Howard County Invitational Virtual Meet Preview: Poolesville Stars Looking For The Sweep

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Boys Virtual Meet

The Severna Park boys kicked off their season with a dominant victory at the Seahawk swim meet last weekend. With five boys returning with 5K times between 16:03 and 16:26 they will be at or near the top of every meet they go to this season. (Photo by Melissa Rose)

5,000 Meter Run

1Ryan Lockett2018Poolesville High School15:44.00 1
2Kieran McDermott2018Bel Air High School15:44.70 2
3Nicholas Deamer2018Howard High School16:01.60 3
4Hugh O'Connor2018Severna Park16:03.00 4
5Garrison Clark2019Severna Park16:08.20 5
6Jonah Lane2018Severna Park16:13.40 6
7Christian Isham2018Severna Park16:19.00 7
8Samuel Martin2019Severna Park16:26.00 8
9Kai Muniz2018Reservoir High School16:27.80 9
10Daniel Saxon2019Liberty High School16:31.00 10
11Sahil Sardesai2018Mt. Hebron High School16:31.10 11
12Nathan Vandemeulebroecke2019Severna Park16:35.00 12
13John Lemaster2018Liberty High School16:35.10 13
14Alexander Chaisson2019Severna Park16:38.10 14
15Eric Gibson2018Gilman School16:39.10 15
16William Reed2018Severna Park16:41.00 --
17Camden Gilmore2019Loyola-Blakefield High School16:43.50 16
17Jacob Martin2019Severna Park16:43.50 --
19Nicholas Plummer2018Severna Park16:48.00 --
20Anish Nanjappa2020River Hill High School16:49.64 17
21Sean Engelfried2018Severna Park16:50.40 --
22Eric Accardi2018Howard High School16:52.94 18
23Nick Hammond2018Bel Air High School16:53.10 19
24Scott Davis2018Severna Park16:54.50 --
25Ethan Gray2018Bel Air High School16:56.37 20
26Anthony Meza2019Poolesville High School16:59.00 21
27Frederick Eiland II2019Oakland Mills High School16:59.50 22
28Joshua Tiren2019Poolesville High School17:01.00 23
29Jack Finnerin2018Severna Park17:01.10 --
30Nick Weber2019Atholton High School17:03.00 24
31Hunter Simon2018Severna Park17:03.70 --
32Daniel Gao2018Centennial High School17:03.99 25
33Colton Beall2020Severna Park17:07.00 --
34Nick Engleman2020Severna Park17:07.80 --
35Jake Perret2019Atholton High School17:08.00 26
36Alexander Kirkland2019John Carroll School17:09.90 27
37Alex Strawley2019Howard High School17:10.03 28
38Ethan Carpenter2018Centennial High School17:10.60 29
39Charlie Edwards2020Gilman School17:11.50 30
40Zach Allen2018Howard High School17:11.98 31
41Matthew Bateman2019Severna Park17:12.90 --
42Joshua Weist2019Severna Park17:14.70 --
43Jake Downing2018River Hill High School17:15.36 32
44Jonathan Johnson2018Parkdale High School17:17.35 33
45Jared Nguyen2018Oakland Mills High School17:18.60 34
46Chris Scalzi2018South Carroll High School17:19.10 35
47Anders Chattin2018Oakland Mills High School17:20.20 36
48Ben Sullivan2018John Carroll School17:21.90 37
49Steven Mitchell2018Centennial High School17:22.87 38
50Keith Roberts2019Gilman School17:23.20 39
51Paul Macdonald2020Loyola-Blakefield High School17:23.81 40
52Jason Hsu2018Poolesville High School17:26.00 41
53Chase Wishard2018Archbishop Spalding High School17:26.50 42.5
53Trevor Hodge2018Mt. Hebron High School17:26.50 42.5
55Aganze Nkere2018Loyola-Blakefield High School17:27.00 44
56Connor Stewart2020Liberty High School17:29.10 45
57Michael Schlining2018Mt. Hebron High School17:30.05 46
58Zach Olivier2018Howard High School17:32.10 47
59Collin Shriner2019Oakdale High School17:32.95 48
60Collin Dempsey2020Oakdale High School17:33.45 49
61Jacob Ververs2018Mt. Hebron High School17:33.60 50
62Alex Kulvivat2018Severna Park17:34.10 --
63Jason Cave2019South Carroll High School17:34.20 51
64Jake Beaumier2020Liberty High School17:34.70 52
65Daniel Saenz2018Severna Park17:34.80 --
66Brendan Fitzgerald2018River Hill High School17:35.93 53
67Joel Bernstein2018Oakland Mills High School17:37.20 54
68Charlie Shapiro2018Gilman School17:37.60 55
69Eric Vaughan2018Mt. Hebron High School17:39.30 56
70Ian Hinson2018Howard High School17:39.49 57
71Javon Daniel2019Atholton High School17:40.00 58
72Noah Kim2019Reservoir High School17:41.80 59
73Logan Lee2019Severna Park17:42.40 --
74Barrett Crawford2018Gilman School17:43.00 60.5
74Garrett Gularson2020Poolesville High School17:43.00 60.5
76Nicholas Stokes2019Oakdale High School17:45.00 62
77Vivek Nadimpalli2018River Hill High School17:45.01 63
78Grayson Fitzgerald2019Archbishop Spalding High School17:45.30 64
79Liam de Beaufort2019St. John's College High School17:46.00 65
80Dan Quets2018Loyola-Blakefield High School17:46.50 66
81Max Stern2018Gilman School17:47.50 67
82Collin Hawkins2019Howard High School17:48.25 68
83David Riina2019Centennial High School17:49.23 69
84Kyle Clarke2019Loyola-Blakefield High School17:49.60 70
85JoJo Kelliher2019Severna Park17:49.90 --
86Riley Place2018St. John's College High School17:50.00 71
87Connor O'Neill2019Severna Park17:50.60 --
88Gavin Ivey2019Severna Park17:52.00 --
88Jairo Huaylinos2019Poolesville High School17:52.00 72
90Isaac Roe2019Severna Park17:53.20 --
91Max McCullough2020Gilman School17:53.80 73
92Ryan Skochinski2018River Hill High School17:53.85 74
93Jovani Sierra2018Howard High School17:54.30 --
