MileSplit has a great feature where it can merge meets together to see hypothetical results under the virtual meets option. Check out which teams come out on top in the team merge and which 16 individuals come out on top in each event. 

For the boys, Thomas Johnson comes out on top with 62 points, 8 points ahead of second-place Paint Branch!

Team Scores

1Gov. Thomas Johnson High School62
2Paint Branch High School54
3Digital Harbor High School38
4Howard High School37
5Old Mill High School27
6Oakland Mills High School26.14
7Bowie High School25.64
8Westlake High School24.5
9Oakdale High School22
10Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School17
11Centennial High School15
12DuVal High School14
12Tuscarora High School (MD)14
14Chopticon High School12
15Walt Whitman High School11
16Eastern Tech High School10.5
17Catoctin High School10
17Fort Hill High School10
17Mt. Hebron High School10
17Western Tech10

100 Meter Dash

1Marlin Newsome2024Centennial High School10.45 10
2Zachary Braden2026Great Mills High School10.46 8
3Roman Spikes2024Paint Branch High School10.49 6
4Ameer Mowad2025Eastern Tech High School10.54 4.5
4Donte Long2025Friendly High School10.54 4.5
6Deonze Eldridge2025The SEED School Of Maryland10.59 3
7Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School10.61 2
8Tarique Wright2024Springbrook High School10.62 1
9Zyheem Collick2024Snow Hill High School10.65 0
10Christian Coleman Hallums2024Mt. Hebron High School10.68 --
11Gunnar Williams2024Arundel High School10.72 --
11Jawon Blue2024Digital Harbor High School10.72 --
13David Nnabuko2026Westlake High School10.76 --
14Cole Friedman2024Broadneck Senior High School10.77 --
14Nasir Holden2024Parkside High School10.77 --
16James Harrison2025C.H. Flowers High School10.80 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Nicholas C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School21.15 10
2Roman Spikes2024Paint Branch High School21.28 8
3Ameer Mowad2025Eastern Tech High School21.30 6
4Marlin Newsome2024Centennial High School21.50 5
5Denver Shields2024New Town High School21.53 4
6Zyheem Collick2024Snow Hill High School21.54 3
7David Nnabuko2026Westlake High School21.55 1.5
7Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School21.55 1.5
9Damilola Oyeniran2025Seneca Valley High School21.62 0
10Tarique Wright2024Springbrook High School21.69 --
11Quentin Braithwaite2025Montgomery Blair High School21.70 --
12Doyin Smith2024Parkville High School21.72 --
12Ebube Emechebe2024Westlake High School21.72 --
14Deonze Eldridge2025The SEED School Of Maryland21.75 --
15LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School21.79 --
16Christian Coleman Hallums2024Mt. Hebron High School21.87 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Nicholas C Spikes2024Paint Branch High School46.59 10
2LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School46.93 8
3Wesley Todd2024Bowie High School47.31 6
4Damon Ferguson2026Milford Mill47.76 4.5
4Jayden Deleon2026Oakland Mills High School47.76 4.5
6Malachi Williams2025Largo High School47.82 3
7Kelechi Anyanwu2025Westlake High School47.91 2
8Chase Burke2024Hammond High School48.02 1
9Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School48.34 0
10Ben Wheeler2026Hereford High School48.44 --
11Jordan Tuck2024Northern-Calvert High School48.49 --
12Caleb Adams2024Chesapeake High School-AA48.57 --
13Evan Newcomer2024Kent Island High School48.60 --
14Atebeh Awungjia2024DuVal High School48.70 --
15Dominic Roddy2024Northeast Senior High School48.87 --
16Osman Fanny2024Gaithersburg High School48.89 --
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800 Meter Run

1Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School1:52.60 10
2Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School1:53.40 8
3Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)1:53.53 6
4Christian Childs2024Manchester Valley High School1:53.63 5
5Aaron Lippman2024Parkville High School1:53.83 4
6Alex Wockenfuss2025Harford Technical High School1:54.28 3
7Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School1:54.85 2
8Alexander Risso2024Montgomery Blair High School1:55.06 1
9Andrew J. Tucker2024Northwest High School1:55.82 --
10Sherwin Yarema2024Marriotts Ridge High School1:55.90 --
11Jake Weakland2024Hereford High School1:55.91 --
12Fox Larson2024Broadneck Senior High School1:56.18 --
13Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School1:56.44 --
14Grant Stephens2026Friendly High School1:56.86 --
15Jaxon Collins2026Hammond High School1:56.94 --
16Darly Philogene2027Springbrook High School1:56.99 --
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1600 Meter Run

1James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School4:08.36 10
2Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School4:09.53 8
3Ryan Hartranft2025Century High School4:13.00 6
4Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School4:13.80 5
5Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School4:14.03 4
6Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School4:15.19 3
7Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School4:15.24 2
8Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)4:15.80 1
9Weston Carr2024Chopticon High School4:19.35 --
10Korey Kauflin2026Urbana High School4:19.79 --
11Naasir Bakari2025Northwest High School4:19.83 --
12Cormac Moroney2024Linganore High School4:21.10 --
13Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School4:21.44 --
14Patrick Mozden2024Albert Einstein High School4:21.81 --
15Justin Naylor2025Joppatowne High School4:24.38 --
16Gabriel Riling2024Catoctin High School4:24.68 --
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3200 Meter Run

1James Partlow2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School9:16.29 10
2Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School9:18.80 8
3Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School9:29.75 6
4Tsedeke Jakovics2025Old Mill High School9:33.12 5
5Grant Pritchard2024Leonardtown High School9:35.91 4
6Anthony Verdi IV2024Urbana High School9:36.44 3
7Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)9:38.49 2
8London Layton2024Crofton High School9:41.24 1
9Hunter Whitten2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School9:41.76 --
10Santiago Gutierrez2026Winston Churchill High School9:42.27 --
11Connor McIntyre2025Mardela Middle & High School9:47.10 --
12Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School9:49.35 --
13Gabriel Riling2024Catoctin High School9:51.32 --
14Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School9:52.21 --
15Theodore Brown2025Towson High School9:53.42 --
16Edward Sun2025Thomas S. Wootton High School9:54.48 --
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School13.91 10
2Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School14.29 8
3Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School14.32 6
4GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School14.40 5
5Ojigwe Olua2025Western Tech14.46 4
6Timothy Rich2024Baltimore Poly High School14.49 3
7Aaron Little2024Parkville High School14.52 2
8Edwind Torres2024Chesapeake Science Point High School14.68 1
9Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School14.69 --
10Joseph Addo2024Paint Branch High School14.73 --
11Joseph Blake2024Parkside High School14.75 --
12Antonio Blueford2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School14.76 --
12Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School14.76 --
14Jayden Apenteng2025Northwood High School14.79 --
15Josiah Teasley2025Quince Orchard High School14.84 --
16Emmanuel Egbujonuma2025Overlea High School14.86 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Benick Akeh2024James Hubert Blake High School37.91 9
1GABRIEL MURRAY2025Oakland Mills High School37.91 9
3Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School38.66 6
4Tori Willis2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School38.68 5
5Justin DeVaughn2025Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School38.75 4
6Jayden Apenteng2025Northwood High School38.86 3
7Justin Febles2024Harford Technical High School39.08 2
8Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School39.13 1
9Mason Worley2024Walkersville High School39.22 0
10Ryder Johnston2024North Hagerstown High School39.33 --
11Josiah Teasley2025Quince Orchard High School39.49 --
12Mecai Dudley2025Joppatowne High School39.52 --
13Ethan Madraymootoo2024Urbana High School39.55 --
14Jair Clinton2025Western Tech40.01 --
15Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School40.12 --
16Connor Fries2026Mt. Hebron High School40.13 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Westlake High School41.37 10
2Gov. Thomas Johnson High School41.83 8
3Chesapeake High School-AA42.16 6
4Arundel High School42.24 5
5Parkside High School42.25 4
6Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School42.27 3
7North Point High School42.32 2
8Overlea High School42.37 1
9New Town High School42.73 --
10Gaithersburg High School42.75 --
11Wicomico High School42.81 --
12River Hill High School42.86 --
13St. Charles High School42.89 --
14Montgomery Blair High School42.98 --
15Pocomoke Senior High School42.99 --
16Centennial High School43.09 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Paint Branch High School1:24.96 10
2Bowie High School1:25.26 8
3Westlake High School1:25.27 6
4Gov. Thomas Johnson High School1:26.19 5
5Digital Harbor High School1:26.34 4
6Hammond High School1:26.57 3
7Milford Mill1:26.65 2
8Oakland Mills High School1:26.80 1
9Wicomico High School1:27.32 --
10Chesapeake High School-AA1:27.67 --
11Old Mill High School1:27.79 --
12Seneca Valley High School1:27.94 --
13Eastern Tech High School1:28.00 --
14North Point High School1:28.61 --
15Snow Hill High School1:28.64 --
16Springbrook High School1:28.69 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Paint Branch High School3:15.34 10
2Bowie High School3:15.35 8
3Digital Harbor High School3:16.31 6
4Westlake High School3:18.75 5
5North Point High School3:18.80 4
6DuVal High School3:18.97 3
7Hammond High School3:18.99 2
8Seneca Valley High School3:19.12 1
9Urbana High School3:19.13 --
10Montgomery Blair High School3:20.28 --
11Milford Mill3:21.37 --
12Suitland High School3:21.51 --
13Eastern Tech High School3:21.74 --
14James Hubert Blake High School3:21.93 --
15Chesapeake High School-AA3:22.30 --
16New Town High School3:22.43 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Howard High School7:50.71 10
2Chopticon High School7:51.97 8
3Old Mill High School7:54.00 6
4Tuscarora High School (MD)7:54.06 5
5Manchester Valley High School7:58.06 4
6Urbana High School7:58.33 3
7Gov. Thomas Johnson High School7:59.07 2
8Northwest High School7:59.73 1
9Westlake High School8:02.10 --
10Broadneck Senior High School8:02.73 --
11Leonardtown High School8:03.07 --
12Montgomery Blair High School8:03.89 --
13Liberty High School8:05.03 --
14Paul Laurence Dunbar High School8:05.85 --
15Southern (AA) High School8:09.35 --
16Catoctin High School8:09.84 --
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High Jump

