Meet Preview: 2023 Barnhart Invitational

Boys Preview

This year's edition of the Barnhart Invitational looks to impress as many top 10 teams and individuals will be competing. On the boy's side 6 of the top 10 ranked teams will be toeing the line. #1 Calvert Hall will be in attendance but will not be running its Varsity. Towson will look to pick up right where it left off after winning the 3A State title last season. Loyola Blakeifeld looked strong last week at the Seahawk Invitational barely losing to Severna Park in a close fight. Gonzaga will also be traveling from DC to the Barnhart invite and will bring a strong team with them. The battle for first will most likely be between those three schools. 

Individually, two top 10 runners, Kieran Mischke (Towson) and Ryan Hartranft (Century) will battle for the win, alongside Mateo Gros-Slovinsky (Walt Whitman) and Sean Wilson ( Loyola Blakefield) Both Gros-Slovinsky and Wilson looked strong at thier respective meets last week as Gros-Slovinsky ran 15:40 for second at the Top of the Hill invite and Wilson ran 15:34 for 3rd at the Seahawk Invite. Gonzaga's top two runners, Lucas Rohde and Matthew Podratsky should also be near the front pack!

Top Ranked Teams

#1 Calvert Hall (Not running Varsity)
#2 Towson
#3 Loyola Blakefield
#5 Century
#6 Crofton
#10 Winston Churchill

Top Individuals Running

#7 Kieran Mischke (Towson)
#9 Ryan Hartranft (Century)
HM: Mateo Gros-Slovinsky (Walt Whitman)
HM: Sean Wilson (Loyola Blakefield)

Note: We used season PR's from the 2022 season as many teams did not race during the first week of the 2023 season. We also removed Calvert Halls Varsity athletes as they will not be running this weekend. 

Projected Top 20 Team Scores (Based on 2022 5k times)

1Loyola-Blakefield High School472+7.5+7.5+14+16 (52+63)1:01.1016:41.26
2Gonzaga College High School843+4+21.5+23.5+32 (99+110)1:17.0016:52.50
3Towson High School112.51+5+6+43+57.5 (72+102)1:50.0016:56.18
4Crofton High School13410+13+31+38+42 (47+76)1:02.0017:12.64
5Calvert Hall College High School136.517+25.5+25.5+33.5+35 (39+41)20.4017:19.88
6Winston Churchill High School184.511+20+33.5+53+67 (69+78)1:30.0017:27.80
7Century High School19518+19+40+54+64 (84+123)53.4917:34.91
8Thomas S. Wootton High School222.523.5+27.5+37+47+87.5 (103+116)1:22.0017:43.00
9Poolesville High School29112+44+68+74+93 (108+112)1:58.9017:54.90
10Richard Montgomery High School32229+57.5+60+79.5+96 (104+107)1:20.0018:04.60
11Walt Whitman High School35421.5+47+79.5+100+106 (121.5+132.5)1:37.0018:13.20
12McDonogh School363.515+27.5+73+90+158 (163+177)3:04.3618:18.74
13Dulaney High School36955+70+71+77+96 (125+129.5)48.5018:17.74
14Hereford High School40045+51+89+101+114 (128+131)1:17.4018:25.18
15Col. Zadok Magruder High School4159+56+81+127+142 (143+175)3:11.7018:24.88
16St. Paul's School433.536+75+82+119+121.5 (137+138)1:44.0018:34.20
17Manchester Valley High School47466+86+94+111+117 (151+182)1:04.6318:42.58
18John Carroll School509.530+85+91.5+144+159 (169+180)2:50.8018:55.12
19Catonsville High School51649+50+134+135+148 (154+157)2:04.6018:55.16
20Westminster High School571.561+91.5+126+146+147 (153+183)1:52.5019:07.72

Projected Top 200 times (5000 Meter Run)

