REGIONALS MERGE: 1A Classification (With Team Scores)

We merged all 4 regional divisions (East, South, West, and North) for the 1A Classification. This list includes all athletes that ran in the regional lists and the time or mark that they hit at the meet (Not necessarily the best time they have run this season). It should provide a good preview of what might shake out next week at the State Championship. 


Projected Team Scores

1Western Tech104
2Smithsburg High School81.4
3Largo High School73
4Allegany High School58.5
5Mountain Ridge High School46.2
6Bohemia Manor High School34
7Boonsboro High School33.5
8Cambridge-South Dorchester High School32
9Francis Scott Key High School29
10Fort Hill High School28
10Northern Garrett High School28
12Patterson Mill High School20
13Brunswick High School18
14South Carroll High School17.45
15CMIT High School South14.5
16Hancock Middle Senior High School14
17CMIT Academy11.5
18Edmondson-Westside High School9
18Southern Garrett High School9
20Clear Spring High School7.58
21Havre de Grace High School7.5
22Forest Park High School5.33
23Snow Hill High School4.53
24Catoctin High School4
24Joppatowne High School4
26Kent County High School3
26Pocomoke Senior High School3
28Academy for College and Career Exploration1
28Chesapeake Science Point High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School12.42 10
2Aanya Freeland2024Largo High School12.61 8
3Peace Mbah2024Western Tech12.70 6
4Enazajah Young2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School12.77 5
5Jamayla Stansbury2023Havre de Grace High School12.84 3.5
5Taneya Watson2025CMIT Academy12.84 3.5
7Madison Whitmyer2024CMIT High School South12.90 2
8Olivia Morgan2026Western Tech12.94 1
9Mahogany Jones2023Edmondson-Westside High School12.99 0
10NyJae Malikali-El2026Forest Park High School13.12 --
11Jaden Emerson2026Fort Hill High School13.14 --
12Casey Jackson2025Forest Park High School13.15 --
13Darryn Hough2024Forest Park High School13.16 --
14Alison George2025Brunswick High School13.19 --
14Jeanna Mpay2024Coppin Academy13.19 --
16Blessany Turner2024Joppatowne High School13.22 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Aanya Freeland2024Largo High School25.71 10
2Mahogany Jones2023Edmondson-Westside High School26.18 8
3Avery Miller2025Allegany High School26.21 5.5
3Madison Whitmyer2024CMIT High School South26.21 5.5
5Jamayla Stansbury2023Havre de Grace High School26.50 4
6Tamunobelema Olungwe2024Western Tech26.52 3
7Amirah Coward2026CMIT Academy26.59 2
8NyJae Malikali-El2026Forest Park High School26.60 1
9Lailah Fersner2026Largo High School26.68 0
10Jenna Howe2025Smithsburg High School26.98 --
11Lauren Chesney2023South Carroll High School27.12 --
12Gabrielle Williams2026Washington High School27.21 --
13Salima Newsome2024Forest Park High School27.22 --
14Olivia Fox2025Western Tech27.48 --
15Niyah Flack2024CMIT High School South27.49 --
16Shyasia White2024Coppin Academy27.52 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School56.97 10
2Tamunobelema Olungwe2024Western Tech1:00.06 8
3Lauren Chesney2023South Carroll High School1:00.38 6
4Jenna Howe2025Smithsburg High School1:00.71 5
5Olivia Fox2025Western Tech1:01.06 4
6Lailah Fersner2026Largo High School1:01.17 3
7Madison Whitmyer2024CMIT High School South1:02.19 2
8Leila Sollas2026Patterson Mill High School1:02.25 1
9Grace Ellis2025Smithsburg High School1:02.70 --
10Colleen Nelsen2023Bohemia Manor High School1:03.27 --
11Alexa Domathoti2025Brunswick High School1:03.36 --
12Arieon Stokes2025Forest Park High School1:03.48 --
13Brooke Pribulick2023South Carroll High School1:03.72 --
14Sumer Young2025Snow Hill High School1:04.12 --
15Olivia Baker2026Catoctin High School1:04.19 --
16Sasha Rivera2023Loch Raven High School1:04.36 --
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800 Meter Run