1Larry Stewart2024Kent County High School6-6 8
1Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School6-6 8
1Vernon Price2024North Dorchester High School6-6 8
4AJ York2026Oakland Mills High School6-4 2.143
4Derrick Jones2025Boonsboro High School6-4 2.143
4Jacob Faith2025Clear Spring High School6-4 2.143
4Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School6-4 2.143
4Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School6-4 2.143
4Princwill Osahon2025Bowie High School6-4 2.143
4Yassine Idrissa2024Thomas S. Wootton High School6-4 2.143
11Bakari Taylor2026Winston Churchill High School6-2 --
11Cameron Jefferson2024Milford Mill6-2 --
11Korey Blair2025Overlea High School6-2 --
11Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School6-2 --
11Tim Kolawole2024C. Milton Wright High School6-2 --
11Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School6-2 --
17Albert Gyan2024Sherwood High School6-0 --
17Clark Fuhwni2025Springbrook High School6-0 --
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Long Jump

1Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School23-9.75 10
2Jaycob Tidwell2025La Plata High School22-11.75 8
3Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School22-8 6
4Keshon Tate2025Oakland Mills High School22-6.75 4.5
4Tristin Borgholthaus2024Patuxent High School22-6.75 4.5
6Aydan Downie2025Col. Richardson High School22-4.5 3
7Nasib Bundu2025Eleanor Roosevelt High School22-4.25 2
8Atebeh Awungjia2024DuVal High School22-3.25 1
9Donovan Harrington2024Oakdale High School22-2.25 0
10JaDereon Thompson2027Queen Anne's County High School22-0 --
11Martin Ohakah2024North County High School21-11.25 --
12AJ York2026Oakland Mills High School21-11 --
13Jonylson Prucien2024Wicomico High School21-8 --
14Darius Eubank2025Walkersville High School21-7.75 --
15Kahli Davenport2024Digital Harbor High School21-7.5 --
16Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School21-7.25 --
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Triple Jump

