Meet Information

1.Location:Prince George's County Sports and Learning Complex

8001 Sherriff Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20781

2.Directions: From I-95 take exit 17. Turn left at the topof the hill at the light (202 North towards Bladensburg). Make a left ontoBrightseat Road. Right onto Sherriff Rd. Complex will be on your left.


Athletes may be dropped off at the rear of the Field House

Buses (only) are to park in Lot B

All spectators are to park in Lot D (go thru the light at Sherriff Rd - 1st lot on the right)

Officials will be allowed to park in Lot A or Lot C

Handicap parking is in the front of the Field House


WAS HELD ONTUESDAY DECEMBER 5, 2017 @ 6:30pm atOsbourn Park.

5.Time Schedule:Tentative schedule will be attached

9:00amSet up (Meet Director(s) and officials only)

10:00amAthletes may enter the building

10:45amCoaches Meeting

9:00pm Must be out of the complex ($500.00 per additional hour)

6. Field House Policies

Spikes may only be worn during competition(1/4") - must be checked prior to competition (Bull Pen A)

Athletes are to use the Field House restrooms on the upper level

Use the trash receptacles that areprovided

No glass containers, drinks or food will be allowed on the track surface

All audible devices must be equipped and operated by headphones

Warm up areas - outdoor track or lighted path

Starting blocks are to only be used at the starting line

Teams are expected to use the equipment and facility in the proper manner

Please remind athletes to throw hip numbers away (not on the floor or wall)

7.Facility 200 meter track - 6 lanes .....(8) lanes in the home straight-away

8. Arriving at the FieldHouse

Teams will not be allowed in the Field House prior to time listed on the contract

Teams will enter the Field House through the rear entrance.

Teams will be directed to sit on the bleachers to the right of the entrance (NO spikes in the bleachers)

9. Emergency Medical Services

Athletic Trainer - Osbourn Park

Emergency transportation requires the coach's approval and emergencycard

10.Concessions: Concession stand will be provided

11. Admission $7.00

Will set up inside of the mainentrance to the track (from the lobby)

T-Shirts will be on sale on the upper level

12.North Meet Officials( the process of securing the officials)

Meet Directors - Bobby Krause (5A North) Mark Eisenhour(6A-C) and Keith Laine (6A-D)

Michael Hughes Michael D. Feldman

13. Entries: Milestat http://va/ PASSWORD FOR ENTRIES: 6ANREG

All entries will be done on www.milestat.comPlease make sure you have all resultsfrom meets on milestat.

Any time or distance that cannot verify will result in an NT for seeding purposes.

Advancement:Districts will advance the top (6) individual and the top (3) relays placers in their respective conference championship meets. Additionally; individuals and relays may advance to the 6A Region Championships by meeting the 2017-2018 6A North Region and or 6A State Standard.Region Entry Performance:District Meet Performance with the athlete's or relay's best legitimate performance from the 2017-2018 Indoor Season.All qualifying performances must be posted at

Entries must be completed by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 9, 2018 After this time, entries will be closed. Please make sure your District Meet results have been posted on milestat before you do your entries. If you enter prior to this time then you may have a non-verified entry for the Region Meet.


The Declaration Rule is ineffect. For example; you mayenter an athlete in the 55, 300, and 4 x 400, if you scratch the athlete fromthe 300 they may still run the 4 x 400 but you cannot add them to another event. If you are unsure please contact me. However, if you enter an athlete in 4 running events plan on scratching during the meet that will not work and the athlete will be deleted from the last events.

Note on SCRATCHES:Each contestant in a running event shall report to the clerk of the course by the third call. Failure to report by the third call will result in a scratch. All individuals declared for participation at the deadline set by the director will have those events count toward their participation limit as specified in rule 84-3-1 whether they compete in them or not..If an athlete is excused from an event by the certified trainer onsite, or a physician, that athlete will be eligible for any and all other events entered unless the certified trainer or physician determines that the athlete's health would be in danger with any further participation.No event in the meet is to be delayed because a participant is engaged in another event.If a contestant is entered in a field event which conflicts with the time schedule with a track event in which he is entered, he shall make advance arrangements with the official in charge of the field event to postpone his trials until after the track event has beenrun.No track event will be delayed to accommodate a contestant competing in a field events.

