Justin Diehl: 2017 Summer Training Log Entry #9

Week One: 6/28 - 7/1

Diehl ran away with his first state title in the 2A boys 3200 in May. His 9:23.52 personal best from earlier in the season was the third-fastest 3200 in Maryland this past spring, and the fastest by a sophomore. (Photo by Craig Amoss)

June 28th: First day back from a ten day break, so just starting off with some easy running. 20 minutes around the trails at Calvert. Afterwards I did 4x100 meter strides and an eight minute core routine, then we did some static stretching together as a team.

Mileage: 3

June 29th: Half mile warmup with dynamic stretching and drills. Did an easy 25 minute run at Calvert. Afterwards I did 5x100 meter strides, core and static stretching.

Mileage: 4

June 30th: Ran for 30 minutes at Calvert Cliffs State Park. This park has a lot of steep hills so I really just went for effort and not pace. Afterwards I did 4x100 meter hill sprints to work on my strength and speed. In the afternoon I did a core routine and biked some cross training.

Mileage: 4.5

July 1st: Ran at Scientists Cliffs which is a local trail about five minutes away from my house. The trails consist of many steep and gradual hills throughout. I ran for 36 minutes, covering a little over five miles. Then I did a core routine and ten minute static stretch.

Mileage: 5.25

Total mileage: 16.75

This was my first week back from break so just did a couple of easy runs. I'll probably continue easy running for a couple of days or so and then do my first workout towards the end of next week.