Virtual Meet Preview: WCAC Championships

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Boys Virtual Meet Preview

100 Meter Dash

1Brendon Stewart12DeMatha Catholic High School10.6910
2Robert Edwards12Bishop McNamara High School10.748
3Nick Cross11DeMatha Catholic High School10.776
4Mordecai McDaniel10St. John's College High School10.815
5Jonathan Wynn11St. Mary's Ryken High School11.004
6Cam Ross11St. John's College High School11.053
7Jared Holloway12DeMatha Catholic High School11.132
8Naim Muhammad12DeMatha Catholic High School11.171

200 Meter Dash

1Brendon Stewart12DeMatha Catholic High School21.4210
2Ethan Fogle12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)21.858
3Robert Edwards12Bishop McNamara High School22.096
4Mordecai McDaniel10St. John's College High School22.125
5Nick Cross11DeMatha Catholic High School22.214
6Damon Green11DeMatha Catholic High School22.413
7Jonathan Wynn11St. Mary's Ryken High School22.442
8Arinze Okeke12Bishop McNamara High School22.451

400 Meter Dash

1Ethan Fogle12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)48.7610
2Mordecai McDaniel10St. John's College High School49.568
3Jeremiah McCain12Bishop McNamara High School50.266
4Aidan McCarthy12Paul VI Catholic50.695
5Kendel Hammock11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)51.084
6Deion Green11DeMatha Catholic High School51.293
7Damon Green11DeMatha Catholic High School51.442
8Brian West10St. Mary's Ryken High School51.891

800 Meter Run

1Aidan McCarthy12Paul VI Catholic1:56.4010
2David Giannini11Gonzaga College High School1:59.388
3Ethan Fogle12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)2:00.686
4Patrick McHale12Paul VI Catholic2:02.125
5Matthew Smith9Paul VI Catholic2:03.654
6Luke Francese10Gonzaga College High School2:05.243
7Devin Smith10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)2:05.502
8Matthew Metz12DeMatha Catholic High School2:05.731

1600 Meter Run

1Max Greczyn11Bishop O'Connell4:25.5010
2Gavin McElhennon10Gonzaga College High School4:30.718
3Cullen Capuano10Gonzaga College High School4:34.826
4Matthew Smith9Paul VI Catholic4:35.255
5David Giannini11Gonzaga College High School4:39.354
6Joe Paquette12Paul VI Catholic4:40.563
7Devin Smith10Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)4:41.062
8Jantzen Washington10Our Lady Of Good Counsel4:44.831

3200 Meter Run

1Max Greczyn11Bishop O'Connell9:28.7310
2Gavin McElhennon10Gonzaga College High School9:44.008
3Cullen Capuano10Gonzaga College High School9:49.966
4Andy Beckham12Gonzaga College High School10:25.285
5Liam de Beaufort11St. John's College High School10:26.624
6Riley Place12St. John's College High School10:37.933
7Joe Paquette12Paul VI Catholic10:38.452
8Matthew Metz12DeMatha Catholic High School10:39.941

110 Meter Hurdles

1Drake Murphy11Bishop McNamara High School14.5910
2Jeremiah McCain12Bishop McNamara High School14.608
3Naeem Green12Our Lady Of Good Counsel14.726
4Kendel Hammock11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)14.795
5Omar Toumbou12DeMatha Catholic High School15.114
6Caleb Dean11DeMatha Catholic High School15.123
7Brandon Turpin10DeMatha Catholic High School15.392
8Nicholas Fiorenza11Gonzaga College High School16.381

300 Meter Hurdles

1Jeremiah McCain12Bishop McNamara High School39.5210
2Drake Murphy11Bishop McNamara High School39.528
3Kendel Hammock11Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)39.596
4Caleb Dean11DeMatha Catholic High School39.615
5Naeem Green12Our Lady Of Good Counsel40.264
6Ethan Fogle12Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)41.713
7Cullen Yankey12Our Lady Of Good Counsel41.852
8Brandon Turpin10DeMatha Catholic High School42.831

4x100 Meter Relay

1DeMatha Catholic High School41.3610
2Our Lady Of Good Counsel43.278
3Bishop McNamara High School43.576
4Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)43.645
5St. John's College High School43.654
6St. Mary's Ryken High School44.383
7Gonzaga College High School46.332
8Bishop O'Connell46.401

