True MD/DC Private School States - Part II

Photo by Tom Smith

Each fall the Maryland private school state meet allows for some of the top runners and teams across the state to converge after their respective conference meets and determine the top runners in the state, much like the MPSSAA state meet. Earlier in the decade the meet also featured teams and runners from Washington, D.C., creating a cross-border battle showcasing some of the top running talent in the mid-Atlantic.

However, whereas the MPSSAA state meet usually features all of the top public school runners (barring injury) the private school state meet is not regularly attended by many of Maryland's top private schools. Many of the area's top teams and runners won't opt to add another competition between their respective conference meets and potential national qualifying meets.

For running fans throughout the area this means missed opportunities for some of the best matchups and races every year. So, in the spirit of hindsight, we look back at the past MD/DC Private School state meets of the past decade and reimagine the races assuming all of the top teams and runners compete.

In this article (part two) we look back at the last five meets of the decade from 2015 through 2019. The first part of the series examining 2010 through 2014 can be found here.

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