94Reese Smith2019St. John's College High School17:55.00 75
95Andrew Plowman2019Bel Air High School17:56.92 76
96Eric Becker2019Atholton High School17:57.00 77.5
96Joshua Geesaman2018Atholton High School17:57.00 77.5
98Ricky Farrell2018Marriotts Ridge High School17:57.20 79
99Chris Bieberich2019Centennial High School17:57.64 80
100Will Dowling2019Gilman School17:58.00 --
101Sean Krein2020River Hill High School17:58.56 81
102Caius Kim2018Poolesville High School18:00.00 82.5
102Tony Crnkovich2019The Heights School18:00.00 82.5
104Ben Levinson2019Gilman School18:01.20 --
105Connor Ferrara2019John Carroll School18:01.60 84
106Jack Pazin2018Oakland Mills High School18:03.10 85
107James Dennison2020Severna Park18:03.60 --
108Bryce Kampert2020Mt. Hebron High School18:03.87 86
109Jack Plumer2019John Carroll School18:04.00 87
110Isaiah Fowler2018The Heights School18:06.00 88
111Ronan Sullivan2019Loyola-Blakefield High School18:06.09 89
112Alvaro Hernandez2018Reservoir High School18:07.30 90
113Kevin Ling2019Howard High School18:07.34 --
114James Gillam2018John Carroll School18:07.42 91
115Daniel Taylor2018Howard High School18:08.09 --
116Rohan Sinha2018River Hill High School18:08.61 92
117Elijah Holman2018Oakdale High School18:12.95 93
118Sebastian Tyler2019Archbishop Spalding High School18:14.20 94
119Evan Ying2019River Hill High School18:14.50 --
120Craig Johnson2019C.H. Flowers High School18:14.89 95
121Hayden Hertz2018Liberty High School18:15.00 96
122Neil Blanchard2018Loyola-Blakefield High School18:15.40 97
123Luke Starks2018Marriotts Ridge High School18:15.93 98
124Ben Lausch2020South Carroll High School18:16.00 99
125Matt Hanley2019Loyola-Blakefield High School18:17.50 --
126Thomas Demers2020Glenelg Country School18:17.70 100
127Darian Berger2019Poolesville High School18:18.00 --
127Thomas Maloney2019River Hill High School18:18.00 --
129Ryan Garrettson2018Archbishop Spalding High School18:18.50 101
130Ryan Walsh2018St. John's College High School18:19.00 102
131Cole Partridge2019Howard High School18:19.55 --
132Zach Deming2019Centennial High School18:20.90 103
133Bradley Weber2019Loyola-Blakefield High School18:21.30 --
134William Tripp2020Wilde Lake High School18:22.02 104
135Russell Schwartz2018Howard High School18:22.72 --
136Ben Breschi2019Loyola-Blakefield High School18:22.80 --
137Tobias Whelan2018Poolesville High School18:23.00 --
138Ryan Rose2020River Hill High School18:23.18 --
139Jordan Cooper2020Parkdale High School18:23.68 105
140Connor Verrett2019Loyola-Blakefield High School18:23.90 --
141Bryan Stancliff2019John Carroll School18:24.20 106
142Cameron Sylvester2019Bel Air High School18:25.50 107
143David Deloatch2018C.H. Flowers High School18:25.68 108
144Jon Wolf2019Howard High School18:26.53 --
145David Zhang2018Marriotts Ridge High School18:26.60 109
146James Malloy2018Marriotts Ridge High School18:26.80 110
147Ryan Tunkel2018South Carroll High School18:27.00 111
148Matthew Island2018River Hill High School18:27.18 --
149Gabriel Gigliotti2018Archbishop Spalding High School18:27.60 112
150Darren Rodoff2019Liberty High School18:27.95 113
151Jared Kagel2018Marriotts Ridge High School18:28.18 114
152Justin Ziegler2019Centennial High School18:31.10 115
153Jason Kraisser2019Centennial High School18:32.96 --
154Jese Vasquez2018Parkdale High School18:33.92 116
155Arthur Fairclough2018St. John's College High School18:34.00 117
156Sam Keeler2018Severna Park18:37.20 --
157William Parker2018Archbishop Spalding High School18:37.70 118
158Nicholas Jackson2018Mt. Hebron High School18:38.53 119
159Elisee Djapa2018Parkdale High School18:38.96 120
160Tyler Chase2019Severna Park18:39.10 --
161Matt Leonhartt2018Liberty High School18:39.50 121
162George Welsh2018Loyola-Blakefield High School18:40.00 --
162Hunter Bergstrom2020Poolesville High School18:40.00 --
164Josh Krutz2018Reservoir High School18:40.80 122
165Brian Yant2019Mt. Hebron High School18:41.30 --
166Ryan Williams2018Mt. Hebron High School18:41.40 --
167Kerrington Hunt2018South Carroll High School18:43.00 123
167Tim Goulet2019Howard High School18:43.00 --
169Eric McAlexander2020Severna Park18:43.70 --
170Sam Rosenberg2018Poolesville High School18:44.49 --
171Aidan Hayes2019South Carroll High School18:44.50 124
172Alex Kohn2020Oakland Mills High School18:45.26 125
173Ross Wenzel2018Mt. Hebron High School18:45.70 --
174Cam Mezzatesta2020John Carroll School18:46.60 126
175Jared Haas2018Bel Air High School18:47.60 127
176Adan Castillo-gryn2018Poolesville High School18:48.00 --
176Jeffery Fleming2018South Carroll High School18:48.00 128
178Nolan Walchko2020Marriotts Ridge High School18:50.05 129
179Darren Krausz2018Oakland Mills High School18:50.50 130
179Nicholas Auen2018Gilman School18:50.50 --
181Zach Sents2018Howard High School18:51.79 --
182Evan Hemelt2019Mt. Hebron High School18:52.50 --
183Jake Shindel2020Mt. Hebron High School18:52.85 --
184Lucas Tolley2018Severna Park18:53.20 --
185Nathan Smith2019St. Vincent Pallotti18:53.30 131
186Matthew Mellstrom2019Marriotts Ridge High School18:53.62 132
187Matthew Haskell2019Severna Park18:54.58 --
