Seahawk XC Invitational 2017

Edgewater, Md


Varsity Girls - Samantha Facius (Mt. De Sales) 19:00 Sep 02, 2017

Mount De Sales Academy junior Samantha Facious was able to navigate swiftly enough thru a muddy 3 mile course at South River High School for a 19 second victory at the Seahawk Invitational in a time of 19 minutes flat.In the team battle, River Hill girls edged defending 3A state champions Northern-Calvert by 4 points with nearly 5 runners in the top 25 and were led by impactful newcomer in freshmen Faith Meininger (8th, 19:54). Northern-Calvert had 3 girls among the top 6 finishers in Abby Sweeney (3rd, 19:23), Claudia Dolan (6th, 19:47), and Sarah Deresky (6th, 19:51), but will need to work on the back end of their scoring top 5 by season's end to repeat as state champs. Anna Coffin ran exceptionally well in her first race out of the shadows of her now graduated Foot Locker finalist and state champion sister Maria Coffin finishing runner-up to Facius in a time of 19:19 for the Annapolis junior.ResultsGIRLS THREE MILE RUN FINALSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTPOINTS1Samantha Facius11 Mount De Sales Academy19:00.0012Anna Coffin11 Annapolis Senior High School19:19.0023Abby Sweeney12 Northern-Calvert High School19:23.0034Emily Beyer12 Mt. Hebron High School19:27.0045Claudia Dolan11 Northern-Calvert High School19:47.8056Sarah Deresky12 Northern-Calvert High School19:51.2067Hannah McGlynn12 South River High School19:51.6078Faith Meininger9 River Hill High School19:54.1089Kamryn Eveleth11 Severna Park19:57.90910Jasmine Tiamfook12 River Hill High School20:08.001011Sydney Friedel11 Calvert High School20:14.801112Catie Cambon12 Severna Park20:17.001213Pamela O'Brien12 South River High School20:17.601314Bronwyn Patterson9 South River High School20:17.901415Maria Grafov9 Mt. Hebron High School20:26.801516Simone Evans12 South River High School20:31.301617Rebecca Vavasseur11 Annapolis Senior High School20:38.001718Raaya Khleif11 River Hill High School20:51.201819Nelle Ray9 Leonardtown High School20:55.801920lindsay wingeart10 Arundel High School21:03.802021Emily Imhof11 Leonardtown High School21:08.302122Sophia Zell10 Severna Park21:14.202223Erin McGrath11 Westminster High School21:18.102324Brenna Mullaney10 Severna Park21:19.102425Kennedy Clark10 River Hill High School21:19.102526Alexa Matthews12 River Hill High School21:19.102627Alyssa Tatum12 Northern-Calvert High School21:22.002728Izzy Kintzley12 Severna Park21:26.902829Kirstin Nichols10 Arundel High School21:31.402930Rachel Geiger10 Leonardtown High School21:37.303031Cameron Zaniker10 Severna Park21:37.803132Charlotte Seymour11 Bryn Mawr School21:38.703233Faith Loftus11 Bel Air High School21:42.603334Colby Brodsky12 Century High School21:42.803435Sofia Grossman11 Sherwood High School21:49.703536Susannah Yezzi10 Bryn Mawr School21:50.303637Lindsey Brooks11 Severna Park21:51.803738Katie Ericson10 Annapolis Senior High School21:54.603839Tess Hawes12 River Hill High School21:55.603940Alexa Donaldson11 Sherwood High School21:56.804041Dana Miller9 Calvert High School22:01.204142Allison Keller12 Arundel High School22:06.904243Emily Mutchler10 Calvert High School22:07.604344Tyra Countiss12 Leonardtown High School22:07.804445Alayna Gibson10 Roland Park Country School22:09.304546annah krol10 Arundel High School22:10.304647Abigail Barnett12 Arundel High School22:15.704748Katie Sullivan12 South River High School22:16.904849Lauren Brennan10 