2018 Bayside Conference Championships 2018

Cambridge, MD

Meet Information

2018 Bayside Conference Cross County Championships

Schedule of events

1:30 * Course walk (self-guided)

2:00 * Coach's meeting

3:00 * Women's varsity race

3:40 * Men's varsity race

4:20 * Men and Women "B" race

5:15 * Awards

Packet contents

Runner numbers

Timing chips


Course map

Varsity roster with runner numbers listed

Only 7 runners may run in the varsity race.  Make sure to give the correct bib number and chip to the correct athlete.  Any athletes without a bib/chip will not be timed or counted as an official participant. 

Varsity/JV Race        

You may only run 7 runners in each of the varsity races.Make sure that each varsity runner has their correct number and chip. Make sure to let David Dodson know which of your 10 entries will NOT be running in the varsity race.  This way he can scratch them from the list of participants. JV runners do NOT need a number, their race will not be scored.Coaches are responsible for recording the times of their JV runners. 

Race numbers (Varsity race only)

There will be a bib number and chip for all athletes you entered for the varsity race.  DO NOT bib any JV runners.  You will be responsible for timing your JV runners. 

Course Map: