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Subscribers to the MileSplit network help MDRunners improve its coverage, and in return they get many benefits.


MDRunners tries to bring you the best coverage of high school track and cross country in Maryland, but that coverage is sometimes limited by cost.  Purchasing and maintaining camera equipment, hiring freelance photographers to cover additional meets, and even covering gas/food/hotel expenses for myself and selected volunteers.  The main source of income for MDRunners is subscriptions, and the money from our subscribers goes directly to support the coverage of meets around the state.  But a subscription is definitely NOT just a donation: subscribers get to access MileSplit on a deeper and richer level, with more access to stats, photos, and videos.  Starting with the 2013-2014 school year, there will also be premium-content articles that can only be accessed by subscribers.  If you're considering becoming a subscriber, check out the positives that come along with it:


Benefits of Subscribing to MileSplit:

#1: Access to the Rankings

MileSplit has the best database in the business, with the deepest set of performances and the most powerful sorting options.  Subscribers can view the complete rankings and sort them in a multitude of ways, including:

  • By County: show the performances from all your local rivals.
  • By Conference: check out where you stand going into the championship meet.
  • By Region: view lists of verified qualifiers as the season progresses.
  • By Classification: see the best performances from schools of the same size, or preview the state meet.
  • By School Year: find out how you compare to other athletes in the same grade, and set your goals for the future.

The database also includes cross country team rankings, which are automatically generated using each athlete's best time from the season.  You can customize by eliminating hand times, getting rid of wind-aided performances, or focusing on returning athletes.  No more cutting and pasting from results into spreadsheets, or hand-typing, or even hand-writing!  Simply put, there is no product out there that can match the MileSplit database.  Subscribers get access to all 50 states, plus combined national rankings.


#2: Virtual Meets

MileSplit's rankings can be used to create customized predictions of upcoming meets, allowing you to scout the competition.  This is a valuable tool for coaches, who can easily generate predicted team scores for their conference or regional meets, then manipulate the results (such as by removing a key athlete) to see the effect on the scores.  It is also very interesting for athletes, who can check out their likely opponents at next Saturday's invitational in the context of a normal results report.  Virtual meets can be automatically generated by using the existing sort methods listed above, or you can create a fully customized meet by selecting the teams yourself.  Virtual meets use the standard events for MD competition.


#3 Deeper, Richer Coverage

Subscribers have access to a wider range of coverage features, from featured photo albums to select interviews and race videos.  Beginning with the next school year, there will also be featured articles on a variety of topics that will be available only to subscribers.  We here at MileSplit are grateful for the support of our subscribers, and we try to express that gratitude by providing premium content that is more than worth the price.


So, how much do you pay for these benefits?  The current subscription price is $36 per year.  This fee is set by MileSplit, and does rise periodically, but even if the price changes at some point in the future, existing subscribers are "locked in" at their rate for the duration of their subscription.  You can also choose to subscribe for longer periods of time, and there is an option coming for monthly subscription fees, allowing you to choose a particular season to access the full benefits.  You can also give subscriptions as gifts to other users!  They make great birthday presents for athletes, can be very meaningful to grandparents following from afar, or could even be a token of appreciation for that coach that has meant so much to your family over the years.  The value of a MileSplit subscription greatly exceeds the cost; ask any subscriber and they will tell you it is more than worth it.


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