Way Too Early Preview: 2025 2A Outdoor State Championships


Century will lean on their distance strength next year as they are the very early 2025 preseason favorite. Check out the top 20 teams and top 8 individuals in each event below!

Team Scores

1Century High School64
2Hereford High School46.5
3Randallstown High School33
4Parkside High School29
4Southern (AA) High School29
6La Plata High School28
7Henry E. Lackey High School27
8North East High23
9Gwynn Park High School22
9Maurice J. McDonough High School22
9Patuxent High School22
9Rising Sun High School22
13Hammond High School21
14Huntingtown High School20.5
15Wicomico High School14.5
16Westlake High School14
17Frederick Douglass-PG High School13
18New Town High School12.5
19Middletown High School9
20North Caroline High School8.5

100 Meter Dash

1Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School12.00 10
2Alicia Smith2026Frederick Douglass-PG High School12.18 8
3RaNiya Corbin2025Parkside High School12.23 6
4Evagellia "Lilly" Okwuosa2027Henry E. Lackey High School12.44 5
5Sara Taylor2025Hammond High School12.54 4
6Emma Bare2027Rising Sun High School12.62 3
7Sophia Edington2025Owings Mills High School12.69 2
8Ndeye Cissokho2026Fairmont Heights High School12.73 1

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200 Meter Dash

1RaNiya Corbin2025Parkside High School25.28 10
2Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School25.34 8
3Taylor Garrett2026Randallstown High School25.42 6
4Sage North2025Elkton High School25.74 5
5Danielle Perez2025Randallstown High School25.83 4
6Sara Taylor2025Hammond High School26.01 3
7Jaelyn Robb2027Frederick Douglass-PG High School26.05 2
8Kailey Jamerson2025Milford Mill26.10 1

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400 Meter Dash

1Danielle Perez2025Randallstown High School57.63 10
2Cailyn Stine2025Century High School58.16 8
3Sara Taylor2025Hammond High School59.70 6
4Tiffany Berry2026Wilde Lake High School59.71 5
5Niyona Watson2027Randallstown High School1:00.07 4
6Kailey Jamerson2025Milford Mill1:00.35 3
7Aryann Koroma2025Hammond High School1:00.55 2
8Sophia Edington2025Owings Mills High School1:00.56 1

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800 Meter Run

1Cailyn Stine2025Century High School2:14.49 10
2Rebecca BURGEE2025Southern (AA) High School2:15.63 8
3Lacey Dauses2026Kent Island High School2:19.87 6
4Sylvia Snider2025Hereford High School2:20.27 5
5Emily Mitroka2025Century High School2:22.12 4
6Leanna Rogers2025North East High2:23.56 3
7Elizabeth Mitroka2025Century High School2:23.62 2
8Lilly Budelis2027C. Milton Wright High School2:23.80 1

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1600 Meter Run

1Emily Mitroka2025Century High School5:10.00 10
2Sylvia Snider2025Hereford High School5:11.51 8
3Elizabeth Mitroka2025Century High School5:14.37 6
4Rebecca BURGEE2025Southern (AA) High School5:15.39 5
5Leanna Rogers2025North East High5:17.89 4
6Sophie Bryan2025Huntingtown High School5:19.13 3
7Sydney McClain2026Huntingtown High School5:22.43 2
8Taylor Colson2027Century High School5:22.69 1

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3200 Meter Run

1Sylvia Snider2025Hereford High School11:23.69 10
2Taylor Colson2027Century High School11:39.28 8
3Linda Ridgell2026North Caroline High School11:42.48 6
4Leanna Rogers2025North East High11:43.34 5
5Sophie Bryan2025Huntingtown High School11:53.97 4
6Sydney McClain2026Huntingtown High School11:54.33 3
7Gabi Murphy2026Fallston High School11:54.37 2
8Madison McCurry2025Calvert High School12:05.14 1

