50.50 43
45Eva Coleman2020Annapolis Senior High School19:53.10 44.5
45Hannah Muir2020Mountain Ridge High School19:53.10 44.5
47Olivia Wright2021Severna Park High School19:53.60 --
48Danielle Spencer2021South Carroll High School19:55.10 46
49Katherine Aliftiras2023South Carroll High School19:55.60 47
50Caroline Rosenberry2022Reservoir High School19:57.10 48
51Natalie Borsuk2021Briar Woods19:59.90 49
52Christian Lemaster2020Liberty High School20:00.40 50
53Ann Marie Cargill2021Briar Woods20:00.70 51
54Abby Weist2021Severna Park High School20:00.90 --
55Dahlia Trippel2022Briar Woods20:01.20 52
56Nadia Aljunaidi2020Severna Park High School20:01.50 --
57Michelle Lei2022River Hill High School20:02.10 53
58Campbell Caldwell2022Middletown High School20:13.20 54
59Allison Leimkuhler2023Century High School20:16.10 55
60Kelsey Shekore2021South Carroll High School20:19.70 56
61Elise Greenwald2021Century High School20:22.10 57
62Audrey Taylor2022Westminster High School20:23.70 58
63Brenna Mullaney2020Severna Park High School20:25.70 --
64Hannah Toth2023Westminster High School20:26.90 59
65Marin Bartman2022Middletown High School20:27.20 60
66Tessa Schauermann2020South River High School20:27.40 61
67Brooke Wilson2020Hereford High School20:29.80 62
68Madeline Rathmann2021South Carroll High School20:30.50 63
69Samantha Agostini2021Boonsboro High School20:30.90 64
70Jackie Testerman2022Severna Park High School20:35.30 --
71Nasareth Henderson2021Frederick High School20:36.00 65
72Cameron Glebocki2023Severna Park High School20:36.30 --
73Emely Vela2020Damascus High School20:38.10 66
74Amarah Cosme2022Briar Woods20:38.60 67
75Isabella Pham2021Reservoir High School20:38.80 68
76Ashley Siebenhaar2020Severna Park High School20:39.00 --
77Cassie Koziolek2020South River High School20:39.30 69
78annah krol2020Arundel High School20:40.50 70
79laila denning2020Arundel High School20:42.00 71
80Nyla Carter2020South River High School20:43.60 72
81Roni Dolan2022Northern-Calvert High School20:44.10 73
82Thandi Romney2020Reservoir High School20:44.60 74
83Elizabeth Erickson2020Briar Woods20:45.50 75
84Leilah Clark2022Reservoir High School20:45.90 76
85Delaney O'Brien2023Westminster High School20:47.40 77
86Alexandra Cumber2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School20:49.50 78
87Kayla Aufdem Brinke2020Boonsboro High School20:51.50 79
88Taylor Green2022Severna Park High School20:52.10 --
89Kamerine Noel2020North Hagerstown High School20:54.10 80
90Diya Thomas2021Reservoir High School20:54.70 81.5
90Quinna Delauter2023Middletown High School20:54.70 81.5
92Sofia Cedrone2022Urbana High School20:55.30 83
93Lexie Hardesty2021South Carroll High School20:55.40 84
94Rebecca Tellez2022South Hagerstown High School20:55.60 85
95Carrie Lubis2022Reservoir High School20:55.90 86.5
95Estelle Snider2023Hereford High School20:55.90 86.5
97Sarah Condon2020Cambridge-South Dorchester High School20:58.90 88
98Arrisyn Amtower2022Northern Garrett High School21:00.30 89
99Olivia Westerberg2020Hereford High School21:01.00 90
100Ginny Farley2022Hereford High School21:02.10 91
101Maddie Arbaugh2022Westminster High School21:03.10 92
102Rebecca Toms2022Frederick High School21:03.60 93
103Sydney O'Clery2023South Carroll High School21:06.10 --
104Megan Hollander2022Century High School21:06.80 94
105Ansleigh Myers2021South Carroll High School21:10.00 --
106Anjali Paliyam2021Reservoir High School21:10.70 95
107Lydia Robling2020Urbana High School21:11.10 96
108Natalie McCourt2022Howard High School21:11.90 --
109Marianna Lawrence2021Boonsboro High School21:12.00 97