1Mary Delaney2023Mountain Ridge High School2:17.97 10
2Lydia Nelson2024Northern Garrett High School2:24.45 8
3Grace Ellis2025Smithsburg High School2:26.73 6
4Kayla Hawbecker2025Smithsburg High School2:27.85 5
5Sophia Brown2023Northern Garrett High School2:28.28 4
6Cora Gentzel2025Smithsburg High School2:28.89 3
7Morgan Jarrell2023Brunswick High School2:29.17 2
8Paige Etnoyer2023Snow Hill High School2:31.54 1
9Morgan Ruggles2024Allegany High School2:31.94 --
10Morgan Davis2025Washington High School2:33.04 --
11Stella Alumonah2024Western Tech2:35.15 --
12Leila Sollas2026Patterson Mill High School2:35.89 --
13Sarah Muller2025Patterson Mill High School2:36.33 --
14Clara Ekeagwu2026Largo High School2:36.51 --
15Evelyn Reeder2025Mardela Middle & High School2:37.20 --
16Camryn Russum2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School2:39.71 --
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1600 Meter Run

1Mary Delaney2023Mountain Ridge High School5:06.26 10
2Lydia Nelson2024Northern Garrett High School5:14.74 8
3Caroline Matthews2024Boonsboro High School5:20.91 6
4Cora Gentzel2025Smithsburg High School5:24.75 5
5Kayla Hawbecker2025Smithsburg High School5:28.68 4
6Kathryn Scott2023Bohemia Manor High School5:29.57 3
7Sophia Brown2023Northern Garrett High School5:32.93 2
8Abigail Horsmon2026Patterson Mill High School5:35.54 1
9Paige Etnoyer2023Snow Hill High School5:38.45 --
10Abby Butina2024Southern Garrett High School5:39.38 --
11Skylar Pizzulli2025Bohemia Manor High School5:40.01 --
12Kamryn Rice2025Fort Hill High School5:42.62 --
13Morgan Davis2025Washington High School5:47.17 --
14Camryn Russum2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School5:48.22 --
15Lauren Scott2024Bohemia Manor High School5:56.54 --
16Natalia Flores2026Patterson Mill High School5:58.52 --
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3200 Meter Run

