Rules or Religion? Kelly Not Able to Run @ Montgomery Invite

Juashaunna Kelly, a Theodore Roosevelt High School senior who has the fastest mile and two-mile times of any girls' runner in the District this winter, was disqualified from Saturday's Montgomery Invitational indoor track and field meet after officials said her Muslim clothing violated national competition rules.

Kelly was wearing the same uniform she has worn for the past three seasons while running for Theodore Roosevelt's cross-country and track teams: a custom-made, one-piece blue and orange unitard that covers her head, arms, torso and legs. On top of the unitard, Kelly wore the same orange and blue T-shirt and shorts as her teammates.

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  • peacefulsolution / 7 Years Ago
    I have watched the vitriolic hatred and threats escalate during the past couple of days on the talk back lines, most of it directed toward the meet director and Ms. Kelly. I
  • jason / 7 Years Ago
    Thank you for your account of the events for those of us who were not there. That is a nice perspective of what happened.

    There is no doubt that her outfit does violate the letter of NFHS rules. All meets are under these rules though and it's odd that it has never been brought up as an issue before. So if the hood and arms were a solid color then there would be no violation, right?

    My only comment is: Sometimes the letter of a rule should be followed...... and sometimes the spirit of the rule should be followed. I'm not saying this specifically about what happened here, just in general. Sometimes we get so caught up in what the rules say that we forget the purpose of the rule. We should enforce based on their intention and not get so caught up in exactly what it says. That's my opinion.

    She should have been informed about this violation of the rules long ago by someone and had a legal suit and head covering made. It's an unfortunate situation all the way around that obviously quickly got heated. I'm convinced the officials were just trying to do their job though.
  • CoachParks / 7 Years Ago