Justin Diehl: 2017 Summer Training Log Entry #9

Week Four: 7/16 -7/22

Diehl was the second Maryland finisher (sixth overall) at last October's muddy Glory Days Invitational. (Photo by Lisa McArthur)

July 16th: X-train.

July 17th: Active warm-up with team including dynamic drills and stretching. I did 5.5 miles at Calvert with Jack Dodsworth and school record holder Jacob Rickards. Afterwards we did some exercises to prevent shin splints and stretched.

July 18th: 6:00 a.m. workout at Jefferson Patterson Park. First I did a mile warm-up and dynamic stretching and drills. Then Jack and I jumped into a 3x6 minute interval workout on a nice loop that is mainly soft gravel and flat. My first mile split was 5:33. On the second rep I lost track of time and didn't realize I was going much slower, so I ended up running a 5:41. The third rep was the fastest, coming through the mile in 5:30. Afterwards I stretched and did core.

July 19th: Run at 6:30 p.m. at Calvert which was really hot. I did a half mile warm-up and dynamic drills before heading off for my run. I ran an easy six miles around the fields and trails at Calvert. Post run, I did 4x100 strides and core.

July 20th: I did 12x300 on a grass field at Calvert. Hit 51-53 seconds for 11 of them and then 47 for the last one. Afterwards I did a mile cooldown and stretched. Later in the afternoon I lifted full body and did core.

July 21st: Ran an easy six miles at Calvert Cliffs State Park.

July 22nd: I ran at Calvert Cliffs again for a long run. The first portion of the run was on the trails around the park. Then I ran to a very hilly golf course that was a mile away and ran there for about two miles before heading back to Calvert Cliffs. Overall I ran for 11 miles at a moderate effort.

Total mileage: 40 miles