Salute to Seniors: Bel Air Distance Runner Elizabeth Pickett

Photo: John Roemer

Name: Elizabeth Pickett

School: Bel Air HS

What was your most memorable race/throw/jump/vault/moment? Why is that?

My most memorable race was my 3200 race at states in 2021 for my junior year. This race was so memorable for me because it was my first time winning a solo state championship title and after going through covid and losing my motivation, this race definitely helped me gain my spark back into running. It was also the first year I actually tried the 3200 so that was awesome!

Was there a certain moment or breakthrough race/meet when you realized you would be able to compete at a high level?

I always knew I wanted to compete at a higher level beyond high school but I didn't have any idea how high I wanted to compete. When I ran at the 2021 Adidas indoor nationals and how I saw some great competition there and how I raced well with all of those girls, I saw myself at that moment being able to compete in college.

What are some bumps in the road that you've encountered when it comes to training for different events during the season?

I feel like with long distances you have to be well-rounded in all aspects of running to perform well. I knew that I had that endurance aspect to be able to run well in the 3200 and keep pace for the 1600 but I often found myself not having that speed turnover like most people did in races and I used to be really hard on myself for not being as fast as I wanted to. Also with having faced an injury in my junior year, we played it very safe in the beginning and it took some time to adjust to getting back to my best version.

If you are writing a letter to your younger freshman self, what advice might you give them?

Stop being so hard on yourself and learn how to be kinder to yourself after races.

If you had to pick: Track and Field or Cross Country, and why? (If you only run Track, then don't worry about explaining why).

I would say track because I like being able to have different events to run, but I still have loads of love for XC.

What are your post-high school or college plans? If Running in college, explain why you picked that school.

I am going to be running at the University of Texas-Austin! I picked this school because Texas has all of the resources for me to be my best self there. The team is amazing and the school is just absolutely beautiful. Also, since I was born in texas it's nice to go back home!

What is your favorite pre-race snack, tradition, etc.?

Buttered noodles all the way.

Name the top Maryland Cross Country or Track moment(s) you have witnessed. Could be by the level of greatness or just something that really stood out to you.

Any time Juliette Whittaker has run. That girl is amazing.

Who would you like to say "thank you" to?

I would just like to say a huge thank you to my dad. His sacrifices don't go unnoticed and the way that he has positively impacted so many other athletes, not including myself is beyond amazing. He is the reason why I even wanted to start track in the first place so I am blessed to have him by my side.