Calvert High School22:17.804950Kaitlyn Delamer12 Northern-Calvert High School22:19.405051Bethany Laird12 Leonardtown High School22:19.805152Kayla Brennan11 Calvert High School22:24.505253Ellie Gustafson12 Mt. Hebron High School22:25.105354Catherine Bubser11 Northern-Calvert High School22:26.505455Mya Rivenburg11 North Point High School22:26.605556Hannah Haynes10 Leonardtown High School22:28.205657Amelia Guenterberg12 Sherwood High School22:30.505758Anna Schauermann12 South River High School22:34.505859Renee Relf12 Old Mill High School22:40.405960Veronica Tis12 Mount De Sales Academy22:42.806061Emily Gravell12 Sherwood High School22:43.606162Brittney Douglas11 Calvert High School22:47.306263Nina Greger12 Chesapeake High School-AA22:51.806364Chemutia Nganga12 Mt. Hebron High School22:52.206465Emily Gorny10 Howard High School22:55.206566Amanda Eliker10 Howard High School22:56.106667Anne Hagerty11 St. John's College High School22:56.70--68Madison Radford10 Howard High School22:59.406769Leah Fenton11 Century High School23:01.506870Caylee Bergreen11 Mt. Hebron High School23:01.906971Hannah Mack9 Northern-Calvert High School23:02.007072Mary Gorman11 Huntingtown High School23:02.607173Elizabeth Currie10 Roland Park Country School23:03.307274Olivia Minnich10 Mt. Hebron High School23:03.407375Janie Cai12 River Hill High School23:04.107476Jordan Maloney10 Mt. Hebron High School23:04.507577Caroline Peters11 St. John's College High School23:04.90--78Hannah Goldstein12 South River High School23:08.407679Anna Cestari11 St. John's College High School23:16.60--80Rachel Krug11 Mount De Sales Academy23:19.507781Hannah Rhea11 Roland Park Country School23:23.307882Julia Wawrzynski11 Westminster High School23:23.707983Joy Pontzer10 Mount De Sales Academy23:24.608084Jane Gorman9 Huntingtown High School23:24.708185Sasha Laredo12 Sherwood High School23:27.108286Helen Harrington12 Bryn Mawr School23:32.608387Megan Powell11 St. John's College High School23:33.70--88Abigail Miller12 Eleanor Roosevelt High School23:33.708489Nina Mcgranahan11 Eleanor Roosevelt High School23:37.708590Morgan Lennon12 Huntingtown High School23:39.808691Sarah Deese10 Century High School23:40.408792Kristina Kemp10 Westminster High School23:40.708893Julia Brown9 Chopticon High School23:43.708994Clare Preston11 Westminster High School23:44.809095Erin Kosloski12 Mount De Sales Academy23:45.809196Justine Willey10 Patuxent High School23:49.90--97Annushka Aliev10 Middletown High School23:53.409298Bethany Prettyman12 Chopticon High School23:57.909399Alexis Johnson12 Calvert High School23:58.4094100Ryleigh Hicks9 Mount De Sales Academy23:59.0095101Helen Dawson11 Bryn Mawr School24:02.6096102Julia Noll10 Century High School24:04.6097103Elise Greenwald9 Century High School24:05.1098104Sarah Blank11 Old Mill High School24:07.2099105jillian lopez10 Arundel High School24:10.00100106Lauren Ledonne12 Bel Air High School24:10.30101107Amelie Thode10 Howard High School24:13.70102108Irene Macfarlane12 Roland Park Country School24:14.70103109Erika Leimkuhler9 Century High School24:15.60104110Jaden Kielty12 Roland Park Country School24:17.20105111megan kearns11 Arundel High School24:19.10106112Ali Hauser12 Middletown High School24:20.80107113Shelby Hay10 Bel Air High School24:22.10108114Marina Manna9 Bryn Mawr School24:23.40109115Ainsley McHugh10 Century High School24:27.10110116Riley Mcdermott10 Bel Air High School24:33.00111117Isabelle Watriss9 Bryn Mawr School24:34.80112118Thea