110Meredith Morton2021North Hagerstown High School21:13.80 98
111Megan Warrenfeltz2023Hereford High School21:14.90 99
112Rebecca Gauthier2023Liberty High School21:16.10 100
113Piper Nagaraj2022Liberty High School21:16.90 101
114Cora Richardson2020Westminster High School21:17.10 102
115Emily Woolford2023Century High School21:17.70 103
116Caroline Kelly2020South River High School21:18.00 104
117Isabella Pribulick2021South Carroll High School21:18.50 --
118Sandra Smith2021Briar Woods21:18.70 --
119Cassandra Davis2022Briar Woods21:19.40 --
120Lenna Cross2020Smithsburg High School21:19.50 105
121Grace Ko2021Reservoir High School21:20.20 --
122Charlotte Thornton2023Briar Woods21:23.90 --
123Taylor Daly2023Briar Woods21:25.30 --
124Cade McGeehan2023River Hill High School21:27.10 106
125Keren McRea2021Middletown High School21:27.20 107
126Erika Leimkuhler2021Century High School21:28.80 108
127Anna DeLibro2020Hereford High School21:30.70 --
128Katerina Kremer2020Hereford High School21:31.30 --
129Lauren Wunder2022Century High School21:31.80 109
130Hope Callaway2022Century High School21:33.00 110
131Brynn Hollenberger2023Liberty High School21:33.60 --
132Cynthia Xi2022River Hill High School21:35.50 111.5
132Sophia Brown2023Northern Garrett High School21:35.50 111.5
134Cassidy Chrest2022Hereford High School21:36.10 --
135Ella Ashby2021Northern Garrett High School21:36.30 113
136Sophie Magyarosi2022Severna Park High School21:36.60 --
137Bailey Farley2022Hereford High School21:36.80 --
138Alicia Anthony2020Howard High School21:37.50 --
139Emma Mitchell2021Briar Woods21:37.90 --
140Emmalee Mayor2021Northern-Calvert High School21:38.80 114
141Sammi Scates2022Urbana High School21:39.10 115
142Cate Osborne2021Frederick High School21:40.20 116
142Grace Yearwood2021Severna Park High School21:40.20 --
144Maggie Krieg2022Howard High School21:40.70 --
145Hadley Sweeney2023Hereford High School21:41.00 --
146Makenzie Zimmerman2023Briar Woods21:41.60 --
147Minka Amtower2022Northern Garrett High School21:42.60 117
148Maria Leppo2021Francis Scott Key High School21:45.40 118
149Audrey Zinnert2021Howard High School21:45.50 --
150Parisa Tofigh2022River Hill High School21:45.80 119
151Atheena Montiel-Lopez2021Northern-Calvert High School21:46.40 --
152Krys Johnson2020Western Tech High School21:47.00 120
153Nikki Mondo2021Hereford High School21:48.00 --
154Victoria Benitez2023Long Reach High School21:48.30 121
155Sydney Rutledge2021Briar Woods21:49.40 --
156Alex Angulo2021Frederick High School21:50.30 122
157Seneca RiceWoolf2021South River High School21:52.50 123
158Ava Slade2021Frederick High School21:53.10 124
159Emma Gifford2021Briar Woods21:55.20 --
160Madeleine Mason2021Century High School21:57.50 --
161Bryson Ostrum2022Williamsport High School21:59.20 125
162Eleanor Woodbury2021Severna Park High School21:59.40 --
163Mara Bell2023Urbana High School21:59.70 126
164Piper Wilson2023Northern-Calvert High School22:02.50 --
164Sarah Midla2020Urbana High School22:02.50 127
166Kelsey Paap2021North Hagerstown High School22:03.90 128
167Alison Ferris2023Howard High School22:04.40 --
168Annabelle Mayo2020Severna Park High School22:05.20 --
169Sammy Cho2022Howard High School22:06.30 --
170Kristina Kemp2020Westminster High School22:09.90 129
171Elaria Boutros2020Howard High School22:10.20 --
172Jenna Dawson2020Gov. Thomas Johnson High School22:10.50 130
173Fiona Coleman2022Annapolis Senior High School22:12.00 131
174Katherine Miller2020Middletown High School22:12.20 132
175Ella Warnick2020Northern Garrett High School22:12.80 133
