Summer Training Blog: Hayley Jackson (Entry #3)

Patuxent rising junior Hayley Jackson had a virtually perfect sophomore year winning 2A state titles in cross country, indoor (1600 & 3200), and outdoor (1600 & 3200). She also clocked personal best times of 2:17 in the 800, 4:55 in the 1600, 10:37 in the 3200, and 18:42 for 5K. Many look to Jackson as the most talented and top distance runner currently in the state of Maryland, but she will be looking to take her running now to the national level. Jackson catches us up on what she's been doing this summer since the outdoor state meet at Morgan State in her first two training blog entries below.

Hayley Jackson's Summer Training Blog: Entry #1 - Entry #2 - Entry #3

Hayley Jackson's Summer Training Blog, Entry #1

After the State Championships I took almost 2-weeks OFF to rest before starting summer running. Once I started back, weekly training including 3 steady runs of 4-6miles followed by strides, 1 long run (50-55mins), 1 fartlek, & 2 rest days (2 days off or 1 off day & 1 x-training day). By the end of June I was running more consistently with the girls in my training group. Each week we met 1-2 days for more intense sessions with some timed or measured segments & rest. Ex: a Progression Run or a Mileage Breakdown= 10mins, rest, 8mins, rest, 6, rest, 4, rest, 2mins. Running with those girls, who are also my good friends, helped me get back in the rhythm. Then Sami (one of the girls in the group) & I took a vacation with her family to Rehobeth Beach! Coach Kris called it our "Recycle Week" & we ran on some great trails at a park near the beach. Super-FUN week & we actually managed to follow the training schedule!

Unfortunately, right after we returned home, I got REALLY sick with 3 different fevers that hit 102.7! I also developed an eye infection. My little sister Camille called it "Delaware Disease" because I must have caught an illness while in Rehoboth & brought it home! After more time off, rest, x-training & a few very easy days, I knew this week was going to be hard & I was going to get a little upset because I wouldn't be able to run the paces from June. So I just kept reminding myself that it was okay - your times will come back soon - just keep working it!

My first day back was Monday (7/13). Throughout the week I ran 2 steady days, 1 fartlek & 1 long run. On Friday all the girls I train with (Annie, Biz, & her older sister Bri) went up to Annapolis for a workout with Coach Kris. We stayed the night at Sami's grandmother's apartment. Her grandmother is a great hostess & really makes you feel at home! While waiting for Sami to finish work, we walked around Annapolis. We went to dinner at an Italian place and walked downtown to get ice cream and had time to get to know each other even more. Around nine Sami finally got to the apartment and we did girly sleep-over stuff (like watching "Say Yes To the Dress & taking selfies). We fell asleep around 12. Not trying to stay up to late for the workout at 10am.

In the morning we all got ready & ate breakfast. I'm NOT a morning person at all so the girls made sure I didn't fall back to sleep! This workout was definitely an interesting one to come back to. We warmed up with an 8 minute run, stretches and drills. The first part was 2 miles with hills, but Coach Kris dropped me off 1/2mile into the loop - because I was just coming back. During that I was battling to the finish with Sami which brought out some of my competitive sprint. The second part was rhythm & strength (1min ON/1min OFF cycle) on grass that Kris measured out with her trusty wheel! It definitely wasn't comfortable but I fought through it with the best of my ability. Then the last part was 1 fast, strong 800. I survived but that hurt...a lot, but it was worth it. Then we all cooled down & went back to the apartment for brunch & cooling off in the pool! Sunday was my day off. Even though I did have work, it was still relaxing and trust me I take my days off of running pretty seriously!

Hayley Jackson's Summer Training Blog, Entry #2

This week was filled with laughter, pain, and more laughter! Tuesday I took off running & work for a trip to Kings Dominion with my family & friends Hannah & Jordan. We LOVE roller coasters because they give you such an adrenaline rush - kind of like racing! But even we thought Intimidator 305 was too much & earned its name! It felt like a super tough XC course with tons of hills! Just like running (many practices, races, seasons, years) we wanted to do it again & jumped back in line! Since it rained some, people left & we basically rode every ride possible throughout this incredibly fun day.

On Wednesday I woke up with some unfortunately familiar feelings ... stiff, sore, & tired! "Running" around the park & carrying a heavy inner tube up steps on the water-park rides worked some muscles I didn't know I had! So at night I ran my steady 30mins, then strides & accelerations - to flush out.