188John Olszewski2019Centennial High School18:55.00 --
189Anthony Marcelli2020Mt. Hebron High School18:55.70 --
190Benjamin Rurka2018St. John's College High School18:56.00 133
191Luke Meininger2019River Hill High School18:56.37 --
192Sam Madder2018Loyola-Blakefield High School18:56.60 --
193Daniel McBride2019Severna Park18:56.70 --
194Wyatt Hales2018Gilman School18:57.10 --
195Patrick Adams2020Mt. Hebron High School18:57.11 --
196Ryan McMahon2019Gilman School18:57.80 --
197Jacob Shemer2018Oakdale High School18:58.00 134
198Matt Chaisson2020Severna Park18:59.70 --
199David Gushue2018Gilman School19:00.00 --
200Fabrizio Dulanto2018Centennial High School19:00.11 --
201Spencer Varzandeh2018Loyola-Blakefield High School19:00.80 --
202Erik Kelemen2018Centennial High School19:01.10 --
203Patrick Tunkel2020South Carroll High School19:01.20 --
204Ethan Zovko2018Oakland Mills High School19:01.80 --
205Gavin Edson2020Liberty High School19:02.10 --
206Gianni Harrington2018Marriotts Ridge High School19:03.07 --
207Grayson Murray2019Severna Park19:03.50 --
208Ryan Erle2019Centennial High School19:04.40 --
209Simeon Parker2019Gilman School19:04.70 --
210Karson Kinsey2018Atholton High School19:05.00 135
211Matt Schwab2019Loyola-Blakefield High School19:05.50 --
212Charlie Hockersmith2019Centennial High School19:05.86 --
213Elias Izmirlian2020Poolesville High School19:06.35 --
214Alex Carbonell2019Poolesville High School19:08.25 --
215Dan Gauthier2018Liberty High School19:10.00 --
216Adam Lowe2019Marriotts Ridge High School19:11.43 --
217Haden Kellagher2018Bel Air High School19:12.00 136
218Kendall Broome2018Hammond High School19:12.40 137
219Connor Killeen2020Severna Park19:12.80 --
220Charlie Carty2019Archbishop Spalding High School19:13.61 138
221Aron Myers2018Atholton High School19:14.00 139
222Ryan Puls2018Reservoir High School19:17.00 140
223Thomas Broadus2020Gilman School19:17.30 --
224Ryan Burrows2018Liberty High School19:17.70 --
225Newton Davis2018St. Vincent Pallotti19:18.40 141
226Andrew English2020Wilde Lake High School19:18.44 142
227David Elsaesser2020River Hill High School19:19.68 --
228Dominic Crino2018Severna Park19:20.00 --
229Gil Carlson2018Severna Park19:20.30 --
230Sebastian Thorpe2018Marriotts Ridge High School19:21.33 --
231Bryson Carroll2019Liberty High School19:22.00 --
231Kyle Hinton2019Liberty High School19:22.00 --
233Elliott Pochettino2020Reservoir High School19:22.90 143
234John Bondje2019Atholton High School19:23.00 --
235Zack Gronlund2018River Hill High School19:23.24 --
236Jacob Rajesh2019Howard High School19:24.43 --
237Peyton Petersen2019The Heights School19:25.50 144
238Patrick Filar2019Loyola-Blakefield High School19:25.90 --
239Kendell Adson2018Oakland Mills High School19:25.97 --
240Stephen Cullinan2019Bel Air High School19:26.00 --
241Zach Snyder2020Liberty High School19:26.10 --
242Robbie Baranoski2018John Carroll School19:26.30 --
243John Bondje2019Centennial High School19:26.37 --
244Benjamin Yodzis2018Hammond High School19:28.60 145
245Kyton Ovide2018Oakland Mills High School19:29.00 --
246Matthew Engelhaupt2020Howard High School19:29.10 --
247Hans Cabrera2019Howard High School19:29.20 --
248Patrick Rodriquez2019Poolesville High School19:30.00 --
249Ien Saffer2019Long Reach High School19:30.70 146
250Bradley Hoffman2020River Hill High School19:30.85 --
251Matthew Sturm2018South Carroll High School19:32.00 --
251Naga Nagaswaran2018Centennial High School19:32.00 --
253Ravi Johnson2020Bel Air High School19:33.57 --
254Brandon Abraham2018Oakland Mills High School19:33.66 --
255Tristan Epler2020Liberty High School19:34.00 --
256Hunter Jones2020Archbishop Spalding High School19:34.20 --
257Loukas Athanitis2020Archbishop Spalding High School19:34.50 --
258William Heinle2019St. John's College High School19:35.00 147
259Rohit Priyakumar2019Mt. Hebron High School19:36.03 --
260Noah Homayouni2020South Carroll High School19:37.00 --
261Jude Flynn-Lebischak2018Liberty High School19:37.10 --
262Ben Jackson2018Centennial High School19:37.40 --
263Scott Arrington2020Liberty High School19:38.40 --
264Seine Yoo2019River Hill High School19:40.51 --
265Evan Schaefer2019Oakdale High School19:43.00 148
266Joe Hayden2019Mt. Hebron High School19:43.55 --
267Daniel Niezelski2018Mt. Hebron High School19:43.98 --
268Nicolas Sanchez Ma2018Oakdale High School19:44.00 149
269Colin O'Neill2019Gilman School19:45.01 --
270Emmanuel Morales2020Archbishop Spalding High School19:46.30 --
271Bryan Herrera2019Parkdale High School19:46.34 150
272Mark Schlining2018Mt. Hebron High School19:46.62 --
273Matthew Foulk2018John Carroll School19:46.90 --
274Julian Jett2020South Carroll High School19:47.00 --
275Brendan Cave2020South Carroll High School19:48.00 --
276Sky Cohn2019Glenelg Country School19:49.00 151
277Andrew Werneth2018Long Reach High School19:50.00 152
277Collin Mcmynne2020Oakdale High School19:50.00 --
279Andrew Horrocks2019River Hill High School19:51.54 --
280Chase Myers2019Oakdale High School19:51.90 --
281Kobe Yearwood2019Oakdale High School19:52.00 --
282Jacob Tebben2018Reservoir High School19:52.40 153
