Way Too Early Preview: 2025 1A Outdoor State Championships


There looks to be multiple teams in the mix for the title next year as Smithsburg, Allegany, Western Tech, and Largo are all near the top of the very early 2025 preseason leaderboard. Check out the top 20 teams and top 8 individuals in each event below!

Team Scores

1Smithsburg High School49.5
2Allegany High School41
3Western Tech37
4Largo High School36.33
5Patterson Mill High School32.5
6Fort Hill High School29
7Carver A&T High School28
8Cambridge-South Dorchester High School24.5
9Northern Garrett High School20
10Francis Scott Key High School18
11Catoctin High School17.5
12Mountain Ridge High School16.5
13Liberty High School15
14Boonsboro High School14
14Snow Hill High School14
16Pikesville High School13
17Brunswick High School12.5
18Bohemia Manor High School10.33
18Kent County High School10.33
20Friendly High School10
20Washington High School10

100 Meter Dash

1Aubree Lilly2026Carver A&T High School12.41 10
2Lailah Fersner2026Largo High School12.43 8
3Jenna Howe2025Smithsburg High School12.44 6
4Alaina Pate2025Smithsburg High School12.63 5
5Fareedah Egbebi2027Western Tech12.78 4
6Sophie Kolarosky2027Liberty High School12.82 3
7Jordyn Robinson2026Patterson Mill High School12.84 2
8Olivia Morgan2026Western Tech12.85 1
SCRMadisen Morgan2025Harford Technical High School12.50 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Aubree Lilly2026Carver A&T High School25.42 10
2Jenna Howe2025Smithsburg High School25.44 8
3Imani Gross2027Largo High School26.17 6
4Jordyn Robinson2026Patterson Mill High School26.24 5
5NyJae Malikali-El2026Forest Park High School26.28 4
6Lailah Fersner2026Largo High School26.45 3
7Madison Koterba2026Francis Scott Key High School26.54 2
8Alaina Pate2025Smithsburg High School26.60 1
SCRMadisyn Bobb2025Harford Technical High School25.38 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Tressia Davis2025Friendly High School56.15 10
2Lailah Fersner2026Largo High School58.61 8
3Ta'Leah Phillips2027Pikesville High School1:00.57 6
4Jayla Codrington2025Pikesville High School1:01.14 5
5Alison George2025Brunswick High School1:01.36 4
6Sergia Nyambi2026Brunswick High School1:01.38 3
7Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School1:01.60 2
8Grace Ellis2025Smithsburg High School1:02.02 1
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800 Meter Run

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School2:17.45 10
2Kamryn Noble2026Washington High School2:27.81 8
3McKenzie Upole2025Northern Garrett High School2:28.93 6
4Clara Ekeagwu2026Largo High School2:31.28 5
5Sarah Muller2025Patterson Mill High School2:32.00 4
6Ugochi Uradu2025Western Tech2:33.18 3
7Tempris Harrison2026Pikesville High School2:33.75 2
8Sophia Valois2025Allegany High School2:33.81 1
SCRIsabel DeVos2025Harford Technical High School2:29.10 --
SCRChristina Vanegas2025Harford Technical High School2:31.47 --
SCROlivia O'Connor2026Harford Technical High School2:33.03 --
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1600 Meter Run

1Skylar Pizzulli2025Bohemia Manor High School5:30.61 10
2Abigail Horsmon2026Patterson Mill High School5:36.03 8
3Allie Suarezapecheche2026Snow Hill High School5:36.19 6
4Kaylee Bowser2025Northern Garrett High School5:37.46 5
5Aniston Casne2027Catoctin High School5:38.91 4
6Sophie Brill2026Mountain Ridge High School5:39.92 3
7Leila Sollas2026Patterson Mill High School5:46.60 2
8Kamryn Rice2025Fort Hill High School5:48.06 1
SCRIsabel DeVos2025Harford Technical High School5:21.43 --
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3200 Meter Run