Kellett12 Chesapeake High School-AA24:39.50113119Marilyn FIsher11 Middletown High School24:41.90114120Catherine Mahoney9 Middletown High School24:42.40115121Emily Herrle9 Huntingtown High School24:49.40116122Kaitlyn Digsby12 Old Mill High School24:49.80117123Lucy Breidenbach11 Annapolis Senior High School24:53.60118124Sinead Claffey11 Sherwood High School24:53.80119125Marlia Nash10 Howard High School24:54.60120126Emma Williamson12 Howard High School25:00.30121127Rhoda Alaban-tafon11 Glen Burnie High School25:00.30--128Ava Phillips11 Sherwood High School25:03.40122129Sarah Skane11 St. Mary's Ryken High School25:07.10--130Anabelle Franks12 Bryn Mawr School25:10.40123131Shannon Gibbons12 Westminster High School25:12.70124132Alyssa Heintzelman11 Eleanor Roosevelt High School25:19.90125133Abby Byrd12 Annapolis Senior High School25:27.70126134Molly Johnston12 Annapolis Senior High School25:30.50127135Caroline Fallace12 Bel Air High School25:30.70128136Eleanor Stafford9 Middletown High School25:30.80129137Kiki Gushue9 Roland Park Country School25:31.20130138Abigail Furlow10 Old Mill High School25:35.10131139Nicole Smith12 Patuxent High School25:35.60--140Faith Davis12 St. Mary's Ryken High School25:37.80--141Abby Manning10 Westminster High School25:44.00132142Georgia Furbish10 Chesapeake High School-AA25:44.90133143Grace Whiteman10 Northeast Senior High School25:47.20134144Reilly Tack9 Chopticon High School25:52.80135145Jenna Modrzejewski9 Chopticon High School25:52.90136146Sophie Stafford12 Middletown High School25:57.50137147Madeline Dove10 Southern (AA) High School25:59.20138148Katherine Gapen10 Old Mill High School26:10.20139149Bella Lynch9 Roland Park Country School26:11.00140150Nadia Gagnon9 Chopticon High School26:25.10141151Kylie Beatty10 Chesapeake High School-AA26:26.90142152Elizabeth Clark12 Southern (AA) High School26:28.10143153Katie Dileonardi10 Bel Air High School26:31.40144154Ryley Anthony10 Chesapeake High School-AA26:33.40145155Maitlin Greiner12 Huntingtown High School26:36.80146156Jesse Skoglin12 Mount De Sales Academy26:38.50147157Alexandrea Barnett10 Northeast Senior High School26:41.60148158Zofia Gemignani9 Middletown High School26:42.90149159Hayley Long9 Howard High School26:50.40150160Madison Green9 Old Mill High School27:14.30151161Emily Chen10 Glen Burnie High School27:19.40--162Margaret Foulkes11 Huntingtown High School27:22.80152163Jordan Ball9 North Point High School27:43.60153164Grace Moore11 North Point High School27:48.70154165Grace Pomilla11 Huntingtown High School27:58.00155166Grace Leget11 Leonardtown High School28:00.60156167Shannon Short9 North Point High School28:02.20157168Rose Anne Dela Cerna12 Eleanor Roosevelt High School28:04.30158169Catherine Wood12 Chesapeake High School-AA28:17.60159170Darby Trout9 Chesapeake High School-AA28:18.40160171Rebekah Chun10 Eleanor Roosevelt High School28:21.40161172Olivia Heinrichs11 Southern (AA) High School29:20.70162173Georgia Broadwater10 Southern (AA) High School29:27.60163174Mallory Moore10 St. Mary's Ryken High School29:28.30--175Sierra Walker12 North Point High School29:37.50164176ChY'ad Smith10 Northeast Senior High School29:40.00165177Erin Whaley9 Old Mill High School29:44.20166178Havieana Hylton11 Eleanor Roosevelt High School29:56.00167179Desiree Luck10 Northeast Senior High School29:58.60168180Jada Odom12 North Point High School30:46.10169181Chrissy Smith12 Westminster High School30:52.20170182Morgan James10 