Submitting Meet Results


To submit Meet Results - There are two alternate methods for submitting meet results to Milesplit Wash DC/; entering the results directly OR emailing the results to the Milesplit Wash DC/ webmaster and having him enter them for you.

A. To have the Milesplit Wash DC/ webmaster enter the results for you:

  1. If you have a computer file (almost any format; Hy-Tek, RaceTab, or Raceberry Jam; Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, or PDF's next; scanned in to photo files least) with the results, email it as an attachment . Identify the Name of the Meet, Meet Location, and Date(s) in the email message.
  2. If the results are posted on another website, email the Name of the Meet, Meet Location, Date(s), and the link to the results, to

    Submit results ASAP after the meet. With modern technology, coaches, athletes, parents, and fans expect results to be posted pronto!! We’ll do what we can from the side.

B. To add results to a meet directly:

  1. Click on the Meets tab.

  2. Click on Calendar.

  3. Click on the meet. (Note - The meet must be on the Calendar in order to submit results.  If it’s not, email the Milesplit Wash DC/ webmaster at with the meet information to have it added.)
  4. When the meet information comes up, click on Add Results.
  5. For each “division” of the meet that you want to add/display results (e.g., “Complete Results”, “3A Girls”, “Boys 800m”), you must do so separately. Enter the name of the division in the Document Name box.
  6. Under Format, select Add Pre Tags to maintain the formatting of the results to be entered, or Spreadsheet only if in spreadsheet form. 
  7. In a separate computer screen window (e.g., Hy-Tek, browser, Word, Excel) with the results displayed, Select and Copy the results to be added, including all headings and descriptions.
  8. Paste those results in the New Results box.
  9. Click on Save.
  10. Back in the Meet page, see that your results were added.
  11. Repeat #4-10 for other divisions within the same meet.
  12. Click on Save Changes.
  13. Go to Results > season > meet > results to see your new results live on