1Kieran Mischke2024Towson High School16:05.00 1
2Sean Wilson2024Loyola-Blakefield High School16:06.40 2
3Lucas Rohde2024Gonzaga College High School16:07.00 3
4Matthew Podratsky2025Gonzaga College High School16:21.50 4
5Evan Cline2025Towson High School16:27.00 5
6Jack Blanchfield2024Towson High School16:32.90 6
7Andrew Rowan2024Loyola-Blakefield High School16:34.20 7.5
7Noah Edwards2024Loyola-Blakefield High School16:34.20 7.5
9Colin A. Abrams2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School16:34.30 9
10London Layton2024Crofton High School16:36.00 10
11Stepan Volkov2025Winston Churchill High School16:39.00 11
12Connor Kohne2025Poolesville High School16:41.10 12
13Jackson Lastowski2025Crofton High School16:50.00 13
14Liam Lucas2024Loyola-Blakefield High School17:04.00 14
15Ryan McGonigle2024McDonogh School17:07.00 15
16Bryce Robinson2024Loyola-Blakefield High School17:07.50 16
17HAYDEN MALSTROM2025Calvert Hall College High School17:08.00 17
18Ryan Hartranft2025Century High School17:09.45 18
19Evan Kowalewski2025Century High School17:12.23 19
20Nathaniel Swanson2025Winston Churchill High School17:13.00 20
21Mateo Gros-Slovinsky2025Walt Whitman High School17:14.00 21.5
21William Buckley2025Gonzaga College High School17:14.00 21.5
23Anthony Sarro2026Gonzaga College High School17:16.00 23.5
23Edward Sun2025Thomas S. Wootton High School17:16.00 23.5
25ELLIOT PALMER2025Calvert Hall College High School17:18.00 25.5
25MAX LARCHER2025Calvert Hall College High School17:18.00 25.5
27Leo Doyle2024McDonogh School17:19.00 27.5
27Troy Bailey2024Thomas S. Wootton High School17:19.00 27.5
29Phillip Golotyuk2024Richard Montgomery High School17:22.00 29
30William Root2025John Carroll School17:22.20 30
31Campbell Gelineau2025Crofton High School17:23.40 31
32John Hirko2025Gonzaga College High School17:24.00 32
33Griffin White2024Winston Churchill High School17:27.00 33.5
33LIAM KEHOE2025Calvert Hall College High School17:27.00 33.5
35Michael Kirby2025Calvert Hall College High School17:28.40 35
36Thomas Millis2026St. Paul's School17:32.00 36
37Rendon Yerman2025Thomas S. Wootton High School17:33.00 37
38Emmett Kloss2024Crofton High School17:35.80 38
39BLAKE WANCOWICZ2026Calvert Hall College High School17:36.00 39
40Thomas Sewell2026Century High School17:36.58 40
41RYAN WARNER2024Calvert Hall College High School17:37.00 41
42Carson Malone2026Crofton High School17:38.00 42
43John Fields2025Towson High School17:41.00 43
44Caleb J. Bodmer2025Poolesville High School17:42.00 44
45Justin Gasparini2024Hereford High School17:46.60 45
46Alec MacMillan2025Crofton High School17:49.00 47
46Luke Gabrielle2026Thomas S. Wootton High School17:49.00 47
46Sonny Eckford2026Walt Whitman High School17:49.00 47
49Rodney Singleton2025Catonsville High School17:49.30 49
50Degenet Riggs2025Catonsville High School17:49.80 50
51Jake Weakland2024Hereford High School17:50.00 51
51PETER BUTTARAZZI2024Calvert Hall College High School17:50.00 --
53Liam Stappert2026Loyola-Blakefield High School17:50.30 52
54Ryan Farid2024Winston Churchill High School17:51.00 53
55Adam Mower2024Century High School17:53.36 54
56Ciaran McGeehan2025Dulaney High School17:53.50 55
57Cleveland J. Wall2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School17:54.29 56
58Theodore Brown2025Towson High School17:55.00 57.5
58Tillman Peters2024Richard Montgomery High School17:55.00 57.5
60Darian Walters2025Edgewood High School17:56.07 59
61Kylen Tow2025Richard Montgomery High School17:58.00 60
62Lukas Michael2024Westminster High School17:58.90 61
63Bryce Schmitt2024Archbishop Curley High School17:59.00 62
64Ethan Meyer2024Loyola-Blakefield High School18:02.30 63
65Jarom Watts2024Century High School18:02.94 64
66Ryan Gensler2025Carver A&T High School18:04.60 65
67Gavin Boer2025Manchester Valley High School18:05.47 66
