MPSSAA Unveils Return Dates for Maryland High School Sports

Photo by EJ Trapsi

The MPSSAA announced Friday afternoon that they plan on targeting February 1, 2020 as the return date for high school sports. As is the case with both Virginia and D.C., the MPSSAA plans on contesting all three "seasons" within a five-month span between February and the end of the school year.

Under the new proposition, the athletic season would begin with winter sports. The plan for each season is to begin with a three-week preseason period followed by five weeks of competiton. Indoor track would begin on February 1, with competitions running from February 22 through March 27.

The three seasons would have some overlap. The fall season - cross country, for runners - would begin on March 15, with competitions running from April 5 through May 8. Finally, the spring season (outdoor track) would begin on April 26, with competitions running from May 17 through June 19.

According to the released plan, in-person conditioning, sport-specific practices and even inter-squad scrimmages may take place immediately, per approval of the individual school systems.

At the time, the MPSSAA has not announced formats for state meet tournaments (regionals and states in track and cross country).

The updated MPSSAA plan can be found here.