MERGED RESULTS: 1A MPSSAA Regional Championships

MileSplit has the feature to merge multiple meets and show you the score and outcome as if they were run as one meet. The results below are a merge of the 2A West, East, and Central.

We will have a full State Meet preview next week but below will show you the top teams and contenders for that meet. 


Team Scores

1Harford Technical High School70
2Largo High School63
3Cambridge-South Dorchester High School47.5
4Friendly High School46
5Western Tech40
6Liberty High School35.5
7Catoctin High School33.25
8Kent County High School17.5
9Joppatowne High School14.5
10Brunswick High School13.5
11Bohemia Manor High School13
12Snow Hill High School12
13South Carroll High School11

55 Meter Dash

1Donte Long2025Friendly High School6.48 10
2Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School6.55 8
3Deonze Eldridge2025The SEED School Of Maryland6.57 6
4Malachi Williams2025Largo High School6.58 4
4Muhamed Thiam2024Western Tech6.58 4
4Tyrell Fennell2025Kent County High School6.58 4
7Teshar Drummond2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School6.64 2
8Malachi Braxton-Brown2025Largo High School6.67 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Donte Long2025Friendly High School34.86 10
2Malichi Williams2025Largo High School34.98 8
3Justin Febles2024Harford Technical High School35.68 6
4Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School35.80 5
5Logan Hurney2024Snow Hill High School36.51 4
6Alex Wockenfuss2025Harford Technical High School36.57 3
7Kojo Cunningham2024Friendly High School36.81 2
8Isaiah Perry2026CMIT Academy36.83 1
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500 Meter Dash

1Alex Wockenfuss2025Harford Technical High School1:06.63 10
2Donte Long2025Friendly High School1:07.38 8
3Justin Febles2024Harford Technical High School1:07.45 6
4Logan Hurney2024Snow Hill High School1:07.48 5
5Grant Stephens2026Friendly High School1:07.56 4
6Israel Wright2024Largo High School1:07.60 3
7Jordan Panton2026Largo High School1:09.51 2
8Preston Jackson2025Forest Park High School1:09.62 1
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800 Meter Run

1Israel Wright2024Largo High School2:02.76 10
2Grant Stephens2026Friendly High School2:03.45 8
3Benjamin Smith2024Liberty High School2:04.66 6
4Jayden Gallion2024CMIT Academy2:04.85 5
5Tekai Drummond2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School2:05.58 4
6Justin Naylor2025Joppatowne High School2:06.46 3
7Dennis Lease2024Catoctin High School2:07.05 2
8Miguel Graham2025Central High School2:07.45 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Justin Naylor2025Joppatowne High School4:38.54 10
2Benjamin Saltysiak2024Harford Technical High School4:38.96 8
3Gabriel Riling2024Catoctin High School4:40.20 6
4Benjamin Smith2024Liberty High School4:44.03 5
5Ethan Dell2024Bohemia Manor High School4:44.04 4
6Ryan Gensler2025Carver A&T High School4:44.23 3
7Chris Novak2026Patterson Mill High School4:44.32 2
8Robert Davis2026Havre de Grace High School4:44.90 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Gabriel Riling2024Catoctin High School9:59.67 10
2Michael Wynkoop2026Smithsburg High School10:18.50 8
3Noah Petroski2024Liberty High School10:26.13 6
4Benjamin Saltysiak2024Harford Technical High School10:28.72 5
5Jason Wolfenden2025Bohemia Manor High School10:37.95 4
6Robert Davis2026Havre de Grace High School10:38.57 3
7Benjamin Brobst2026Southern Garrett High School10:39.89 2
8Gregory Schellberg2025Liberty High School10:40.91 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech7.71 10
2Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School7.87 8
3Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School7.89 6
4Muhamed Thiam2024Western Tech7.90 5
5Edwind Torres2024Chesapeake Science Point High School8.11 4
6Antonio Blueford2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School8.28 3
7Dewayne Roper2025Harford Technical High School8.41 1.5
7Mecai Dudley2025Joppatowne High School8.41 1.5
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Largo High School1:32.85 10
2Harford Technical High School1:33.96 8
3Cambridge-South Dorchester High School1:34.55 6
4Catoctin High School1:34.83 5
5Friendly High School1:35.37 4
6Forest Park High School1:36.18 3
7CMIT Academy1:36.98 2
8Pikesville High School1:37.19 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Largo High School3:28.50 10
2Harford Technical High School3:34.00 8
3Cambridge-South Dorchester High School3:34.87 6
4Catoctin High School3:37.10 5
5Liberty High School3:37.24 4
6Western Tech3:37.60 3
7Forest Park High School3:39.39 2
8CMIT Academy3:40.16 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Largo High School8:36.84 10
2Liberty High School8:52.61 8
3Cambridge-South Dorchester High School8:54.92 6
4Bohemia Manor High School8:57.46 5
5Perryville High School9:00.40 4
6Patterson Mill High School9:01.78 3
7Harford Technical High School9:02.93 2
8Smithsburg High School9:06.23 1
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High Jump

1Larry Stewart2024Kent County High School6-2 10
2Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech6-1 8
3Austen Veach2025Liberty High School5-10 3.5
3Elias Connor2025Brunswick High School5-10 3.5
3Jackson Jean2026Col. Richardson High School5-10 3.5
3Jacob Faith2025Clear Spring High School5-10 3.5
3Joel Kobe2024Largo High School5-10 3.5
3Rah'zir Wilson2026Kent County High School5-10 3.5
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Pole Vault

1Morgon Corwine2024Brunswick High School12-6 10
2Alexander Bloch2026South Carroll High School12-0 8
3Mason Green2025Mardela Middle & High School11-11 6
4Robert Bonhoff2025Harford Technical High School11-5 4.5
4William Jackson2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School11-5 4.5
6Lucas Kodak2026South Carroll High School11-0 3
7Carter LaPorte2026Harford Technical High School10-11 2
8Alaric Blattau2026Liberty High School10-6 0.25
8John Flint2024Smithsburg High School10-6 0.25
8Ryan Vollmer2026Liberty High School10-6 0.25
8Wyatt Sullivan2026Catoctin High School10-6 0.25
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Shot Put

1Elijah Smith2025Western Tech48-6.5 10
2Carter Hess2024Fort Hill High School47-9.5 8
3Waylon Leech2024Hancock Middle Senior High School45-11 6
4Cy McCall2024Perryville High School43-7.75 5
5Nicolas Cullember2025Clear Spring High School42-6 4
6Myles Martin2026Snow Hill High School42-5.75 3
7Abdul Cisse2024Largo High School42-3 1.5
7Gavin Blevins2025Liberty High School42-3 1.5