176Lauren Reeves2023River Hill High School22:13.10 134
177Faith Barford2023Urbana High School22:13.90 135
178Lydia Houle2021Westminster High School22:14.50 136
179Erin Lanehart2021South Hagerstown High School22:14.80 137
180Ava Westerberg2020Hereford High School22:16.10 --
181Courtney Pasternak2022Howard High School22:16.20 --
182Marisa Dinunzio2020Severna Park High School22:16.60 --
182Mufaro Chiduza2021Western Tech High School22:16.60 138
184Mary Kaetzel2023Williamsport High School22:17.10 139
185Camilla Cornejos2022Damascus High School22:17.40 140
186Valentina Cruz2023Northern-Calvert High School22:17.80 --
187Kayla Pollock2020Clear Spring High School22:17.90 141
188Lily Lei2021Reservoir High School22:18.10 --
189Anna Hyde2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School22:18.90 142
190Emily Evans2021Allegany High School22:20.50 143
191Alexis Haislip2023Century High School22:21.50 --
192Lauren Thornton2022South Carroll High School22:23.40 --
193Elaine Barber2022Urbana High School22:23.60 --
194Lauren Grove2022South River High School22:23.70 144
195Jillian Jerwick2020Smithsburg High School22:23.90 145
196Ava Selby2022Boonsboro High School22:25.00 146
197Julia Persinger2020Severna Park High School22:25.40 --
198Emily Marlatt2021Urbana High School22:25.90 --
199Rachel Carr2023Damascus High School22:26.70 147
200Emma Fox2020Hereford High School22:27.30 --
201Carla Wilson2020Reservoir High School22:28.00 --
201Kaci Laufer2023Century High School22:28.00 --
203Jeana Roe2021Howard High School22:28.80 --
204Katherine Miller2023Severna Park High School22:29.10 --
205Julia Rennolds2023South Carroll High School22:29.20 --
205Lillian Duckett2022Northern-Calvert High School22:29.20 --
207Cianna Heckler2023Urbana High School22:29.40 --
208lianna lincoln2020Arundel High School22:30.70 148
209Samantha Kelly2020Allegany High School22:31.80 149
210Sophia Patzkowski2023Severna Park High School22:33.30 --
211Grace Hurst2021Howard High School22:33.90 --
212Isabelle Altman Farrell2023Severna Park High School22:34.40 --
213Alexis Lee2021Century High School22:35.70 --
214Emma Shipton2020Francis Scott Key High School22:35.90 150
215Summer James2022Westminster High School22:36.30 --
216Mahlet Mesfin2023South River High School22:36.80 --
217Annushka Aliev2020Middletown High School22:38.50 --
218Emma Brull2023Middletown High School22:40.40 --
219Dafne Estrella2020Southern (AA) High School22:41.80 151
220Lydia Mayenge2020Walkersville High School22:42.80 152
220Stephanie Brenneman2020Severna Park High School22:42.80 --
222Kyla Paydo2021Severna Park High School22:43.90 --
223Emily Bowen2022South Carroll High School22:44.40 --
224Kayla Fetner2020Westminster High School22:44.90 --
225Isabella Chase2022Annapolis Senior High School22:46.30 153
226Sierra Baker2021Liberty High School22:47.10 --
227Brynn Poffenbarger2020Middletown High School22:49.30 --
228Bella Cerza2022South River High School22:49.50 --
229Bethany Nestor2022South River High School22:50.10 --
229kathleen bevan2020Arundel High School22:50.10 154
229Margaret Grosh2023Century High School22:50.10 --
232Heather Mckee2020Southern (AA) High School22:50.90 155
233Erin Fischer2022South River High School22:52.10 --
234Keeley Johnston2023Annapolis Senior High School22:55.40 156
235Michaela Carney2023Boonsboro High School22:56.10 157
236Chelsea Long2020Walkersville High School22:56.30 158
237Sarah Jeffers2020Severna Park High School22:56.80 --
238Robin Bussow2023Hereford High School22:58.50 --
239Lola Sivley2023Howard High School22:59.90 --
240Cameron Jones2022Northern-Calvert High School23:01.90 --