283Joshua Milliken2020Oakdale High School19:53.00 --
284Ryan Collins2019Centennial High School19:53.49 --
285Armaan Bhasin2019Centennial High School19:54.36 --
286Noah Whitaker2018Bishop McNamara High School19:55.00 154.5
286Tariek Williamson2019Long Reach High School19:55.00 154.5
288Peter Rosenquist2018Mt. Hebron High School19:55.23 --
289Theo Guba2019Archbishop Spalding High School19:56.09 --
290Benjamin Guo2020Atholton High School19:57.00 --
291Rahul Khatri2019Howard High School19:58.53 --
292David Wingate2019C.H. Flowers High School20:00.83 156
293Kevin Cai2018River Hill High School20:00.96 --
294Ryan Van Gieson2019River Hill High School20:01.15 --
295Matt Whitney2020Loyola-Blakefield High School20:01.20 --
296Jake Muma2020Centennial High School20:01.43 --
297Jafar Hussen2020Parkdale High School20:03.59 157
298Jerry Sun2018Centennial High School20:04.08 --
299Kshitij Gupta2018Poolesville High School20:04.91 --
300Daniel Beck2019St. John's College High School20:05.00 --
300Joshua Federici2019South Carroll High School20:05.00 --
302Nathan Park2021Mt. Hebron High School20:05.20 --
303Yiding Yuan2018River Hill High School20:07.75 --
304Brian Hebert2019Oakland Mills High School20:08.54 --
305Edward Chi2020River Hill High School20:08.78 --
306Spencer Wood2018St. John's College High School20:09.00 --
307Sam Levine2020Long Reach High School20:10.00 158
308Matthew Grimelli2020Liberty High School20:11.20 --
309Jack Carey2019St. John's College High School20:12.00 --
310Eric Wetherell2020River Hill High School20:12.49 --
311Frankie Willard2020Poolesville High School20:13.00 --
311Nathaniel Moody2018Atholton High School20:13.00 --
313Caleb Mcneil2019Oakdale High School20:14.00 --
313Jason Mcelroy2018Oakdale High School20:14.00 --
315David Baranoski2020John Carroll School20:14.20 --
316Dagmawi Samson2019Marriotts Ridge High School20:14.42 --
317Richard Zhou2020Howard High School20:14.56 --
318Patrick Wang2018Poolesville High School20:14.82 --
319Cameron Olivier2020Howard High School20:15.48 --
320Nick Webb2018River Hill High School20:15.63 --
321Taylor Farnsworth2018Bel Air High School20:16.00 --
322Kyle Blango2020Loyola-Blakefield High School20:16.60 --
323David Fetcho2018John Carroll School20:16.90 --
324Isola Nick2018Loyola-Blakefield High School20:17.70 --
325Joe Ferraro2018Howard High School20:17.93 --
326Daniel Castle2018South Carroll High School20:18.20 --
327Morgan Zinn2019Gilman School20:18.90 --
328David Palmer2019Liberty High School20:20.20 --
329Luke Russell2019Bel Air High School20:20.28 --
330Ethan Maranto2019Loyola-Blakefield High School20:20.51 --
331Reese Storr2020Liberty High School20:20.90 --
332Ethan Groboski2020Poolesville High School20:21.00 --
332Jack Keane2020Centennial High School20:21.00 --
334Connor McNeil2018Centennial High School20:21.37 --
335Abdullah Najib2019Howard High School20:21.52 --
336Jd Funck2020Loyola-Blakefield High School20:23.10 --
337Matthew Choe2018Marriotts Ridge High School20:23.62 --
338Chris Teter2020St. John's College High School20:24.00 --
339Ethan Na2019Centennial High School20:24.08 --
340Nitan Singh2018Reservoir High School20:24.10 --
341Nicolas Manni2018Oakdale High School20:25.40 --
342Maxwell Lennon2018Marriotts Ridge High School20:25.69 --
343Jack Downs2019St. John's College High School20:26.00 --
343Nicholas Kern2018St. Vincent Pallotti20:26.00 159
345Andrew Kauffman2019Centennial High School20:26.96 --
346Ryan Ververs2020Mt. Hebron High School20:27.05 --
347Arjun Sivarajan2018Poolesville High School20:27.09 --
348Robert Baranoski2018John Carroll School20:29.00 --
349Riley O'Shea2020Marriotts Ridge High School20:29.63 --
350Sean Armstrong2020Liberty High School20:30.00 --
351Ethan Sims2019Liberty High School20:30.10 --
352Jaehyun Yoon2020Marriotts Ridge High School20:30.13 --
353Eli Miller2019Glenelg Country School20:30.20 160
354Carter Vogel2019Loyola-Blakefield High School20:30.53 --
355Sebastian Hellie2020Archbishop Spalding High School20:30.60 --
356Chase Clark2020Atholton High School20:31.00 --
357Thomas Cohen2020St. John's College High School20:32.00 --
358Jorge Zheng2020Marriotts Ridge High School20:32.62 --
359Isaac Butz2019John Carroll School20:33.71 --
360Griffin Gundersen2020Wilde Lake High School20:34.02 161
361Henry Bergles2020Gilman School20:34.30 --
362Isaac Justice2019Mt. Hebron High School20:34.60 --
363Joey Jascur2018Liberty High School20:35.00 --
364Zack Shatto2018Liberty High School20:36.00 --
365Tyler Chisholm2020Severna Park20:37.90 --
365Yilin Xu2018St. Vincent Pallotti20:37.90 162
367Oliver Lim2018Bel Air High School20:38.00 --
368Luke Dippel2019John Carroll School20:38.59 --
369Cian Hennessy2020Glenelg Country School20:38.80 163
370Tristen Tetlow-ames2019Oakdale High School20:39.00 --
371Ryan St. Pierre2018Bel Air High School20:39.10 --
372Ethan Sawyer2020Loyola-Blakefield High School20:39.20 --
373Nate Krohn2019The Heights School20:39.40 164
374Brenner Kemper2020Severna Park20:39.60 --
375Nathan Buettner2020Severna Park20:40.30 --
376Gavin Osborn2020Atholton High School20:41.00 --