4x200 Meter Relay

1DeMatha Catholic High School1:27.7610
2Bishop McNamara High School1:31.128
3Our Lady Of Good Counsel1:31.216
4St. John's College High School1:36.145
5Paul VI Catholic1:37.084
6Gonzaga College High School1:37.693
7Bishop O'Connell1:40.832
8Bishop Ireton1:47.021

4x400 Meter Relay

1Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)3:21.5210
2Bishop McNamara High School3:21.988
3Paul VI Catholic3:24.746
4DeMatha Catholic High School3:27.455
5Our Lady Of Good Counsel3:31.604
6Gonzaga College High School3:34.723
7St. John's College High School3:37.532
8Bishop O'Connell3:39.121

4x800 Meter Relay

1Paul VI Catholic8:04.8810
2Gonzaga College High School8:24.028
3Archbishop Carroll High School (DC)8:30.116
4Our Lady Of Good Counsel8:49.955
5St. John's College High School8:52.804
6Bishop O'Connell8:53.163
7DeMatha Catholic High School9:11.432
8Bishop McNamara High School9:19.451

Shot Put

1Lance Da Silva11St. John's College High School46-9.510
2Cam Goode11St. John's College High School45-8.758
3Lloyd Jones lll12Our Lady Of Good Counsel44-7.256
4Kamren Taylor12Our Lady Of Good Counsel43-8.55
5Harrison Wallace11Bishop McNamara High School43-14
6Isaiah Procter11Bishop O'Connell43-13
7Caleb Okechukwu12St. John's College High School41-7.252
8Lloyd Baskin 3rd10Bishop McNamara High School41-01


1Kristopher Jenkins10Our Lady Of Good Counsel139-11.2510
2Emmanuel Thomilnson9DeMatha Catholic High School134-1.258
3Jimmy Tran12Bishop O'Connell116-56
4Austin Fontaine12DeMatha Catholic High School114-105
5Lloyd Jones lll12Our Lady Of Good Counsel114-44
6Isaiah Procter11Bishop O'Connell108-13
7Lloyd Baskin 3rd10Bishop McNamara High School107-52
8Kendall Carr10DeMatha Catholic High School106-71

Long Jump

1Devin Wright12Bishop O'Connell22-110
2Jaelyn Blanc11DeMatha Catholic High School20-88
3Chris Ntumba9Bishop Ireton20-86
4Cullen Yankey12Our Lady Of Good Counsel20-75
5Brandon Booker12St. John's College High School20-44
6Mark Anthony Fidelis12DeMatha Catholic High School20-3.53
7Mawunyo Wurapa11Our Lady Of Good Counsel20-2.252
8Ian Penny11Bishop O'Connell19-91

Triple Jump

1Brandon Osazuwa12St. John's College High School43-710
2Caleb Dean11DeMatha Catholic High School43-3.258
3Jaelyn Blanc11DeMatha Catholic High School42-56
4Cullen Yankey12Our Lady Of Good Counsel42-15
5Delmar Jeter12Bishop McNamara High School42-04
6Devin Wright12Bishop O'Connell41-103
7Jordan Riley10Bishop McNamara High School41-32
8Naeem Green12Our Lady Of Good Counsel40-71

High Jump

1Mark Anthony Fidelis12DeMatha Catholic High School6-010
2Brandon Osazuwa12St. John's College High School5-88
3Logan Murphy-Redd11Bishop Ireton5-86
4Omar Toumbou12DeMatha Catholic High School5-85
5Mawunyo Wurapa11Our Lady Of Good Counsel5-64
6Lloyd Baskin 3rd10Bishop McNamara High School5-63
7Louis Bama11Our Lady Of Good Counsel5-62
8Devin Richmond12DeMatha Catholic High School5-61

Team Scores

		                    Boys - Team Rankings - 17 Events Scored                     
   1) DeMatha Catholic High Sc 140          2) Bishop McNamara High Sch 96        
   3) St. John's College High  85           4) Our Lady Of Good Counsel 80        
   5) Archbishop Carroll High  67           6) Gonzaga College High Sch 65        
   7) Paul VI Catholic         54           8) Bishop O'Connell         53        
   9) Bishop Ireton            13          10) St. Mary's Ryken High Sc 10