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100 Meter Hurdles

1Alyssia Quick2025New Town High School14.93 10
2Aiyana Smalley2027Patuxent High School15.67 8
3Marley Shaw2026Southern (AA) High School15.92 6
4Katie Callaghan2025Rising Sun High School16.03 5
5Rayah Wright2027Westlake High School16.07 4
6Sage North2025Elkton High School16.16 3
7Deborah Laguerre2026Wicomico High School16.36 2
8Seryna Stephan2025Kent Island High School16.64 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Marley Shaw2026Southern (AA) High School45.75 10
2Trinity Jordan2026Randallstown High School46.07 8
3Katie Callaghan2025Rising Sun High School47.27 6
4Sky Jacobs2026Huntingtown High School47.36 5
5Naomi Layne2027Middletown High School47.98 4
6Carsen Neuberger2025Hereford High School48.24 3
7Maja Gavin2026Gwynn Park High School48.86 2
8Laylah Kamara-Ensor2027Hereford High School49.23 1
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Triple Jump

1Evagellia "Lilly" Okwuosa2027Henry E. Lackey High School35-4 10
2Katie Callaghan2025Rising Sun High School35-3.75 8
3Nadya Walker2026Maurice J. McDonough High School35-2.75 6
4Gabrielle Lee2025Westlake High School34-7 5
5Sophia Richardson2025Hereford High School34-6.75 4
6Olivia Smith2026Williamsport High School34-2 3
7Lacey Schleig2025Sparrows Point High School33-11.5 2
8Jordin Hicks2026Huntingtown High School33-5.75 1
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Long Jump

1Bryannah Smith2025La Plata High School19-2.75 10
2Kristian Powell2025Maurice J. McDonough High School17-7 8
3Charmaine Amoateng2025Hammond High School17-6 6
4Gabrielle Lee2025Westlake High School17-5.75 5
5Aiyana Smalley2027Patuxent High School16-11.5 4
6Evagellia "Lilly" Okwuosa2027Henry E. Lackey High School16-8 3
7Khaymoni Dearman2026Frederick Douglass-PG High School16-5.5 2
8Kimberly Cahill2025Randallstown High School16-4.5 1
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High Jump

1Aiyana Smalley2027Patuxent High School5-6 10
2Olivia St.Vil2027Maurice J. McDonough High School5-4 8
3Ava Staley2027Winters Mill High School5-3 6
4Aashyah DeVries2025Patapsco High School5-2 5
5Alyssia Quick2025New Town High School5-0 2.5
5Amanda Snyder2025North Caroline High School5-0 2.5
5Eliza Fox2026Hereford High School5-0 2.5
5Jordin Hicks2026Huntingtown High School5-0 2.5
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Pole Vault

1Charlotte Prunkl2026Century High School10-7 10
2Maddie Drylie2026Hereford High School10-0 8
3Alivia Lipinski2025Middletown High School9-6 5
3Alle Machiesky2025Century High School9-6 5
3Isabella DeSantis2026Hereford High School9-6 5
6Fabienne Reneulus2025Wicomico High School9-0 2.5
6Grace Bauer2025North Harford High School9-0 2.5
8Olivia Smith2026Williamsport High School8-10 1
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1Belinda Darko2025Gwynn Park High School132-6 10
2Teagan R. Bandholz2026Poolesville High School128-10 8
3Haille Dry2025North East High126-9 6
4Alana King2025Parkside High School122-5 5
5Jecolia Traore2026Wicomico High School121-10 4
6Kennedi Jones-Scott2025Henry E. Lackey High School116-1 3
7Jada Williams-Greer2026Calvert High School111-7 2
8Imani White2025Frederick Douglass-PG High School107-6 1
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Shot Put

1Belinda Darko2025Gwynn Park High School42-2.25 10
2Alana King2025Parkside High School39-9.5 8
3Jecolia Traore2026Wicomico High School38-1 6
4Haille Dry2025North East High37-6.5 5
5Kennedi Jones-Scott2025Henry E. Lackey High School37-0.5 4
6Jada Williams-Greer2026Calvert High School33-9 3
7Jameese Rosier2027Henry E. Lackey High School33-4.5 2
8Makena Fellows2026Queen Anne's County High School33-3.75 1