241Alyssa Gallaher2023South River High School23:03.20 --
242Paige Miranda2021Westminster High School23:04.10 --
243Holly Buell2021Howard High School23:04.60 --
244Audrey Duvall2021Severna Park High School23:05.30 --
245Kate Czajka2023Westminster High School23:06.40 --
246Caroline Mackin2021Urbana High School23:06.60 --
247Caroline Borleis2023Urbana High School23:07.60 --
248Alexandra Schwarz2021Cambridge-South Dorchester High School23:08.60 159
249Naya Solanki2023Howard High School23:09.60 --
250Grace Humble2020Middletown High School23:10.20 --
251Destiny Conley2020Smithsburg High School23:10.50 160
252Lindsey Christensen2023River Hill High School23:11.30 --
253Maya Nguembou2022Howard High School23:11.50 --
254Elizabeth Fu2023River Hill High School23:12.40 --
255Mackenzie Cooper2022River Hill High School23:13.30 --
256Rio Baran2021Urbana High School23:13.40 --
257Amanda Brunken2021Urbana High School23:14.00 --
258Jillian Carlisle2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School23:15.00 161
259Kristina Jewell2020Reservoir High School23:15.20 --
260Leah Stotelmeyer2023North Hagerstown High School23:15.60 162
261Rainier Dippong2023Western Tech High School23:16.90 163
262Casey Moquin2023Reservoir High School23:18.30 --
263Jayden Fosburg2021Gov. Thomas Johnson High School23:18.50 164
264Ingrette Wang2021Reservoir High School23:19.30 --
265Skylar Kaplan2020North County High School23:20.80 165
266Graciela Chrispim2022Urbana High School23:21.00 --
267Mackenzie Fritz2022South Hagerstown High School23:21.30 166
268Natalie Garvey2023Urbana High School23:21.50 --
269Abi Lehr2021Boonsboro High School23:21.80 167
270Madison Laufer2021Century High School23:23.00 --
271kelly brandt2023Arundel High School23:23.80 --
272Hannah Mose2020Smithsburg High School23:24.30 168
273Delaney Bice2022Briar Woods23:25.20 --
274Maria James2021Westminster High School23:28.50 --
275Sam Brenneman2023Severna Park High School23:29.70 --
276Ava Ackley2022Hereford High School23:30.00 --
276Kyra Harper2022Northern-Calvert High School23:30.00 --
278Shelby Caruso2022Northern-Calvert High School23:30.50 --
279Salee Blank2020Mountain Ridge High School23:31.90 169
280Riley Gladhill2020Williamsport High School23:33.30 170
281Abby Poulton2020Century High School23:33.40 --
282Tabetha Vermette2022Northern-Calvert High School23:35.20 --
283Cedar Shapiro2022Frederick High School23:35.60 171
284Ava Duncan2022South River High School23:35.90 --
285Karissa Miranda2021Westminster High School23:36.50 --
286Skylar Myers2020South Hagerstown High School23:37.90 172
287Kerrigan Gould2023Westminster High School23:38.20 --
288Emma Levett2020Annapolis Senior High School23:38.70 173
289Rebecca Long2023Westminster High School23:40.20 --
290Claire Wang2022Reservoir High School23:45.20 --
291Ariana Paydo2023Severna Park High School23:47.00 --
291Trinity Imes2020Allegany High School23:47.00 174
293josephine langtry2023Arundel High School23:47.20 --
294Imirie Billey2022River Hill High School23:47.50 --
294Sarah Ricketts2020Reservoir High School23:47.50 --
296Kate Keeler2023Severna Park High School23:48.50 --
297Chloe Mentz2022Long Reach High School23:49.30 175
298Emma Baca2023Annapolis Senior High School23:49.80 --
299Sanjana Patel2022Westminster High School23:50.00 --
300Nora Lenham2023Annapolis Senior High School23:50.60 --
301Abby Ko2023Reservoir High School23:52.50 --
302Maiya Kim2022Frederick High School23:53.20 176
303Annie Didden2021St. Maria Goretti High School23:55.80 --
303Olivia Gustafson2021Urbana High School23:55.80 --