Around 4pm on Thursday I carpooled with Annie's family to Annapolis for a Summer Series 5k "fun run". Unfortunately we hit A LOT of traffic & arrived 25mins before the start time! But I just figured it was supposed to be "fun" & at least I would get to wear my cool new spikes! My training group (we call ourselves the J-team!!) did a modified, super-quick version of our warm-up routine & rushed to the starting line. Coach Kris helped us put on spikes & then BANG ... OFF we went!

The first mile felt great and then we went into the woods. On a hot, humid day the shade felt perfect - but then the HILL appeared! After yesterday, & the way I felt in general, it turned into a mountain! Seriously it would not stop & I was literally grabbing things to get myself to the top! I was dead but kind of laughing & just wanted to finish because I still had a mile (& some pain) to go. Sami finished 1st, Annie 2nd, & I came in 3rd. Even though my competitive spirit usually takes over in these situations - running through any "adversity" - I felt really excited that my "teammates" all ran great. They've been training strong & having them this summer keeps me honest & more focused. Plus we just make everything we do together SO MUCH FUN!!

Right after everyone in our group finished, Coach Kris decided to make this "fun" into a real party & turned it into a mini-workout day! We ran a 400m grassy loop all together. By then my energy seemed to return & I started around 75, then ran each one faster down to 69 on the last loop! After the workout we went to the mall for our traditional post-practice-picnic! We just pulled tables together in the food court & laid out the spread!

Friday I ran a 35min recover run & rested on Saturday. On Sunday evening I met Sydney, Biz & Bri for a fartlek on some trails.

Hayley Jackson's Summer Training Blog, Entry #3

This week we moved around the order of a few training days. Usually I rest on Sundays, but this week I took off Saturday. My Uncle visited from Texas and we spend all day with my family. After work on Sunday evening, I ran a workout that simulated 1200s at a progressively faster pace. Then we usually finish workouts with a few shorter segments to increase strength & turnover; 3 x 1min (2mins walk/jog rest). This actually felt good! My legs actually felt strong, not like noodles, and my breathing was controlled. I also hit close to all my goal-times, so great day!

Monday thru Saturday I spent more time with Sydney, the newest member of our running group. She just moved here from Florida & already fits in really great! Sydney, Biz, & I ran ...

1) Long Run:

55mins at a steady, comfortable pace

(8-10mins rest)

Short-speed Ladder = 5 x turnover sprints on the grass

(walk back to start)


*It was nice weather & not to hot with over cast. We even saw a copper head so that made us run faster!

*Usually I just run longer days at night around Solomons Island. The lights are pretty and its always fun to photo-bomb the tourists! But today we ran on trails until we couldn't deal with the spider webs anymore! So we ran to my house & back, then out for breakfast.

*Showed Sydney the AB/CORE/STRENGTH routine for "A-day"

2) Fartlek:

10mins @steady rhythm

5 x (2mins @increased effort/1min @easy pace)

5 x (1min @faster pace/1min @easy pace)

5mins @steady rhythm

TOTAL = 40mins

3) XC Workout: 5mls Progression Run on XC Course

3mls @steady, strong, but comfortable pace {75% effort}

1ml @increased effort {80% effort}

1ml @best effort to finish strong

*"B-day" routine ... lower leg dynamics & planking

4) Recovery Run: 35mins @relaxed, comfortable pace

*nice & easy!

5) Steady-State Run & Strides/Accelerations: 45mins

40mins @steady pace & final 5mins @increased effort

(5-6mins rest)

Strides & Accelerations on the grass

(walk back to start)

*just maintaining a good rhythm

6) XC Workout: Mileage Breakdown on hills ... similar to State Course!

Part #1 = simulate 1st mile of a race @strong but manageable pace {BIG hill around 500m!}

(4mins rest)

Part #2 = simulate middle of race approx. 1200m @increased effort & slightly faster {same BIG hill!}

(4mins rest)

Part #3 = 2 x simulate final 800m of race @best effort & stay strong!

Part #4 = 2 x simulate finishing kick @what do I have left?!

*tough day but I stayed focused on my effort & thought about the goals for that day ... run strong & go thru the motions on a course like States ... fun afterwards!

*post-practice picnic ... refuel!

*Coach Kris took us to the VW dealership so Sami could get her car fixed

*pool, shower, & more food at Sami's grandmom's condo

*SHOPPING at the mall!!

7) Rest day ... except work! Need more money for "Back-2-School" shopping!