Meet Information

Start Times:

3:15 pm Facility Open

4:00 pm Coaches Meeting

4:15 pm Meet Start

Meet Registration: Submit completed entry form to confirm team participation

Entry forms may be submitted by email to or faxed to 443-840-1490.

Meets are open to high school students only.

Registration must be submitted by the schools coach or athletic director

Meet Entry FEE:

Early Bird Entry Fee:Entry fee received prior to November 15th.

$150.00 per date
Single Gender

$200.00 per date-Both Genders

Late Entry Fee
: Entry fee received after November 15th.

$175.00 per date-single Gender

$225.00 per dateboth Genders

Entry Fee: $10.00 per event entry for individual athletes

These are entry fees not a participation fee, should a meet be canceled due to weather, entry fees are non-refundable.

Registration Deadline
: All teams interested in attending meets must have submitted completed registration form by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Meet Team Limit:
Each meet will accept first 15 full teams registered per date.

Order of Events:

Track Events:

55 Hurdles

55 meter dash

4x800 meter relay

300 meter dash

1600 meter run

500 meter dash

3200 meter run

4x160 meter relay

800 meter run

4x400 meter relay

Field Events:

High Jump (Girls, Boys)

Pole Vaults (Boys, Girls)

Shot Put (Girls, Boys)


The preferred method of athlete entry is via md.milesplit.

Once a schools team has submitted its registration form and entry fees, the schools coach will be sent an invitation to join the meet onwww.athlete.netas well as entry password used to make meet entries on

More detailed instructions will be sent to coaches as meets approach

In general, coaches should place entries by the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meet date.

However, entries will remain open on until Thursday at noon, before closing to seed the meet.

A Team will receive the following entries by event area:

Max 3 entries per individual event.

Plus 4 wild cards to be used in any individual track event.

2 relay entries (4x800, 4x400) 1 realy entry (4x160)

Max 3 entries per field event


Management reserves the right to deny any athlete's entry into the 3200 run

should they not be able to meet he minimum standards listed below based on

previous athletic performances.

Performance Standards for Event Entry:

Following time limits are set for the individual events.


Note: Times are based on median finish time of all finishers in previous season and mpssaa bulletin guidelines for region qualifying

All entries must have or be able to perform at or faster than set times.

After Jan 1st, all entries must either meet or exceed these time standards.


1. Shot puts and Pole Vault Poles are to be supplied by the schools/competitors.

2. No spikes or hard plastic shoes allowed on the track surface!

3. The track & field areas are off limits to all non-competitors at all times. Spectators may view meet from the upper level balcony.

4. Blocks are provided by CCBC Essex.

5. There will be a $5.00 entry fee.

6. OFFICIALS will be provided. Any assistance from coaches with officiate the meet will be greatly appreciated in order to keep the meet running smoothly.

7. National Federation Rules will be followed.

8. Be sure to monitor your team area as well as set up your teams area to not impede any competition taking place, review safety precautions as the field house can be tight.