Meet Information


Meet Information
Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex
(8001 Sheriff Road, Landover, MD 20785)
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Starting Time 12 noon
Teams will be admitted to the facility at 10:30 AM. Please do not arrive earlier.

Entry Requirements and Limitations
A. In order to compete in a particular event, a contestant must meet the qualifying standard for that event and his/her name must be on the official entry form.
1. Only performances in those events being contested at the state meet and from the 2016-17 indoor season may be used to meet the qualifying standards. These performances must be documented and will be checked by an indoor seeding committee.
a. Any errors or omissions by any school must be changed or remitted by the schools athletic director within 24 hours after the deadline. The school will be fined $5 for each.
b. Any coach who submits undocumented times will be reported to the State Sportsmanship Committee where further action may be taken.
2. Performances in any DIAA sanctioned indoor meet may be used to meet the qualifying standards provided the official meet results are forwarded to the meet director.
B. A contestant may be entered in a total of four events and a school may enter a maximum of three contestants per individual event and one team per relay race.
1. All team entries in the 4 x 200 meter relay, the 4 x 400 meter relay and the 4 x 800 meter relay will be accepted.
C. All athletes meeting the following performance standards will be eligible for entry in that event:

Girls' Events Standards; Boys' Events Standards
Automatic; sub 200 m Track; Automatic; sub 200 m Track;
55 meter hurdles 10.00; 8.50
55 meters 7.70; 6.80; (50yd-5.90)
200 meters 27.50; 28.50; 23.80; 24.80
400 meters 1:03.00; 1:04.50; 53.50; 55.00
800 meters 2:32.00; 2:35.00; 2:07.00; 2:10.00
1600 meters 5:35.00; 5:45.00; 4:40.00; 4:50.00
3200 meters 12:15.00; 12:35.00; 10:15.00; 10:30.00
3000 meters 11:25.00; 9:35.00
Long Jump 16' 6"; 20' 0
Triple Jump 34' 0"; 40' 0"
High Jump 4' 8" - Starting height 4'4"; 5' 8" - Starting Height: TBA
Shot Put 29'; 40'
Pole Vault 8'0" - Starting height 7'; 10'6" - Starting height 10'0"

D. All event fields not filled to the set capacity by meeting the performance standards will be filled to the following entry limitations.

Girls' Events Boys' Events Entry Limit
55 m 55 m Top 16
55 m hurdles 55 m hurdles Top 16
200 m 200 m Top 20
400 m 400 m Top 18
800 m 800 m Top 18
1600 m 1600 m Top 18
3200 m 3200 m Top 12
4 x 200 m 4 x 200 m All Teams
4 x 400 m 4 x 400 m All Teams
4 x 800 m 4 x 800 m All Teams
Long Jump Long Jump Top 12
Triple Jump Triple Jump Top 12
High Jump High Jump Top 12 plus ties
Shot Put Shot Put Top 12
Pole Vault Pole Vault Top 12

Item 4. Order of Events and Time Schedule (Tentative & Subject to Change)
A. RUNNING EVENTS: All seeded runners should check in when their event is called to get heat and lane assignments.