305Bronte Caufield2020Briar Woods23:56.00 --
306Abigail Carlin2023Briar Woods23:57.00 --
307Rachel Kahn2021Briar Woods23:57.20 --
308Ruby Zegowitz2022Annapolis Senior High School23:59.10 --
309lauren patrick2021Arundel High School23:59.40 --
310Autumn Hengen2020South River High School23:59.90 --
311Oilivia Campbell2022Allegany High School24:00.10 177
312Alexa Cox2021Howard High School24:03.70 --
313Laila Gaynor2022Western Tech High School24:05.50 178
314Danielle Weeks2023Western Tech High School24:06.10 179
315Savannah Hall2023North County High School24:06.60 180
316Camryn Lauret2022Frederick High School24:06.90 --
317Lillian James2022Southern (AA) High School24:07.70 181
318Sommer Hill2022Northern-Calvert High School24:07.80 --
319Maeve Harrington2020Severna Park High School24:08.20 --
320Chisomaga Obioha2021Howard High School24:08.60 --
321Maggie Hollenbeck2023Francis Scott Key High School24:09.60 182
322Hannah Hale2020Long Reach High School24:12.10 183
323Lacey Moyers2022Mountain Ridge High School24:12.50 184
324Morgan Anglim2022Northern-Calvert High School24:14.30 --
325Lyna Beraich2022Urbana High School24:14.40 --
326Katie St. Clair2022Northern-Calvert High School24:15.20 --
327Hannah Alden2021Severna Park High School24:15.50 --
328Madison Devore2021Allegany High School24:15.60 185
329Grace Pippen2021Boonsboro High School24:16.50 186
330Emily Carver2020Century High School24:17.20 --
331Lauren Young2022Middletown High School24:17.90 --
332Elizabeth DellaCorte2023Briar Woods24:18.00 --
333Pheona Graves2021North Hagerstown High School24:19.00 187
334Charlotte Taylor2023Allegany High School24:19.30 188
335Morgan Marrapodi2021Frederick High School24:21.70 --
336Lauren Johnson2021Reservoir High School24:23.10 --
337Jackie Bruning2020South Carroll High School24:24.10 --
338Samantha Lewis2023Southern (AA) High School24:25.20 189
339Naomi Allen2023Westminster High School24:25.70 --
340Mia Crilly2023Westminster High School24:26.00 --
341Ashley Beheler2020Century High School24:27.20 --
342Amber Manspeaker2021Westminster High School24:28.80 --
343Caroline Sabo2022Hereford High School24:29.50 --
344Amy Grace Bizzell2023Middletown High School24:31.50 --
345Gabby Cruz2020Urbana High School24:33.50 --
346Sarah Greenlee2022Clear Spring High School24:33.60 190
347Sydney Kerr2022Westminster High School24:33.80 --
348Halie Albright2023Francis Scott Key High School24:34.00 191
349Sydney Bidle2022Boonsboro High School24:34.70 --
350Alexia Wilson2022South Carroll High School24:35.00 --
351Lillian Porter2020North County High School24:35.70 192
352Renae Elsaesser2022River Hill High School24:35.90 --
353Jennell Eyler2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School24:36.60 193
354Emma Herman2021Westminster High School24:38.50 --
355Morgan Vandre2022Middletown High School24:39.30 --
356Devan Helman2021Clear Spring High School24:41.00 194
357Janez Matthews2022Annapolis Senior High School24:41.10 --
358Danielle Firlie2021South Carroll High School24:41.70 --
359Molly Antinucci2021Severna Park High School24:42.40 --
360Ellie Antonakas2022Hereford High School24:46.30 --
361Marley Cosgrove2023River Hill High School24:49.60 --
362Delaney Finnerin2023Severna Park High School24:49.80 --
363Niang Lian2023Frederick High School24:51.20 --
364Olivia Miller2020Smithsburg High School24:55.30 195
365Kenzie Wheelock2022Northern-Calvert High School24:56.90 --
366Allie Sherman2021St. Maria Goretti High School24:59.20 --
367Cali Criswell2022Boonsboro High School25:01.80 --
368Zoe Poppert2020Gov. Thomas Johnson High School25:03.30 196
