Justin Diehl: 2017 Summer Training Log Entry #9

Week Two: 7/2 - 7/8

July 2nd: Took a day off. Went on the elliptical for 3 miles and then did a light weight lifting routine. After I did a 10 minute core routine.

July 3rd:  Drove down to Virginia Beach for vacation. I found a really nice state park with tons of trails to run just a couple of miles from my hotel. Throughout the couple of days I ran at First Landing State park it easily became one of my favorite places to run.  First I did a half mile warm up with dynamic and static stretching. Then I did a 30 minute run at 6:20 pace on an out-n-back trail.  I finished up with 4x100m strides slightly up hill and shin exercises. Then I ate at Pocahontas pancake house on the boardwalk which is my favorite place for breakfast.
July 4th: Rained at the beach so I did a 35 minute run on a treadmill.  Started at 7:15 pace and worked down to 6:30.

July 5th: Did an easy 40 minute/ 5mile run at First Landing state park. During the run I did a couple of 30 second sprints. Afterwards I stretched and did core.

July 6th: Drove back to Calvert so had to run late in the afternoon. Did a moderate 45 minute run at Calvert with the last 200 of the run hard on the track. Then a couple teammates and I did 4x100m strides and a short core workout.

July 7th: First workout since taking 10 days off. Did an easy 1.5 mile warm up with dynamic and static stretching. My workout was 12x200 on a 2 min cycle around a soccer field at my school. I ran most of the workout with Coach Urban and since it was my first workout back we didn't really run any crazy times. Throughout the workout we were hitting 35-36 and then the last reps were up hill and I hit 34 high for both. Overall, it was a nice workout back that wasn't too difficult. I did a 10 minute cool down and lifted weights full body.

July 8th: Saturday I did a somewhat-long run with Ben Aris, Jack Dodsworth, and Turner Chaundy. We ran at SJV trail which has huge hills so there is really no pace. We did 8 miles in an hour.

Total Mileage: 36 miles