Northeast Senior High School31:10.10171183Heather McKee10 Southern (AA) High School32:09.90172184Aliyah Malazarte10 North Point High School33:22.50173185Emma Hurman11 Northeast Senior High School33:40.60174186Maeve Fitzgerald11 Southern (AA) High School33:40.80175187Seily Zamudio12 Eleanor Roosevelt High School33:57.30176188Dafne Estrella10 Southern (AA) High School34:18.60177189Rebecca White12 Glen Burnie High School37:03.50--TEAM SCORESPLACETEAMPOINTSSCORERSTIMES1River Hill High School878+10+18+25+26 (39+74)1:25 1-5 Split | 20:42 Avg2Northern-Calvert High School913+5+6+27+50 (54+70)2:56 1-5 Split | 20:32 Avg3Severna Park959+12+22+24+28 (31+37)1:29 1-5 Split | 20:51 Avg4South River High School987+13+14+16+48 (58+76)2:25 1-5 Split | 20:39 Avg5Leonardtown High School16519+21+30+44+51 (56+156)1:24 1-5 Split | 21:37 Avg6Arundel High School18420+29+42+46+47 (100+106)1:11 1-5 Split | 21:49 Avg7Calvert High School19611+41+43+49+52 (62+94)2:09 1-5 Split | 21:49 Avg8Mt. Hebron High School2054+15+53+64+69 (73+75)3:34 1-5 Split | 21:38 Avg9Sherwood High School27535+40+57+61+82 (119+122)1:37 1-5 Split | 22:29 Avg10Annapolis Senior High School3012+17+38+118+126 (127)6:08 1-5 Split | 22:26 Avg11Mount De Sales Academy3091+60+77+80+91 (95+147)4:45 1-5 Split | 22:26 Avg12Bryn Mawr School35632+36+83+96+109 (112+123)2:44 1-5 Split | 23:05 Avg13Century High School38434+68+87+97+98 (104+110)2:22 1-5 Split | 23:18 Avg14Roland Park Country School40345+72+78+103+105 (130+140)2:07 1-5 Split | 23:25 Avg15Westminster High School40423+79+88+90+124 (132+170)3:54 1-5 Split | 23:28 Avg16Howard High School42065+66+67+102+120 (121+150)1:59 1-5 Split | 23:35 Avg17Bel Air High School48133+101+108+111+128 (144)3:48 1-5 Split | 24:03 Avg18Huntingtown High School50071+81+86+116+146 (152+155)3:34 1-5 Split | 24:18 Avg19Old Mill High School54559+99+117+131+139 (151+166)3:29 1-5 Split | 24:40 Avg20Middletown High School55792+107+114+115+129 (137+149)1:37 1-5 Split | 24:37 Avg21Chopticon High School59489+93+135+136+1412:41 1-5 Split | 25:10 Avg22Chesapeake High School-AA59663+113+133+142+145 (159+160)3:41 1-5 Split | 25:15 Avg23Eleanor Roosevelt High School61384+85+125+158+161 (167+176)4:47 1-5 Split | 25:47 Avg24North Point High School68355+153+154+157+164 (169+173)7:10 1-5 Split | 27:07 Avg25Southern (AA) High School778138+143+162+163+172 (175+177)6:10 1-5 Split | 28:41 Avg26Northeast Senior High School786134+148+165+168+171 (174)5:22 1-5 Split | 28:39 Avg

Varsity Boys - Justin Diehl (Calvert) 16:03 Sep 02, 2017

Justin Diehl of Calvert wins varsity boys race at the 2017 Seahawk Invite in a time of 16:03, while the Severna Park boys had a 32 second spread and 16:37 average winning the team title by a margin of 95 points.Howard's Nick Deamer was runner-up to Diehl by 3 seconds in 16:06, while last year's race champion Hunter Petrik of Mount St. Joseph's finished 3rd in a time of 16:17 ahead of Severna Park's #1 runner Hugh O'Connor (4th, 16:18). ResultsBOYS THREE MILE RUN FINALSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTPOINTS1Justin Diehl11 Calvert High School16:03.0012Nicholas Deamer12 Howard High School16:06.0023Hunter Petrik12 Mount St. Joseph16:17.4034Hugh O'Connor12 Severna Park16:18.1045Anish Nanjappa10 River Hill High School16:20.3056Garrison Clark11 Severna Park16:27.4067Greg Oldham12 Northern-Calvert High School16:31.7078Jacob Molina11 Arundel High School16:39.3089Samuel Martin11 Severna Park16:43.60910John Dodsworth12 