Justin Diehl: 2017 Summer Training Log Entry #9

Week Six: 7/30 - 8/5

July 30th: In the morning I did a three mile shakeout run at seven minute pace. In the afternoon I ran at Calvert with some of the guys from the team. We did a 40 minute run and every five minutes we added in a one minute surge. Afterwards we stretched and did a short core routine.

August 1st: 6 a.m. workout at Jefferson Patterson Park. I did a mile warm-up and dynamic drills before starting. Then Jack Dodsworth and I jumped into a 12 minute tempo at 5:35-5:40 pace. After the rep we did 2x200 at goal two mile and mile pace. Then we started another 12 minute tempo interval. The second interval was a bit quicker; I started at 5:35 pace and worked my way down to 5:25 pace. Then Jack and I did a 1.25 mile cooldown, core and static stretching. 

August 2nd: Ran at 8 a.m. which was supposed to be a "shakeout" run but I got carried away and ended up doing four miles at 6:16 pace (closed my final mile in 5:50). In the afternoon I did a six mile recovery run and eight strides.

August 3rd: 6 a.m. workout at Calvert with Jack, Paul and Isaiah. We warmed up by jogging for two miles and then doing dynamic drills. We then started out 10x400 meter workout reps. We would do two reps around a field hockey field and then jog over to a hill for every third rep. Around the field I started at 72 seconds and dropped down to 66 by the end. I didn't time the hill reps - they were based on effort. Afterwards we cooled down for a mile and stretched. In the afternoon I ran 2.25 miles easy on my treadmill.

August 4th: Drove six hours to Long Island, New York to visit family. I decided to enter into a local four-miler tomorrow so today was just a really light run. I did an active warm-up and then an easy 4.25 mile run. Afterwards I did 4x100 meter strides and stretched before going out for pizza.

August 5th: When I woke up it was very windy and raining pretty hard which made the roads slick. I warmed up for 2.5 miles with a short two minute tempo during the warm-up to get blood flowing. Then I did dynamic drills and strides before the start of the race. Throughout the whole race there was a strong headwind and the roads were still slick from the rain. I placed fourth and was the first non-college kid to cross the line. I ended up running 20:53 which wasn't too bad despite the conditions. Afterwards I cooled down for a mile and stretched. In the afternoon I did an easy three mile jog.

Total mileage: 50 miles