Summer Training Blog: Brit Lang (Entry #1)

A state champion as a freshmen in cross country, Brit Lang of Oakland Mills now enters her senior year of high school seeking her second Maryland state title. Its not because she hasn't been getting faster. This past spring, Lang nearly broke 5 minutes in the mile clocking a 5:01 performance at New Balance Nationals Outdoor and also ran a 3200 PR of 11 minutes flat earlier in the spring. Lang figures to be one of the top competitors this fall for the 2A state title and starts her summer training blog with MileSplit below.

Brit Lang's Summer Training Blog: Entry #1 (July 20-26)

Brit Lang's Summer Training, Week of July 20-26 (Entry #1)

Monday, July, 20: Easy 3 miles around my neighborhood after sunset because it was very warm that day. About 21 minutes.

Tuesday, July 21: 4.5 mile run around a friend’s neighborhood who will be entering high school this year. Medium pace. 34:08

Wednesday, July 22: One mile warm up on the track, easy. 7 300 progressions (pick up the pace every hundred so that on final straight away you are/ almost are sprinting) with the youth team I used to be a part of and still compete at junior Olympics with. All 300s were within 54-51 seconds, the last one was 48 seconds. One mile cool down, barefoot on the turf inside the track.

Thursday, July 23: 3/4 mile warm up. 7 mile run (51:24). Out and back course, easy on the way out (7:25-7:40 pace), ran a little harder on the way back (7:12-6:52 pace). Course was challenging with hills.

Friday, July 24: 3.5 mile run on a long, flat trail beside a river. The trail is perfect for running and has beautiful scenery. I ran a nice, steady, medium pace out and back.

Saturday, July 25: I switched my usual Sunday off and took this day for rest.

Sunday, July 26: 5 mile run with my dad and his friend on the same trail as Friday. A little bit of a faster pace, around 36:00 for the run.