Calvert High School16:44.601011Jonah Lane12 Severna Park16:46.301112Sahil Sardesai12 Mt. Hebron High School16:47.601213Nicholas Plummer12 Severna Park16:50.801314Tyler Modrzejewski11 Chopticon High School16:52.501415Jacob Martin11 Severna Park16:53.601516Noah Griffin12 Westminster High School17:01.601618Sam Keeny10 South River High School17:04.601719Sean O'Roark12 Leonardtown High School17:04.601820Brennan Straits12 Middletown High School17:04.901921Parker McDowell12 Leonardtown High School17:06.002022Jack Finnerin12 Severna Park17:08.402123Ian Hinson12 Howard High School17:10.802224Brendan Fitzgerald12 River Hill High School17:12.302325Paul Fagnano12 Calvert High School17:13.002426Julian Dixon12 Sidwell Friends School17:14.802527Kieran McDermott12 Bel Air High School17:17.502628Ben Russell12 Huntingtown High School17:18.302729Jake Downing12 River Hill High School17:18.802830Charlie Ferguson11 Westminster High School17:23.602931Theo Johnson11 Century High School17:26.103032Matthew Kosten11 Leonardtown High School17:30.003133Dennis Danieli12 Howard High School17:31.703234Will Dowling11 Gilman School17:32.903335Will Eisner12 McDonogh School17:34.403436Arjun Thillairajah10 Sidwell Friends School17:37.703537Andrew Brinker12 Mount St. Joseph17:39.803638Alex Strawley11 Howard High School17:40.303739Jacob Spera12 Century High School17:41.303840Gabe Antone11 Mount St. Joseph17:43.503941Adam Allen12 South River High School17:43.804042Matt Huber11 Century High School17:44.404143Jeff Wedding9 Chopticon High School17:44.604244Michael Schlining12 Mt. Hebron High School17:45.904345Brandon Arbaugh12 Westminster High School17:46.304446Ryan Watson11 South River High School17:46.404547Riley Mcdermott10 Middletown High School17:47.304648Carter Singletary10 Calvert High School17:47.704749Rohan Sinha12 River Hill High School17:48.604850Sean Enright10 Sherwood High School17:49.704951Kyle Cotoia12 Westminster High School17:51.305052Chase McGeehan11 River Hill High School17:51.905153Liam de Beaufort11 St. John's College High School17:52.905254Nathaniel Soto12 Arundel High School17:55.005355Eric Accardi12 Howard High School17:56.405456Brendan Jones12 Patuxent High School17:56.70--57Ethan Gray12 Bel Air High School17:57.105558Ben Aris11 Calvert High School17:57.505659Jack Lehnhardt11 Northern-Calvert High School17:58.005760Philip Wright12 Sidwell Friends School17:58.805861Ryan Rose10 River Hill High School17:59.005962Sean Krein10 River Hill High School18:02.006063Jacob Ververs12 Mt. Hebron High School18:02.506164Ethan Tagliere11 Sherwood High School18:02.606265Eric Vaughan12 Mt. Hebron High School18:03.806366Jovani Sierra12 Howard High School18:04.606467Phillip Reed11 North Point High School18:05.806568tanner piotrowski10 Arundel High School18:06.606669Conor McGirr10 Huntingtown High School18:07.106770Charlie Edwards10 Gilman School18:08.406871Christian Hendricks12 South River High School18:10.306972Matthew Metz12 DeMatha Catholic High School18:12.807073Andrew Plowman11 Bel Air High School18:14.507174Josh Lee12 Annapolis Senior High School18:17.807275Liam Aris11 Calvert High School18:18.607376Ryan Hockstra12 Mount St. Joseph18:19.107477Joey Zietowski12 Mount St. Joseph18:20.507578Trevor Hodge12 Mt. Hebron High School18:20.607679Justin Bloomberg11 Sherwood High School18:20.807780Nicholas Simon11 Century High School18:21.307881Eric Gibson12 Gilman School18:21.407982Max McCullough10 Gilman School18:21.808083William Jones9 Mt. Hebron