Meet Information

Fifteenth Annual

Lafayette Invitational, Sponsored by the DCIAA

Cross-Country Meet

Colmar Manor Park

3510 37th Ave, Bladensburg (or Brentwood) , MD

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Meet Information: Your teams are cordially invited to participate in the 14th annual Lafayette Invitational. This year we are happy to be back at Colmar Manor Park. We hope to see you and look forward to seeing your new and returning athletes as they begin the competitive season.


10 am to 11:30 pm: Teams arrive to familiarize themselves with the course

11:30am- Coaches Meeting

12:00 Elementary Boys race

12:40 Elementary Girls

1:15 Middle Boys

1:45 Middle Girls

2:15 HS Girls

3:00 HS Boys

Course: Middle and Elementary courses are the traditional courses used for many years. The current HS course has been used since 2013. Distances: Elementary 3.2 km; Middle 4.1 km; Senior HS 5.0 km. (HS will be 5.0 km; MS and ES courses may be slightly changed from the above, but we will inform you if there is any change).

Entry Procedure: Entry Procedure: Entry for this event is free, courtesy of Lafayette Elementary School. Meet registration is to be done on We will use standard cross-country scoring: first 5 runners score, next 2 can displace. The deadline to register is Monday, September 16, 2019 at 8:00pm. There is no limit to the number of runners a team may enter. We will use standard cross-country scoring: first 5 runners score, next 2 can displace.

Timing and Scoring: Timing and Scoring will be provided by M&D Timing. Please arrive in plenty of time to pin numbers (with chips) on the runners.

Directions: Colmar Manor Park (zip 20722) is accessible from Bladensburg Road. From South Dakota and Bladensburg: 1 mile to 38th Ave (1st right turn past Lincoln Cemetery). Right on 38th, then right onto park road. Follow all the way to the last parking lot on the left. From Kenilworth Ave: follow signs to go east on Rte 450. About 1 mile to 38th Ave; turn left and proceed as above.

Contact Information: Robert Thurston,; 202.431.0585 (mobile); 202.726.1518 (home). Or Shanice Abrams at the Athletics Department.


All athletes MUST be deemed eligible by the DCIAA to compete in any athletic competition. The DCIAA will adhere to NFHS Track & Field, USATF, and modified DCIAA rules, which are located in our DCIAA Handbook. As the LEA, the DCIAA is allowed to making changes to the NFHS and USATF rules. Please note that rule modifications can be made at any point during the season depending upon the safety of the coach, spectators, and athletes, this includes modifications to handbook procedures.

Uniform Rule- All uniform rules shall be in accordance with the NFHS and USATF standards. Each competitors uniform shall meet all requirements and restrictions as presented in Rules 4-3-1 and 4-3-2 of the NFHS rule book. The competitors uniform shall be issued by the school, worn as intended by the manufacturer, and have the following restrictions:

The uniform must be of a material and design deemed to not be objectionable or offensive by the athletics department of the issuing institution

Each competitor shall wear a uniform bearing the school name and colors.

Any visible garment underneath the uniform top and/or bottom must be single solid color. If more than one visible garment is worn underneath, it must be the same color.

All Bottoms shall be a solid color.

The waistband of a competitors bottom shall be worn above the hips.

Disqualification Conduct

Competitors are not allowed to receive any assistance while competing in an event. This assistant includes, but not limited to

Pacing by a teammate not in the race or persons not participating in the event (i.e running along side a competitor)

Competitors joining hands with eachother during a race

Coaching a competitor from a restricted area

Using an aid during the race or trial (ex: watch, fitbit, GPS device, smart watch, etc)

And all other assistance that is defined by the LEA. Please communicated with the Meet director to receive more examples.

All DCIAA employees shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials and/or DCIAA staff. Public criticism of coordinators, officials or players is unethical.

All Competitors who conduct themselves in an unsporting manner, who are offensive by action or language, or who are found to be in violation of honest effort, shall be warned or disqualified by the referee from the event and from the remainder of the meet.

The deadline to register is Monday, September 16, 2019 at 8:00pm. There is no limit to the number of runners a team may enter.