1Atebeh Awungjia2024DuVal High School46-11.75 10
2Ronald Johnson2026Henry E. Lackey High School46-11 8
3Zamir Herald2024Howard High School46-0.25 6
4Martin Ohakah2024North County High School45-11.25 5
5Ryan Hall2025Northwest High School45-3.75 4
6Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School44-8.5 2.5
6Nathan Chaney2024Northern-Calvert High School44-8.5 2.5
8Kofi Duro2025Arundel High School44-6 1
9David Obadofin2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School44-4.75 0
10Furious Trammel2024Catoctin High School44-2.5 --
10Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School44-2.5 --
12Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School44-1.75 --
12Vernon Price2024North Dorchester High School44-1.75 --
14Elijah Butler2026Bowie High School44-1.5 --
15Darrell Pierson2025Milford Mill44-0.75 --
16Derrick(DJ) McCorkle Jr2025Northern-Calvert High School44-0.25 --
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Pole Vault

1Gilberto Ramos2025Gov. Thomas Johnson High School14-6 9
1Jackson Larson2024Winston Churchill High School14-6 9
3Jonas Sparks2026Oakdale High School14-0 6
4Logan Crowe2024Hereford High School13-6 4
4Lukas Michael2024Westminster High School13-6 4
4Reese Howard2025Parkside High School13-6 4
7Alexander Bloch2026South Carroll High School13-0 0.375
7Chase Severtson2024Crofton High School13-0 0.375
7Godwill Kpalbil2024Harford Technical High School13-0 0.375
7Hudson Smith2025Middletown High School13-0 0.375
7Judah Goslee2024Wicomico High School13-0 0.375
7Mason Green2025Mardela Middle & High School13-0 0.375
7Morgon Corwine2024Brunswick High School13-0 0.375
7Ryan Vollmer2026Liberty High School13-0 0.375
15Elijah Ford2024North County High School12-6 --
15Logan Zakour2026Crofton High School12-6 --
15Luke Freimanis2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School12-6 --
15Tristan Sudama2025Old Mill High School12-6 --
15William Jackson2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School12-6 --
20Adeeb Pender2024Oakland Mills High School12-0 --
20Alaric Blattau2026Liberty High School12-0 --
20Corban Jones2026Hereford High School12-0 --
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Shot Put

1Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School55-1.75 10
2Tristin Gray2025Digital Harbor High School51-7.75 8
3Elijah Smith2025Western Tech50-11.75 6
4Logan Ruehl2024Mt. Hebron High School50-4 5
5Paul X. Rivers2024Northwest High School50-3 4
6Aaron Humes2024Urbana High School50-1.5 3
7Spencer Dewease2024Gov. Thomas Johnson High School49-3.75 2
8Devin McNair2025Henry E. Lackey High School49-3.25 1
9Jacob Breitstein2027Winston Churchill High School48-9.75 --
10Xavier Hawkins2024Calvert High School48-8.5 --
11Sima Saavedra2026La Plata High School48-7.5 --
12Adetoye Onyekaba2025Crofton High School48-2.75 --
13Nehemiah Covington2024Franklin High School48-2 --
14Deacon McIlvaine2025Catoctin High School48-0 --
15Andrew Highland2024Allegany High School47-6.25 --
16William Mandis2025Chopticon High School47-6 --
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1Carter Hess2024Fort Hill High School189-3 10
2Ruichen He2025Glenelg High School181-2 8
3Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School172-10 6
4Logan Ruehl2024Mt. Hebron High School170-4 5
5William Mandis2025Chopticon High School169-9 4
6Stephen Neal2024North Point High School166-3 3
7Favor Bate2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School160-2 2
8Joe Flynn2024Walter Johnson High School159-9 1
9Willie Washington2024La Plata High School153-7 --
10Amarch Drammeh2024Eleanor Roosevelt High School153-6 --
11Juan Macatangay2024Atholton High School151-2 --
12Elijah Smith2025Western Tech150-11 --
13Andrew Highland2024Allegany High School150-7 --
14Thomas Kilby2024Perryville High School149-5 --
15Anthony Harris2024Arundel High School149-4 --
16Luke Byerly2025Severna Park High School149-1 --