MERGED RESULTS: 3A MPSSAA Regional Championships

MileSplit has the feature to merge multiple meets and show you the score and outcome as if they were run as one meet. The results below are a merge of the 3A West, East, and Central.

We will have a full State Meet preview next week but below will show you the top teams and contenders for that meet. 


Team Scores

1Digital Harbor High School65
2Howard High School41
3Oakdale High School36
4Northern-Calvert High School33
4Severna Park High School33
6Towson High School30
7Oakland Mills High School29.5
8Chopticon High School29
9Great Mills High School24.5
10Arundel High School22
11Baltimore Poly High School21
12Franklin High School17.5
13Chesapeake High School-AA17
14Linganore High School16.5
15Reservoir High School12
16Mt. Hebron High School10
16Westminster High School10

55 Meter Dash

1Zachary Braden2026Great Mills High School6.44 10
2Damon Williams2024Baltimore Poly High School6.52 8
3Gunnar Williams2024Arundel High School6.56 6
4Anthony Gibson2025Franklin High School6.57 4.5
4Delbert Cowesette2025Atholton High School6.57 4.5
6Miles Halbert2025Northern-Calvert High School6.59 3
7Jawon Blue2024Digital Harbor High School6.60 2
8Christian Raysor2025Baltimore Poly High School6.62 1
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300 Meter Dash

1LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School34.67 10
2Jayden Deleon2026Oakland Mills High School35.57 8
3Jordan Tuck2024Northern-Calvert High School35.67 6
4Caleb Adams2024Chesapeake High School-AA35.77 5
5Jaylen Etheridge2024Long Reach High School35.84 4
6Gunnar Williams2024Arundel High School35.87 3
7Christian Raysor2025Baltimore Poly High School36.11 2
8Benick Akeh2024James Hubert Blake High School36.15 1
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500 Meter Dash

1LaMont Johnson2025Digital Harbor High School1:06.81 10
2Liam LEAR-WECHT2024South River High School1:07.55 8
3Jordan Tuck2024Northern-Calvert High School1:07.90 6
4Hunter Parsons2025Towson High School1:08.00 5
5Benick Akeh2024James Hubert Blake High School1:08.19 4
6Chase Roberts2025Linganore High School1:08.60 3
7Derrick(Dj) Mccorkle2025Northern-Calvert High School1:08.65 2
8Caleb Ritter2025Chesapeake High School-AA1:08.71 1
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800 Meter Run

1Weston Carr2024Chopticon High School1:56.63 10
2Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School1:57.09 8
3Sam Skinner2024Oakdale High School1:58.34 6
4Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)1:58.87 5
5Christian Childs2024Manchester Valley High School1:59.54 4
6Jordan Tuck2024Northern-Calvert High School1:59.95 3
7Amadeus Davis2024Howard High School2:00.65 2
8Sherwin Yarema2024Marriotts Ridge High School2:00.89 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School4:24.26 10
2Zaiden Lane2024Arundel High School4:25.34 8
3Evan Cline2025Towson High School4:25.46 6
4Weston Carr2024Chopticon High School4:27.93 5
5Michael Heinemann2025Mt. Hebron High School4:29.09 4
6Justin Banks2024Tuscarora High School (MD)4:29.38 3
7Jack Blanchfield2024Towson High School4:29.48 2
8Kieran Mischke2024Towson High School4:31.37 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Kieran Mischke2024Towson High School9:43.15 10
2Joseph Ensor2024Howard High School9:45.99 8
3Caden Lazzor2025Severna Park High School9:55.47 6
4Kidus Zeleke2024Reservoir High School9:56.54 5
5Sean Gravell2024Sherwood High School9:57.74 4
6David Tressler2025Oakdale High School9:57.88 3
7Walker Mason2026North Hagerstown High School9:58.48 2
8Semir Kemal2025James Hubert Blake High School10:02.52 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Jevonte Williams2026Digital Harbor High School7.62 10
2Xavier Gardner2024Howard High School7.71 8
3Andrew Moxley2024Linganore High School7.80 6
4DeAndre Thomas2026Digital Harbor High School7.84 5
5Louis Trey) Montgomery2024Marriotts Ridge High School7.85 4
6Emmanuel Egbujonuma2025Overlea High School7.94 3
7Ryder Johnston2024North Hagerstown High School8.02 2
8Deniko Davis2024Baltimore Poly High School8.10 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Digital Harbor High School1:30.51 10
2Chesapeake High School-AA1:31.88 8
3Oakland Mills High School1:32.53 6
4Arundel High School1:33.34 5
5Reservoir High School1:33.46 4
6Northern-Calvert High School1:33.49 3
7Great Mills High School1:33.51 2
8Overlea High School1:33.53 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Digital Harbor High School3:27.15 10
2Northern-Calvert High School3:29.45 8
3Towson High School3:33.62 6
4Franklin High School3:35.86 5
5Baltimore Poly High School3:35.90 4
6Linganore High School3:36.44 3
7Baltimore City College3:36.63 2
8Oakdale High School3:36.73 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Chopticon High School8:20.47 10
2Oakdale High School8:24.42 8
3Oakland Mills High School8:26.13 6
4Baltimore Poly High School8:28.53 5
5Linganore High School8:28.75 4
6North Hagerstown High School8:31.97 3
7Long Reach High School8:33.56 2
8Northern-Calvert High School8:35.62 1
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High Jump

1Kian Williams2024Severna Park High School6-6 10
2Jayon Bembry2025Great Mills High School6-2 8
3Mobolaji BJ Popoola2025Great Mills High School6-0 4.5
3Ryan Graves2024Severna Park High School6-0 4.5
3Ty Miller2025Severna Park High School6-0 4.5
3Zamir Herald2024Howard High School6-0 4.5
7AJ York2026Oakland Mills High School5-10 0.5
7Brady Densock2024Linganore High School5-10 0.5
7Kalel Salifou2024North Hagerstown High School5-10 0.5
7Nathan Chaney2024Northern-Calvert High School5-10 0.5
7Sreeanish Yarra2024Thomas S. Wootton High School5-10 0.5
7Thomas Twetten2024Northern-Calvert High School5-10 0.5
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Pole Vault

1Lukas Michael2024Westminster High School13-6 10
2Jonas Sparks2026Oakdale High School13-0 8
3Adeeb Pender2024Oakland Mills High School12-3 6
4John Mclain2025Severna Park High School12-0 5
5Charles Grant2025Franklin High School11-6 3
5Chase Cage2026Chesapeake High School-AA11-6 3
5Luke Tyler2024Severna Park High School11-6 3
8Gavin Reardon2026Howard High School10-9 0.5
8Yashvasin Rekula2026Marriotts Ridge High School10-9 0.5
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Shot Put

1Grant Lohr2025Oakdale High School57-9 10
2Tristin Gray2025Digital Harbor High School51-7 8
3Logan Ruehl2024Mt. Hebron High School50-0.5 6
4Nehemiah Covington2024Franklin High School47-2.5 5
5William Mandis2025Chopticon High School46-10 4
6Kaiden Lee2025Oakland Mills High School45-7 3
7Nikhil Narayanan2024Reservoir High School42-9 2
8Darius Burnside2024Reservoir High School42-6 1