Kai Muniz: 2017 Summer Training Log Weeks #5 and 6

Week Three: 6/19 - 6/25

My friend Antonio - NO DAYS OFF!!!

June 19th: Today I went out to Dove's Fly lane again but I went further down. I made it pretty close to a place we call Trump Towers which is about four miles from my house. I went out and back and the run ended up being a nice comfortable eight miles at 6:58 pace.

June 20th: Today I met up with Noah at Coach Rogers' house and we did a big 8.75 mile loop. We made it to Centennial High School and paid a visit to Coach McCoy and then we went to Centennial Lake. From there we went through some neighborhoods and got to Wilde Lake. Eventually we made it back to Centennial Lake and then to Coach Rogers' house. It was pretty comfortable except for all the hills which definitely slowed down our pace. At some points I had 6:45 pace on my watch but others 7:15. It was good to run with other people though. We did an extra quarter mile to make the run our long run at nine miles. We finished in 1:03:14 at 7:00 pace.

June 21st: Today I held a captain's practice with Noah and three others came to practice. I got in seven and a half chill miles in exactly an hour. I used it as a more fun day to just run smooth and controlled.

June 22nd: Today I ran on my own to clear my head a bit and just concentrate on running. I like running on my own sometimes because it's kind of therapeutic and it helps me escape from the things that are bothering me. I wasn't feeling 100% so I just ran smooth again at 7:35 pace. I got in seven miles and went down towards Johns Hopkins Road and turned around to get back home. This route means a lot to me because I remember all of the funny memories I have of teammates that continue to push me even when they aren't around. I remember running up a hill that Coach Rogers took all of the freshman boys up on the first day of practice a few years ago. Until that point I had never run more than two to three miles for soccer so I was dead and basically had to walk up the hill. But running up it now was refreshing and it shows how far I've come. The total time for the run was 53:06.

June 23rd: Today I ran from my house and met up with my friend Antonio. He throws shot put and discus for us and plays football in the fall so he wanted to run and get in shape. He's pretty quick and he held a good 8:00 pace for a little less than five miles with me. We ran around the Maple Lawn community and just caught up. In total I got in 7.75 miles including the run to his house and back to mine. I averaged 7:26 for the run and it was 57:26 in total.

June 24th: Today we had a team get-together at Coach Rogers' house. We started at Centennial Lake and we all went out either around the lake or exploring. I ran with one of our alumni, Brian Allen, and Coach Rogers. We ran from Centennial Lake (like on Tuesday) but went the other way around Wilde Lake. We got in eight miles at 7:16 pace and the total time was 58:21. When we finished we drove to Coach Rogers' house and had breakfast.

Weekly mileage: 47.29 miles