MERGE: 2A Regionals (With Projected Team Scores)

We merged all 4 regional divisions (East, South, West, and North) for each Classification. This list includes all athletes who ran in the regional lists and the time or mark they hit at the meet (Not necessarily the best time they have run this season). It should provide a good preview of what might shake out next week at the State Championship. 


Projected Team Scores

1Westlake High School65
2Harford Technical High School64.67
3Hereford High School59.67
4Middletown High School48
5La Plata High School47.2
6Southern (AA) High School35
7Walkersville High School34.04
8Largo High School31
9Parkside High School25.67
10Eastern Tech High School24
11Hammond High School22
11Henry E. Lackey High School22
13Queen Anne's County High School20.5
14Wilde Lake High School20
15Wicomico High School18.67

100 Meter Dash

1Nasir Holden2024Parkside High School10.74 10
2Justin Febles2024Harford Technical High School10.80 8
3David Nnabuko2026Westlake High School10.86 6
4Ameer Mowad2025Eastern Tech High School10.89 5
5Aidan Simmons2024Walkersville High School10.91 4
6Landon Krepps2025C. Milton Wright High School10.94 3
7Ebube Emechebe2024Westlake High School10.95 2
8Malachi Williams2025Largo High School10.96 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Ameer Mowad2025Eastern Tech High School21.37 10
2Ebube Emechebe2024Westlake High School21.73 8
3Malachi Williams2025Largo High School21.77 6
4Denver Shields2024New Town High School21.81 5
5David Nnabuko2026Westlake High School21.82 4
6Ben Wheeler2026Hereford High School21.97 3
7Evan Newcomer2024Kent Island High School21.99 2
8Landon Krepps2025C. Milton Wright High School22.02 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kelechi Anyanwu2025Westlake High School48.53 10
2Ben Wheeler2026Hereford High School48.63 8
3Malachi Williams2025Largo High School49.22 6
4Chase Burke2024Hammond High School49.32 5
5Rhema Nkwocha2025Eastern Tech High School49.43 4
6Evan Newcomer2024Kent Island High School49.52 3
7Jaxon Collins2026Hammond High School49.58 2
8Alex Wockenfuss2025Harford Technical High School49.60 1
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800 Meter Run

1Alex Wockenfuss2025Harford Technical High School1:55.28 10
2Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School1:55.61 8
3Kohl Girley2024La Plata High School1:56.84 6
4Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School1:58.22 5
5Jake Weakland2024Hereford High School1:59.75 4
6Matthew McKay2024Rising Sun High School1:59.94 3
7Jaxon Collins2026Hammond High School2:00.18 2
8Ryan Gensler2025Carver A&T High School2:00.49 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School4:20.80 10
2Ben Marks2025Queen Anne's County High School4:21.32 8
3Ryan Hartranft2025Century High School4:29.12 6
4Ryan Gensler2025Carver A&T High School4:29.18 5
5Jake Weakland2024Hereford High School4:29.32 4
6Ayden Demetrakis2024C. Milton Wright High School4:31.02 3
7Kohl Girley2024La Plata High School4:31.49 2
8Jed Smith2024Easton High School4:34.09 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Eric Penkala2025Southern (AA) High School9:46.97 10
2Jackson Steinbrenner2024Winters Mill High School9:50.95 8
3Thomas Sewell2026Century High School9:55.16 6
4Connor Kohne2025Poolesville High School9:56.04 5
5Michael Beser2026Harford Technical High School10:08.25 4
6Andrew Stein2025Huntingtown High School10:08.45 3
7Brendan Bischof2026Huntingtown High School10:09.12 2
8Lucas Alarie2027La Plata High School10:10.09 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School14.78 10
2Richard Sanon2025Williamsport High School14.98 8
3Desaun Jeffery2024La Plata High School15.04 6
4Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School15.06 5
5Joseph Blake2024Parkside High School15.07 4
6Xavier Dailey2024Huntingtown High School15.45 3
7Troy Wallace Jr2024Harford Technical High School15.47 2
8Mason Worley2024Walkersville High School15.49 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Justin Febles2024Harford Technical High School38.59 10
2Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School39.69 8
3Mason Worley2024Walkersville High School39.97 6
4Gregory Whitfield2025Wilde Lake High School40.06 5
5Peyton Harley2024La Plata High School41.02 4
6Harrison S. Peek2024Poolesville High School41.12 3
7Jaden Townsend2024Gwynn Park High School41.15 2
8Travis Bare2024Rising Sun High School41.16 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Westlake High School41.53 10
2Parkside High School42.79 8
3Wicomico High School42.95 6
4Hammond High School43.25 5
5Walkersville High School43.32 4
6New Town High School43.47 3
7C. Milton Wright High School43.64 2
8La Plata High School43.78 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Westlake High School1:26.56 10
2Hammond High School1:27.65 8
3Wilde Lake High School1:28.35 6
4Eastern Tech High School1:28.38 5
5Wicomico High School1:28.99 4
6Walkersville High School1:29.34 3
7Parkside High School1:29.70 2
8New Town High School1:30.40 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Westlake High School3:20.43 10
2Hereford High School3:25.38 8
3Winters Mill High School3:26.73 6
4Gwynn Park High School3:27.30 5
5Paul Laurence Dunbar High School3:28.03 4
6Henry E. Lackey High School3:28.61 3
7Largo High School3:29.52 2
8Randallstown High School3:29.68 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Southern (AA) High School8:10.56 10
2Middletown High School8:12.68 8
3Harford Technical High School8:17.43 6
4C. Milton Wright High School8:17.61 5
5Wilde Lake High School8:18.54 4
6Easton High School8:18.92 3
7Westlake High School8:21.36 2
8Kent Island High School8:21.86 1
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High Jump

1Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School6-2 9
1Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School6-2 9
3Elijah Smalley2025Patuxent High School6-0 4
3Jack Middleton2025Kent Island High School6-0 4
3Masiah Martin2027Williamsport High School6-0 4
3Sincere Noble2026Sparrows Point High School6-0 4
3Steeve Nwalal2024Wilde Lake High School6-0 4
8Austin Ashley2025La Plata High School5-10 0.1
8Awoenam Nutakor2025Walkersville High School5-10 0.1
8Cameron Harrold2024La Plata High School5-10 0.1
8Corey Bexley Jr.2024Maurice J. McDonough High School5-10 0.1
8Gary Suite2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School5-10 0.1
8Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School5-10 0.1
8Oluwatobi Adelaja2025Francis Scott Key High School5-10 0.1
8Savion Witherspoon2025Paul Laurence Dunbar High School5-10 0.1
8Tim Kolawole2024C. Milton Wright High School5-10 0.1
8Xavier Dailey2024Huntingtown High School5-10 0.1
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Long Jump

1Jaycob Tidwell2025La Plata High School22-4.5 10
2Joel Tah2026Largo High School21-11.5 8
3Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School21-10.5 6
4Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School21-9 4.5
4JaDereon Thompson2027Queen Anne's County High School21-9 4.5
6Tristin Borgholthaus2024Patuxent High School21-7.5 3
7Darius Eubank2025Walkersville High School21-5.75 2
8James Petit2026Wilde Lake High School21-4 1
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Triple Jump

1Nanjo Levec2025Middletown High School46-1 10
2Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School44-7 8
3Jaden Sasu2024Walkersville High School44-3 6
4Antonio Lyde2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School43-11.5 5
5Khory Reevey2025Harford Technical High School43-9.75 4
6Jonylson Prucien2024Wicomico High School43-7 3
7Bailey Washington2024Thomas Stone High School43-4.25 2
8Michel Lepre-Arias2024La Plata High School43-2.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Hudson Smith2025Middletown High School13-6 10
2Logan Crowe2024Hereford High School13-0 8
3Corban Jones2026Hereford High School11-9 6
4Desmond Abbate2026Kent Island High School11-3 1.667
4Ian Pezenosky2025Walkersville High School11-3 1.667
4Jack Morey2026Kent Island High School11-3 1.667
4Jadon Gaines2024Hereford High School11-3 1.667
4Judah Goslee2024Wicomico High School11-3 1.667
4Patrick Word2025Walkersville High School11-3 1.667
4Reese Howard2025Parkside High School11-3 1.667
4Robert Bonhoff2025Harford Technical High School11-3 1.667
4Tristian Wallace-Smith2026Paul Laurence Dunbar High School11-3 1.667
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Shot Put

1Devin McNair2025Henry E. Lackey High School51-5.5 9
1Mike Simmons2026Henry E. Lackey High School51-5.5 9
3Xavier Hawkins2024Calvert High School51-4.5 6
4Sima Saavedra2026La Plata High School50-0.25 5
5Alexander Yeon2025Winters Mill High School47-11 4
6Nasir Shakur2024Westlake High School47-1.25 3
7Abdul Cisse2024Largo High School46-8.5 2
8Willie Washington2024La Plata High School46-8 1
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1Willie Washington2024La Plata High School150-7 10
2Jacob Blankenship2024North East High147-9 8
3Abdul Cisse2024Largo High School143-10 6
4Patrick Smith2024North East High141-3 5
5Sean Smullen2024Wicomico High School139-5 4
6Garrett Rees2024Rising Sun High School138-10 3
7Shawn Zimmerman2024Paul Laurence Dunbar High School134-3 2
8Mike Simmons2026Henry E. Lackey High School132-4 1