377Jason Wang2018River Hill High School20:41.11 --
378Kieran Veres2020Archbishop Spalding High School20:42.10 --
379Grayson Fleck2020Mt. Hebron High School20:42.48 --
380Jacob George2019Howard High School20:43.37 --
381Jerel Okonski2018Centennial High School20:43.50 --
382Philipp Pajszer2019Howard High School20:44.95 --
383Jason German2019Oakdale High School20:45.00 --
384Henry Erdman2019Loyola-Blakefield High School20:45.50 --
385Justin Loi2019Marriotts Ridge High School20:45.70 --
386Toby Wu2018John Carroll School20:46.13 --
387Ethan Zheng2019Glenelg Country School20:47.30 165
388Jeffrey Li2020Gilman School20:48.60 --
389Tyler Newhouse2019Severna Park20:48.90 --
390Dagwami Samson2019Marriotts Ridge High School20:49.80 --
391Trevor Reynolds2020Howard High School20:50.16 --
392Jack Stannard2019John Carroll School20:50.52 --
393Raymond Lennon2020Marriotts Ridge High School20:51.23 --
394Thomas Luo2019Centennial High School20:51.28 --
395Mohammed Nafiu2019C.H. Flowers High School20:51.67 166
396Jeremiah McCain2018Bishop McNamara High School20:52.00 167
397Andrew Victory2020Poolesville High School20:52.08 --
398Brandon Shipe2018Centennial High School20:52.09 --
399Josh Braun2020Centennial High School20:52.20 --
400Connor McGrath2020Severna Park20:52.27 --
401Nathan Malta2019Archbishop Spalding High School20:52.30 --
402Collin Levay2019Severna Park20:52.60 --
403Izjeon Collis2018Reservoir High School20:53.20 --
404Jason Zhang2019Centennial High School20:53.41 --
405Nicholas Heiner2018Centennial High School20:54.00 --
406Patrick Kenney2020Archbishop Spalding High School20:54.30 --
407Luke Mudd2020Severna Park20:54.40 --
408Edward Lapointe2019Howard High School20:54.89 --
409Carlos Montemayor2020Centennial High School20:55.00 --
409Nithidon Catalan2018St. John's College High School20:55.00 --
411Adam Mills2018Archbishop Spalding High School20:55.60 --
412Calbin Sobocinski2020Severna Park20:56.20 --
413Joseph Moynihan2020The Heights School20:56.80 168
414Nick Culkin2020South Carroll High School20:57.00 --
415Owen Reider2019Marriotts Ridge High School20:57.05 --
416Calvin Prudhomme2019Hammond High School20:58.64 169
417Jonathan Quinn2018Hammond High School20:58.80 170
418Daniel Geehreng2019Poolesville High School20:59.00 --
419Grant MacIver2020John Carroll School20:59.46 --
420Michael Beautz2019Poolesville High School20:59.87 --
421Bryson Foye2018Bel Air High School21:00.00 --
421Kyle Askeland2020South Carroll High School21:00.00 --
421Matthew Ryee2020Atholton High School21:00.00 --
424Nikolas Mucha2020John Carroll School21:01.20 --
425Joseph Valle2019Centennial High School21:01.73 --
426Peter D'Angelo2020St. John's College High School21:02.00 --
427Danny Sheeler2020Loyola-Blakefield High School21:02.20 --
428Ben Landrum2019Centennial High School21:03.43 --
429Matt Weber2018Liberty High School21:04.40 --
430Christopher Bennett2018Marriotts Ridge High School21:04.60 --
431Manas Dronamraju2020Centennial High School21:04.64 --
432Thomas Kilmer2020The Heights School21:05.40 171
433Tianyu You2019Centennial High School21:06.00 --
434Nate Olsen2019St. Vincent Pallotti21:06.50 172
435Dave Gushue2018Gilman School21:06.70 --
436Shashidhar Manoharan2018Poolesville High School21:06.84 --
437David Panda2020Atholton High School21:07.00 --
438James Smith2020Archbishop Spalding High School21:07.50 --
439Ryan Johnston2018Poolesville High School21:08.35 --
440Evan Eng2019Centennial High School21:08.92 --
441Matt Rathbun2018Reservoir High School21:09.00 --
441Peter Spence2018The Heights School21:09.00 173
443Raj Ashar2018River Hill High School21:09.14 --
444Jorge Familiar2018St. John's College High School21:10.00 --
445Asa Kelly2018South Carroll High School21:11.00 --
445Paul Biederman2019South Carroll High School21:11.00 --
447Josh Bensing2018Liberty High School21:12.30 --
447Luke Sweeney2018South Carroll High School21:12.30 --
449Jacob Mikula2019Reservoir High School21:13.10 --
450Gino Wilson2020Loyola-Blakefield High School21:13.60 --
451Jack Vanderheyden2019Gilman School21:13.70 --
452Will Mallas2018Gilman School21:14.30 --
453Jonathan Fei2020River Hill High School21:15.52 --
454Chris Walker2020John Carroll School21:15.70 --
455Kelvin Chen2018Centennial High School21:17.06 --
456Declan McGeady2020Loyola-Blakefield High School21:17.19 --
457Michael Wolf2020St. John's College High School21:17.20 --
458Andrew Sheridan2018St. John's College High School21:18.00 --
459Mike Broom2020Liberty High School21:18.10 --
460Jacob Luo2018River Hill High School21:19.19 --
461Bryce Young2020Loyola-Blakefield High School21:19.62 --
462Pranav Ampani2019Howard High School21:19.89 --
463Rian Sipe2019Oakdale High School21:22.01 --
464Ryan Moy2018River Hill High School21:22.36 --
465Stephen Armstrong2018Howard High School21:22.71 --
466Ignacio Desande2020Centennial High School21:23.72 --
467Beatty Nick2019The Heights School21:24.00 --
468Luke Chubb2019John Carroll School21:24.20 --
469Tristan Meitzler2019Glenelg Country School21:25.30 174
470Nathan Mateer2019Liberty High School21:25.50 --
471Colin Homassel2020Centennial High School21:26.52 --