68AUSTIN LINHARES2026Calvert Hall College High School18:06.00 --
69Santiago Gutierrez2026Winston Churchill High School18:09.00 67
70Jonathan M. Dastrup2026Poolesville High School18:11.60 68
71Noah Brannan2025Loyola-Blakefield High School18:12.60 --
72Justin Zacharia2024Winston Churchill High School18:13.00 69
73Sean Lookingbill2026Dulaney High School18:14.40 70
74Cairan McGeehan2026Dulaney High School18:14.60 71
75ZACH ISCH2025Calvert Hall College High School18:15.00 --
76Jamison Rectanus2025Towson High School18:16.10 72
77Derek Copeland2025McDonogh School18:17.24 73
78Anil T. Ghosh2024Poolesville High School18:19.80 74
79Keegan Norris2025St. Paul's School18:20.00 75
80John Bertuna2025Crofton High School18:20.20 76
81Luke Higgins2025Crofton High School18:20.50 --
82Samuel Arneklev2025Dulaney High School18:24.20 77
83Matthew Kim2024Winston Churchill High School18:25.00 78
84Adam Dubelman2025Richard Montgomery High School18:26.00 79.5
84Stephen Johnson2025Walt Whitman High School18:26.00 79.5
86Declan Bell2024Loyola-Blakefield High School18:27.70 --
87Asher J. Erdheim2026Col. Zadok Magruder High School18:27.99 81
88Isaac Slaughter2026St. Paul's School18:30.00 82
89Evan Oldewurtel2026Edgewood High School18:32.12 83
90Noah Mazza-Bell2026Crofton High School18:33.00 --
91Levi Lustig2025Century High School18:33.54 84
92CAMERON PARKER2026Calvert Hall College High School18:34.00 --
92Evan DeVoe2025John Carroll School18:34.00 85
94Jace Calhoun2024Manchester Valley High School18:35.78 86
95Cameron Wong2026Rockville High School18:38.00 87.5
95David See2025Thomas S. Wootton High School18:38.00 87.5
97Liam McCue2024Hereford High School18:39.00 89
98Toby Zakai2024McDonogh School18:39.10 90
99Alex Wohlfort2026John Carroll School18:39.40 91.5
99Brayden Ash2026Westminster High School18:39.40 91.5
101Abraham K. Klemek2026Poolesville High School18:40.00 93
102Ertan Dogan2026Winston Churchill High School18:41.00 --
102Simon Calhoun2026Manchester Valley High School18:41.00 94
104Carter Zembrzuski2025Richard Montgomery High School18:42.00 96
104Jacob Murray2025Dulaney High School18:42.00 96
104Yoshi Fukui2025Franklin High School18:42.00 96
107Ethan Walsh2025Loyola-Blakefield High School18:43.00 --
108Peter Young2024Rockville High School18:44.00 98
109John Broome2025Gonzaga College High School18:44.30 99
110Zack Pritts2026Walt Whitman High School18:46.00 100
111Nathan Mitcherling2024Hereford High School18:46.30 101
112Jameson Trumbauer2024Towson High School18:47.80 102
113Kal Yewlsew2026Thomas S. Wootton High School18:48.00 103
114SEAN FITZPATRICK2024Calvert Hall College High School18:50.00 --
114Zaki Ahmad2024Richard Montgomery High School18:50.00 104
116Casey Robinson2025Pikesville High School18:50.40 105
117Alex Murray2025Walt Whitman High School18:51.00 106
118Ari Fine2025Richard Montgomery High School18:53.00 107
119Garrett Simons2026Poolesville High School18:54.00 108
120Logan Merkle2024Archbishop Curley High School18:55.00 109
121Ethan Hann2025Winston Churchill High School18:56.00 --
121Peter Allen2025Gonzaga College High School18:56.00 110
123Krishna Gupta2025Winston Churchill High School18:59.00 --
124Quinlan Casey2024Manchester Valley High School19:00.57 111
125Samuel F. Forcey2024Poolesville High School19:02.00 112
126Michael Kammer2026Archbishop Curley High School19:03.50 113
127Lucas Wright2025Loyola-Blakefield High School19:03.80 --
128Kevin Peng2024Winston Churchill High School19:04.00 --
128Sam Stewart-Sicking2024Hereford High School19:04.00 114
130Andrew Ashton2024Winston Churchill High School19:04.08 --
131Liam Battaglia2025Carver A&T High School19:04.64 115
132Declan Ewald2025Gonzaga College High School19:05.00 --
132Ellis Eppard2025Thomas S. Wootton High School19:05.00 116
134Quentin McCarthy2026Loyola-Blakefield High School19:07.50 --
