Meet Information


Meet Information:

Entry Deadline:Please inform us by December 15, 2018 if you will be attending the AACPS Indoor Track and Field Invite. The space will be limited.

Please enter your roster information online at by December 26th 2018. Entry Fee:$200 for both genders $125 if a school is entering athletes only of one gender.

Meet Director:Brianna Bostic, AACPS Indoor Track and Field Commissioner

Entry Limits:Each team has 3 entries per individual event per gender and 1 relay per relay event per gender

Awards: Team award for boys and girls team earning 1st place. Medals for 1st-3rd in each event. Ribbons for 4th-6th in each event

Contact:Brianna Bostic

Checks for entry should be made payable to AACPS Athletics.

Please contact Brianna Bostic by December 15, 2018 by email:

You must contact Brianna Bostic: to confirm availability before entering

Mail Entry Fee to :AACPS Attn: Office of Athletics 2644 Riva Rd Annapolis , MD 21401

Meet Time Frame: 

8:00 am - athletes arrive

8:30 am - coaches meeting

9:00 am - meet begins

Gate - $10