472Lucas Cunningham2018Centennial High School21:26.80 --
473Ryan Chan2018Bel Air High School21:27.00 --
474Dhruv Maniktala2019Poolesville High School21:27.55 --
475Kevin Watts2020Mt. Hebron High School21:28.00 --
475Nataniel Arocho2019Hammond High School21:28.00 175
477Zander Leff2020Poolesville High School21:28.08 --
478Ben Burke2019Loyola-Blakefield High School21:28.58 --
479Evan Tridone2018John Carroll School21:28.60 --
480Thomas Stoughton2020Poolesville High School21:30.00 --
481Ethan Arndt2019Liberty High School21:32.00 --
481Michael Hamlett2019Severna Park21:32.00 --
483Joshua Kim2020Marriotts Ridge High School21:33.59 --
484Julian Depireux2020Marriotts Ridge High School21:34.11 --
485Kevin Brock2020Centennial High School21:34.44 --
486Jack O'Toole2020Mt. Hebron High School21:35.10 --
487Bobby Blackford2019Liberty High School21:35.30 --
488Dewey Schoenfelder2020South Carroll High School21:36.00 --
489Chance Xie2018Centennial High School21:38.00 --
489James Dlugokinski2020South Carroll High School21:38.00 --
491Ben Headley2018Poolesville High School21:38.17 --
492Zane Phillips2018Reservoir High School21:38.20 --
493Daniel Barteldes2018St. John's College High School21:40.00 --
494Stephen Herrick2018The Heights School21:40.74 --
495Anthony Fuster2019Poolesville High School21:43.37 --
496Arthur Chi2019River Hill High School21:44.03 --
497Tatsuo Lerdboon2019River Hill High School21:44.04 --
498Isaac Daly2018Centennial High School21:45.10 --
499Ekene Ezeh2018Hammond High School21:45.18 176
500Darren McGowan2020River Hill High School21:45.40 --
501Tim Karbler2020John Carroll School21:45.43 --
502Ryan Ostrow2019Loyola-Blakefield High School21:45.97 --
503Quinton Butler2019Reservoir High School21:46.00 --
504Ali Khalid2020Hammond High School21:46.23 177
505Kahlil James2019Parkdale High School21:46.69 178
506Connor Walters2018Gilman School21:48.80 --
507Jared Deacon2019Oakdale High School21:49.00 --
508Jason Mcsweeney2018Oakland Mills High School21:49.20 --
509Alex Thompson2019Hammond High School21:49.31 --
510Joey Yachera2018Centennial High School21:49.60 --
511Alan Wright2018Marriotts Ridge High School21:51.60 --
512Connor Kiss2018John Carroll School21:52.88 --
513Yonathan Daniel2017St. John's College High School21:54.00 --
514Brendan Sacks2019Archbishop Spalding High School21:54.10 --
515Tony Falcone2018The Heights School21:54.96 --
516Sam Bashim2018Long Reach High School21:57.00 179
517Sridhar Ganti2019Poolesville High School21:57.34 --
518Daniel Ross2020Bel Air High School21:58.00 --
518Max McCabe2018The Heights School21:58.00 --
520Mason Hunter2018Hammond High School21:58.30 --
521Ryan Guy2018Centennial High School21:58.39 --
522Joshua Jeffries2018Marriotts Ridge High School21:59.30 --
523Matthew Gimbrene2019Poolesville High School21:59.36 --
524Eric Palmer2019Poolesville High School21:59.53 --
525Shashidar Monoharan2018Poolesville High School22:03.31 --
526Jacob Roe2020Poolesville High School22:03.32 --
527Benjamin Molnar2019Poolesville High School22:03.33 --
528Ryan Sturm2020South Carroll High School22:06.00 --
529Ethan Hoskis2019Gilman School22:06.70 --
530Cristiano Orlando2020Loyola-Blakefield High School22:07.70 --
531Ben Villajuan2019Poolesville High School22:08.10 --
532Alex Ahn2018Reservoir High School22:08.16 --
533Geoffrey Osten2018Marriotts Ridge High School22:08.55 --
534Vedaant Shah2020River Hill High School22:08.60 --
535Shepard Stevens2020Wilde Lake High School22:08.70 180
536Collin Mullaney2020Severna Park22:08.90 --
536Paul Becker2020South Carroll High School22:08.90 --
538Blake O'clery2020South Carroll High School22:09.00 --
539William Smith2018St. Vincent Pallotti22:09.90 181
540Kenneth Merritt2019St. Vincent Pallotti22:10.80 182
541Eric Howard2019Severna Park22:11.10 --
542James Hughes2020John Carroll School22:11.20 --
543Joshua Hopwood2020Liberty High School22:13.50 --
544Robert Williams2020Liberty High School22:13.80 --
545Arthur Foster2019Poolesville High School22:16.00 --
546Christopher Culley2019St. Vincent Pallotti22:16.50 --
547Gannon Merry2020Archbishop Spalding High School22:17.10 --
548Taylor Sloan2020Severna Park22:19.50 --
549Sanketh Andhavarapu2019Mt. Hebron High School22:20.00 --
550Sean Choi2020Liberty High School22:21.00 --
551Jackson Decarlo2020Centennial High School22:21.43 --
552Jesse Gooch2018John F. Kennedy High School22:21.90 --
553Connor O'Keefe2020Archbishop Spalding High School22:22.00 --
553Evan Scheel2018Liberty High School22:22.00 --
555David Bailey2020Bishop McNamara High School22:22.83 183
556Jason Carroll2019Loyola-Blakefield High School22:23.40 --
557Ethan Riccio2020South Carroll High School22:28.00 --
558Adam Spaeth2019John Carroll School22:28.05 --
559Alex Duh2019Gilman School22:28.70 --
560Daniel Ramirez2020South Carroll High School22:29.00 --
561Williams-Jackson Tyree2018Loyola-Blakefield High School22:30.80 --
562Colby Young2020Loyola-Blakefield High School22:31.04 --
563Luke Mihok2020Loyola-Blakefield High School22:32.30 --
564Thomas Biro2018Marriotts Ridge High School22:33.59 --
565Vikram Adipudi2018Reservoir High School22:35.20 --