135Kurtus Hsu2024Thomas S. Wootton High School19:09.00 --
136Logan Amis2025Manchester Valley High School19:10.10 117
137Robel Kidane2025Gaithersburg High School19:11.30 118
138Miles S. Kreske2025Poolesville High School19:12.40 --
139Andrei Turner2024St. Paul's School19:13.00 119
140Landen Li2024Gaithersburg High School19:14.00 120
140Vincent Russo2026Crofton High School19:14.00 --
142Dale Turpin2025Milford Mill19:15.00 --
143Ryan Graham2026St. Paul's School19:16.00 121.5
143Xinkai Guo2025Walt Whitman High School19:16.00 121.5
145Francis Paloma2025Richard Montgomery High School19:17.00 --
146Sean Myron2025Century High School19:17.42 123
147James Barreda2025Edgewood High School19:17.59 124
148Oliver Katz2026Dulaney High School19:17.70 125
149GRIFFIN STEWART2025Calvert Hall College High School19:18.00 --
150Wyatt Sharp2025Westminster High School19:19.92 126
151Connor Hoey2025Century High School19:20.55 --
152Jeffery Liu2024Thomas S. Wootton High School19:21.00 --
153Jack P. Groven2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School19:21.84 127
154Oliver Holman Nall2024Towson High School19:22.00 --
155Michael Earp2025Hereford High School19:22.90 128
156Cash Barentzen2024Gonzaga College High School19:24.50 --
157Ethan Girard2024Archbishop Curley High School19:25.70 129.5
157Jason Lu2025Dulaney High School19:25.70 129.5
159Colin Kurniawan2024Hereford High School19:25.80 131
160Charles Martin2025Walt Whitman High School19:26.00 132.5
160GAVIN DALEY2026Calvert Hall College High School19:26.00 --
160Matthew Lin2025Loch Raven High School19:26.00 132.5
163Jesse Wrede2026Richard Montgomery High School19:27.00 --
163Nicholas Wang2024Thomas S. Wootton High School19:27.00 --
165Jack Wilson2024Catonsville High School19:28.70 134
166Patrick Bradley2026Loyola-Blakefield High School19:32.00 --
167Jack P. Partain2026Poolesville High School19:32.80 --
168Benjamin Levy2026Walt Whitman High School19:33.00 --
169James Fitzsimmons2026Catonsville High School19:34.10 135
170Luke Mckinney2026Dulaney High School19:34.42 --
171Benjamin Wong2026Richard Montgomery High School19:35.00 --
172David Arshavskiy2025Pikesville High School19:37.00 136
172Matthew Jiang2026Richard Montgomery High School19:37.00 --
174Alex D. Daniels2026Poolesville High School19:38.00 --
174Anderson Panella2024Calvert Hall College High School19:38.00 --
174Henry Renfrew2025Walt Whitman High School19:38.00 --
174Ian Catanzano2026Gonzaga College High School19:38.00 --
178Ashton Seeman2026St. Paul's School19:40.00 137
179David M. Bond2026Poolesville High School19:40.20 --
180Gavin Chung2025Winston Churchill High School19:41.00 --
180John Mills2025Walt Whitman High School19:41.00 --
182JP Flickinger2024Loyola-Blakefield High School19:41.35 --
183Tommy Woelper2026St. Paul's School19:42.00 138
184Brandon Jacobs2025Paint Branch High School19:42.60 139
185Ian Iheme2024Gaithersburg High School19:43.00 140.5
185Justin Rommel2025Walt Whitman High School19:43.00 --
185Marcus Johnson2026Rockville High School19:43.00 140.5
185Mateo Demichelis2025Walt Whitman High School19:43.00 --
185Max Forman2026Walt Whitman High School19:43.00 --
190Owen Berman2026Thomas S. Wootton High School19:44.00 --
191Daniel E. Ketema2026Poolesville High School19:45.00 --
191Tyler Harry2025Gonzaga College High School19:45.00 --
193Eric P. Jr Nguessan2024Col. Zadok Magruder High School19:46.00 142
193Finn Kramer2025Gonzaga College High School19:46.00 --
193Paul J. Tang2025Poolesville High School19:46.00 --
196Paul G. Simonson2025Col. Zadok Magruder High School19:46.01 143
197JOHN BOUYAKIS2024Calvert Hall College High School19:47.00 --
197Mitch Gier2024John Carroll School19:47.00 144
197Sebastian Thomas2025Thomas S. Wootton High School19:47.00 --
200Miles Ericson2024Edgewood High School19:47.31 145