2024 MPSSAA Indoor Track Auto Qualifying Standards

As Regional Championship Meets are approaching lets take a look at the auto times that will get you to the State Meet. This year, for the first year ever, all 12 Regional Meets will take place at PG Sports and Learning Complex. Due to this, there is only 1 set of qualifying standards. There are three ways an athlete can qualify for States, and all of them occur at the Regional Meet. Any athletes who finishes top 3 in their event will qualify, if they hit the auto standard they will qualify and the third way is if after the top 3 from each regional (which is 9 total) plus any others who hit the auto time, don't add up to 16, the next fastest times from all 3 regions will make it, till the 16 spots are filled. It is not possible to qualify if you don't compete at the Regional Meet

Full MPSSAA Winter Bulletin can be found here with all postseason rules and regulations.