High School18:25.408184Isaiah Willett11 Calvert High School18:26.708285Griffin Hynes12 Southern (AA) High School18:27.408386Will Lucas12 Southern (AA) High School18:29.408487Riley Place12 St. John's College High School18:32.208588Jake Ayres12 Sherwood High School18:33.408689Colin Madden11 St. Mary's Ryken High School18:36.808790Shane Wagner12 Westminster High School18:36.908891Matthew Robins10 McDonogh School18:37.508992Jack Ballard11 South River High School18:37.909093Alexi Thomas12 McDonogh School18:38.009194Zach Olivier12 Howard High School18:39.709295Trey Dravvon11 Middletown High School18:39.809396Anthony Perry10 DeMatha Catholic High School18:40.309497Jacob Havins11 Century High School18:42.109598Reese Smith11 St. John's College High School18:44.009699Hogan Mower11 Century High School18:46.3097100Austin Scott12 Old Mill High School18:48.4098101Morgan Zinn11 Gilman School18:48.9099102Will Keto12 Sidwell Friends School18:52.90100103Austin Foote11 Westminster High School18:53.30101104Bennett Wasch11 Annapolis Senior High School18:55.00102105Kevin McDanal11 Great Mills High School18:55.50103106Ethan Russell10 Sherwood High School18:58.20104107Bryce Kampert10 Mt. Hebron High School18:58.60105108Joshua Bloomberg11 Sherwood High School19:00.10106109Wibb Marzilli9 Sidwell Friends School19:01.80107110Bradon Lewis10 Eleanor Roosevelt High School19:02.30108111Jackson Shiffer10 Southern (AA) High School19:02.80109112Dan Alli10 Mount St. Joseph19:08.40110113Joshua Calautti11 Huntingtown High School19:09.90111114Andrew Howery11 Westminster High School19:10.30112115Logan Handwork11 North Point High School19:12.70113116David Northrup12 Leonardtown High School19:13.30114117Thomas Parsons10 DeMatha Catholic High School19:14.40115118Richard Trey Gladwell11 Leonardtown High School19:17.80116119Alex Holt12 Annapolis Senior High School19:20.40117120Zach Wedding9 Chopticon High School19:22.10118121Grayson Whitesell11 Middletown High School19:23.10119122Shayne Landers12 Northern-Calvert High School19:23.20120123Noah Eby11 Leonardtown High School19:25.60121124Dyllon Wolf12 Huntingtown High School19:27.80122125Jacob Isaacson12 Northern-Calvert High School19:32.20123126Noah Whiteman12 Northeast Senior High School19:33.60124127Peter Niverth12 Sherwood High School19:33.70125128Tim Kunert12 South River High School19:36.60126129Michael Dorsey11 Old Mill High School19:37.30127130William Heinle11 St. John's College High School19:37.70128131David Trider11 Mount St. Joseph19:40.30129132Ray Stevenson12 North Point High School19:40.70130133Jack Knibb12 Sidwell Friends School19:42.20131134Charlie Shapiro12 Gilman School19:44.10132135Nicolas Gagnon11 Chopticon High School19:46.60133136Ryan Barton10 Huntingtown High School19:47.80134137Solomon Snuggerud10 Annapolis Senior High School19:47.90135138Nathan Jackson12 Huntingtown High School19:48.40136139Satchel Ball11 North Point High School19:54.40137140Albert Stumm10 Leonardtown High School19:55.30138141Jacob Matrese11 Arundel High School19:55.90139142Joseph Crunkleton11 Northern-Calvert High School19:56.50140143Andrew Okon10 Eleanor Roosevelt High School19:57.90141144Isaiah Kessler10 McDonogh School19:58.80142145Rowdy McMullen10 Chopticon High School19:58.90143146Nick Hammond12 Bel Air High School20:02.00144147Brenton Duvall12 Bel Air High School20:02.10145148Liam Rhodes10 Chesapeake High School-AA20:02.30146149Blake Davis10 Chopticon High School20:02.90147150Robert Massey12 Northeast