369lauren rectenwald2022Arundel High School25:05.10 --
370Assata Harris2021Long Reach High School25:05.40 197
371Jenna Gest2021Williamsport High School25:06.10 198
372Haley McCullough2020Hereford High School25:06.20 --
373Ayva Levow2023Urbana High School25:07.70 --
374Morgan Brown2022Hereford High School25:08.60 --
375Caroline Peterson2023Severna Park High School25:09.40 --
376Tiffany Niner2021Northern Garrett High School25:10.00 199
377Erin Welch2022Century High School25:10.70 --
378Bella Cavallaro2021Hereford High School25:13.80 --
379Emme Jordan2021Liberty High School25:17.40 --
380Annabelle Argeles2022Northern-Calvert High School25:17.60 --
381Grace Yang2023River Hill High School25:18.00 --
382Nisha Thope2021Frederick High School25:19.00 --
383Maggie Dickie2021Reservoir High School25:20.20 --
384Ashley Witcher2022Francis Scott Key High School25:21.60 200
384Reagan Cole2022Westminster High School25:21.60 --
386Makayla Thomas2022Mountain Ridge High School25:22.40 201
387Dora Zhou2023Reservoir High School25:22.70 --
388Annalise Frey2023Severna Park High School25:24.10 --
389Jolie Li2022Urbana High School25:24.30 --
390Sarah Lewis2020Cambridge-South Dorchester High School25:25.10 202
391Alicia Clerch2023Urbana High School25:29.70 --
392Ashlee Dietzel2021Century High School25:30.10 --
393Sarah Mose2022Smithsburg High School25:32.60 203
394Shannon Collins2021Boonsboro High School25:33.00 --
395Lizzie Rea2020Liberty High School25:33.70 --
396Mackenzie Pierce2022Northern-Calvert High School25:34.00 --
397Jena Vernon2023Urbana High School25:42.00 --
398Kayla Dalhouse2020Middletown High School25:44.40 --
399Alaina Fletcher2021Frederick High School25:45.30 --
399Kate Ejk2021Westminster High School25:45.30 --
401Samantha Homick2023Damascus High School25:46.90 204
402Lauren Smathers2020Middletown High School25:47.50 --
403Kaylee Berends2021Westminster High School25:49.50 --
404Alyssa Aggarwal2023Liberty High School25:51.40 --
404Fallyn Collins2022Northern-Calvert High School25:51.40 --
406Hannah Clark2023Westminster High School25:54.00 --
407Ila Jethra2022Briar Woods25:55.20 --
408Nicole Savage2022Northern Garrett High School25:58.20 205
409Madi Mustafa2022Urbana High School26:00.00 --
410Jozlyn Jorgensen2023Westminster High School26:00.50 --
411Kaylin Galindo2022River Hill High School26:01.20 --
412Jaelyn Hui2023River Hill High School26:02.10 --
413Addison Pelton2022Frederick High School26:02.60 --
414lauren mette2023Arundel High School26:05.40 --
415Sophia Blattau2022Long Reach High School26:06.30 206
416Sarah Peerson2021Boonsboro High School26:07.30 --
417Sarah Roll2020Boonsboro High School26:07.90 --
418Emma Wood2021Damascus High School26:08.20 207
419Lacey Norton2022Northern-Calvert High School26:08.60 --
420Ryleigh Clark2022Northern-Calvert High School26:13.30 --
421Carah Katz2023Long Reach High School26:17.10 208.5
421Sage Harris2023Mountain Ridge High School26:17.10 208.5
423Catherine Mahoney2021Middletown High School26:17.40 --
424Daileah Ramirez2022Williamsport High School26:23.40 210
425Gabriella Kremer2020Hereford High School26:25.10 --
426Lucy Adkins2022Gov. Thomas Johnson High School26:26.20 211
427Alexis Bernal2023Damascus High School26:27.40 212
428Baylee Peperak2022Boonsboro High School26:27.80 --
429Ava Greenfield2021Hereford High School26:30.90 --
430Lexi McLaughlin2021Century High School26:32.00 --
431Ashleigh Bohrer2022Boonsboro High School26:32.70 --
432Alyvia Mazer2020Mountain Ridge High School26:32.90 213
433Emily Kholer2023Grace Academy‚Äč26:34.00 --
434Emma Boyd2023Annapolis Senior High School26:34.80 --
