Summer Training Blog: Adam Nakasaka (Entry #4)

Entry #3 July 25-31

Monday, July 25:
The week began with a 5.27 mile run. Ran through the trails by Candy Cane Park, ending up getting a little lost along the way and playing it by ear but the crew and I managed to make it back. For part of the run we took the roller coaster loop which is a stretch of hills. Soloed a second run later in the day where I just ran through DC for three miles at a 6:09/mile pace.

Tuesday, July 26:
Ran the same route as the previous day at Candy Cane with some minor alterations to extend it marginally to 5.6 miles long. Ran this at a 7:33/mile pace.

Wednesday, July 27:
5 mile tempo. Ran it by myself at 5:55/mile pace although the first three miles were mid 5:40s to low 5:50s, the fourth mile was 5:55 and the last was somewhere around 6:15. We ran en route to where B-CC alum, Lucas Heinzerling, staged his homecoming proposal this past year.

Thursday, July 28:
5.16 mile run. Played it by ear almost the whole way which ended up being a hillier route.

Friday, July 29:
Ran solo past AU and took the trail down to Palisades in DC. Ran back home the same way for a nice 7 mile run at a 7:15/mile pace. 

Saturday, July 30:
Back with the boys for the last team run before running camp. Ran from B-CC to Candy Cane Park and back. It was supposed to be a long run but ended up only being 5.34 miles.

Sunday, July 31:
First day at running camp. Ran a 60 minute run that ended up being 8.53 miles. The pace was 7:01/mile average with a 6:03 fastest mile. Despite the extremely hilly terrain it ended up being a very solid run.

Overall mileage:
45.4 miles