Senior High School20:03.70148151Tyler Richardson10 Old Mill High School20:08.70149152Shane Dennison9 Old Mill High School20:10.00150153James Dawson10 Eleanor Roosevelt High School20:11.00151154Colin Vieson12 South River High School20:11.80152155Max Collins11 Sidwell Friends School20:12.10153156Robby Jones11 Northern-Calvert High School20:14.90154157Ryan Underwood12 Arundel High School20:15.30155158Michael Ellison11 Old Mill High School20:18.50156159Gavin Foran9 DeMatha Catholic High School20:23.90157160Luke Jimenez10 Southern (AA) High School20:25.00158161James Hudson9 DeMatha Catholic High School20:26.00159162Alexander Mejia12 Arundel High School20:28.70160163Daniel Beck11 St. John's College High School20:29.20161164Alex VanValkenberg12 Chesapeake High School-AA20:30.30162165Charlie Burgess11 McDonogh School20:31.90163166Kevin Vasquez12 Chesapeake High School-AA20:35.80164167connor stewart10 Arundel High School20:38.40165168Connor Nelson10 Southern (AA) High School20:43.30166169John Gallerizzo11 North County High School20:44.40167170Suerken Matsyama9 Eleanor Roosevelt High School20:47.10168171Ashby Ervin11 DeMatha Catholic High School20:47.30169172Brennan Penafiel10 Chesapeake High School-AA20:48.60170173Christopher Dunaway jr10 Old Mill High School20:49.50171174Zachary Starr11 Chesapeake High School-AA20:51.00172175Micheal Meade12 North Point High School20:59.50173176Joshua Doughty9 North Point High School21:04.20174177John Keville11 Annapolis Senior High School21:05.20175178Arthur Fairclough12 St. John's College High School21:10.50176179Anthony Corrado12 Indian Creek21:10.90177180Taylor Farnsworth12 Bel Air High School21:14.10178181Aidan Catlin9 North County High School21:15.40179182James Rilan Adams12 Old Mill High School21:22.20180183Elisha Seitz11 Glen Burnie High School21:22.80181184Liam Lonergan11 Indian Creek21:23.30182185Mateo Aron-Ortiz11 McDonogh School21:24.10183186Brennan Hudson12 St. Mary's Ryken High School21:26.10184187Sam Silverstone11 St. Mary's Ryken High School21:26.40185188Keith Roberts11 Gilman School21:32.20186189Haden Kellagher12 Bel Air High School21:37.40187190Kevin Grace12 St. Mary's Ryken High School21:37.70188191Matthew Phelps11 Chesapeake High School-AA21:42.40189192Zachary Ramassini12 Northern-Calvert High School21:44.10190193Colin Wedding12 Chopticon High School21:52.50191194Collin Hanson12 Middletown High School21:53.00192195Daniel Waldheim12 Patuxent High School21:53.80--196Owen Reed9 Huntingtown High School21:55.10193197Aidan Cruz10 Eleanor Roosevelt High School21:55.60194198Grayden Bird11 Southern (AA) High School22:03.30195199Justin Torgesen11 Great Mills High School22:10.60196200Austin Olszewski9 St. Mary's Ryken High School22:17.90197201Steven Camarano9 DeMatha Catholic High School22:18.70198202Charles Mack10 North County High School22:19.30199203Adam Bizri11 Indian Creek22:26.20200204Daniel Garland11 Indian Creek22:33.90201205Zachary Fortune12 Eleanor Roosevelt High School22:57.20202206Joshua Carson12 North Point High School22:59.70203207Joe Wyvill10 Southern (AA) High School23:01.10204208Tyler White11 North County High School23:08.60205209Jonathan Levy11 Indian Creek23:09.10206210Andrew Feddersen12 Great Mills High School23:10.70207211Kaleb Levery12 North County High School23:16.50208212Bryan Summers10 Chesapeake High School-AA23:20.00209213Zachary Handy12 Annapolis Senior High School23:52.70210214Jack O'Brien10 Great Mills High School23:53.90211215Kyle Fitzmaurice11 