435Kate Carter2022South Carroll High School26:35.00 --
436Emily Gossard2020Frederick High School26:35.40 --
437Brenna Fitzgerald2021Boonsboro High School26:40.20 --
438Lindsay Fetchu2023Williamsport High School26:43.00 214
439Abby Cuviello2020Annapolis Senior High School26:44.10 --
440Kiersten Mislan2023Smithsburg High School26:48.40 --
441Naomi Nance2023Williamsport High School26:48.80 215
442Chayla Jeppi2022Hereford High School26:56.50 --
443Madeline Marks2021South Hagerstown High School26:58.80 216
444Abbey Dodson2021Smithsburg High School26:59.70 --
445Laiba Nisar2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School27:00.50 217
446Charlotte Ash2021Frederick High School27:02.90 --
447Emily Wang2023Urbana High School27:06.50 --
448Amber Sears2023Reservoir High School27:06.70 --
449Adri Burger2022Hereford High School27:07.00 --
450Natalie Rye2023Long Reach High School27:16.20 218
451Mariam Ashraf2020Frederick High School27:18.80 --
452Georgia Craca2022Damascus High School27:23.60 --
453Aubrey Wescott2022Boonsboro High School27:30.70 --
454Nayeli Espinoza2023Long Reach High School27:33.10 --
455Alyssa Frans2022Williamsport High School27:33.70 --
456Dalia Mustafa2021North Hagerstown High School27:34.60 219
457Neisha Islam2023Long Reach High School27:39.60 --
458sydney whittier2022Arundel High School27:41.90 --
459abigail mish2021Arundel High School27:42.60 --
460Natalia Wilson2021Long Reach High School27:45.30 --
461Paige Lehman2022South Hagerstown High School27:47.90 220
462Leilah Albertson2023North Hagerstown High School27:50.10 221
463Myra Peters2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School27:51.80 222
464Helena Snyder2020Westminster High School27:55.30 --
465Katie Salko2020Hereford High School27:55.60 --
466Layla Osiruphuel2022North County High School28:01.80 223
467Abigail Feltham2022Walkersville High School28:03.90 224
468Summer Paschal2020Smithsburg High School28:12.70 --
469Paige Miller2023Reservoir High School28:15.00 --
470Naomi Zecharias2021Reservoir High School28:22.20 --
471Cadence Anderson2022North Hagerstown High School28:26.70 --
472Anna Turner2022Cambridge-South Dorchester High School28:35.50 225
473Kayla Martin2021Boonsboro High School28:39.30 --
474Kayla Vanderford2023Clear Spring High School28:41.50 226
475Mikayla Stambaugh2023Clear Spring High School28:42.40 227
476Morgan Carter2020Walkersville High School28:43.00 228
477Mckenzie Young2023Mountain Ridge High School28:45.40 229
478Hailey Stoner2021South Hagerstown High School29:01.20 230
479Lindsay Kookaby2021Boonsboro High School29:01.60 --
480Elena McCormick2021Smithsburg High School29:02.00 --
481Olivia Stann2022Boonsboro High School29:02.80 --
482Vrinda Mullapudi2022Frederick High School29:07.50 --
483Emily Ellmore2021Clear Spring High School29:08.80 231
484Sarah DaVia2022Westminster High School29:17.70 --
485Sarah Rinker2020Reservoir High School29:17.90 --
486Mariam Diallo2020North Hagerstown High School29:20.10 --
487Kat Mauser2023River Hill High School29:24.10 --
488rachel dewey2022Arundel High School29:29.40 --
489Brinae Thompson2023Williamsport High School29:38.30 --
490Jessa Garwood2022Clear Spring High School29:39.20 232
491Corina Tarhon2023Reservoir High School29:39.50 --
492Amblessed Nikwocha2023Western Tech High School29:42.00 233
493Divija Katakam2023Urbana High School29:46.40 --
494Lauren Sheffler2021Williamsport High School29:53.60 --
495Christine Sun2023South Hagerstown High School30:15.20 --
496katelyn ruyter2022Arundel High School30:15.60 --
497Sydney Ashley2020South Carroll High School30:38.20 --