566Bryan Lee2020Centennial High School22:35.93 --
567Chase Meadows2019Severna Park22:36.10 --
568Cormac Herlihy2020St. John's College High School22:37.00 --
569Matt Lupo2018Hammond High School22:38.36 --
570Tyler Perlstein2018River Hill High School22:38.69 --
571Joseph Inglima2018St. John's College High School22:39.00 --
571Trevor Munk2020South Carroll High School22:39.00 --
573Matt Bergquist2018Marriotts Ridge High School22:47.50 --
574Alex Robey2020Liberty High School22:51.00 --
574Austin Vander Linden2019Oakdale High School22:51.00 --
576Kory Riemer2018Oakland Mills High School22:53.93 --
577Oliver Song2020River Hill High School22:54.22 --
578Brendan Vaughan2018St. John's College High School22:55.00 --
578Matt Schneider2018St. John's College High School22:55.00 --
580Vince Yamson2020Poolesville High School22:55.02 --
581Jeremy Romanik-Romano2020River Hill High School22:56.14 --
582Malachi Ledbetter2020St. Vincent Pallotti22:57.00 --
582Shane Patrick2020The Heights School22:57.00 --
584Micah Berkel2020Parkdale High School22:58.06 --
585Evan Benedek2018River Hill High School22:58.12 --
586Anirudh Karegowdra2020River Hill High School22:58.23 --
587Jinna Chang2020Long Reach High School23:02.00 184
588Patrick Blackburn2018River Hill High School23:02.43 --
589Sam Bodmer2020Poolesville High School23:03.50 --
590Jason Lee2019Poolesville High School23:04.00 --
590Myles Williams2020Oakland Mills High School23:04.00 --
592Adam Luo2020River Hill High School23:04.04 --
593Austin Jameson2020Loyola-Blakefield High School23:04.60 --
594James Hemker2018Gilman School23:04.70 --
595David Salazar2020Oakland Mills High School23:05.00 --
596Jonah Tash2018Poolesville High School23:05.87 --
597William Batres2020Poolesville High School23:05.92 --
598Evan May2019Reservoir High School23:08.00 --
599Henry Erdmann2019Loyola-Blakefield High School23:08.07 --
600Nathaniel Tinbite2020John F. Kennedy High School23:09.25 --
601Emmet Bowden2018Loyola-Blakefield High School23:09.60 --
602Tommy Dowdall2019Hammond High School23:10.14 --
603Alexander Jones2019Poolesville High School23:11.18 --
604Holden Kim2020River Hill High School23:12.00 --
605Anthony Alessandrini2018St. Vincent Pallotti23:12.20 --
606John Gagnon2018South Carroll High School23:12.80 --
607Myles Sanders2019Long Reach High School23:13.00 185
608Luke Mann2019Marriotts Ridge High School23:13.26 --
609Tommy Rainey2018Liberty High School23:14.90 --
610Matthew Knudsen2019Marriotts Ridge High School23:15.00 --
611Ben Kimmett2020Liberty High School23:15.60 --
612Declan Mchugh2020Poolesville High School23:16.84 --
613Caleb Park2020Long Reach High School23:17.00 --
614Rich Suwandam2019Oakland Mills High School23:17.07 --
615Patrick Mcinerney2018Archbishop Spalding High School23:21.80 --
616Jack Mcmonagle2018Loyola-Blakefield High School23:21.90 --
617Peter Scrandis2020River Hill High School23:22.05 --
618Zachary Burns2018St. Vincent Pallotti23:24.50 --
619Grayson Strzelczyk2019Loyola-Blakefield High School23:28.86 --
620Tobi Folourso2020Howard High School23:29.34 --
621Niles Daniels2020St. Vincent Pallotti23:32.90 --
622Rob Hickmott2019St. John's College High School23:35.00 --
623Hnawul Chung2020Wilde Lake High School23:36.00 186
624Alex Swaters2020Mt. Hebron High School23:36.20 --
625Michael Long2019St. John's College High School23:38.00 --
626Danny Lee2018Centennial High School23:40.13 --
627Nimay Vyas2020Reservoir High School23:42.00 --
628Kaleb Arensmeyer2020Long Reach High School23:42.90 --
629Aaron Hadley2020Long Reach High School23:43.95 --
630Norman Zhang2020Centennial High School23:45.56 --
631Collin Saunders2019Bishop McNamara High School23:47.12 187
632Sam Burke2019Loyola-Blakefield High School23:47.22 --
633Matthew McDonough2018South Carroll High School23:49.00 --
634Aniq Islam2020Poolesville High School23:50.89 --
635John Grambo2020Long Reach High School23:53.22 --
636Berklee Cohen2020River Hill High School23:54.00 --
637Daniel Wang2019The Heights School23:54.61 --
638Ian Greenberg2020Severna Park23:57.00 --
639Diallo Smith2018Bel Air High School24:04.80 --
640Kile Scott2019Poolesville High School24:05.96 --
641Julian Basena2019Long Reach High School24:08.20 --
642Michael Urban2018Poolesville High School24:10.00 --
643Liam Rhodes2020St. John's College High School24:12.00 --
644Peter Russo2018St. Vincent Pallotti24:13.10 --
645Jeffrey Guan2020Poolesville High School24:14.11 --
646Darius Moore2018Bishop McNamara High School24:14.35 188
647Drake Murphy2019Bishop McNamara High School24:15.00 189
648Arjun Trivedi2018Reservoir High School24:15.10 --
649Richard Piccolo2020Archbishop Spalding High School24:16.10 --
650Miguel Gonzalez2018Howard High School24:18.14 --
651Dominick Caparotti2019South Carroll High School24:21.00 --
652Daniel Yi2020River Hill High School24:23.55 --
653Michael Nnakwu2020C.H. Flowers High School24:26.40 190
654Jordan Gayle-Taylor2019Bishop McNamara High School24:28.00 191
655Nick Capino2020Oakland Mills High School24:31.38 --
656Emanuel Guillen2019Marriotts Ridge High School24:31.58 --
657Shane Green2020Hammond High School24:34.00 --
