VHSL Class 4 Region C Indoor Track & Field Championship 2018

Hagerstown, MD

Meet Information


Craig Woshner

(540) 667-5226 (JWHS)

(540) 974-6365 (cell)

(540) 667-3154 (fax)


Date & Site

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hagerstown Community College

Athletic, Recreation, and Community Center (ARCC) facility

Doors open to teams at 3:00 p.m., events start at 3:45 p.m.

Long Jump & Triple Jump

Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at  3:00 p.m at James Wood High School


$7.00 for all spectators


VHSCA, VHSL, VIAAA, VATA, VSBA, and VHSL Principal state membership cards only


Key officials (referee, starter, finish line, FAT) will be certified officials. Each team is asked to provide one coach to assist with relay exchanges, turn judging, and field event assistance. The meet directors of the 2 district meets and the starter will act as the Jury of Appeals. If an appeal involves a team associated with a member of the Jury, a substitute from the same district will be assigned.


1) The top 6places in individual events and the top 3 relay teamsfrom each district championship advance to the Region 4A-C Championship.

2) Any other athlete or relay team who has met regional/state standards in a 3 or more team meet and who is listed on Milestat.

3) If an athlete or relay team has met a regional/state standard not in a meet listed on Milestat, the coach must email or FAX the meet results and VHSL regional/state qualifying form to Craig Woshner (meet director) no later than 1 day after the district championship meet. Remember you may use the best time of the season in a 3 or more team meet(as long as it is on milestat) for your entry even if it is not a regional qualifying time.


8 places (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) for all events, including relays.


Team Champions & Runner-Up

Medals to top 8 individuals and top 3 relay teams. Coaches should pick up awards packet prior to leaving the meet.


You will be doing your entries for the Region 4A-C meet twice:

1) Online on Milestat

2) On paper using the Regional Entry Form

Both entries are due by 8:00 p.m. on Monday February 5, 2018. On the VHSL form, you must state the meet and the date of each performance. Milestat entries will open on February 3, 2018. VHSL entry forms must be faxed or emailed to Craig Woshner. Remember to include names of potential alternate relay runners who are not participating in an individual event.

Milestat entries are final and must meet the 3-event running rule (2 if one is 3200m run). Relay team members are not final until the relay card is turned in to the clerk.

Email is preferred over faxing if possible. Please email VHSL entry forms to woshnerc@fcpsk12.net. Coaches will be emailed a VHSL Regional Entry Form at least a week before the meet or coaches may use the Indoor Track Regional Entry Form at www.vhsl.org. Remember, all performances should be verified on the VHSL form.

You will also be entering on Milestat, and the Milestat entries will be uploaded into the Regional Meet. If there is a conflict with the Milestat and VHSL entries that cannot be resolved, the VHSL entry will override the Milestat performance (I will attempt to contact the coach first). Early VHSL entries will be most appreciated.


Email early scratches (no penalty) to woshnerc@fcpsk12.net by the entry deadline but before noon on Wednesday, February 6, so the meet can be properly seeded for the program and events reseeded. After this time, scratches will be taken at the coaches meeting without penalty. No additions will be allowed after the February 5 Milestat and VHSL form deadline.

Team Food

No outside food or drink is permitted into the facility. There will be concessions available in the lobby of the ARCC. The lobby is the only place were food and drink are permitted.

Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed inside the competition area.

HCC Regulations

1) Athletes are not permitted to warm up and/or cool down outside of the ARCC facility unless accompanied and supervised by a coach.

2) No spikes or hard plastic plates of any kind are permitted. Shoes will be inspected in the bullpen and by the starter.

Team Personnel

All team personnel, including managers, scorekeepers, etc., must enter with the team. All team personnel must stay in the track area (infield behind the bleachers) or in the hallways adjacent to the track.

Coaches' boxes in the infield for field events will be described at the coaches' meeting. Head coaches only will be allowed on the infield (except for coaches' boxes in field events).

State Qualifiers

New for 2018!The top 3 athletes in the individual events and the top 3 relay teamsfrom the region meet automatically qualify for the state championship. Individuals and relay teams not in the top 3 at the region meet who have achieved a state qualifier in a meet involving 3 or more teams during the regular season will also qualify for the state championship. You mustfill out a state entry form and turn into the meet director prior to leaving the regional meet. Further information will be given at the coaches' meeting.

Friday Time Schedule

3:00 pm Teams may enter the facility (if you arrive before 3 pm, you must remain on your bus until the facility opens at 3 pm)

3:05 pmCoaches meeting on infield (scratches and other items)

Field Events

3:45 pm

Women's Shot Put (top 8 to finals)

Men's Pole Vault (9' 6" opening height*, 5 alive)

Women's High Jump (4' 6" opening height*, 5 alive)

followed by

Men's Shot Put (top 8 to finals)

Women's Pole Vault (7' 6" opening height*, 5 alive)

Men's High Jump (5' 6" opening height*, 5 alive)

*opening heights subject to change by the games committee/meet director

Running Events (all finals run in sections on time)

3:45 pm

Women's 3200m Relay

Men's 3200m Relay

15 minute break

Women's 55m Hurdles

Men's 55m Hurdles

Women's 55m Dash

Men's 55m Dash

Women's 800m Relay

Men's 800m Relay

Women's 1600m Run

Men's 1600m Run

Women's 500m Dash

Men's 500m Dash

Women's 1000m Run

Men's 1000m Run

Women's 300m Dash

Men's 300m Dash

Women's 3200m Run

Men's 3200m Run

Women's 1600m Relay

Men's 1600m Relay

Team Awards

Teams turn in VHSL paper state entry forms (these may be submitted early if team does not have entries in the later events)