498Mykenzy Peck2021Northern Garrett High School30:43.80 --
499Breanna Bennett2020Francis Scott Key High School30:52.40 234
500Sofia Badagliacca2022Reservoir High School31:24.20 --
501Yairelis Veras2023North County High School31:33.00 235
502Cecilia Bao2020St. Maria Goretti High School31:46.40 --
503Reagan Houck2023Walkersville High School31:52.00 236
504Emily Liston2023Southern (AA) High School32:03.50 237
505Lydia Kuyeteh2020Gov. Thomas Johnson High School32:09.80 --
506Morgan Haupt2022Clear Spring High School32:17.70 --
507Ella Aguis2022Century High School32:26.10 --
508Siena Galeaz2023Southern (AA) High School32:30.20 238
509Nadalie Miller2023Clear Spring High School32:37.50 --
510Madison Werner2023Cambridge-South Dorchester High School32:49.60 --
511Hannah Smith2021Boonsboro High School33:49.70 --
512Agapi Gladhill2023Clear Spring High School34:04.60 --
513Paige Sevinsky2020Allegany High School34:12.20 239
514Jadyn Hardy2022North County High School34:13.80 240
515Savannah Streletz2021Clear Spring High School34:55.40 --

Team Scores

1Howard High School463+5+8+14+16 (17+31)37.7018:34.78
2Severna Park High School486+9+10+11+12 (23+32)20.8018:39.60
3Northern-Calvert High School1081+13+22+35+37 (73+114)2:00.7019:03.68
4Liberty High School18226+28+36+42+50 (100+101)35.4019:41.80
5South Carroll High School1842+33+46+47+56 (63+84)2:19.0019:33.24
6Briar Woods19619+25+49+51+52 (67+75)48.2019:43.70
7Arundel High School2074+21+41+70+71 (148+154)2:21.6019:45.68
8Middletown High School244.515+34+54+60+81.5 (107+132)2:01.9020:01.80
9Hereford High School305.527+40+62+86.5+90 (91+99)1:34.1020:20.52
10River Hill High School317.518+29+53+106+111.5 (119+134)2:30.7020:20.18
11South River High School33630+61+69+72+104 (123+144)1:45.3020:32.20
12Reservoir High School347.548+68+74+76+81.5 (86.5+95)57.6020:36.22
13Annapolis Senior High School374.57+39+44.5+131+153 (156+173)4:18.2020:37.36
14Westminster High School38858+59+77+92+102 (129+136)53.4020:47.64
15Century High School41755+57+94+103+108 (109+110)1:12.7020:54.30
16Urbana High School46343+83+96+115+126 (127+135)2:09.2021:07.14
17Frederick High School52065+93+116+122+124 (171+176)1:17.1021:24.64
18Boonsboro High School54364+79+97+146+157 (167+186)2:25.2021:35.10
19Northern Garrett High School563.589+111.5+113+117+133 (199+205)1:12.5021:37.50
20Damascus High School57720+66+140+147+204 (207+212)6:32.8022:04.64
21Smithsburg High School60224+105+145+160+168 (195+203)4:03.6021:55.78
22North Hagerstown High School65580+98+128+162+187 (219+221)3:24.9022:21.28
23Gov. Thomas Johnson High School72678+130+161+164+193 (196+211)3:47.1022:50.02
24South Hagerstown High School77685+137+166+172+216 (220+230)6:03.2023:25.68
25Western Tech High School778120+138+163+178+179 (233)2:19.1023:06.42
26Walkersville High School80038+152+158+224+228 (236)8:56.0024:26.60
27Mountain Ridge High School80744.5+169+184+201+208.5 (213+229)6:24.0023:51.40
28Cambridge-South Dorchester High School80888+142+159+202+217 (222+225)6:01.6023:46.40
29Allegany High School828143+149+174+177+185 (188+239)1:55.1023:23.00
30Francis Scott Key High School841118+150+182+191+200 (234)3:36.2023:41.30
31Williamsport High School842125+139+170+198+210 (214+215)4:24.2023:51.82
32Long Reach High School882121+175+183+197+206 (208.5+218)4:18.0024:12.28
33Southern (AA) High School913151+155+181+189+237 (238)9:21.7025:13.82
34Clear Spring High School978141+190+194+226+227 (231+232)6:24.5025:47.28
35North County High School995165+180+192+223+235 (240)8:12.2026:19.58
--Grace Academy‚ÄčNTS------
--St. Maria Goretti High SchoolNTS------