Time Gender Event Heat (runners)
12:00 NOON Boys 55 m hurdles 2 heats
(16 runners) SEMIS
12:05 PM Girls 55 m hurdles 2 heats
(16 runners) SEMIS
12:10 PM Boys 55 m 2 heats
(16 runners) SEMIS
12:15 PM Girls 55 m 2 heats
(16 runners) SEMIS
12:20 PM Girls 4 X 800 m
relay Seeded Section On time
12:35 PM Boys 4 X 800 m
relay Seeded Section On time
12:50 PM Girls 4 X 800 m
relay Unseeded Section On time
1:10 PM Boys 4 X 800 m
relay Unseeded Section On time
1:25 PM Girls 55 m hurdles 1 heat (8 runners) Final
1:35 PM Boys 55 m hurdles 1 heat (8 runners) Final
1:40 PM Girls 55 m 1 heat (8 runners) Final
1:45 PM Boys 55 m 1 heat (8 runners) Final
1:50 PM Girls 4 X 200 m
relay 3/4 heats On time
2:05 PM Boys 4 X 200 m
relay 3/4 heats On time
2:10 PM Girls 1600 m 2 heats On time
2:35 PM Boys 1600 m 2 heats On time
2:50 PM Girls 400 m 3 heats On time
3:00 PM Boys 400 m 3 heats On time
3:15 PM Girls 800 m 2 heats On time
3:25 PM Boys 800 m 2 heats On time
3:35 PM Girls 200 m 5 heats On time
3:45 PM Boys 200 m 5 heats On time
4:00 PM Girls 3200 m 1 heat Final
4:15 PM Boys 3200 m 1 heat Final
4:30 PM Girls 4 X 400 m
relay 3 heats On time
4:50 PM Boys 4 X 400 m
relay 3 heats On time

B. FIELD EVENTS: Check-in for field events will end fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the event. Any athlete who is not checked in at that time, will not participate in the event.

Time Girls Event Boys Event

12:00 noon Long Jump Pole Vault
Shot Put Triple Jump
High Jump High Jump
1:30 PM Shot Put
2:00 PM Pole Vault Long Jump
Triple Jump

Item 5. Equipment
A. No spikes over inch are permitted in the field house.
B. Blocks will be provided in the 55 meter hurdles, 55 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash and available for sprint relays (4x200 and 4x400).
C. Teams must provide their own batons for the relays.
D. Shots will be provided by the DIAA Track and Field Committee.

Item 6. Locker Rooms and Uniforms
A. Locker room facilities are not available. Contestants must come dressed.
B. Coaches must supervise their team members at all times. All contestants must be in the team bleachers when not competing.
C. The NFHS rules pertaining to uniforms will be enforced without exception.
1. There will be an initial team warning concerning uniform violations, then immediate disqualification upon infractions of any NFHS rule.

Item 7. Awards
A. Team trophies will be awarded to the first and second-place teams in both girls' and boys' competition.
B. Individual medals will be presented to the first three finishers in each event (4 medals per relay team).

Item 8. Entry Procedures and Fees
A. All teams must register online at Website usernames and passwords can be obtained by request. Follow the directions on the website for new teams or forgotten passwords.
B. Entry fees for the 2016-17 DIAA Indoor Track State Championships are $50.00 per boys team and $50.00 per girls team. Checks must be made payable to DIAA and mailed to DIAA, Collette Education Center, 35 Commerce Way, Suite #1, Dover, DE 19904. Cash payments will not be accepted.
C. Online entry must be completed by 7:00 PM Monday, January 30, 2017. Late entries cannot be submitted online, but will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The late entries must submitted in person to Ralph Heiss at Salesianum School Guidance and be accompanied by a $50.00 late fee.

Item 9. Governing Rules
A. The rules as stipulated in the current edition of the NFHS Track and Field Rules Book and the DIAA Official Handbook will be in effect.

Item 10. Spectator Areas
A. The arena will be restricted to coaches, competing athletes in uniform, meet officials, committee members, DIAA officials, Prince Georges County staff, and those individuals with a valid DIAA Media Pass (2016-2017).
B. All spectators must be in the bleachers. It is the responsibility of the participating schools to inform their students and parents of this regulation.

Item 11. Music Players
A. Large music players, receivers or radios are not permitted in the field house so as not to disrupt the public address announcements to the participants, coaches, and spectators. The external transmitting of sound or music is prohibited.
B. Small, personal music players are permissible with headphones or ear buds only.

Item 12. Admission
A. Student (K-12) and adult admission is $8.00.
B. Tickets will be sold online at starting January 11, 2017.
C. Tickets will be sold at the gate the day of the meet. The ticket window will open at 11 AM.
D. There is no re-admittance for this event. If you leave the arena, you must pay again to re-enter.