Meet Information

The meet will be run at Glenelg Country School, and information about that will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Registration for the meet will occur on-line. If you have not done so already, please e-mail Trey Cassidy at Glenelg Country School at simply to confirm that you will participate in the meet. Information on how to register your team and runners on-line will follow toward the end of September. If you are unable to register on-line, please contact Trey Cassidy at Glenelg Country School (410 531-5775), and he will provide you with information on how to proceed with the registration process via fax.

The entry fee for the meet will be $100.00 for co-ed schools and $50.00 for single-sex schools. Checks should be made out to Glenelg Country School, with a notation that the check is for the 11/11 meet. In order to register your runners you will need to have submitted your fee, so please mail your checks any time between now and two weeks before the meet to: Trey Cassidy, Glenelg Country School, 12793 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042.