Art Madric Bio

Arthur McKinley Madric is the founder of the Wilmington Track Club. This athletic program was started in 1975 as a result of his working with a thirteen year old girl attending Burnett Middles School named Clarissa Gibson. While he was coaching Clarissa, his 4 year daughter, Maila Madric, became interested in the sport.

In 1976, he entered Maila into a Junior Olympic competition. In 1977, Madric started spending time on the track coaching Maila at P.S. Dupont High School. In no time, neighborhood children asked to join and a unified program began. The team grew ranging from twenty-five to thirty children.

Around 1980, the Wilmington City Parks and Recreation Department acknowledged Art Madric’s team of athletes as one of the city’s programs and began providing financial support.  The program was initially called Wilmington Parks and Recreation Track Club.  Due to the need to travel nationally and the expansion of the track and field program, in 1981 the program was incorporated and became known as the Wilmington Track Club.
Over a period of 35 years, Coach Madric coached countless number of state, regional, and national champions as well as state, regional and national record holders.
He had coaching experiences at Howard Career Center, Sanford and Glasgow High School. Coach Madric was instrumental in building a Track and Field legacy at Glasgow High School from 1992 to 2005. Coach Madric has coached approximately 20 High School State Championship Teams.

Art Madric being both a mentor and coach, is extremely proud of the positive influence track has had on the selected pathways his athletes have chosen. A number of athletes were able to utilize the many strains of life/moral lessons which enabled them to matriculate to major universities and colleges on track and field scholarships. He is proud of those who have found their place in the work force, started their own business and living productive and peaceful lives.

Some of his most proud moments were having the opportunity to be a part of coaching Terri Dendy to the 1988 Olympic team and seeing Connie Ellerbe Washington as a finalist at three Olympic trial. Adding to that Shayla Baine ran on American record setting 4X400 at the University of Illinois. Mike Roberts and Shelly Talbert set National records in the triple jump within minutes of each other at a Jr. Olympic meet at LSU, Baton Rouge La. The most recent proud moment is the fabulous, Glasgow ‘s own Jernail Hayes, represented the United States on the 4X400 meter relay at the Indoor World Games in Istanbul Turkey.
For his accomplishments in track and field, Coach Madric was awarded, the Unsung Hero’s Award, Inducted into the African-American Hall of Fame, and the Delaware Track and Field Hall of Fame.
Coach Madric believes he has been blessed with many good student athletes. He has had the on-going support of many friends and family members especially that of his most precious friend and wife, the lovely Ms. Tillie as she is affectionately known by all the athletes. He thanks Coach Alan Duncan and Coach Steve Lee for the honor of putting together the Art Madric Hall of Fame Invite.