1Cora Gentzel2025Smithsburg High School11:56.97 10
2Abigail Horsmon2026Patterson Mill High School12:16.57 8
3Allie Suarezapecheche2026Snow Hill High School12:21.54 6
4Kaylee Bowser2025Northern Garrett High School12:25.86 5
5Aniston Casne2027Catoctin High School12:31.04 4
6Kamryn Rice2025Fort Hill High School12:31.78 3
7Giada Marrichi2026Liberty High School12:37.08 2
8Natalie Davis2026Washington High School12:42.10 1
SCRIsabel DeVos2025Harford Technical High School11:29.47 --
SCRMarley Seaborn2026Harford Technical High School12:29.70 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School49.29 10
2Samantha Derdeyn2026Francis Scott Key High School49.36 8
3Carolyn Hughes2026Mountain Ridge High School49.82 6
4Camille Williams2025Pocomoke Senior High School50.02 5
5Rayonna Staten2026Edmondson-Westside High School50.42 4
6Caroline ORNDORFF2027Mountain Ridge High School50.68 3
7Colbie Rondone2026Perryville High School50.75 2
8Grace Ellis2025Smithsburg High School51.44 1
SCRDestiny Baker2025Harford Technical High School43.59 --
SCRMadisyn Bobb2025Harford Technical High School47.14 --
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High Jump

1Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School5-6 10
2Ava Hoeflich2026Francis Scott Key High School5-1 8
3Ella Bennett2026Fort Hill High School5-0 6
4El Hossain2026Catoctin High School4-10 3.5
4Jordyn Robinson2026Patterson Mill High School4-10 3.5
4Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School4-10 3.5
4Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School4-10 3.5
8Maya Stoneking2025Bohemia Manor High School4-8 0.333
8Nyiah Rawlings2027Largo High School4-8 0.333
8Zoe Angenieux2025Kent County High School4-8 0.333
SCRWinter Evans2025Harford Technical High School5-3 --
SCRMalaya Robinson2025Harford Technical High School4-8 --
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Triple Jump

1Sierra Campbell2025Allegany High School36-8.75 10
2Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School34-6.5 8
3Emilia Spithaler2027Smithsburg High School32-6 5.5
3Shae Bastian2025Brunswick High School32-6 5.5
5Lillian Grable2026Catoctin High School32-4 4
6Kealana Pua'auli2027Mountain Ridge High School32-3.25 3
7Olivia Baker2026Catoctin High School31-11 2
8Noelle Crosby2027Largo High School31-5 1
SCRMadisen Morgan2025Harford Technical High School35-4 --
SCRDestiny Baker2025Harford Technical High School34-7 --
SCRWinter Evans2025Harford Technical High School34-3.25 --
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Long Jump

1Ogechi Uzoukwu2025Western Tech17-2.5 10
2Aubree Lilly2026Carver A&T High School17-2 8
3Maeleigh Plummer2025Fort Hill High School17-1.5 6
4Nyiah Rawlings2027Largo High School16-11 5
5Kaylee Bowser2025Northern Garrett High School16-8.25 4
6Le'Asia Todd2025Cambridge-South Dorchester High School16-7.75 3
7Lily An2027Western Tech16-5.25 2
8Rayonna Staten2026Edmondson-Westside High School15-6 1
SCRMadisen Morgan2025Harford Technical High School16-4.5 --
SCRBrooke Jeffers2027Harford Technical High School15-10.5 --
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Pole Vault

1Amelia Zagorski2025Liberty High School9-9 10
2Peyton Leone2026Harford Technical High School9-0 8
3Lilian Hade2027Smithsburg High School8-9 6
4Briley Linaburg2026Allegany High School8-6 4.5
4Paityn Schaper2026South Carroll High School8-6 4.5
6Breann Reed2025Boonsboro High School8-3 3
7Carolyn Hughes2026Mountain Ridge High School8-0 1.5
7Colbie Rondone2026Perryville High School8-0 1.5
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Shot Put

1Avery Miller2025Allegany High School36-0 10
2Kailyn McCauley2025Clear Spring High School35-1 8
3Olivia Onwubuariri2026Western Tech34-6 6
4Ke'yare Hawkins2026Kent County High School34-3.75 5
5Evelyn Jones2026Frederick Douglass-BC High School34-0.25 4
6Fiyinfoluwa Popoola2025Western Tech33-3 3
7Remedy Wongus2027North Dorchester High School32-11.25 2
8Sidney Turner2026Boonsboro High School32-9.25 1
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1Sidney Turner2026Boonsboro High School108-6 10
2Fiyinfoluwa Popoola2025Western Tech107-8 8
3Aliyah Wygant2025Smithsburg High School101-6 6
4Ke'yare Hawkins2026Kent County High School101-4 5
5Remedy Wongus2027North Dorchester High School96-9 4
6Morgan Giffin2026Fort Hill High School96-4 3
7Marlynn Milbourne2025Snow Hill High School93-11 2
8TyJai Blount2025Washington High School91-5.5 1