14. RULES: 2017 edition National Federation Rule Bookand the 2017-18 edition of VHSL Handbook.

15. UNIFORMS:Team members shall wear the school uniform.A competitor must be in the proper track uniform and wearing his contestan tnumber (when numbers are used) before he will be permitted to compete.Numbers, when worn, shall be attached to the front of the jersey for all events.In relay events each team member shall wear the same color and design schooluniform (jersey and trunks).When more tha none team member wears other apparel under the jersey, that apparel must be identical.

16. Bibs:Bibs and other official packets will be distributed to the coaches atthe Awards

Table located at the finish line. Please pick up your packet prior to the Coaches' Meeting.

Numbers on to be pinned on the front of the singlet.Bibs are not necessary in the PoleVault.

However all Vaulters must show the event Judge their assigned bib.

17. CONTROL OF THE FIELD:Each coach is asked to keep their team in the stands, off the track and out of the infield, except when an individual iswarming up or participating in an event.The only people allowed on the infield are those with identification tags indicating an official capacity in the meet.

18. WARMING-UP: Coaches are asked to instruct their athletes to warm up on the upper fields.In the field events, as much as possible, have your athletes' warm-up proper to the first call for the event.Please keep athletes in the stands except when they are warming up or are competing.

19. Final Advancement Formula:Advancement to the races with 1 section final will be: The winner of each semifinal heat and the next (X) fastest times (number needed to complete the 8 finalists).Seeding for finals will be based on place then time from semifinals.Seeding for finals will be based on place then time from semifinals.

For the 1000m-1600m-3200m; sections will be determined by the size of the field. Seeded sections will half plus one.

20.Participation Limits:Athletes may be entered in as many field events as they have qualified in.

Athletes may only compete in those runningevents that they have been declared.

21. State Meet Advancement:

The top (3) individuals and top (3) relays finishers in the Region Meet are the State Meet Automatic Qualifiers plus all those meeting the 6A State Standard will advance to the 6A State Championships.

22.Scoring:Through Eight Places (8):10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

23.Awards:Championship Trophy and Runner-Upper gender

Medals for the top three (3).....Individuals and top three (3) Relays

Championship Patches awarded to the Champion Team

Award envelopes can be picked up atthe conclusion of the meet.

24. Call for Events:

FirstCall - 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event

Second call - 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event

Third call - 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event

25. Field Event Notes:

Shots will be weighed and certified by Head Field Judge.

Long Jump and Triple Jump:(3) Three jumps in the trials and with the top 9 advancing to the Finals for three additional attempts jumps.

High Jump and Pole Vault: Starting heights;

G-HJ: 4-10.00 Bar will advance 2" until the bar reaches 5-02.00 and then 1" per advancement

B-HJ: 5-10.00Bar will advance 2" until the bar reaches 5-02.00 and then 1" per advancement

G-PV: 8-03.00 Bar will advance 6" until the bar reaches 9-03.00 and then 3" per advancement

B-PV: 11-06.00 Bar will advance 6" until the bar reaches 12-09.00 and then 3" per advancement

Vaulters must be weighed in by Head Field Judge.

26. Additional Information:

Pole Vault and High Jump - No hard hair retainers are permitted

Field event Judges will ask if an athlete is participating in another even.

Anyadjustment will be made after this.

There is a 15 min excusal time for an athlete to check out for anotherevent.

The check back time will be recorded.

If there is a tie for a place for the finals in a race - F.A.T. will then go to thousands to break thetie.

No tape will be allowed on the track. Use a tennis ball.

Coaches boxes will be provided for all field events.

Time schedule is posted under the SCHEDULE TAB on the main page