This Decade at Indoor States: Field Events

Talk about ending the decade right! South Hagerstown's Charlie Hoston became the only boy during the decade (2011-20) to clear 6'8 at the indoor state meet back in February. (Photo by John Roemer)

After this year's state championship, the tenth and final year of indoor track within the state of Maryland came to an end (we split up the decades by school years, beginning in 2010-2011 and ending in 2019-20). So let's look back at the top performances at states in that time period! We highlight the top ten relay performances, plus the top times in each classification - be sure to be on the lookout for top 100 rankings in each event coming soon!

High Jump - Boys

1Charlie HostonSouth Hagerstown20206'8
2Jalen StantonCentury20186'7
T3Gregory PetersonStephen Decatur20126'6
T3William HendersonBaltimore Poly20176'6
T3Tyrek GoyPaint Branch20176'6
T3Kaithon McDonaldSouth Hagerstown20186'6
T3Josiah NilsenDulaney20186'6
T3Kavi CasterSouth River20196'6
T3Nico YarboughDulaney20176'6
T3Divinus MutebaNorthwest20186'6

4A (tie)Tyrek GoyPaint Branch20176'6
4A (tie)Josiah NilsenDulaney20186'6
4A (tie)Nico YarboughDulaney20176'6
4A (tie)Divinus MutebaNorthwest20186'6
3ACharlie HostonSouth Hagerstown20206'8
2AJalen StantonCentury20186'7
1ANathan GillManchester Valley20156'4

*classification state meet record

High Jump - Girls

T1Thea LafondJohn F. Kennedy20115'8
T1Isabella LaurelSouth Carroll20145'8
T3Erika HurdManchester Valley20115'6
T3Beth WagnerNorth Hagerstown20115'6
T3Hannah StoneCatoctin20125'6
T3Beyonce KelleyHarford Tech20175'6
T3Taylor WrightNorthwest20185'6
T3Madison DepryWheaton20185'6
9Chelsa HarrisGaithersburg20115'5

4A (tie)Taylor WrightNorthwest20185'6
4A (tie)Madison DepryWheaton20185'6
3AThea LafondJohn F. Kennedy20115'8
2AIsabella LaurelSouth Carroll20145'8
1AErika HurdManchester Valley20115'6

Pole Vault - Boys

T1Bradley HollowellStephen Decatur201115'0
T1Nick NeralCentury201415'0
3Carter HolsingerLinganore201914'7
T4Corey TroxlerSouth River202014'6
T4Chandler KennellCentury201414'6
6Kyle BryantCentury201714'4
T7Samuel StarrsOakdale202014'3
T7Jackson TuomeyBrunswick202014'3
T7Patrick TunkelSouth Carroll202014'3
10Erik StarksOakdale201914'1

4ACorey TroxlerSouth River202014'6
3ABradley HollowellStephen Decatur201115'0
2ANick NeralCentury201415'0
1AJackson TuomeyBrunswick202014'3

*classification state meet record

Pole Vault - Girls

1Olivia GruverFranklin201513'4
2Jackie McNultyOakdale201513'3.25
3Emma KingOakdale201312'6
T4Alexandra ButzHereford201711'6
T4Erin SmithMiddletown201411'6
T4Hannah BoliekHereford201511'6
T4Kelcie RobertsonWalkersville201711'6
8Elizabeth SchriverHereford202011'2

4A (tie)Megan WallDulaney201111'0
4A (tie)Sarah TaylorChesapeake-AA201311'0
4A (tie)Gwendolyn ZeckowskiSouth River201711'0
4A (tie)Jessica BarnardSeverna Park201711'0
3AOlivia GruverFranklin201513'4
2AJackie McNultyOakdale201513'3.25
1AJonelle JerwickSmithsburg201110'6

*classification state meet record

*overall state meet record

Shot Put - Boys

1Jabari BennettJames H. Blake201759'0.25
2Colin McKennyHuntingtown201457'4.75
3Elian AhmarBroadneck201856'9.50
4Collin GreeneHoward202055'11.50
5Andrew BirginWalter Johnson201855'10.50
6Nick KidwellBoonsboro201855'5.50
7Mike NashHereford201755'3.50
8Chet BrunnerCentury202053'6.50
9Aaron LomaxAlbert Einstein202053'6.00
10Joe SimpsonBroadneck202053'4.00

4AElian AhmarBroadneck201856'9.50
3AJabari BennettJames H. Blake201759'0.25
2AMike NashHereford201755'3.50
1ANick KidwelllBoonsboro201855'5.50

Shot Put - Girls

1Antonella TaylorBowie201246'3.75
2Delia SipeUrbana201744'10.50
3Seasons UsualFrederick Douglass-PG201744'1.50
4Sarah GeorgeOxon Hill201943'3.00
5Claudia AbabioClarksburg201443'1.25
6Shelby FrinkWoodlawn201142'6.00
7Tamara OverjeraGov. Thomas Johnson201342'3.00
8Taylor ScaifeHoward201541'7.50
9Paige TolbardFrederick201841'6.75
10Courtney HawkinsHenry E. Lackey201841'4.00

4AAntonella TaylorBowie201246'3.75
3ADelia SipeUrbana201844'10.50
2ASeasons UsualFrederick Douglass-PG201744'1.50
1ACourtney HawkinsHenry E. Lackey201841'4.00

*classification state meet record