Can't Cartwheel in Shot Put? Man, taking out all the fun!

Cartwheeling Clearly
Prohibited in Shot Put

Shot Put Carwheeling Prohibited 

A few years ago, it became an internet video
sensation in the track and field community: a
female shot putter stands in the back of the
ring, executes a one-handed cartwheel and
then releases the implement from her other
hand, all while staying in the ring. There was
no rule prohibiting it at the time, so many
viewed it as a legal attempt. It is actually
illegal, as the shot at one point is below the
shoulder, but many did not make this connection
to the high school rule. The same
technique appeared on the professional
stage in Europe. As social media continued
to pick it up, more and more athletes started
to try this new method. At every level, there
was concern with this technique.
Shortly thereafter, the IAAF (international
governing body for track and field) passed a
rule prohibiting the technique for reasons of
risk minimization. USATF and the NCAA
followed suit. This year, the NFHS includes
the same rule for clarity.
The safety concern should be obvious, that
competitors will land on their head while
unsuccessfully executing the cartwheel.
There are similar prohibitions for other
events for reasons of risk minimization, such
as no somersaults in the long