MPSSAA 2A South Region Meet 2016

Waldorf, MD
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Beth Shook
Westlake High School

At the conclusion of the region meet, the meet director shall provide or post the official results. Meet Directors will bring ALL region meet paperwork to the required state seeding meeting.

General Policies
1. A participant must have represented his/her school in a minimum of 2 scheduled meets during the current spring track season, prior to the region meet.
2. Not more than three competitors from a given school shall be allowed to enter or start in any individual event. Only one team per school shall compete in a relay.
3. Each school shall supply its own baton for the relay races and starting blocks unless notified to do otherwise by the region meet director.

A. Meet Organization

1. The Meet Director or Meet Administrator has the right to challenge any entry that is not consistent with a verifiable performance throughout the current Track and Field Season. The Meet Director or Meet Administrator will notify the coach of the concern and may adjust entry to the best verifiable
performance for the current season.

2. Region meet directors need to declare coaches and athletes for the state meet at a mandatory seeding meeting at Westlake High School on Sunday, May 22 at 9:30 a.m. Region meet directors must return all information and boxes to the state committee chair.

3. An entry received after the Region Meet Entry Deadline (7 days prior to the start of the first meet in that classification) must be accompanied by a check, payable to the MPSSAA, in the amount of $100.00, or the entry is invalid. The burden of proof is on the school.

a. The Region Meet Director is responsible for collecting fees for anyone whose entry applications are incomplete or were not received by the region meet entry deadline.

b. Entries received after the region meet entry deadline, but by the penalty deadline, will be seeded last.

4. The following online method for entry must be used. Meet entry will require teams to register and provide contact information, including an e-mail address. After a team completes the registration process, the regions meet director will receive a copy of the team's registration. Upon receipt, the region meet director can reply, thus immediately notifying the coach that his/her registration has been received.

5. Any team that makes formal application by the established deadline will be entered into the meet. The Following online method for entry must be used. Please follow these directions for submitting entries.

a. Go to , the site hosting the online entry process
b. Log in to your coach account.
c. Click on the Calendar tab and select the your Region Meet from the list of meets.
d. On the Region Meet page, click on Enter Online Now.
e. Check to make sure you are entering the correct region meet and then click on Enter School.
f. Enter/confirm your contact info and select the gender(s) in which you wish to complete entries for and then click Enter Team.
g. You are now able to enter athletes in events for the region meet.
h. After completing entries, print a confirmation copy of your entries by clicking on the print confirmation link at the top of your entry summary. The coach must bring a copy of this entry confirmation to the region meet.
i. If you enter a time other then what is in the milesplit database, you must provide the name of the meet (which must be posted on to which the entry can be verified.

6. You may change your entries until the Entry Deadline established for your meet. After the Entry Deadline, no athlete may be added. Only scratches and substitutions are allowed until the Penalty Deadline.

7. The region meet director and the meet administrator are the only other individuals who will have access to team information (in order to seed the meet on basis of entries received).

8. A scratch or substitution in an individual event is due by the penalty deadline.

9. After that deadline, no substitutions can be made. In addition, after that deadline, all entries in individual
events count as an event that the athlete has participated in.

10. All regions must use the HyTek software provided by the MPSSAA.

11. The region meet director will be responsible for organizing the meet, securing certified officials, arranging
for First Aid services, scoring, and reporting to the executive director those who qualify for state competition. ALL MEETS shall be organized and structured in a uniform way for seeding, placement in lanes, trials on the basis of best performance, etc.
a. Hand timed (HT) races shall be recorded to one-tenth (
1/10) of a second, always rounding up to the next 1/10, i.e. 22.61 = 22.7. Fully automatic timed races (FAT) shall be recorded to one-one hundredth (1/100) of a second, i.e. 48.76 = 48.76. For races below 400m, 0.24 seconds needs to be added to the rounded up time. For races 400m and above 0.14 seconds needs to be added to the rounded up time.
b. No athlete will advance in an uncontested event.
c. In the event that the pole vault facility is unsafe, the event will be moved to a site which is safe.

12. Order of track events:

a. Breaks will be at the discretion of the Meet Director and Games Committee and can last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes in length.
b. If there are more than 18 competitors on a six-lane track or more than 32 competitors on an eight-lane track in the 100 m, 200 m, or high hurdles, at least two contestants must advance from each trial heat to the semifinals. For meets using FAT, only two rounds of 100 m, 200m, or high hurdles will be run. Heat winners plus next fastest times will advance to finals.
c. If a two heat final is required, up to twelve runners can qualify for the finals (6 & 6 split in races).
d. The order of field events shall follow the State meet schedule according to classification.

13. A coaches meeting will begin one hour before the start of the meet, unless otherwise noted.
a. A printed meet time schedule shall be handed out at the coaches meeting and followed as closely as possible. Any necessary schedule adjustments will be made at this time. Whether present or not, each coach is responsible for all changes made at the meeting.
b. Each coach will verify his schools entries for all events to the region meet director.
c. Scratches in the opening round of the 100, 200, and high hurdles on the day of the meet will result in reseeding only if it affects a seeded runner equal to the number of qualifiers or higher seed. Example: If there are races to qualify four, and one of the top four scratch, the race will
be reseeded. Otherwise, the race will run as seeded.
d. Entry in a relay becomes official when the team declares its four runners on the relay card turned into the bullpen. A team will not be permitted to run without a completed relay card.

3. The meet director will set starting heights for the high jump and pole vault, based on entries.
4. Awards: A plaque will be given to the winning team in each classification. Ribbons will be awarded
to the top 8 finishers in each event.
5. Individuals 7 years of age and older will be charged an admission of $6.