1Mary Delaney2023Mountain Ridge High School11:08.26 10
2Caroline Matthews2024Boonsboro High School11:12.05 8
3Abigail Horsmon2026Patterson Mill High School11:43.48 6
4Kathryn Scott2023Bohemia Manor High School11:50.15 5
5Cora Gentzel2025Smithsburg High School12:02.59 4
6Skylar Pizzulli2025Bohemia Manor High School12:07.84 3
7Michaela Gross2024Smithsburg High School12:23.06 2
8Kayla Hawbecker2025Smithsburg High School12:26.96 1
9Paige Etnoyer2023Snow Hill High School12:31.62 --
10Kamryn Rice2025Fort Hill High School12:36.95 --
11Brylee Gray2025Mountain Ridge High School12:40.75 --
12Kaylee Bowser2025Northern Garrett High School13:02.29 --
13Lauren Scott2024Bohemia Manor High School13:10.90 --
14Brooklyn Ashcraft2025Snow Hill High School13:26.62 --
15Natalie Davis2026Washington High School13:31.00 --
16Carli Lenhoff2026Patterson Mill High School13:51.45 --
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Ayniah Fersner2024Largo High School15.47 10
2Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech15.56 8
3Oluwatunmishe Olunuga2025Western Tech15.69 6
4Ariel Thomas2025Western Tech16.26 5
5Paula Cofrades2024Catoctin High School16.83 4
6Camille Williams2025Pocomoke Senior High School17.20 3
7Brooke Turner2024South Carroll High School17.31 2
8Samantha Preaskorn2023Allegany High School17.66 1
9Annabeth Hughes2024Mountain Ridge High School17.85 --
10Jade Shaw2025Joppatowne High School17.97 --
11Abigail Barker2025Bohemia Manor High School18.06 --
12Emma Joyal2025Smithsburg High School18.10 --
13Antonia Santacroce2026South Carroll High School18.17 --
14Leah Howe2024Smithsburg High School18.22 --
15Cheyenne Naile2025Clear Spring High School18.34 --
16Kayla Dandridge2026Surrattsville High School18.44 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Ayniah Fersner2024Largo High School46.15 10
2Oluwatunmishe Olunuga2025Western Tech48.52 8
3Taylor King2025Smithsburg High School49.41 6
4Peace Mbah2024Western Tech49.72 5
5Stefani Burns2025Patterson Mill High School49.96 4
6Ariel Thomas2025Western Tech50.01 3
7Sergia Nyambi2026Brunswick High School50.69 2
8Lydia Richardson2024Chesapeake Science Point High School50.91 1
9Samantha Preaskorn2023Allegany High School51.01 --
10Davina Bokwala2026CMIT Academy52.16 --
11Annabeth Hughes2024Mountain Ridge High School52.63 --
12Taniya Freeman2023Washington High School52.69 --
13Cheyenne Naile2025Clear Spring High School52.76 --
14Jaelyn Strand2024Perryville High School53.41 --
15Jalynn Mayfield-Rice2025Patterson Mill High School53.59 --
16Danielle Brobst2024Southern Garrett High School53.80 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Largo High School49.90 10
2Western Tech50.62 8
3Smithsburg High School50.64 6
4Brunswick High School51.20 5
5Forest Park High School51.87 4
6Francis Scott Key High School52.05 3
7CMIT Academy52.12 2
8Patterson Mill High School52.59 1
9Catoctin High School52.63 --
10CMIT High School South52.64 --
11Mountain Ridge High School52.66 --
12Frederick Douglass-BC High School52.69 --
13Joppatowne High School52.80 --
14Loch Raven High School52.98 --
15Coppin Academy53.07 --
16Boonsboro High School53.38 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Western Tech1:46.70 10
2Largo High School1:47.69 8
3Smithsburg High School1:47.89 6
4CMIT High School South1:49.22 5
5Joppatowne High School1:49.26 4
6CMIT Academy1:49.72 3
7Brunswick High School1:49.79 2
8South Carroll High School1:51.29 1
9Mountain Ridge High School1:52.01 --
10Bohemia Manor High School1:52.48 --
11Frederick Douglass-BC High School1:53.26 --
12Catoctin High School1:53.90 --
13Patterson Mill High School1:54.43 --
14Loch Raven High School1:54.96 --
15Snow Hill High School1:55.61 --
16Coppin Academy1:56.09 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Smithsburg High School4:13.29 10
2Western Tech4:15.28 8
3Bohemia Manor High School4:15.86 6
4Mountain Ridge High School4:18.89 5
5Southern Garrett High School4:19.31 4
6Brunswick High School4:20.29 3
7Largo High School4:22.06 2
8Snow Hill High School4:22.40 1
9Northern Garrett High School4:22.48 --
10Patterson Mill High School4:25.69 --
11Cambridge-South Dorchester High School4:28.09 --
12South Carroll High School4:29.53 --
13Catoctin High School4:29.65 --
14Loch Raven High School4:30.64 --
15CMIT Academy4:35.26 --
16Crossland High School4:36.14 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Mountain Ridge High School9:54.50 10
2Smithsburg High School9:56.12 8
3Northern Garrett High School10:05.45 6
4Southern Garrett High School10:23.65 5
5Bohemia Manor High School10:27.97 4
6Patterson Mill High School10:41.72 3
7Allegany High School10:42.35 2
8Snow Hill High School10:45.17 1
9Catoctin High School10:45.98 --
10Brunswick High School10:50.02 --
11Western Tech10:59.12 --
12South Carroll High School11:05.23 --
13Washington High School11:13.00 --
14Pikesville High School11:13.55 --
15Largo High School11:21.10 --
16Frederick Douglass-BC High School11:23.91 --
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High Jump

1Ashleigh Porter2024Francis Scott Key High School5-2 10
2Kylie Snyder2023Smithsburg High School5-0 8
3Aidan Faith2023Hancock Middle Senior High School4-10 4
3Ava Hoeflich2026Francis Scott Key High School4-10 4
3Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School4-10 4
3Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School4-10 4
3Sergia Nyambi2026Brunswick High School4-10 4
8Alexa Arnold2024Snow Hill High School4-8 0.333
8Dana Hammond2024Clear Spring High School4-8 0.333
8Darryn Hough2024Forest Park High School4-8 0.333
11Anita Davis2024Washington High School4-6 --
11Ella Bennett2026Fort Hill High School4-6 --
11Jordan Cauthorne2024Pikesville High School4-6 --
11Stefani Burns2025Patterson Mill High School4-6 --
15Shana Bailey2023Forest Park High School4-4 0
16Danae Garrison2026Pikesville High School4-2 0
17Brianna Bridgemohan2023Forest Park High School4-0 --
17Raegan Sinclair2026Largo High School4-0 --
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Long Jump

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School16-11 10
2Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School16-8.25 8
3Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech16-6 6
4Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School16-1.5 5
5Jaden Emerson2026Fort Hill High School15-11.5 4
6Enazajah Young2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School15-10.5 3
7Aidan Faith2023Hancock Middle Senior High School15-9 2
8Mahogany Jones2023Edmondson-Westside High School15-8.5 1
9Briana Poullard2024Bohemia Manor High School15-5 --
9Paula Cofrades2024Catoctin High School15-5 --
11Kaylee Bowser2025Northern Garrett High School15-4 --
12Taneya Watson2025CMIT Academy15-0.5 --
13Sperra Vittor2026CMIT Academy14-11 --
14Grace Williams2024Catoctin High School14-10.75 --
15Taniya Freeman2023Washington High School14-9.5 --
16Ayniah Fersner2024Largo High School14-7 --
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Triple Jump

1Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School35-2 10
2Aidan Faith2023Hancock Middle Senior High School34-9.25 8
3Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech34-7.25 6
4Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School33-7.5 5
5Briana Poullard2024Bohemia Manor High School33-6.5 4
6Oluwatunmishe Olunuga2025Western Tech33-2.5 3
7Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School32-11.5 2
8Amelie Alvarez2025Academy for College and Career Exploration32-4.5 1
9Grace Bonhoff2024Patterson Mill High School32-3 --
10Alexa Arnold2024Snow Hill High School32-0.75 --
11Jordan Cauthorne2024Pikesville High School31-6.5 --
12Keira Cooper2024Francis Scott Key High School31-6 --
13Erika Clarke2023Bohemia Manor High School31-5.75 --
14Princess Okereke2025Western Tech30-9.5 --
15Eliana Joslin2023Patterson Mill High School30-3 --
16McKenzie Upole2025Northern Garrett High School30-2.75 --
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Pole Vault

1Delaney Freed2024South Carroll High School9-3 7.25
1Kara Yaukey2023Boonsboro High School9-3 7.25
1Kayla Vanderford2023Clear Spring High School9-3 7.25
1Michaela Carney2023Boonsboro High School9-3 7.25
5Stefani Burns2025Patterson Mill High School8-3 4
6Alexandria Spithaler2025Smithsburg High School7-9 1.2
6Julia Brophy2024Smithsburg High School7-9 1.2
6Paityn Schaper2025South Carroll High School7-9 1.2
6Reghan Sivic2024Mountain Ridge High School7-9 1.2
6Sierra Smullen2023Snow Hill High School7-9 1.2
11Addison Bott2025Bohemia Manor High School7-3 0
12Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech7-0 0
13Al-Janea Jackson2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School6-9 --
13Colbie Rondone2026Perryville High School6-9 --
13Zoe Zimmerman2025Perryville High School6-9 --
16Shaelin Distler2026Perryville High School6-3 0
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Shot Put

1Brandi Gochenauer2024Allegany High School36-10.5 10
2Adeline Kraics2024Francis Scott Key High School34-8.75 8
3Fiyinfoluwa Popoola2025Western Tech34-1 6
4Kaitlyn Queen2023Boonsboro High School33-11.25 5
5Elvira Uzegbu2024Largo High School33-9.5 4
6Carly Bennett2023Fort Hill High School32-8.75 3
7Ke'yare Hawkins2026Kent County High School32-7.25 2
8Sydnee Gomez2024CMIT Academy32-2 1
9Kailyn McCauley2025Clear Spring High School31-11 --
10Olivia Onwubuariri2025Western Tech31-7.25 --
11Joslyn Foltz2023Hancock Middle Senior High School31-6 --
12Alayzia Trimble2023Fort Hill High School31-4.75 --
13Eden Smallwood2024Brunswick High School31-0 --
14Paris Hudgins2026Coppin Academy30-7.5 --
15Alayah Thornton2024Pocomoke Senior High School30-6 --
16Amia Ducker2023Central High School30-3.25 --
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1Carly Bennett2023Fort Hill High School112-8 10
2Elvira Uzegbu2024Largo High School112-7 8
3Rylee Lenz2023Bohemia Manor High School109-3 6
4Alayzia Trimble2023Fort Hill High School108-11 5
5Adeline Kraics2024Francis Scott Key High School104-7 4
6Raegan Lenz2023Bohemia Manor High School104-1 3
7Kassidy Young2024Cambridge-South Dorchester High School99-8 2
8Ke'yare Hawkins2026Kent County High School96-4 1
9Kaitlyn Queen2023Boonsboro High School94-4 --
10Gracie Sheetz2023Fort Hill High School93-6 --
11Amia Ducker2023Central High School90-10 --
12Joslyn Foltz2023Hancock Middle Senior High School90-9 --
13Olivia Onwubuariri2025Western Tech90-7 --
14Brooke Pribulick2023South Carroll High School90-4 --
15Brandi Gochenauer2024Allegany High School89-5 --
16Fiyinfoluwa Popoola2025Western Tech88-9 --