658David Schlichting2019Long Reach High School24:34.90 --
659Alec Ortmeyer2019Oakland Mills High School24:35.00 --
660Daniel Walker2020Wilde Lake High School24:36.00 192
661Bryan Schmidt2018St. Vincent Pallotti24:37.00 --
662Dick He2020River Hill High School24:37.36 --
663Khalil Wallace2019C.H. Flowers High School24:41.27 193
664Elijah Wallace2019Atholton High School24:41.50 --
665Evan Griffiths2020Wilde Lake High School24:48.00 194
666Quin Hazzard2020The Heights School24:53.00 --
667Patrick Nguyen2019Liberty High School24:55.60 --
668Kevin Yang2018Centennial High School25:00.68 --
669Alex Moy2020River Hill High School25:01.10 --
670Andrew Paterson2018Oakland Mills High School25:06.40 --
671Nick Kelly2019Liberty High School25:08.00 --
672Thomas Simowitz2020Mt. Hebron High School25:08.34 --
673Daniel Ding2020River Hill High School25:09.56 --
674Bramhdeep Suri2019Marriotts Ridge High School25:09.90 --
675Ben Coler2020Reservoir High School25:22.00 --
676Wallace Kapuscinski2020Hammond High School25:24.00 --
677Bryce Davis2019Poolesville High School25:30.61 --
678Samuel Winters-mccabe2018Reservoir High School25:34.30 --
679Andrei Firor2020Liberty High School25:40.70 --
680Alec Stegner2018Archbishop Spalding High School25:40.83 --
681Himmi Walha2020Severna Park25:50.40 --
682Michael Morris2018St. Vincent Pallotti25:53.50 --
683Augie Wright2019Loyola-Blakefield High School25:54.30 --
684Hong Ze Khor2020Marriotts Ridge High School25:56.40 --
685Olu Roy2019Marriotts Ridge High School25:58.52 --
686David Huh2020Long Reach High School26:01.00 --
687Collins Tadjou2020Wilde Lake High School26:01.80 --
688Caleb Minyard2020Reservoir High School26:05.22 --
689Conor Justice2018St. Vincent Pallotti26:06.10 --
690Jelani McCowan2020Long Reach High School26:06.82 --
691Eugene Choi2020River Hill High School26:17.00 --
692Mike Wittig2019Liberty High School26:17.10 --
693Thomas Wehr2019Marriotts Ridge High School26:18.68 --
694Christopher Robinson2019Bishop McNamara High School26:20.00 --
695Mark Bateson2018John Carroll School26:20.50 --
696Andrew Bray2020Oakland Mills High School26:27.00 --
697Nicholas Pavlosky2020River Hill High School26:27.71 --
698Manuel Ayala2018John F. Kennedy High School26:28.00 --
699Keith Hitzelberger2020Centennial High School26:55.92 --
700Biuckians Alex2020Loyola-Blakefield High School27:04.05 --
701Abdurrahn Tauqeer2020Poolesville High School27:07.00 --
702Ryan Lehman2018St. Vincent Pallotti27:08.00 --
703Josh Nugent2020Liberty High School27:21.00 --
704Joshua-Paul Williams2018Bishop McNamara High School27:26.00 --
705William Matthew2018St. Vincent Pallotti27:35.20 --
706Agransh Srivastava2020Marriotts Ridge High School27:41.43 --
707Alex Eapen2020Long Reach High School27:43.29 --
708Edward Sweet2020Reservoir High School28:14.40 --
709Justin Clendenin2020C.H. Flowers High School28:35.93 195
710Hugo Iberri2020John F. Kennedy High School29:06.12 --
711Ishaan Bhambra2018Long Reach High School30:05.00 --
712Christopher Beasley2020St. Vincent Pallotti30:28.40 --
713Rohan Uttamsingh2020Atholton High School32:01.10 --

Team Scores

1Severna Park304+5+6+7+8 (12+14)23.0016:13.92
2Howard High School1273+18+28+31+47 (57+68)1:30.5016:57.73
3Poolesville High School146.51+21+23+41+60.5 (72+82.5)1:59.0016:58.60
4Gilman School199.515+30+39+55+60.5 (67+73)1:03.9017:18.88
5Mt. Hebron High School205.511+42.5+46+50+56 (86+119)1:08.2017:20.11
6Liberty High School21610+13+45+52+96 (113+121)1:44.0017:16.98
7Bel Air High School2242+19+20+76+107 (127+136)2:40.8017:11.32
8Oakland Mills High School23122+34+36+54+85 (125+130)1:03.6017:27.72
9Loyola-Blakefield High School23616+40+44+66+70 (89+97)1:06.1017:26.08
10River Hill High School23917+32+53+63+74 (81+92)1:04.2117:27.96
11Centennial High School24125+29+38+69+80 (103+115)53.6517:28.87
12Atholton High School26324+26+58+77.5+77.5 (135+139)54.0017:33.00
13John Carroll School32627+37+84+87+91 (106+126)57.5217:44.96
14Oakdale High School38648+49+62+93+134 (148+149)1:25.0518:00.47
15Archbishop Spalding High School413.542.5+64+94+101+112 (118+138)1:01.1018:02.42
16South Carroll High School41935+51+99+111+123 (124+128)1:23.9018:03.86
17Reservoir High School4209+59+90+122+140 (143+153)2:49.2018:02.94
18St. John's College High School43065+71+75+102+117 (133+147)48.0018:04.80
19Marriotts Ridge High School51079+98+109+110+114 (129+132)30.9818:18.94
20Parkdale High School52433+105+116+120+150 (157+178)2:28.9918:32.05
21The Heights School646.582.5+88+144+164+168 (171+173)2:56.8019:25.54
22C.H. Flowers High School71595+108+156+166+190 (193+195)6:11.5120:23.89
23Glenelg Country School739100+151+160+163+165 (174)2:29.6020:00.60
24St. Vincent Pallotti765131+141+159+162+172 (181+182)2:13.2020:04.42
25Wilde Lake High School773104+142+161+180+186 (192+194)5:13.9820:47.84
26Long Reach High School789.5146+152+154.5+158+179 (184+185)2:26.3020:16.54
27Hammond High School796137+145+169+170+175 (176+177)2:15.6020:25.29
28Bishop McNamara High School879.5154.5+167+183+187+188 (189+191)4:19.3522:14.26
--Elizabeth Seton High SchoolNTS------
--John F. Kennedy High SchoolNTS------