North County High School24:00.10212216Andrew Beckman11 St. Mary's Ryken High School24:04.40213217Connor Wilson11 Northeast Senior High School24:08.70214218Jake Wild12 Great Mills High School24:21.10215219Mateo Savoy9 Glen Burnie High School24:30.90216220Jacob Ashe10 Northeast Senior High School24:32.10217221Dominic Keffalas11 Northeast Senior High School24:40.50218222Jackson Hall10 Glen Burnie High School24:44.00219223Tucker Arvin12 Great Mills High School24:57.30220224Trever Poole9 Northeast Senior High School25:06.90221225Daniel Roseberry11 North County High School25:18.90222226Zachary Bradenburg10 Glen Burnie High School25:21.90223227Sterling Shrader11 Glen Burnie High School25:22.60224228Ethan Diddlemeyer10 Northeast Senior High School26:08.10225229Ryan Oberteuffer11 Indian Creek31:27.00226TEAM SCORESPLACETEAMPOINTSSCORERSTIMES1Severna Park434+6+9+11+13 (15+21)0:32 1-5 Split | 16:37 Avg2Calvert High School1381+10+24+47+56 (73+82)1:54 1-5 Split | 17:09 Avg3Howard High School1472+22+32+37+54 (64+92)1:50 1-5 Split | 17:17 Avg4River Hill High School1555+23+28+48+51 (59+60)1:31 1-5 Split | 17:18 Avg5Mount St. Joseph2273+36+39+74+75 (110+129)2:03 1-5 Split | 17:40 Avg6Westminster High School22716+29+44+50+88 (101+112)1:35 1-5 Split | 17:43 Avg7Mt. Hebron High School25512+43+61+63+76 (81+105)1:33 1-5 Split | 17:48 Avg8South River High School26117+40+45+69+90 (126+152)1:33 1-5 Split | 17:52 Avg9Century High School28230+38+41+78+95 (97)1:16 1-5 Split | 17:59 Avg10Leonardtown High School29918+20+31+114+116 (121+138)2:13 1-5 Split | 18:02 Avg11Sidwell Friends School32525+35+58+100+107 (131+153)1:47 1-5 Split | 18:09 Avg12Gilman School35933+68+79+80+99 (132+186)1:16 1-5 Split | 18:14 Avg13Sherwood High School37849+62+77+86+104 (106+125)1:08 1-5 Split | 18:20 Avg14Arundel High School4218+53+66+139+155 (160+165)3:36 1-5 Split | 18:34 Avg15Bel Air High School44126+55+71+144+145 (178+187)2:44 1-5 Split | 18:42 Avg16Northern-Calvert High School4477+57+120+123+140 (154+190)3:24 1-5 Split | 18:40 Avg17Chopticon High School45014+42+118+133+143 (147+191)3:06 1-5 Split | 18:44 Avg18Huntingtown High School46127+67+111+122+134 (136+193)2:29 1-5 Split | 18:46 Avg19Middletown High School46919+46+93+119+1924:48 1-5 Split | 18:57 Avg20McDonogh School51934+89+91+142+163 (183)2:57 1-5 Split | 19:04 Avg21St. John's College High School52252+85+96+128+161 (176)2:36 1-5 Split | 19:03 Avg22DeMatha Catholic High School59570+94+115+157+159 (169+198)2:13 1-5 Split | 19:23 Avg23Southern (AA) High School60083+84+109+158+166 (195+204)2:15 1-5 Split | 19:25 Avg24Annapolis Senior High School60172+102+117+135+175 (210)2:47 1-5 Split | 19:29 Avg25North Point High School61865+113+130+137+173 (174+203)2:53 1-5 Split | 19:34 Avg26Old Mill High School68098+127+149+150+156 (171+180)1:30 1-5 Split | 19:48 Avg27Eleanor Roosevelt High School762108+141+151+168+194 (202)2:53 1-5 Split | 20:22 Avg28Chesapeake High School-AA814146+162+164+170+172 (189+209)0:48 1-5 Split | 20:33 Avg29St. Mary's Ryken High School84187+184+185+188+197 (213)3:41 1-5 Split | 21:04 Avg30Northeast Senior High School921124+148+214+217+218 (221+225)5:06 1-5 Split | 22:35 Avg31Great Mills High School932103+196+207+211+215 (220)5:25 1-5 Split | 22:30 Avg32North County High School958167+179+199+205+208 (212+222)2:32 1-5 Split | 22:08 Avg33Indian Creek966177+182+200+201+206 (226)1:58 1-5 Split | 22:08 Avg34Glen Burnie High School1063181+216+219+223+2243:59 1-5 Split | 24:16 Avg