Eric Gibson: 2017 Summer Training Log Week 9

Week #6: July 16 - 22


Morning shakeout - 2.4 miles at 6:45 pace, followed by flexibility work. For the afternoon run we ran a challenging course with rolling hills. I ran 4.9 miles at 7:15 pace. I had stomach problems and felt pretty drained.


Morning shakeout - 2.2 miles at 7:03 pace, then did core work. Later in the day we ran a course with a lot of downhill segments. I took advantage of this and pushed the pace (5.5 miles at 6:23 pace).


Morning shakeout - 2.2 miles at 7:01 pace and flexibility. In the afternoon we ran on a flat trail starting in the town of Crested Butte to recover from yesterday's run. I felt pretty sore but still had a solid run (4.2 miles at 7:20 pace).


Today was supposed to be a track workout where I run for fifteen minutes at a set pace. I felt really sick and lightheaded today, likely from sleeping at a higher altitude as of last week (approximately 10,000 ft.) I was pulled out of the workout after about three minutes since the coaches thought I was going to pass out. Before that happened I ran a 2.3 mile warmup (with three pushes) followed by an additional five minute warmup. Later I did a ten minute cooldown.

I felt somewhat recovered by the afternoon and ran two miles at 7:37 pace.


This morning we hiked to the peak of Mt. Crested Butte (elevation 12,000+ ft.) which was about six miles. It took a lot out of our legs so the coaches limited out afternoon run (two miles at 7:16 pace).


Due to feeling ill and the long run tomorrow, the coaches only had me run the morning shakeout (2.1 miles at 7:16 pace).


I ran a slower long run today - 7.87 miles at 7:42 pace. The run, which consisted of a large loop around Crested Butte, included many rolling hills, and I rolled through the run comfortably. I hope to get my legs back under me in the upcoming days.

Total mileage: 41.9 miles