Maria Carberry Going To Put Her Dukes Up! Headed To Duquesne University!

Urbana senior Maria Carberry may have had to sit on the sidelines this cross country season due to injury, but didn't stop the 2-time state champion 3200 meter run from finding the right college to continue her running at next fall. Carberry recently announced that she has decided that she will attending and be running for Duquense University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Check out interview below with Carberry on her college decision.

How does it feel to get the college decision out of the way fairly early in the process?

I am so relieved that I can finally relax and focus on getting myself healthy so I can run again. It was definitely the hardest decision I ever had to make and I am glad that the stress is over with.

What about Duquense University stood out for you to ultimately make your decision to go there?

I really like the small school feel and the religious aspect of what Duquesne stands for. The church on campus is beautiful, and I can't wait to be able to go there whenever I want. I also really enjoy the girls on the team and the coach.

Being injured for your senior season of cross country, did you feel the college coaches treated you any differently since you weren't out there running this fall?

No, I have been so lucky that the coaches I have been talking to believe in me and can see my determination and passion to run. If anything they have surprised me with how normal they have treated me.

Did you do anything as a junior to plan, prepare or research for colleges and visits as a senior?

I started to seriously look at colleges in June of 2015. I want to be an occupational therapist so I mainly looked at schools with OT programs or good psychology programs, and I also considered the level of the team.

What advice would you give to other seniors still trying to decide on a school or younger runners yet to go through the college recruiting process?

I would say to try not to stress so much over the decision. Try to picture yourself at each of the schools you are looking at and pick the one you think you will be the most happiest at.

What are you most looking forward to with college and college running?

I am definitely looking forward to running at a different level of competition and being more independent.